1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 was the first production Ferrari to feature a V8 engine, making it a very important car in the history of the marque. There has been a Ferrari with a mid-mounted V8 in the lineup ever since this model was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1973. Styled by Bertone, this vehicle signaled a change of direction in Ferrari’s styling language for years to come. The love it or hate it styling concealed a surprisingly practical package, with a fairly usable backseat for passengers or the proverbial golf clubs. This example for sale is an early pre catalytic converter example with the 255 horsepower version of the 3.0 V8, which turns out to be a rare package, more so than which I was aware.

1974 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

Rare Opportunity to own a slice of history. I'm selling my 1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 2+2, vehicle identification number 10770. After extensive research, we've determined that this is one of the last four series 1 cars produced by Ferrari and quite possibility the last one running of those four. This car drives and looks beautiful. A must have for a 308 collector or enthusiast. Don't let this one get away!

I have tried to photographically document the car as best as possible, showing hi-res close-up pictures and a video. Bare in mind, this is not a garage-queen, 100 point car, but a rare GT4 driver car, well taken care and maintained in great condition. Please take a moment to review the pictures and video below. Here's what makes the Series 1 cars different and more desirable:

Series 1 cars had 255hp with euro cams and euro timing specs.
Series 1 cars had the narrow grille with the wrap valance
Series 1 cars were standard equipped with Cromodora wheels and center caps.
A series 1 glove box opens with knob under dash, the dash front is solid leather.
The left dash panel on a series 1 GT4 had 3 switches with 3 indicator lights.
Steering rack mounts same a 246 Dino

Fixed type seatbelts on most, but some had the “reel” type

Fuse box visible inside glove box

No cats
Here's a PDF document concerning the differences: 308 Dino GT4 Overview

Now for a little specific information on this Dino. Looks like a three owner car, 50,121 miles, brought into California in 2006, bought by me in 2009. Well maintained with major service done in 2007. Everything is working on the car, including the clock, windows are fast and A/C is cold. Tires and brakes are excellent. Radiator and electrical are redone, no overheating or electrical issues. Hoses, wires and tires all new. Carburetors have been rebuilt. Interior is excellent tan leather, dash is perfect, seats are perfect. Exterior paint is very glossy and the color is a beautiful Ferrari red. Some panels have been resprayed but basically the body and paint are in very good condition considering age. Car drives beautiful and handles great, never heats up. Clutch and shifting are perfect. Just completed oil service with Mobil 1, V-Twin, Synthetic ( only oil with the correct additives for older vehicle valve guides and rings ).

Known repairs/improvements/service:

Replace cam belts and tensioner bearings
Replace all accessory belts
Adjusted valves
Re-timed cams
Replace water hoses & fuel lines
Rebuild water pump & carburetors
Repair / re-core radiator and flush cooling system
Flush brake system
Replace spark plugs and wires
Replace air filter
Recharge A/C system
Re-wire radiator fans
Replaced final drive seals
Replace and rewire fuse box
Included Extras:

Set of 4 five spoke Ferrari 308 wheels
Original Blaupaunt radio
Owner's manual with leather Dino
Shop manual

I’ve never been the biggest fan of mid-engined, four seat V8 Ferraris, as the proportions can be a bit off and styling from certain angles can be a bit awkward. However, I’m impressed by the quality of this vehicle. Oftentimes, the leather interior looks tired and bodywork can be a bit dodgy on these 308 GT4s, as they are one of the cheaper ways of entry into Ferrari ownership. This car looks remarkably well kept, the tan leather appears to be in like new condition and the bodywork is quite straight. Aside from the cumbersome federally mandated bumpers, I’m coming around on these early V8 Ferraris. The asking price of almost $35,000 is strong money for a 308 GT4, but it is better to buy one complete and well sorted. These cars may be cheap to purchase in Ferrari terms, but one must always remember that maintenance can be an eye opening experience.


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  1. I love these so, so much. Top 5 Ferraris for me, and the first “affordable” Ferrari I would go for (in dream world, of course).

  2. 1974 or 1975? There’s one reference to it as a 74 above a pic, and again in the search terms at the bottom. Where are you located (will I have to schedule a delivery?)? Contact info? First owner? Did the first owner get it retrofitted with Ferrari badges in 1976?

  3. Hi Bryan,

    That was a typo on my part. The auction link is no longer active, so it can be safe to assume the car is sold.

    The cars we post on CICFS are not our own, rather, we post vehicles from third party sellers.

    Thanks for reading,


  4. Hi Charles,

    The auction link is no longer active, so it can be safe to assume the car is sold. The cars we post on CICFS are not our own, rather, we post vehicles from third party sellers. Thanks for reading,


  5. Estamos interesados en el auto, en que parte de california está?, si fuera amable de enviarme el costo si todavía está a la venta Gracias.

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