1984 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

The Ferrari Mondial gets a bad rap amongst exotic car connoisseurs. Whether it's the styling proportions or the theory that it is the "lesser" Ferrari, I've heard it all. For those who really must have a Prancing Horse on the hood, you can't beat their value, though. In some cases, you can get into a Mondial for under $20,000, but to snag a good example that won't put you in the poor house, anything within the $20,000 range will buy you a good one these days. This early Mondial for sale in Florida looks to have received a repaint along with aftermarket wheels along the way. With a recent engine out service, this could potentially be a good entrance into the Ferrari club.

1984 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

NOW IS THE TIME TO OWN A FERRARI. Up for trade or sale is my Convertible Mondial Ferrari that seats four. I have owned this car for almost 4 years and have maintained the highest standards. Buy or trade with confidence as I will allow the Master Ferrari Technician who has worked on it, to give full details and history since I have owned. Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet Convertible features a 3.2L V8 FI SOHC 8 cyl Gasoline engine. Own the ultimate driving machine "FERRARI." The vehicle is Blue with a Blue Leather interior. 34,000 original miles, major service completed @ 31,500 miles (Engine out). Additional services completed @ 33,000 miles - 1984 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Cabriolet 2+2 VIN: ZFFUC15A0E0049711

At $23,900, we're a little over the mid point of where these open roofed Mondials are selling these days. If the seller was willing to offer up detailed service records and move a little more towards the $20,000 mark, it would be a decent value. Thanks to our reader Tim for bringing this ride to our attention!


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  1. CL post deleted. You could easily spend a 1/4 or more of the value of the car in deferred maintenance costs. I hope whomever bought it got a PPI done.

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