2005 Maserati MC12

Developed to allow Maserati to enter the FIA GT Championship after a long racing hiatus, the MC12 was the first mid-engined Maserati since the demise of the V8 engined Bora in 1978. It could also be seen as one of the most expensive examples of platform sharing, as it was based on the Ferrari Enzo chassis. Longer, wider and taller than the Enzo, it had a lower top speed than the Enzo but was more aerodynamically efficient. Only 50 examples of this exotic were ever produced, and only seven were federalized for the US market. This example for sale in Florida is pretty much as new with 100 miles on the clock.

2005 Maserati MC12

Only 50 Maserati MC12's were produced worldwide and were based heavily on the Ferrari Enzo. Using the same engine with slight modifications, same gearbox and chasis as the Enzo the MC12 was built to be eligible to compete in the FIA GT Racing Series. In addition to its unique bodywork which generates more downforce at speed the MC12 has a removeable targa roof that also sets it apart within the supercar class. Less than 10 MC12's have been federalized for street use in the United States and both cars come with all records, books, and car covers.

MC12 VIN: ZAMDF44B000012103 MILEAGE: 190 mi

This is certainly a breathtaking machine, but isn't for everyone, being that it is geared a bit more for track use than some other, more usable supercars. It even went around the Top Gear track slightly faster than its platform mate, the Enzo, as we can see from this clip:


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