1974 Lancia Fulvia 1300 S3

We’ve covered a lot of cars on this blog which have contributed to the impressive collection of World Rally victories Lancia has amassed over the years, but the following car is where it all started. In 1972, The Fulvia Coupe won the International Championship and the famed Monte Carlo Rally after the final Alpine Renault retired due to mechanical failure. The Fulvia was praised in the motoring press as being a triumph of engineering, no doubt in part to their front-drive chassis, four wheel disc brakes and innovative V4 set at an angle in the engine bay. Here we have a 1974 example for sale with the famed red and black livery colors of the era. This car has the 1.3 “S” motor producing 92 horsepower.

1974 Lancia Fulvia 1300 S3

Upon its release in 1967, the American magazine Road & Track described the Fulvia as a precision motorcar, an engineering tour de force, mostly because of its original specifications. A front-wheel-drive car in the sports car world was pretty unusual, but not as much as the narrow 1.3 V4 engine, mounted with a 45° angle. This allowed the engine to be mounted in a very forward position, allowing for a roomier cockpit. Offered in numerous bodies, trim levels and engine powers, no Fulvia was as famous as the 1600 HF which allowed Lancia to take first place in the 1972 FIA International Championship for Manufacturers rally series. We are happy to offer for sale this exceptionally well-preserved example of Lancia Fulvia 1300 S 3 Coupe. In fully original specifications, this Fulvia Coupe S3 only has 70,000 km on the clock, which is very likely to be the original mileage given the outstanding preservation of this Fulvia. Still sporting its original Italian Targa Nera, this all original Fulvia Coupe 1300 S3 is immediately available in Italy.

THe asking price of €20,000 (~$26,000 USD) is about in line with where values of Fulvias are going these days. They are not as common or coveted as their contemporary, the Alfa Romeo GTV, but these diminutive, well proportioned coupes are beginning to claim their fair share of the limelight due to Lancia's storied rally history and the innovative engineering manufactured into them.

Here is some vintage footage from the 1972 Monte Carlo Rally, where the Fulvia 1.6 HF claimed victory:


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