1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

A Ferrari for under $30,000 sure is tempting, but is it a smart buy? This 1988 Mondial Cabriolet is certainly attractive at $24,000. While it looks fairly straight, are there potential maintenance pitfalls afoot? The seller describes this Mondial as being mechanically solid, although it was the victim of a minor fender bender at one point.

1988 Ferrari Mondial Convertible

This is a really nice car in excellent condition. Great paintwork (original except for right fender and bumper). There was a small accident 2 years ago that resulted in right fender damage as well as bumper and right fog light. No frame damage. The car runs very strong and shifts perfectly. It even goes into 2nd gear when cold which is a rarity with 328/308 and Mondial. The interior is almost factory new as well as the top. A new back window was installed about 4 months ago as the old was not clear and cracked. The top is perfect.

The air blows cold and everything works as it should. Heat cold etc. Brakes excellent tires excellent motor and drive excellent. Not sure when belts were changed but had them all checked with ferrari mechanic and he said they were in great condition. Everyone has a different idea when Ferrari belts should be changed. This is a chance to own a very nice Mondial at an incredibly low price. I just don't have time to drive it. The milage is low and this car is something that you can drive anywhere. A real head turner. These cars are starting to really go up in value.

As usual, while this car may only cost $24,000 to purchase, one could theoretically spend almost half that price embarking on a variety of maintenance items this car may need over the next few years. If I was in the position to have a second car, however, I'd certainly kick the tires on this car. Black works well with the slightly awkward proportions of the four seat Mondial and cosmetically, it looks rather good. If anything else, a solid starting point to fix up an average example of this open top Ferrari into an exceptional one.


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