1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Batista "Pinin" Farina was the founder of the design firm Pininfarina and turned it into a household name, as the company has consulted on everything ranging from interior design to vehicle coachbuilding. Batista's last project, though, left an impact on two seat roadsters for decades to come. The Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto began production in 1966, the year of Batista's death and was produced in varying forms up until 1993. I've always wanted a Spider sitting in my garage and few automotive enthusiasts haven't caught themselves waxing poetically about taking one of these entertaining drop tops for a nice weekend jaunt through some twisty backroads. This 1969 Spider for sale in Georgia has won a few awards at recent shows and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes with its new owner.

1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce restored in gorgeous Italian Red with Black interior to be a top Driven Proven Show Car, fully stock appearance, uprated 2.0 Alfa twin-cam engine with special cams and head, dual Weber 40s, full exhaust system, top suspension upgrades for handling along with top braking modifications, including a $500 chassis stiffener modification, aggressive looks with the Panasport style mag wheels and the Toyo radial tires, an Original Owner’s Manual showing history, here is a great Alfa convertible with loving care from serious aficionados.

At almost $33,000, this particular Spider is at the top end of where these early boat tail versions are at the moment. The Minilite style wheels look great on this classic red roadster, and the modifications made certainly make it more appealing to those putting performance and functionality over originality. I'd love to call this Spider my own. If seeing a car like this doesn't bring out some emotion in you, check your pulse.


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Dated: Nov 18 2012

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