1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 is one of the leading performance bargains in terms of readily available Italian classics stateside. This final year GTV6 comes to us from our reader Michael. Look up the definition of "survivor" in the dictionary, and it wouldn't be out of place if this car's photo was right next to the entry.

Year: 1986
Model: GTV6
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 114,000 miles


Original paint. California car. No rust. No 2nd gear synchro problems. Perfect dash and interior. No cracks tears or wear spots. Clean Carfax. Records and receipts from 1990. Thousands of dollars or parts , some unobtanium. Never dismantled or wrecked.


Well documented original GTV6, previously owned by Andy Reid of Classic Motorsport Magazine, and detailed in ABB. See Andy’s comments in a recent CMM article he wrote. Said to be the last or one of the last GTV6 imported to USA; while I cannot prove that, I have yet to see a higher VIN number.


A prior owner commented in ABB: “The car's condition considering its age is really quite impressive. Interior beautiful with no dash cracks, a/c works, factory cloth seats impeccable, original paint beautifully preserved”. Perhaps an email from a local Alfisti best sums it up: after driving my car he sent me an email “Michael, It was a pleasure meeting you also and thanks for letting me see and drive probably the best example of a GTV6 survivor I have ever seen.”

Sometimes pictures can make a car look much nicer than it is - however my Alfa really looks this nice and personal inspection will leave you wondering how a car can survive 27 years, with original paint, in this nice condition. Even the front and rear window seals are free of cracks, dry rot and the interior has no rips or dash cracks. The interior is in superb near time-warp condition, with excellent dashboard, upholstery, carpets, and trim. The gauges are excellent, as are all switches and controls. Even the seat belt buzzer works. She has 114K original miles, and can be driven daily, and even in Atlanta heat she will run 80MPH all day long with A/C on. My daughter and I took her to Lake Keowee several times last summer without a problem. The body is excellent, with even, consistent gaps and straight panels. It even has the OEM manual window crank if the PW fails, and the fusebox is in perfect condition.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an interesting fun to drive, attractive classic Italian sports car. The ANSA exhaust really sings sweet music, but the stereo has been upgraded and has separate amp in trunk if you want to listen to music. I drive my cars so the engine bay is not detailed but that's an easy project if you want to show her. On the road, at every Caffeine and Octane, or Italian car day people come up to talk about this beauty. I drove her about 2K miles this past year, did an oil and transaxle fluid change with synthetic oil and have had no issues whatsoever.

I have accumulated many parts, mostly based on experience, ABB postings, and availability. They will come with the car and are pictured. These include:

60526262 OEM speedometer sender (very expensive, NLA)

70128 fuel filter

OEM rear hatch seal

CL864 Clutch master cylinder

34271000 Brake Light Switch

2 OEM speaker grills

Several door mirror gastkets, mounts, frames, motor etc

AR382 airfilter

OEM gas cab and Key

BH119 Braided brake line

2 OEM 60529011 pedals

25251000 hydraulic tensioner kit

60522581 rear motor mount

25602000 radiator fan switch

22004000 Power window motor

package of OEM door panel retaining clips

OEM horn button

Variety of connectors and relays, washers

Gauge cluster/switch assembly

30091000 Voltage regulator

exhaust hanger donuts

transmission mounts

What’s not perfect?

Rear hatch seal has 3 inch worn segment. It doesn't leak so I haven’t replaced it, but I have an OEM replacement that will come with the car. There is a small passenger quarter panel ding measuring 3/4”x3/8”. It barely shows in the pics it is so small. I am sure it can be banged out by a dentless shop if you want. Lastly, it has the 2 blower Tropicaire AC, and it blows ice cold but the second blower that powers the side vents doesn't power on. I have schematics for it - probably it's the microswitch. Unless you live somewhere much hotter than Atlanta, I don't think you will care.

Bottom line

This is a skydrive with many pictures, and paint meter readings, undercarriage and interior shots, etc. The pics range from a year or so ago when I got her, to this month, showing no deterioration or changes other than the miles I put on. There is even a pic showing the original door paint taken when I R&R’d a mirror. I have included paint gauge readings as well.

She has custom Cocoa mats, no second gear crunch, no dash cracks or tears in the upholstery and the engine pulls nicely in a very linear fashion. The exhaust note is to die for (ansa rear section). You will be hard pressed to find a nicer, more original, well maintained GTV6 anywhere. The underside is clean and dry and rust free. Check out those factory floor pans and seams and rockers, battery box and spare tire container.

Email me or call if any questions. Hagerty has value 14K as a Number 2 car. While I think this is nicer, it is a car I drive about 2K per year, so I cant really claim it as a #1. Michael 4048454713 or mibiv12@gmail.com or PM me.

This is certainly one of the nicer GTV6s I've seen lately, as many I've come across might look good on the outside, but have a worn interior or mechanical issues. Given it's high VIN #, it also has the distinction of being the last of its breed. At the price Hagerty is claiming for a #2 machine, $14,000 seems like a bargain for this much Italian exotica.


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