1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior – REVISIT

The 1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 we featured last August is back up for sale in Florida with a starting bid of $28,999. That's top of the range money for what is an original car with one repaint.

1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 14, 2012:

The Alfa Romeo GTV was a popular sports car of its time, but not offered to US customers were the smaller engined variants, such as the GT 1300. These were popular in markets where insurance and tax costs for larger engined vehicles were higher, such as Alfa's home market. This model we see here for sale in Florida is in good original condition. This is also one of the "step-front" models, as the leading edge of the hood sat a quarter inch higher than the nose of the car.

1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

1969 Alfa Romeo 1.3L GT (Gran Turismo) Junior "scalino" (step nose). Equipped with a 1290cc Double Overhead Cam Inline 4 Cylinder gas engine. Body was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. Vehicle weighs 2100 lbs. All original except for one exterior repaint in its rare and original color of Blu Francia/French Blue /Bleu France/Französisch Blau Paint Code(s): AR-342.

69,044 original miles (111,116 km), this car has never been restored and looks and drives like a new car. All matching numbers as per Alfa Romeo historical register in Milan, Italy. This last year step nose is an extremely rare find and we even managed to keep the original Italian "black plates" which were on this car from new !!! We are convinced there is not a second one like this in the USA.

-The mileage represented on this vehicle is accurate.
-There are no signs of prior damage on this vehicle.
-There are no noticeable dings on the exterior of this vehicle.
-This vehicle has a smooth shifting transmission.
-All power equipment is functioning properly.
-There is no damage evident on this vehicle.
-The engine on this vehicle is running properly.
-The exterior of this vehicle is extra clean.
-The interior of this vehicle is extra clean.

Lately, I've come across a lot of the smaller engined Alfa Romeos that weren't originally sold in the US that have found there way to these shores. They seem to bring similar money to their larger engined siblings, especially if you can find one in good original shape. GT 1300s realistically range from around $15,000 to the high $20,000 range. Since the reserve isn't met at $20,000, I'd say the seller is looking for somewhere around $25,000. While originality is nice, there's plenty of GTV 1750 and 2000 coupes for sale out there for less money. If it was my money, I'd probably seek out one of those instead.


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