1999 Ferrari F355 GTB

Like many manufacturers of sports cars these days, Ferrari is going down the road of the automated manual gearbox. While these gearboxes are more efficient and quicker off the line than a traditional manual gearbox, I do tend to lament the lack of involvement they offer as compared to cars with three pedals. Some may call me old school or close minded for saying so, but I know what I prefer. It's Ferraris like this final year F355 GTB with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

1999 Ferrari F355 GTB

1999 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, 13,981 original documented miles. Please note: There are a couple of dark spots in the camera lens, it is not in the paint. Very hard to find 1999 F355 6-speed coupe, one of the very last F355's ever produced. There were only three F355 after this Berlinetta produced, production ended with serial # 115890. If you are looking for one of these, that's the one to have. Enjoy a Ferrari for the next four years without a major service and without spending big bucks.

California car, absolute gorgeous condition. Really nice color combination, Argento Nurburgring Silver (101/C), black Connolly leather interior, recent engine out service with new belts, fluids, new brakes etc. in October 2012. Ferrari Owner's Manual with all The Books And With the Original Leather Pouch, Ferrari Toolkit, Red Calipers, New Michelin Pilot Tires, Absolute No Curb Rash On The Wheels, Rear Challenge Grill, Original Ferrari Stereo With 6 CD Changer And Owner's Manual, Everything Works And Is Functional. Ice Cold Air Conditioning,

No Sticky, Beautiful Connolly Leather Dashboard. The Front And Rear Bumper Has Been Painted. Longitudinally Mounted 3496cc V-8, Five valves per cylinder , 380 HP At A Spine Tingling 8500 RPM, Top Speed 183 MPH. 0 - 60MPH In 4.6 Seconds. Electronically Adjustable Shocks Varied Stiffness Within Milliseconds To Suit The Road Surface. California Smog And Ready For A New Home. VIN# ZFFXR41A9X0115887.

If You Are New To Ferrari's, Here's An Interisting One: Around Ferrari's 1.86-Mile Fiorano Test Track, The Ferrari F355 Was Two Seconds Faster Than The Testarossa 12-Cylinder 512 TR. That Level Of Performance - And That Sensational Shape - Landed The Ferrari F355 On Countless Magazine Covers. Testers Were Smitten.

If I was wealthy, I've always said I'm not so sure I'd buy a Ferrari, as I feel they are a bit too in your face, so to speak. But if I was going to own one, the last of the F355s are high on my list, because these were some of the last Ferraris to be made before the electronic nannies started to take over the driving experience. Silver is a bit tame, but there are worse colors for these cars. At $69,900, this isn't priced out of reason for a late production F355 with all the recent servicing. And no doubt, for many Tifosi, this coupe will be all the more attractive due to the manual gearbox.


Photos and description courtesy of Star European Inc. Thank you!

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