1974 Lancia Fulvia S3

The Lancia Fulvia is hands down one of my favorite Italian machines. This delicate looking coupe went on to flex its muscle in competition and was the spark that lit over two decades of World Rally dominance by Lancia. A bit rarer than the similar vintage Alfa Romeo GTV, the Fulvia was a technical tour de force in true Lancia fashion, featuring a narrow angle V4 engine, front-wheel drive and four-wheel disc brakes. This Fulvia for sale in Georgia is a later Series 3 model and is a good, driver quality car.

1974 Lancia Fulvia S3

This Fulvia was purchased in Brescia Italy, and shipped to the U.S. in September of 2007. Since then it has had the starter, muffler, and battery replaced, and the brake cylinder rebuilt. The odometer reads 68800km, which is about 42750 original miles. It is in excellent running condition, and is a pleasure to drive. It has been driven regularly but lightly and only in good weather. The paint is not original but is the original color, and is in good condition with a nice gloss and only minor imperfections. There is no visible rust anywhere on the car, however there are some bubbles in the paint in a few spots where rust may be developing underneath. (see photos)

The interior is also in very nice condition with seats and carpet only showing light wear. This car is in very original condition, with no alterations or modifications. Lights, turn signals, gauges, heater, radio, etc. all work properly. This car is a perfectly reliable and fun car to drive as is, or suitable for restoration for someone looking for a show car.

With a starting bid of $8,000, this Fulvia is priced quite attractively, as good quality cars are commanding in the $10,000 to $15,000 range these days, at least. I'd certainly do a thorough look over of any rust issues that might not be readily apparent, but aside from that, someone will be getting a good car here.