1982 Ferrari Mondial: Bargain Ferrari Project?

There's no doubt about it, the Mondial stands next to the 308GT4 as one of the most ugliest ducklings ever produced by the mark. And that's really saying something as most Ferrari's are anything but. But it's hard to argue, especially for the time period that produced so many greats, that the Mondial somehow got approved and built. But it is a . Take a look:

quote from the listing:

This car would make an excellent daily driver it has more room than the GTS but has the same Ferrari drivability and its just a fun usable car, no evidence of collision and its had the belts and water pump changed not more than 1000 miles ago.

The car has only done 84 thousand kilometers around 50,000 miles from new. I am not selling this Ferrari as concourse it is after all 28 years old, but it still looks great. The car shifts nice, the engine is crisp, in fact the more I drive it the better it gets; they do need to be driven and that's the beauty of a Mondial, it has more head room and more storage space.

Think of it as a Ferrari that you can use as a commuter that looks great and handles like only a Ferrari can.
it does have some stone chips on the paint work the passenger window is lazy some time it works other times it does not, the interior for the year I feel is better than average it sits on the original tires and they are showing signs of ageing, other than that no major faults, starts grate oil pressure and temp are good no problems there. obviously there is no warranty given or implied, it is after all 28 years old but you are more than welcome to send a inspector or come take a look for your self.

The listing for this car and the asking price should tell you everything you need to know about what you're getting into: a running project car. But this could be perfect for the mechanically handy buyer with a realistic budget for repairs.

What would you do with it -- fix it up and drive it, make a track day car of it, or sell it for parts? Leave a comment below.


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  1. Hello, my name is J. I have been looking for a great Ferrari to purchase, and yours caught my eye. I am interested in buying. Can you give me a little more information.


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