Time Capsule! 1987 Alfa Romeo Platinum For Sale with 33k Original Miles

I've always been a fan of the Alfa 75, known as the Milano to U.S. customers. It has such a great execution of the classic angular/wedge designs that were so popular in the 1980's. But I haven't seen one for offer this nice in a really long time. It has only had two owners and covered a mere 33k miles!

Alfa Romeo Milano Verde For Sale

quote from the listing:

This is a time capsule. This car is offered for sale by the second owner. The first owner bought the car in Arizona and drove it for 19 years and only put 22,000 miles on it. It was garaged in Arizona. The current owner has put 10,000 mile on the car over the last 4 years and always keep it in excellent condition and garaged. The water pump was replaced in Arizona at 21,000 miles in 2006. The timing belt and cam seals were replaced in 2009 at 29,783 miles. There are no scratches, dents or rust on this car anywhere. If they are there, bring a magnifying glass. The only wear and tear on this car is the slight wear on the front leather seat bottom side panels. New tires, Falken ZIEX ZE-512, installed at 23,000 miles in 2007. All records of service by both owners from 1987 to today go with the car. It will be hard to find a better car.

Included with car are: never used tool kit, full factory shop manual, full set of 'Alfa' luggage, never used, including the side boxes. Also the 'delivery' cassette and emergency first aid kit. If you want to enter a concours and have a chance of winning your class, you most likely can't do it for less than twice the price of this car.

The Platinum edition is the third of 4 tiers in the Milano lineup and features that separate it from it's lesser optioned models is the limited slip differential, leather seats that are power adjustable and heated, heated mirrors, and ABS. In 88, the Platinum's only came in 3 speed auto configuration and self leveling rear suspension. If I were a prospective buyer, I'd be happy to see that this 1987 model has neither!


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