1980 Ferrari 512BB

When it comes to magical moments in your life, as an automobile enthusiast there are few moments that exceed seeing your first Ferrari. For me, that was when I was quite young - about 5 years old, and a friend of my father had a very lightly used purple 512BB. I don't remember much in terms of details about anything else than walking up to that incredibly wide Ferrari, full of vents, ducts and lots of exhaust pipes. And the wheels! The wheels were so wide. To me, having gotten out of a Toyota Corolla, it might as well have been a spaceship.

And it needed to be a spaceship, because Ferrari was decidedly behind the times in the 1970s. The Daytona was an incredible car, there was no doubt; but compared to the Miura, the Daytona seemed like it was a dinosaur. Ferrari's response was to take the heart and soul of the Daytona, combine it with some lessons learned in the Dino, and make a Miura fighter. It wasn't just a response to the Miura though, it was a Miura beater. The two had similar engine outputs, but the 365 GT4/BB was just downright faster. Faster to 60, faster outright at nearly 190mph. The 365 GT4/BB was later replaced by the 512BB and later the 512BBi with their larger 4.9 flat-12s and remained the big dogs into the 1980s; the Lamborghinis may have sold more posters, but if you actually wanted a driver, you wanted the Ferrari. A few decades later, seeing a 512 still gives me goosebumps and while the Testarossa may have embodied Ferrari in the 1980s, it's still the 512BB that occupies my mind:

Year: 1980
Model: 512BB
Engine: 4.9 liter Flat-12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 25,001 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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1980 Ferrari 512 BB. Only 25,000 klms from new. This is a car that was brought to Canada after being sold new in Switzerland, then going to the UK for a couple years. Being a Canadian car, it did not have to go through the DOT certification that the cars had to do when being imported into the United States. This means that the doors were not cut open to allow the addition of cross members for side impact crashes, as well as various additions under the front clamshell. It makes this car more desirable that the average US car that is available on the market today. Its also a 512 that has never been involved in an accident, has the rare original bumpers, and has had a complete engine rebuild three years ago by Canada's leading 512 BB expert. The transmission was also freshened up at this time. Total invoices add up close to $80,000 for all this work. Have a look at the engine photos, and you will see the detail and the newness in them. Anyone that has been watching these cars know that this model Ferrari is more than likely the next one to rapidly increase like the others have done. Limited production numbers (929 carbureted cars) always dictate which ones become super investments for the future. There is a Ferrari 512 BB running this weekend at the Amelia Island Auction in Florida, and for those who doubt the future value of this car, watch for the results of that auction. This car is not a distress sale, but it will be sold. The last one I had last summer sold to the first person that came to see it. Don't let this one pass you by if your looking for an investment car. I would expect the price to double on these in the next 10 to 15 years. This vehicle is avail for inspection (which I encourage) at anytime. If you fly into Buffalo NY, I will pick you up and bring you back to the airport when your finished viewing. I have the spare tire, just removed it to charge the battery.

With $80,000 in maintenance, you have a bit of an idea of the value of these cars. They're not the cheap Ferraris to get, by any means. Forgotten for a while in favor of newer and older models, the 365 and 512s have been on the rise, especially top condition models like this. A desirable Euro-spec car but also all-original, it's rare to see them in this condition. Hagerty values top condition 512s at just shy of $160,000 - still far short of the Daytona and on par with the top condition GTC/4s. This car is already there with the reserve still on, but this car is from a different generation than the Daytona and if you're smart you could pick this car up and watch it appreciate over the next few years. Just, please make sure that your friend's 5 year old can stare at it up close for a while...