1997 Ferrari 456GTA

The words Ferrari and bargain are rarely associated, but if any Ferrari could be considered one at the moment, it would be the 456. This front-engined, V12 grand tourer often goes overlooked, as its contemporaries, namely the last Testarossas, F355 and F550 Maranello garner a lot more attention from sporting enthusiasts. This 456 for sale outside of Philadelphia comes equipped with the 4-speed automatic transmission.

Year: 1997
Model: 456GTA
Engine: 5.5 liter V12
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 28,950 mi
Price: $41,500 Buy It Now


I have all the service records for this and they will be supplied to the buyer. This Ferrari has 28,950 miles on it. Feb 12, 2013 I just replaced the timing belts, Rollers, serp belts, antifreeze, valve covers gaskets, seals, intake manifold gasket, spark plugs wires and spark plugs. The brakes, shocks, and motor mounts were all replaced in November 2012. You will notice some blemishes in the rear bumper. Also their are two very small door dings on the drivers door. Not noticeable in the picture but you can notice them when looking at the door from an angle. The radio does NOT work! Notice the pictures of both windows when in the up position. The seem to go off on an angle. From what I understand this is an inherent problem with Ferrari. This car runs great and is clean. Very reliable and a blast to drive. I no longer use it as I am retired and plan on travelling much more. You will NOT find a cheaper Ferrari in this good of condition anywhere else on the planet! This is an ABSOLUTE auction and the highest bidder will win this. It is both PA State and Emissions inspected until 2014. The tires have 9/32nds remaining.

This 456 has some issues, but thankfully, it appears none of them are related to the engine and transmission. The asking price for this car is about as low as I've seen any 456 advertised and gives a little breathing room for the new owner to sort out the faults. It's doubtful these cars may drop in value any further, so now is a good time to go after one. With the proliferation of computers and automated gearboxes, these Ferraris from the 1990s are the last link to the classics. It's safe to say collectors will soon begin to cherish them accordingly.


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  1. Wow the price is incredible. You guys are spot-on these are so overlooked, probably due to the automated gearboxes and also the unusually muted, subtle styling that more resembles a 90s Mazda RX7 than Ferrari. Still, I love love love them. Can’t fathom what its like to drive.

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