1974 Maserati Bora

The 1970s were a time of upheaval at Maserati. The decade began with the automaker under Citroën's control, and ownership being handed over to Alessandro de Tomaso in 1975. Under Citroën's guidance, the company introduced it's first mid-engined vehicle, the Bora. Powered by the familiar 4.7 liter twin cam Maserati V8, this engine was mounted north/south in the chassis and produced 310 horsepower. This was the first Maserati with four-wheel independent suspension, and was an interesting car, with its stainless steel roof and adjustable brake, clutch and accelerator pedals, as the driver's seat was only height adjustable. All US market cars had an emissions equipped 4.9 liter V8. In total, 289 Boras were built with the 4.7 liter V8, 235 with the 4.9 liter engine. This example for sale in New York by way of Arizona is a low mileage original.

1974 Maserati Bora

1974 Maserati Bora Royal Blue with Tan leather interior. Car has been owned by the same elderly gentleman since 1976. 27K original miles. Extremely original Arizona car. Absolutely rust free. It has spent all its life in Arizona. Good original Bora with such a low mileage is almost impossible to find. Interior of the car looks almost brand new but its all original. For only $67,500.

Supercars from the seventies are an interesting breed, as ever tightening emissions controls and crash standards compromised these vehicles in the US market. The Bora, while down 30 horsepower from its European brethern, escaped rather unscathed, with exception of larger bumperettes. The Merak, sibling of the Bora, got a bit of a rap on Top Gear's Supercar Challenge for its unreliability and inadequate performance. With it's V8 engine, the Bora has power befitting a wedge shaped classic such as this.


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Dated: Mar 09 2012

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