1971 Fiat 124S Estate

The Fiat 124 is one of the icons in Fiat history, immortalized as a car that put much of the developing world on wheels via licensure to companies such as FSO, Lada and Tofas. Millions of these compact sedans were produced by Fiat from 1966 to 1974, with many more to follow via the companies to whom the design was licensed. While most of the 124s made were four-door sedans, Fiat did produce an estate version for those in need of a bit more utility. These versions are nearly gone from the US landscape, so this 124S estate for sale in California is a pleasant surprise, especially as it is used daily by its owner.

1971 Fiat 124S Estate

Alright Fiat freaks! Here's a super rare, vintage 1971 124 wagon, or if we were in Europe, an estate. Has all the options checked above plus new clutch disc, pressure plate and bearing, good tires, custom LED tail lights (repairable originals included with good lenses), 10 foot paint, mileage is unknown due to speedo not working. All lights are functional and the two speed heater works well too. However, the controls don't seem to deliver warmth, possibly a loose cable. Rust free, accident free, smoke free, pet free, dolphin safe (lol).

I drive this car daily and its a blast. Thumbs up all day long. I have noticed, however, the brake master cylinder getting air, so it will need to be replaced. Has new DMV registration, doesn't need to be smogged, ever (in CA). I was planning to swap to a 2.0 liter twin cam, twin weber and 5-speed into it. But, alas, my financial situation forces the sale. I'm already regretting this but it has to be done.

At almost $10,000, I tend to doubt this Fiat will move quickly, even considering how rare it is. If it was a show quality car, I might be able to see it, but this car has had some modifications and has been repainted at some point down the line, as evidenced from the differing color in the door jambs and under the hood. That being said, this is probably a $4,000 to $6,000 car at the maximum.