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1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super

In the 1960s, a new genre of vehicle took hold, the sports sedan. Cars like the Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 with its brutish V8, BMW 2002 with its entertaining chassis and available advancements such as fuel injection and turbocharging and Datsun 510 with its Japanese reliability and sharp lines. Then you had Alfa Romeo, with it’s Giulia sedan. Favored by Italian police, this sedan offered a cracking twin cam engine and rear mounted gearbox for optimal performance. This 1967 Giulia TI Super is for sale in Washington state isn't perfect but would make a great driver or base for someone looking to take this car to the next level.

Year: 1967
Model: Giulia TI Super
Engine: 1.8 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 78,227 mi
Price: $24,500 Buy It Now

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Selling a very nice 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super TI for a client. The car is virtually rust free, and would appear to have been a West Coast car all of its life. Well cared for and restored by its previous owner, was stripped to bare metal and what small amount of rust there was in the body was cut out and new metal welded in. Body work is very good but not perfect, some waves in the bottoms of the doors, if you look carefully... Very Good but not show quality base coat clear coat paint (PPG paint system was used).

This is a very decent old car that could use some additional tidy up and the only thing that does not seem to work is the speedometer, not really sure why. The car drives well and looks good certainly show able but not a show car. Great driver grade restoration...

The 1750 cc not original engine was rebuilt by the previous owner and runs very well. The front suspension appears to have new parts in it and it drives tight. Professionally rebuilt steering box has been installed. Owner rebuilt engine and gear box.

Rebuilt brake calipers (all 4) also with new pads

New factory exhaust from headers back

New professionally installed correct upholstery from Italy on seats

Door panels are all original and in good condition.

Top of dash was re wrinkle finished as was the instrument pod

New professionally installed headliner

New windshield

New gaskets front and rear windshield

All new door gaskets and trunk gasket

New carpet

New tires Bridgestone Ecopia 185 65 15 on freshly powder coated rims

New side marker light lenses

New Tail light lenses

Nicely Re chromed front and rear bumpers

Please call if you have interest or questions I am more than happy to answer any and all questions. Jim 425 238 5317, please remember I am on the West Coast so reasonable hours please. Should you get the message please leave your number and I will return your call at my earliest convenience.

More than happy to help arrange shipping to anywhere in the world, if you need or want me to get shipping quotes for you, I am happy to do that. I would remind you that shipping cost will be that of the new owner, and the car must be paid in full before leaving in verified funds. Please make sure you have your wife's permission and funds in place before bidding. Not really interested in hearing yet another story from someone who was not prepared to follow through with the purchase. Thanks for taking time to look.

The price for this Giulia is quite reasonable considering the condition. The best Giulia Berlinas tend to reach into the $30,000 territory with the best glancing $40,000. This car is quite presentable and offers a new owner to use without guilt, enabling someone to experience the pleasure of an early expression of the sport sedan.


1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

After featuring two modern Alfa Romeo sedans this weekend, I thought it was a good time to revisit one of the progenitors of the sports sedan genre, the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This particular Giulia 1300 Super for sale in Seattle is one of the nicest I've seen for sale here in the US and is described as having 21,000 original miles. For those on the hunt for the very best, your search may have just ended.

1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

Beautiful 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super sedan has just been placed for sale by the current local owner. Purchased new in Italy. Green/Brown, 21K Kilometers, 4-Speed manual, original interior, upgraded wheels and driving lights, original owners manuals, new clutch, fresh fluids. Offered at $29,999.

At $30,000, this Giulia is priced well above the other Giulias we have featured here on CICFS. True, this is a very well sorted, original example, and even the non-original wheels work to give this sedan a purposeful stance. If this car was priced about $5,000 less, I think it would have already traded hands, but I'm sure there is some Alfisti out there who would clamor to get their hands on such an unmolested example.


1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

As a follow up to the tasty Giulia Super Ti, here is another European spec Alfa Berlina from the same period. With dual carburetors and a five-speed gearbox, this 1300 Super for sale in California is a great way to enjoy some classic motoring with a side of practicality.

1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

1971 Giulia Super 1300 cc engine. 5-speed, great driving car. European model, dual carburetors runs great 4-wheel disc brakes.

Interior; newly recovered front seats rear seats in good condition with no rips or tears. Dash is in good condition with no cracks. Headliner is complete with no tears but has a few stains. Steering wheel is in good condition, Interior lights work, radio has a removable face. I never use it as the engine makes a nicer sound.

Exterior/Body; Paint is shiny in good condition and looks very nice, gets lots of compliments and smiles with no fading but not of show quality and not the original color. Bumpers are stainless and in good condition.

Engine/Transmission/Brakes Starts easily on the choke and settles to a nice idle, if it sits for a few weeks it needs a few pumps on the throttle to start. For a 1300 cc engine it has lots of get up and go and sounds great. The transmission is typical of an Alfa transmission and needs to be used gently when the choke is on and the engine cold but once it warms up shifts easily. The clutch has no slipping and works easily, the brakes work with no noise or pulling. The rear muffler will need to be replaced at some time but is not loud.

Driving; Drives down the road nicely I’ve driven it a round trip of 200 miles recently with no issues it is a comfortable car to drive. You are welcome to come and drive it – I recommend anyone wanting to purchase it to come and see it. Currently registered clear title in my name.

Giulia's of this vintage in this kind of condition are bringing roughly between $15,000 to $25,000 these days on average. While this car looks to be in good nick, it would obviously be a good rule of thumb to get a specialist to look it over. I like the honesty of the car. The rather plain color, steel wheels and single headlamps lend the car a subtle aura. But at its heart, it is still an Alfa, which means you'll be in for an entertaining drive.


1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti

Before BMW and their onslaught of four-door M cars, Alfa Romeo did much to advance the game of the sports saloon, staring all the way back in the early 1960s with this car, the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Introduced in 1962, there were many variants in the lineup until the car went out of production sixteen years later. This Giulia Super Ti has the 1600 twin cam four cylinder engine and has been featured in a prominent Alfa Romeo book. On offer about 50 miles southeast of London, this Giulia impresses with its spec and attention to detail.

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti

VVS are delighted to be able to offer this completely unique left hand drive 1968 Giulia Super Ti specification. This is another car in my personal collection that has been recreated regardless of cost, using best of breed in every area. The car was subject to a full MGS coachworks restoration and was infact recreated by the Alfa resto master himself Michael Spencely for his personal use. Please call me for full specification and full documentation of this recreation, there simply is too much to list, this is perhaps the most famous Giulia Super in the world, as featured in the "Berlinas" book and various publications, restoration costs were in excess of £50K.

At the equivalent of $48,000 USD, this is the most expensive Giulia I have ever come across. The stripes are a neat touch, but personally, I'd prefer my Giulia without them. This car has a bit of a restrained aura about it, and any added fanfare seems to ruin the theme for me. This car is another case of the restorer losing money on the rebuild costs, which is why it's better to buy such a car completed. But you have to respect those who toil long hours to rescue these cars from the scrap heap. Does that constitute around a $25,000 premium in this case? Probably not, but it's always nice to window shop.


1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super “Torpedo”

While we just featured an Alfa Romeo Giulia last Sunday, this particular car was just too interesting to pass up as a feature. Carrozzeria Colli was best known for their estate variants of certain Alfa Romeo sedans, most notably the handsome Giulia Giardinetta, a precurser to the lifestyle estates that are popular throughout Europe today. In the mid 1960s, they produced two open roofed examples of the Giulia. Similar to the Fiat 500 and 600 Jolly, this Giulia "Torpedo" as it was called, had no doors and a roof similar to a golf cart. Meant for parades and as transport in resort towns, this was a very unlikely Giulia variant of which few enthusiasts are aware. This car is for sale in Northern Italy, approximately 40 miles from the Swiss border.

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super "Torpedo"

The body set up by Torpedo 'Colli'sul stretched floorpan of the 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super was designed for use in representing special occasions for visits to the establishment of the centenarian. Only two examples were produced, one is in possession of a museum. Definitely a unique piece!

At €75,000 (~ $92,000 USD), this Giulia is obviously not for your average collector. Perhaps a resort may snap it up. One could imagine how fun it would be to motor around in this thing on the banks of Lake Como or along the French Riviera. This car is certainly an intriguing piece and given the price of Fiat Jollys these days, I'm sure if the right buyer comes along the asking price will be met, or if not, will come close.


1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600

At first glance, the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan doesn’t do much to suggest just how remarkable this small car is. With a lower drag coefficient than a 911 from the period, a robust twin cam, four cylinder engine and a curb weight under 2,300 pounds, this was a lively car. As a result of this performance, these were popular cars with the Carabinieri in Italy. Today, these sporty sedans tend to be a more affordable way into classic Italian car ownership than their more sporting two door counterparts. This Giulia for sale in Nebraska was imported to the US in 2003 after being owned by the same owner in Rome for 30 years.

1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600

TIPO 105.26
VIN AR*889715
Color: Beige Cava

Although Alfa Romeo's sports cars may be better known in the US, the Giulia sedan was far more popular in its day, combining the practicality of a family car with the same chassis and drive trains used in Alfa's sports models. With the Giulia, Alfa Romeo deserves the credit for developing the sports sedan well before BMW conceived the 2002. This Giulia Super is one of the desirable 1600 “Biscione” variants, manufactured only from 1968 to 1971. The 1600 Biscione cars (named for the serpent badge in the roof pillar) incorporated mechanical updates from the 1750 series and had more powerful engines and a higher level of interior and exterior trim than other Giulia models.

889715 a preservation car, registered continuously to the original owner in Rome for 30 years before I bought it through a Dutch dealer and brought it to the United States in 2003. It has been conserved, rather than restored. It still has the original Italian windshield sticker and insurance papers from 1969. To my knowledge the engine, transmission and differential are original, and the paint, interior and trim are conserved in very nice condition. All mechanical and electrical systems (except the electric clock) are in good working order and the car is reliable and a pleasure to drive.

In the 9 years I have owned this car I have maintained its originality and integrity while making necessary repairs and tasteful updates/upgrades to improve practicality, safety and performance. I have replaced worn parts with new factory, NOS, or good-quality reproduction items, whenever possible. It appears the previous owners did the same. The result is a beautiful, drivable vintage car that retains the unique combination of style, performance and practicality the Giulia was designed to provide.

Significant modifications and repairs are listed below. A collection of spare parts and Alfa Romeo factory manuals is available to the interested buyer for an additional price to be negotiated at the time of sale.

Marelli-Plex ignition (original Bosch distributor available)
Magnecor ignition wires
Halogen headlights (reproduction of Carello, originals available)
IAP Sport Springs (originals available)
Koni red shock absorbers
Weber 40 DCOE carb conversion (from Solex)

New clutch and clutch hydraulics
New center and rear mufflers and exhaust pipes
Front suspension rebuilt with Lemfoder parts
Front turn signal lenses replaced with reproduction Carello
Reproduction hubcaps (originals available)
Bottom cushion of driver’s seat re-upholstered with original-style material by previous owner
Partial repaint of lower panels by previous owner
Reproduction carpets from Re-Originals. Note: the carpets I was sent were for the wrong car; correct replacements are being made and will be included with the sale.

Known issues
The electric clock does not work
The steering box drips oil when the car sits for a long time.
Rust is minimal for a 43-year old Alfa. No rust is visible on the outside of the car. I know about the following areas: an old, welded repair in the front passenger-side footwell, which seems to be holding up well; two holes about 1/8” in diameter in the spare tire well; small perforations where the left inner fender meets the slanted panel of the driver’s footwell beside the wash/wipe switch.

The asking price of $25,000 is a bit on the high side for Giulias of this vintage, even considering the condition and ownership history. This is creeping into GTV territory and I’m not sure the market is quite there yet on these four door Alfas. Around the $20,000 mark would probably be more reasonable, considering you can find similar, if not as original, Giulias for about $5,000 less on a regular basis.


1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was the quintessential sports sedan of its time and is revered by Alfisti today, as it packs a lot of character into a small package. This particular Giulia is a 1600 Super, a model which was never sold in the US. Shipped over to the US in 2006, this is believed to be the only example of its kind on these shores. Quite simply, this is one of the most original examples of a Giulia that I have ever seen.

1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super

Alfa people always recomend that you should get the best example that you can find. If you are thinking about getting a Giulia Sedan, then this would be it! A genuine 'survivor' car with 58,317 kms that has been lovingly kept by 2 owners. Alfa only made the 1600 S model for the home market and produced just 2212 units. I believe that this is the only example in the US.

Its first owner lived in Florence, Italy. He kept the car out of the elements and preserved it for 36 years. In 2006 I bought it thru a German broker and had it shipped to California. Still had her first set of tires - Michelin 165-14. After a quick clean up, I took her to the Concourso Italiano in Monterey where the car took the "Best Alfa" award out of 125 Alfas present. They had never seen such an untouched survivor. Original documents are in hand.

Since then I have kept her in great shape. New clutch, main seals, muffler, brakes, fuel pump and lines, ball joints and tires (165-14 Vredestein). She has been to many club events and shows usually winning first in class or best of show awards. She drives beautifully and easily makes a 90 mile trip to an event at freeway speeds.

The paint is factory Verde Muschio (moss green) and is 90% original. There has been a repaint on the front right fender and some touch up on the right rocker from her time in Italy. Also a minor dent in the right rear door from that time. There is no sign of chassis damage or rust.

Interior is all stock and original including the optional wool cloth seats and the dealer installed Mitsubishi AM cassette radio and electric antenna. It came with dealer floor matts in red which I saved and now wears NOS tan wintermatts from Italy. All of the rubber seals are original and in great condition. The doors open and close like new. Dealer provided key fob and spare bulb/fuse kit. Plates are repros of the original ones.

Cars like this Giulia have me contemplating selling my current ride for a practical classic such as this. I live in an urban area and drive but a few thousand miles per year, so it would be more practical for me than most individuals. Average examples of these Giulias usually run anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000, but I reckon if the reserve is met, this one will probably wind up somewhere in the $20,000 range. This example is a textbook example of a survivor.


1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of those sedans that defined a segment in the 1960s. When it was introduced in 1962, it was one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on the market, even if it’s upright, boxy shape suggested otherwise. With a curb weight of around 2,200 lbs. and twin carburetors featured on the Giulia Super, this was a 100 mph plus car in an era where some sports cars weren’t even capable of that figure. This car, then, forever transformed people’s ideas of what a four-door vehicle could be capable of. This Giulia Super for sale in Washington looks very well kept and from underneath looks very solid and free of rust.

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super. It's the 50th anniversary of Giulia. Here is a chance to own part of this historic celebration. A fine example of this celebrated model. The Giulia Super is always included in the lists of all-time great automobiles. Stock and unmodified except for the desirable upgrades of the 1750 motor with veloce cams, Koni shocks and adjustable upper control arms.

It has rebuilt suspension, rebuilt transmission and fresh motor. New imported Italian factory upholstery and carpeting, new, original headliner (there's a name for the pattern, but I forgot it) new windshield. Original dash board with a rare, original, radio block-out plate. Good examples of these cars do not come on the market very often, and this is a very decent old car.

This is a great driver grade restoration, starting with a mostly straight virtually rust free California car. The car belongs to one of my friends who is also a client. He has asked me to help him sell the car. Below is his description, I am happy to answer any and all questions regarding the car, so feel free to ask. While a car that anyone would enjoy owning the new owner may want to enhance this great starting point further to make it more showable. Most of the work on this car has been carried out over the last couple of years. Car is Ivory with dark gray interior. Shows 78227 miles on the speedometer, which I believe could be correct.

Guilias of this vintage in this kind of condition are hovering in the $12,000 to low $20,000 range. If I had to guess, this car may being a little upwards of $15,000. Overall, this is a very nice example of someone looking for a vintage Alfa but seeks something outside of the Spider norm.


1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600

Before the days of the BMW 3 series or the Cadillac CTS-V, spirited driving and sedans were very much mutually exclusive terms, except for a few offerings such as the BMW 2002, which was only offered as a two door at the time, and the Datsun 510. Almost a decade prior, however, Alfa Romeo broke the mold with the Giulia. Introduced in 1962, this revolutionary sedan had a low drag coefficient of 0.34 and with 78 horsepower on tap from the 1300 engine, a top speed of around 100 miles per hour could be achieved. These cars soon garnered favor with the Italian police force and enthusiasts alike, even earning the role of the chase car in the original version of The Italian Job. Here is an original example of the later 1600 model with just less than 30,000 miles on the clock.

1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600

You are viewing a very rare 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1600. Model number 10526. Very rare "Biscione" edition. VIN # AR188741901. Color: AR343 - Blu Olandese with Tan Interior. Ultimate Alfa daily driver! I purchased this very rare Giulia from an Alfa enthusiast that was living overseas. He imported the Alfa from Belgium in 2005, and since then, the Alfa has seen very little use. It is fitted with the original 1600 cc engine with dual solex carbs. The odometer shows 48,885 Kilometers. The "Biscione" Edition makes this Super quite a rare find here in the States. "Biscione" means "Snake" in Italian. The trim differences from a standard Giulia Super are as follows:

1. Sunken Alfa Romeo badge on the trunk
2. Chrome center strip on the hood.
3. Snake badges on C Pillars
4. Chrome "Berlina" Spears on the rocker panels
5. First part of headliner is black near the visors
6. Chrome surroundings on the interior light switch.

Mechanically, the Alfa runs very nicely. As shown, it has a very tidy engine compartment, and is completely stock under the hood. The 1600 engine starts easily with the pull of the choke. There are no charging issues, and the battery has never gone flat since I have owned it. I drove if for it bit this past summer, and it pulls nicely on the highway with plenty of power to keep up with the flow of traffic. Transmission had been rebuilt prior to being imported. It works fine with no syncro issues. The clutch feels fine as do the brakes. Emergency brake works in good operating condition as well. As shown in the pictures the car has "hanging" pedals. Driveshaft/Ujoints are all in good working order - donuts & Ujoints recently replaced. Electrics work fine except for heater fan. Exhaust system is in good condition with a rear straight pipe (stinger) for a nicer sound. All tires are in good shape. Known issues: At some point, the ignition switch was bypassed due to a broken key, so now it just requires the pull of a switch and the touch of a button to start the Alfa. Transmission leaks some oil. Steering has a bit of freeplay. Stone chip on windshield.

The interior is in very nice original condition as shown in the pictures. The dash is in nice condition including the wood trim. All of the gauges are in nice shape (Euro Gauges including Speedo in Kilometers). Door panels in very nice condition. The rear seat is in near perfect condition. Passenger seat is very nice as well. As shown, the driver's seat has a sheepskin seat cover to cover a rip in the lower portion of the seat. The headliner is in excellent condition. All windows work properly as well as door handles. The Alfa is fitted with European headlights as well as the red rear fog light.

The body has an older repaint in it's original AR343 Blu Olandese. It has held up pretty good, and has the normal "Patina" one would expect from a "driver". As shown in the picture, the passenger side front shows some evidence of repair. There are some misc. spots where paint has flaked off - including under the front bumper. Both bumpers are in excellent condition with no dents or damage. The body is very solid including the rocker panels and floors. There are also some other misc. spots that have been touched up or repaired over the years. There are some misc rust spots - most notably on both rear wheel arches and the passenger side rear quarter panel. There is no rust on the trunk lid or around any of the glass.

In summary, this is essentially an all original 41 year old un-restored Alfa. Far from perfect, but would make the perfect daily driver for the Alfa enthusiast. Something you can drive and enjoy without worrying about getting a door ding or a stone chip. The Alfa is ultra reliable and always starts. I would not hesitate to drive the Alfa anywhere. I put a bunch of Kilometers on it this summer and it never missed a beat! These Sedans are a blast to drive, and will always draw compliments wherever you go! I have done my best to describe the Giulia to the best of my knowledge. There may have been something I may have missed. If you have any questions, please contact me. License plates are not included - they are from my other Alfa.

I'm amazed how little miles this Giulia has under its belt, as they are a blast to drive. Cars like these put a driver back in touch with the purity of driving, unhampered by elements such as electronic aides and over-assisted steering. The German publication Auto Motor und Sport wrote about the Giulia at the time: “superiority that you can only use in moderation, if you do not want to frighten the other road users.” Around $10,000 should be a good estimate of where bids will probably go with such an unmolested example, but given the right amount of enthusiast interest, bidding could possibly surpass that figure.


1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sedan

The Alfa Romeo 1900 was a series of firsts for Alfa Romeo. In addition to being the first all new postwar vehicle, it was also the first to be built on an assembly line and the first Alfa to employ unibody construction. Marketed as a family car with a racing heritage, the 1900 employed a 1.9 liter, twin cam four cylinder engine which produced 90 horsepower. An impressive figure, considering some American cars of the day were using engines two and three times larger that struggled to produce much more power.

This particular 1900 was bought new in South Africa and brought over to the United States only recently, in the hands of the original owner. This Alfa has an impressive story for such an ordinary car and would be a standout at almost any car show one could think of.

1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sedan

1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sedan, s/n AR1900*19202*, Engine no. AR1306*19685*
Silver Blue Metallic with Grey/Green Interior. The 1900 was Alfa Romeo’s first all new postwar model and featured a number of innovative features including unit chassis, and dual overhead cam inline-4 with hemispherical combustion chambers and an aluminum alloy cylinder head. The majority of 1900’s produced were sedan models as offered here, while a minority of the total production numbers were coachbuilt cars by Touring, Ghia, and Zagato.

This particular car is a charmingly undisturbed, exceptional tight example showing just 53,325 original miles. It was sold new to South Africa, and remained with its first owner until 2008, importing in to the United States (Arizona) when he immigrated. During 2010, in the hands of the current owner, the car successfully completed the California Mille Miglia.

Best described as a largely unrestored, ‘exceptionally nice driver’ example, this car will be particularly appealing to the Italian car enthusiast whom values the coherent feel of a low mileage, unrestored car. Unbelievably cool, and eligible for numerous premier events, this 1900 makes a wonderful diversification for any Italian car collection. $89,500

At first I did a double take over the price of this car. These are surely rare cars in the United States and to find an original, preserved example is near impossible. But closing in on $100,000 for a 1950s four cylinder Alfa Romeo sedan? Even with the most ardent Alfa enthusiasts, I have a hard time seeing a car like this break $40,000 to $50,000, with a price of around $30,000 as a more realistic, yet still optimistic value. Barring that issue, this is a really nice example of where it all started for Alfa-Romeo post World War II.