1987 Lancia Delta HF 4WD

Like its older, bigger brother the 037, the Delta helped solidify Lancia's long standing reign on the World Rally scene. This very vehicle racked up 46 WRC wins and nabbed the Constructors' Championship six times in a row from 1987 through 1992. The saying of "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" would certainly apply to this car, as these Deltas achieved popularity from the moment Lancia started marketing them. In the beginning, there was little to distinguish the Delta HF 4WD from its lesser brethern, other than the quad headlights, discreet badging and deeper sills. The four wheel drive system had three differentials with a built in torque splitting action, which ensured power would go to the wheels with the most grip. Not surprising then why this car was a success on the circuit.

Later on, the Delta would spawn the Integrale, which brought about the more butch boxed fender look, upgraded interiors and turbocharged engines coupled to evolving four wheel drive systems with varying degrees of torque split. This Delta is an early non-Integrale version which would be legal for import to the US, falling under the 25 year rule. It is located on the eastern coast of Italy near San Marino.

1987 Lancia Delta HF 4wd

1987 Delta 4wd, beautiful red metallic, all original, 94,000 km. Timing belt done at 87,000, clutch, new tires at 60%, engine overhauled completely. Included in the price is 2 front doors, 2 rear doors, Portelone post, Glass front, Skirts, 4 original rims. THe car has always been in the garage and is in fantastic condition for true connoisseurs and collectors! Price €8500.00.

For about $11,000, this is a lot cheaper than what a similar example already in the US would cost. If one could keep the shipping and importation costs to a minimum, this would be a very practical classic, rain or shine. I like this car, as it represents the simpler, earlier version of Lancia's rally legend and in the deeper shade of red, it looks sublime. Personally, I'm waiting for the day when I can import one of the last Integrale's, preferably an Evolution version. I've always felt that Lancia was a marque that never got the due respect it deserved and it seems that the boys over at Top Gear are in agreement with me, as evidenced by this short clip: