1976 Alfa Romeo GTV

Just because it's a rare Italian car that's fun to drive doesn't mean that it has to break the budget; the Alfa Romeo GTV has long been one of the best options if you want a good looking, great handling and practical (well, by Italian standards) GT car. Capable of carrying four in comfort, the Alfa Romeo GT is a good looking GT that has always reminded me a little of a Italian combination of the Audi GT and Volkswagen GTi - that may sound unflattering, but park a GTV and Audi GT together and you'll recognize a lot of the same lines; add in hatchback practicality and you've got quite the combination. While most people are interested in that memorable, throaty and sonorous GTV6, I like the simplicity of the earlier 4-cylinder models:

Year: 1976
Model: GTV
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 36,400 mi
Price: $24,900



Exotic Classics is proud to present this brilliantly original 1976 Alfa GTV coupe. Featured in the factory-original White paint, with Black vinyl interior, this car has covered only 36,410 miles and has never been damaged or restored. These GTV coupes are delightful and lively to drive with Alfa’s renowned 2.0L 130HP DOHC 4-cylinder engine and 5-speed transaxle for balanced weight distribution. Our GTV has an Alpine AM/FM/Cassette stereo. The styling of the GTV is quite distinctive, yet it shares many design cues with Alfa’s Montreal supercar. Note the front end lines, taillight cluster, and door shape. Both cars are fitted with the same door handles and these early GTV’s feature the model designation initials branded into the C-pillar. This is a very useable Italian sportscar that you can drive and show with pride.

Any questions/concerns please call Craig 516-885-9356

This car is shockingly clean, and lovely in unusual to see white. I love the Alfa decal on the hood, the cutout "GTV" which was later replaced by plastic, even the lack of the typical chrome badges on the rear is great to me. This is certainly one of the best GTVs I've seen recently; the seller must think so, too, since the asking price is just over double the current top condition value for a GTV. Hagerty pegs condition 1 cars just below $12,000 - while this car is certainly one of the best out there, I struggle to see how it's worth double that amount. At $25,000, there are a few other cars I'd select first, but it's lovely to see!


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  1. This seller has another impressively clean ’70s Alfa on for the same (hilariously optimistic) price (www.ebay.com/itm/161270647783). That one has been for sale for 2 years, and has yet to find a buyer willing to pay at least double market value. This lovely GTV will probably face the same fate unless the seller gets a lot more realistic. The photography that makes these look like very well detailed scale model cars, but maybe some buyers like that.

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