1992 Maserati OPAC Spyder Prototype

Heading into the 1990s, Maserati was emerging from what could be described as an underwhelming decade. In the early 1980s, the last of their mid-engined sports cars rolled off the line and the Biturbo took over as a the mainstays of the lineup, along with the V8 engined Quattroporte III executive sedan. The Biturbos did to Maserati what the Beta did to Lancia: it soiled Maserati's reputation and labeled it as a builder of unreliable cars at a critical juncture for the company. On the cusp of Fiat's takeover in 1993, Maserati was exhausting what they could out of the Biturbo chassis with the introduction of the Shamal in 1989. This car had a 3.2 liter twin turbo V8 engine and updated styling by Marcello Gandini.

The Shamal formed the basis for the car you see here, the OPAC Spyder Prototype. OPAC is a company famous for its automotive convertible top engineering and recreational boat manufacturing. This Spyder Prototype has both a cloth top and removable hardtop, similar to the contemporary Mercedes-Benz R129 SL. First show in 1994, this car was subsequently bought by a Dutch collector and is now for sale in The Netherlands, wearing Quattroporte IV alloy wheels.

1992 Maserati OPAC Spyder Prototype

Unique and one-off prototype of the Maserati Spyder. This car was intended as a successor to the 80's Maserati Biturbo Spyder was first presented in 1994 at the motor show in Turin. In early 2000 this car is in the hands of a Dutch collector came and waited for the car perfectly, and was driven regularly. Technical features include a twin turbo V8 engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. Specifications are identical to the Shamal. The manufacturer OPAC has also built a hardtop, which makes this car really complete. For collectors of this unique car is also an absolute must! Complete history and maintenance!

While this car is a mash up of Maserati and Ferrari elements, it pulls off a cohesive, wedge look. A one off prototype, no matter the marque, is a purchase that only the very serious and well informed should undertake, not only for one's sanity, but also to help preserve rare vehicles such as these. Unlike a lot of prototypes, this one is perfectly drivable, since it is based on the Shamal. Hopefully it is bought by a collector who won't lock it away, but bring it to events for other enthusiasts to observe and enjoy.