1991 Ferrari Testarossa

The 1991 Testarossa was the final shout for the first iteration of the car that symbolized Ferrari in the 1980s. Chiseled Pininfarina lines, wide haunches and a mighty flat-12 cylinder engine came together in a package that was the fantasy of many enthusiasts worldwide. While most were painted red, this silver example for sale in Pennsylvania exudes a bit more subtlety while still remaining rather imposing.

1991 Ferrari Testarossa

What an awesome car for the sports car enthusiast. This car has been owned by the original purchaser from initial delivery in 1991 for a grand total of $181,000.00. It has been garage kept, as one would expect and has never seen harsh weather, unless you consider a sunny summer day to be a bit harsh. This magnificent machine has a very low total of 14,878 miles. A few of the miles have been added by me as I attempt to step up in class. While I continue to discover the truly finest automotive motoring, I am reveling in only the best that this auto presents. The 12 cylinder engine and subtly tuned exhaust makes this car fly and satisfy your ear for the purr that you desire. A most rare color combination for the very last Testarossa model (1984 to 1991) a magnificent silver body with blue leather combine to make this car even more exceptional. Offset chrome rims offer a most distinguishing contrast to the body. This car gets up and goes while being powered by the 12 cylinder (2 independent motors to those in the know) 4.9 litres, 390 HP mid-engine specifications coupled with an extremely smooth 5 speed transmission. The 12 cylinder configuration has 4 valves per cylinder to total 48 valves operating. Doesn't get much better than that.

For those of you who desire more sizzle, as I do, I am now including a bit of interesting info on the Testarossa in general. I have personal memberships in 2 organizations - one being a north American Italian American association and the other, a local Italian club group. Within, we have gifted and knowledgeable people that school me in the finer things of life. And certainly, this automotive wonder does qualify. The term - Testarossa translates to " Red Head" from Italian to English. Ferrari collaborated with Pininfarina S.p.A. - automobile designer and builder - to provide this auto. The Testarossa name, keep in mind - " Red Head" - describes the red painted cam covers. Subtle, but none the less - hot. I could elaborate a bit more on the name and the inferences but this ad is directed to a family audience. The side vented "cheese graters" are fully functional as well as stylish. The car is rear wheel drive with a 40-60 front to rear weight distribution. 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds and a top end of 180 mph. Quick but luxurious, to include hand sewn leather complimented by fine carpeting. The sum and substance to this is the following - I can envision Sophia Loren in the passenger seat beside me at the wheel. However, my wife would object. Have a really fine day as you ponder this offer to propel you into the jet-set crowd.

While it's nice the owner offered up all of this background information, it would have been good policy to delve into the servicing specifics and what maintenance items have been taken care of already. The asking price is just about right for a Testarossa of this vintage and mileage. Bought properly, these are a lot of cars for the money, as they've never been more inexpensive. However, if you don't do your homework, the wrong car could wind up being a costly proposition.


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  1. The dealer’s website says the price is $64,500 while the Jameslist ad says $59,900. For a car with only 14k miles, the driver seat bottom looks very crinkled (and no picture of the driver seat bolster). If the car is truly one-owner, then all of the service records should be available. However, since this car has so few miles on it and it is over 20 years old, I would expect it to have had a major (engine out) service very recently and all the rubber bits replaced. A PPI is a must.

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