1972 Fiat 850 Spider

My father was one of the first people in the US to place an order for a 2002 MINI Cooper. When we went to order the car, there were no new vehicles on the lot or in the showroom, but a few vintage Minis hanging about. A similar trend has taken shape at Fiat dealers across the country. While the Nuova 500 is readily available in the showroom, every now and then you'll see a vintage Fiat for sale on the lot to draw some customers into the showroom and highlight a bit of the manufacturer's history. Following on to the Fiat 850 Bertone Coupe we featured last week, here is an 850 Spider for sale in Oklahoma City.

1972 Fiat 850 Spider

Beautiful Italian styling combined with timeless functionality, efficient design and the thrill of a classic automobile – these are the attributes that made the 1972 FIAT 850 a timeless icon. If you are in search of an iconic Italian classic, this FIAT 850 showcases just that. Come see this classic piece of Italian historic luxury.

For about $4,000, you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper way into an Italian vehicle without it instantly bankrupting you. The convertible top on this 850 Spider looks a bit ill-fitting and a few trim items could use some freshening up, but overall, this car looks to be a nice survivor that falls short of show quality but could be instantly enjoyed.


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Dated: Apr 23 2012

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