1965 Maserati Quattroporte

Even though the current Maserati Quattroporte was styled by Pininfarina, there is a clear relation, especially from the front end, of its relation to its Frua designed forebear, the Series 1 Quattroporte. Designed around a 4.1 liter V8 with 256 horsepower, the Quattroporte was one of the first vehicles that could do 200 km/h, or approximately 124 mph on the highway. With only 776 produced, you don't see one of these cars every day. This example for sale in Washington state is a survivor with magnificent provenance, featuring the second body shell produced.

1965 Maserati Quattroporte

1964 Maserati Quattroporte series 1 AM107.034. A time capsule, California car with great history going back 35 years. It is in totally original condition with original navy blue paint, original pumpkin leather and carpets. Arguably the best original unrestored series 1 QP in North America. Fitted with a matching number 4.2 liter 4 cam V8, 4 Webbers, A/C, De Dion rear suspension with inboard brakes, ZF S.5.325 5 speed transmission and single headlights. Dyno tuned, starts instantly, superb running and ready to be driven anywhere.

To add to the rarity, 034 carries body number 2 (two). In 2003 this car was chosen by Maserati North America to be at Pebble Beach during the launch of the new Pininfarina Quattroporte. It has new Pirelli tires, original jack, and spare tire. If you are inclined toward original, unmolested top quality cars, this is a very inexpensive entry level exotic car that has aged well and will always be in style.

I've only stumbled upon a few Series 1 Quattroportes in the last year and the ones I have seen have been in tattered condition. This car is in great original condition and the blue over saddle tan interior exudes a rich aura. Like some Maseratis, the Series 1 Quattroporte is not particularly valuable. This could be for a number of reasons, obscurity and the additional two doors probably playing a part in this equation. If you can find one in good condition, the price will usually be in the $30,000 range. In my opinion, this car at $45,000 is a steal, given the condition, history and uniqueness. Nothing is a sure bet in the collector car hobby, but I'd be willing to put money that these cars will take off in value once enthusiasts begin to get hip to them.