1976 Fiat 131 Abarth

Declared one of the greatest handling rally cars of its time, the Fiat 131 raised the bar in the 1970s. Derived from a modest saloon car package, the 131 Abarth combined the best efforts from Fiat and Abarth into a fiberglass body employing the 2.0 liter 16 valve four cylinder engine from the Lancia Beta. Along with a fully adjustable suspension, this allowed engineers to perfect the setup for a varying degree of road surfaces. The car captured the manufacturer’s title in 1979 along with winning one of rallying’s toughest competitions, Finland’s 1000 Lakes. This 131 Abarth for sale in Spain is an example of the 400 produced for homologation purposes.

1976 Fiat 131 Abarth

Fiat 131 Abarth. Very good condition. All original except carburation (it is fitted with two twin choke 44 IDF Weber carbs). Rare original blue colour. Spanish plates.

131 Abarths do not come cheap, and this blue treat is no exception. At a little over $60,000 USD, this is about average for what these cars are commanding today. The shade of blue is especially attractive, as it sets off the fender flares and is quite a departure from the usual red in which you see these cars painted.


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Dated: May 23 2012

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