1976 Lancia Scorpion

In the 1970s, Lancia's product lineup began to be influenced by corporate parent Fiat and the Scorpion was no exception. Developed as a complementary model to the Fiat X1/9, the Montecarlo, as it was known in Europe, bowed at the Geneva Motor Show in 1975. The name Scorpion was chosen for the US market as Chevrolet was already using the name Montecarlo stateside. Too meet federal regulations, a smaller 1.8 liter twin cam engine was employed, larger bumpers were installed and pop up headlights differed from the fixed, flush mount Euro market units. Only 1801 Scorpions were made between 1976 and 1977, and as with many Lancias of the 1970s and 1980s, few survived, succumbing to rust issues or mechanical failures too great or expensive for owners to sort out. This Scorpion for sale in California has seen only 47,000 miles and appears remarkably well preserved.

1976 Lancia Scorpion

1976 Lancia Scorpion. VIN: 137AS 0101192 CA Plate: 1QHV502

Fuel Injected, Montecarlo transmission with overdrive. I am a Lancia nut. I have owned more than two dozen Lancia Scorpions and this is by far the best, cleanest chassis I have found yet. I then had the entire car disassembled and fortified as listed below by the best known scorpion authority and marque specialist, Mark Rawlings of Sacramento. Extremely nice car with sunfaded original silver paint with a slate alcantara suede and black interior. This car has extreemely low mileage at 47,028 and has always received all necessary attention and maintenance. There is no rust on this vehicle and I invite all inspections. Please read the list of accessories and improvements to this car.

O37 Double-Bubble Hardtop
Series II "through the glass" side mirrors
Cromadora Daytona "melted" 5-star 14" wheels
Koni red struts all around
Alcatara suede interior
Sony CD/Infinity speakers

Blueprinted and balanced high performance engine including:
Bosch fuel injection conversion
9.5 to 1 high compression pistons
High lift, high performance cams
4 into 1 header and exhaust

The transmission is the extra rare Montecarlo unit modified further with a special 5th gear overdrive. (allows 80mph @ 4,000rpm) I call it Ultradrive. Incredible opportunity to own a fresh example of a very rare car. Drive this one anywhere. Very nice. Sounds Awesome.

Ever since the seeing the movie Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo as a kid, I've been interested in the Scorpion/Montecarlo after watching Herbie chase after the Scorpion in the flick. The asking price of $12,000 is steep for this particular model, but this car is in great shape, owned by an enthusiast of the marque and represents a fairly inexpensive way into a mid engined Italian exotic with more reasonable running costs than your average Ferrari or Lamborghini.


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