1975 Autobianchi A112 Abarth

Autobianchi was a joint venture between the bicycle manufacturer Bianchi, Fiat and Pirelli set up in 1955. The mission of this company was to test out new technologies and advancements for Fiat that would eventually make their way into the lineup. Introduced in 1968, the A112 was marketed solely as a 3 door hatchback and saw over 1.2 million examples produced over an 18 year time span. It was also the vehicle which helped bring front wheel drive to Fiat's range in the form of the 127.

Along with the standard A112, Abarth tried their hand at souping up this diminutive runabout and debuted the A112 Abarth in 1971. The 1975 model of the A112 Abarth brought about improvements to the model, most notably a larger displacement engine with 69 horsepower and a 5 speed gearbox. These were raucous little cars that were sought out by young enthusiasts and rally drivers. As a result, few mint examples survive today. This particular 1975 A112 Abarth for sale in Belgium is quite tidy, has a breathed on engine cranking out 90 horsepower and has only a little bit more than 11,000 miles on the clock.

1975 Autobianchi A112 Abarth

Rally prepared, FIA papers, 1054cc engine, engine prepared to 90 HP. Excellent technical condition and well maintained interior.

For under $7,500 USD, this is a unique piece of Italian racing history and is a good alternative for those who think a vintage Mini Cooper is a bit too boring. Autobianchi ceased operation in 1996, the last car to wear it's badge being a version of the Lancia Ypsilon. Today, the official Autobianchi club, Registro Autobianchi, owns the rights to the company name. These loyal and passionate enthusiasts of the mark see to it that owners have a forum to help keep hot hatches like the A112 Abarth around for many years to come.


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