2000 Ferrari 456GTA

The 1990s saw the return of front engined, V12 touring machines to the US market from the house of the Prancing Horse. The Ferrari 456GT was the first front-engined V12 to be officially sold in the US in over two decades. Introduced in 1992, this was a dramatic looking coupe with a 5.5 liter engine producing 436 horsepower. In 1996, in what was considered blasphemy by purists, an automatic transmission became available. This four speed gearbox was designed with help of FF Developments, a company later bought by Ricardo Engineering. Only 403 were produced with this transmission, but it signaled a changing era at Ferrari where a foot operated clutch would become a thing of the past. This low mileage 456GTA for sale in California is on offer for a fraction of its original cost.

2000 Ferrari 456GTA

2000 Ferrari 456 Automatic. Low 10k miles, excellent inside and out. Recent major service completed. This low mile Black/Tan Ferrari 456 is among the nicest of this model to be found anywhere today. With low low miles (10,873), both interior and exterior in excellent condition, if you have been looking for a low mile fantastic example of the 456, here is your car. Featuring the automatic transmission, Black exterior paint, Tan leather hides, power seats, Cavalino floor mats, stereo, tools and four piece set of Ferrari 456 luggage all included at the price of $69,000.

If you ever wanted a front engined V12 Ferrari from the 1990s and early 2000s, now is the time to pounce. While maintenance costs are never a cheap proposition with these cars, I tend to think we've reached close to the bottom when it comes to nice, unmolested examples of these stunning coupes. While I'd prefer a manual transmission, I'd almost hate to admit that I wouldn't mind having this automatic 456 in my garage. In basic black, it's simply stunning and would be an interesting alternative in which to arrive in at that special black tie event.


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Dated: Dec 08 2012

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