1981 Fiat Spider 2000

The Fiat Spider carried the roadster torch for Fiat for almost 20 years, which is rather remarkable, considering the automotive advancements that came about between 1966 and 1985. Even today, this two seater looks rather timeless. This later Spider for sale in New Hampshire has the 2.0 liter engine with fuel injection that is good for just over 100 horsepower.

1981 Fiat Spider 2000

A beautiful 1981 Fiat Spider 2000. Body by Pininfarina. Color: Safari Yellow (an ivory shade). Engine: 4 cylinder with Bosch fuel injection system. Transmission: Manual 5-speed. Now with a LOW RESERVE: This car is in great condition and has been maintained in every way that a solid running Fiat Spider 2000 ought to be. I have invested a lot of money into the car (since 2008), and I am proud to own it. And the clock even works! Here’s a list of what’s been done to the car since I bought it 4 years ago:

Engine completely serviced and tuned-up last year, valves adjusted
New timing belt
New distributor, rotor and cap
Transmission completely serviced and inspected
Complete clutch system replacement (i.e., pressure plate and disc)
Stick shift linkage completely rebuilt into top of transmission
New gaskets for engine (wherever it was opened up)
New Airflow sensor (i.e. sending unit for fuel injection computer)
New air filter
Front end suspension thoroughly inspected and refurbished as needed
New stabilizer bar in rear suspension
Shock absorbers all the way around
Complete brake job, with exterior brake lines replaced
New vacuum brake booster
Heater core and valve, cooling hoses and anti-freeze replaced
Manual radiator fan override switch installed (automatic fan works too)
Performance tires, (approx. 7,000 miles on them since purchased)
Fresh oil changes every 3,000 miles
Body is clean and rust free
Garaged in winter
Minor deficiencies:

The convertible top looks great on the outside, no tears and water tight.
The interior shows some wear and tear
The radio tape deck is not working, but may only be a blown fuse
I’ve invested my money in the mechanical stuff
I removed the carpet to inspect the floors, etc.
I have all of the carpet sections in a box
Car has a few very minor dings (not dents), and a couple of tiny scratches.
Dings can be seen on last photo
I’ve got an un-opened bottle of touch-up paint for the scratches (original color)

This car is beautiful and you should bid with every confidence. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to inspect and drive the car in person.

For a Spider hailing from New England, this car looks tidy. The Buy it Now price of $5,350 is attractive for such a well kept classic Italian roadster. For me, only the color and larger crash bumpers of the later Spiders let this car down. If it turns out to be rust free and mechanically sound, this would be a smart buy for someone seeking a lot of top down character for little money.


One thought on “1981 Fiat Spider 2000”

  1. Nice car. Appears to be in good condition (spending nearly half it’s life in Florida must have helped).

    A few questionable points:

    “I removed the carpet to inspect the floors…I have all of the carpet sections in a box”

    Makes no sense. If you were just inspecting the floors, why didn’t you put the carpet right back down. Instead you reassembled everything else, didn’t replace the carpet, and you are going to hand the buyer a box of carpet pieces? Something isn’t right here.

    “Car has a few very minor dings (not dents)”

    No, sorry, those are not minor dings. Those are dents.

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