1962 Fiat 600 Multipla

While many consider the Chrysler minivans to be the genesis of a vehicle segment, they did more to popularize and mainstream the segment than invent it. In 1950, Volkswagen introduced the Type 2 Transporter, based around Beetle mechanicals. Along with the Citroën H Van introduced three years earlier, these were the first forward control vans and became immediately popular as both delivery vehicles and with consumers in the private segment. Eager to capitalize on this new segment, Fiat introduced the 600 Multipla in 1956. A bit smaller than their competitors, this small van was merely 50 cm longer than the original Mini, but could seat six people along with their luggage. With a rear mounted four cylinder engine, it wasn't a barn stormer, but they were infinitely practical in urban areas with their small footprint. Multiplas are a scarce commodity on these shores and this one for sale in California presents well both inside and out.

1962 Fiat 600 Multipla

You'll instantly stand out with this hard-to-find 1962 Multipla. Be sure to prepare yourself to get noticed in this ultra-rare vehicle. Originally built and used as a taxi cab in many parts of Italy, it stands out as an iconic piece of automotive history.

This Multipla has a 4-door mpv body type, RWD (rear-wheel drive) and manual 4-speed gearbox. The engine has been upgraded to an 850cc from the original 600cc manufacturer version. This Multipla made its mark historically, being the first rear-engined Fiat built. The 12" spare wheel and tire are tucked in front of the passenger's seat, leaving a spacious back seat which folds ingeniously into the floor to create 18 square feet of cargo area, accessible through a pair of rear doors which open wide for easy access. The Multipla will provide you with everything you have always wanted in a car -- Quality, Reliability, and Character. Being both mechanically and physically sound, this cute red and white Multipla could end up being the perfect match for you.

Multiplas tend to hover a bit under $20,000 for rough examples and can close in on $40,000 for those in mint condition. The asking price of just under $30,000 is about right for what appears to be a fine running example of this early Italian people mover. It's cars like these that prove you don't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on exotic machinery to make a truly individual statement when it comes to motoring.


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  1. What’s even more impressive – these were available with a (tiny) third row seating arrangement. As noted, these were commonly used as taxis, complete with large roof-mounted luggage carriers. I’d love to find some photos of a Multipla loaded with 6 people crammed inside, and a bunch of luggage piled on the roof!

  2. Hello:

    I’m curious to know if the prices you put in the article are in dollars.
    I have a Multipla Fiat 600, 1956 which I want to sell. Its in mint condition but in order to make it more reliable and with better performance, I replaced the engine with a VW 1600cc with its corresponding VW transmission as well as the rear suspension. The installation of these features was professionally made and supervised by a mechanical engineer in order for it to look as if they were the original parts. I hope you could help me with an estimated price for my model.

    Thank you and regards.

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