1994 Alfa Romeo 164LS

Following on to the Alfa Romeo 164L for sale by our reader Robert, here is a later model example of the luxury version of the 164. This is another well maintained example, having lived most of its life in California and has benefitted from a significant amount of maintenance and repairs in the last six months. The 1994 and 1995 versions of the 164 had a horsepower increase over earlier 164s, as they switched to a V6 with 24 valves; double that of the old engine. This provided a bump from 183 horsepower to 210 (or 230 horsepower in the S version).

1994 Alfa Romeo 164LS

1994 Alfa Romeo 164 LS Automatic Transmission. 101,059 Mileage, no accidents, California car until 2009-2010 or somewhere around that time, Autocheck to reference. Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Over $2,000 invested in maintenance and upkeep done on this car within the last 6 months through a reputable mechanic. Engine is in excellent running condition with no oil burning, smoking, knocking, or any other Alfa Romeo related issues. Engine pulls strongly through its full revolution range and the transmission is an excellent compliment to the power plant going through its auto/sport/winter mode perfectly. The sport mode, in particular, transforms this car from being a cruiser to throaty road ripper. Auto mode, which I usually use, is most appropriate for daily driving providing an excellent balance between drivability and fuel economy.

This car is an excellent car needing nothing but an owner. It is best to buy a car where everything works mechanically and electrically from the start, and has documentation, than to buy a cheap car and have to chase annoying problems which can be expensive. It is also in unmodified, original condition! This is a fine Italian car that you will wake up and look forward to driving. Considering that all the work has been done for you, you needn't fear driving this car back home or driving it on an everyday basis. Truly, a fine car at a reasonable price!

Note that there is a significant difference between the 1991-1993 models and the 1994-1995 models. The 91-93 models came with 12V engines whilst the 94-95 models came with 24V engines. Exterior as well as interiors have been redesigned. The newer model years also had numerous upgrades including stronger structures, suspension enhancements, improved electronics with much fewer "stepper gear" problems, and other noteworthy upgrades. Plus, the 24V engine power is always nice to have and given that the 24V engine was used well into the 166 models, it is a proven engine for a flagship car!

Mechanical work done within 6 months to last year:
-Steering rack replacement + steering bushings (Lifetime warranty comes from Jorgen Automotive but I am not sure whether that can be transferred. Paper work will be provided.)
-Oil cooler hoses replaced
-Lower radiator hose replaced
-Front brake pads/front rotors
-Repainting of sunroof, front bumper, mirrors, stone chips on hood
-Horn relay
-Headlight replacement (as filament turned brown)
-Fuel door repair which had snapped off hinges
-Complete fluid change transmission, radiator, oil, brake, PS fluid etc...
-Interior light bulbs including the foot well lights
-Timing belt done with idler bearings @ 92K
-Front Struts and Springs done @ 92K
-Tires all around done @ 92-93K
-Etc. and other maintenance such as oil changes/filter

-Drives perfectly, very stable, and strong willing engine
-No engine issues, engine stays within 160-190F range
-Transmission modes work. Sport holds gears appropriately, Auto upshifts quicker, Winter starts in 2nd gear
-ANSA chrome exhaust rumbles, sounds appropriate for engine
-Engine compartment clean and well-kept

-Very good, no delamination on clear coat. Minor scratches. Minor door dings. Nothing large. No rust on body.
-No rust underneath undercarriage. Amazing.
-Chrome in fine condition.
-Wheels are adequate but not great as they have scratches on them and have slight discoloration. They do not exhibit any curb rash on the edges.
-Glass is excellent.

-Leather seats perfect, never guess they were 18 years old. No rips, tears, scuffs, scratches, abrasions, discoloration, and still retains its texture, not patina in my opinion.
-Scratches/texture issues on radio cover, and ash tray. See pics. Restoration on radio cover may be done pretty easily with acetone and spray paint. I have not done it because it doesn't bother me at all because I leave it open most of the time.
-Headliner clean and in good condition.
-All electronics work. Seats lift/adjust electrically, sunroof, mirrors, gas cap, trunk, etc.
-Radio is not original. It is a tape player. It is nothing fancy but adequate. I do not have the original radio.
-Rare! The climate display works. Must be a rare survivor or has been replaced. No fading at all.
-Carpet near perfect.
-Trunk clean

This car is in great condition but please be mindful that this is a 17-18 year old vehicle and therefore, your expectations should be realistic. It is not perfect, and car does not come with a warranty from seller, implied or explicit. On the whole, Alfa Romeos have a mystique aptly described by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear BBC. You've really never experienced a more pure driving experience until you've owned an Alfa Romeo. The connection the driver has with the engine and steering is unlike any car I've ever owned and I am sure many would agree.

One thing that I have always admired about the 164 is the engine. Just look at it. You could put a picture of it on your living room wall and call it art. Quite possibly one of the more aesthetically pleasing powerplants of our time. With no reserve, this Alfa will most likely fetch between $4,000 to $6,000. Overall, this is a pleasing example of a tasteful Italian sports sedan.