1992 Alfa Romeo 164L

We've featured a few lower mileage Alfa Romeo 164 sedans here on CICFS, but this is one of the lowest and, quite frankly, most well preserved. With only two owners, the second being a retired CEO and collector, this 164 has had a level of care lavished on it that few have seen. It's most recent service was carried out by a Ferrari dealer. While it's not the S version or a 5-speed manual, you have to appreciate the fact that this car, for sale in the Florida Keys, looks like it just rolled out of the showroom.

1992 Alfa Romeo 164L

1992 Alfa Romeo 164L. This is an agent assisted private sale. It is not dealer inventory. I'm here to answer questions and present reasonable offers to the seller without bias. The car is at the seller's estate in Lido Key, Florida. Undeniably a museum quality piece. Magnificent in every respect. Red exterior, factory color code AR130. Black interior, factory color code Nero. 10,606 documented miles.

The current owner is the second owner. He purchased it directly from the original owner five years ago with 5,428 miles on it. Needlessly to say he paid an inordinate amount of money for it. He purchased it to be a part of his collection and for sentimental reasons. He is an elder retired CEO and is now in the relinquishment phase of his collection. 100% factory original paint with absolutely no sun fade, cracking or blemish of any kind except for a rub mark on the right driver's side bumper (please see photo close up). This mishap is recent as the seller backed the car out of the garage and turned too sharp grazing a plastic rubbish container. Per my advise, the bumper was not touched up, spot painted or repainted to preserve the originality for the purists.

I preparation for the sale the seller had the local Ferrari Service Center perform a "major service" that includes timing belt change along with all the fluids changed and tuned to perfection. This service was performed on May 18th, 2012 and a copy of the service ticket is included below. Brand new tires with less than 30 miles on them. Proper Michelin MXV4's were installed. The install was done back in the end of May, 2012.

Original interior that's never had any corrective dye process done to it. It is absolutely 100% original with no hardening of the leather anywhere. Very much like new. No aftermarket anything except for the window tinting which was done to prevent the sun from harming the interior. The window tinting can be professionally removed easily and without damaging the car. Full set of factory booklets with Alfa Romeo factory pouch.

Full set of factory booklets with Alfa Romeo factory pouch. Factory Alfa Romeo tire pressure gauge that came with the car when it was delivered new. Service records. Most recent records are photographed below. Full set of factory keys including the factory valet key. Everything works, no missing knobs, no loose door handles, no loose switches, no dim light bulbs, fully functional power seats, full functional non-leaking sunroof, both mirrors function perfectly.

The car has never been valet parked, never lent to anyone, never driven by a teenager, and never been on or hooked to a tow truck. Exterior Alfa Romeo emblems are original and in perfect condition with no fade or "separation." The underneath is as clean as the rest of the car. I saw the car on the lift recently when the major service was performed. It was too dark to photograph and the photos with flas weren't usable. The car drives perfectly straight without any pull to the left or right. The steering wheel is perfectly level when the car is going dead straight. Nothing is worse than a steering wheel that's off level even one degree.

The very best 164s out there may reach into the $12,000 to $15,000 range, with the sportier S models prized a little bit more. Even though I would prefer a 5-speed manual, this 164L looks great in classic red, accenting the crisp Pininfarina penned lines. As nice as this car is, I would almost rather buy one with a few more miles. A car maintained to this caliber certainly deserves to be preserved and driven sparingly for future generations to enjoy. If I were in the market for a 164, I'd want something I could use regularly.


4 thoughts on “1992 Alfa Romeo 164L”

  1. “The car has never been valet parked, never lent to anyone, never driven by a teenager, and never been on or hooked to a tow truck.”

    “Nothing is worse than a steering wheel that’s off level even one degree.”

    Nice write-up. And in all fairness, the car’s appearance seems up to the level of the seller’s attitude.

    Too bad about the auto trans though…

  2. Bob,

    This vehicle is no longer for sale. By clicking the large pictures in the posts, this will bring you to the original ad, where you can determine whether the car is still on the market.



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