1967 Fiat Dino Spider

Introduced in 1966 at the Turin motor show, the exotic Fiat Dino Spider was an effort to homologate the Dino V6 engine for Formula 2 competition. The Dino Spider's 2.0 liter V6 produced 158 horsepower and was hooked up to a 5 speed manual. This made for a quick package in the day. The first Spiders were built at Fiat's Mirafiori plant, but by the time the larger engined 2.4 Spider arrived in 1969, assembly shifted to the Ferrari factory and these convertibles were built alongside the Ferrari Dino. Spiders are rather rare to find anywhere in the world these days; only 736 emerged from the factory in 1967. This example for sale in Bavaria is about the best Spider I've ever laid my eyes on.

1967 Fiat Dino Spider

This Fiat Dino Spider in the first series (AB) was prepared in June 1967 at Mirafiori and 1967 in Europe in the color "blu francia" delivered. The Fiat was bought by the current owners in 1993 imported from California to Holland. In the last 15 years numerous work was carried out on the car at Italo-Dutch specialists; verifiable restoration work:

The body was restored and repainted in 1999 by an Italian specialist in "azurro metallizato." In 2001, the interior was completely redone. The original 2.0 liter V-6 engine (135B000252) was rebuilt extensively in 1996. There were new pistons and camshafts, electronic ignition, bigger cooler (by 2.4 L engine), new oil pump and water pump installed. In 2002, the differential was rebuilt. The gearbox was rebuilt at 8000 km (2007) and new synchro rings were installed.

The condition of the Spider can be described as very good. The 12 year old restoration has minimal wear. The partly renewed chrome is in good condition. The body is fine, the interior is good with minor signs of wear. The technique, such as brakes and suspension are free from defect. Since the rebuild of the engine about 22,000 km have been done. The Dino has received an oil and brake service in 2010.

These Ferrari engined Fiats often command Ferrari level prices, and this Spider is no different at €62,000 (~ $81,000 USD). While the Fiat Dino Coupe had a sharp, fastback style to it, the Spider had more sensuous curves and metallic blue paintwork makes for one of the most beautiful Fiats ever made. With cars this rare, buy the best you can fine, as finding parts isn't always the easiest task. This partiuclar one certainly is certainly one of the better examples I've laid eyes on.