1961 Fiat 2100

The 2100 was a short lived model in the large car segment of Fiat’s lineup. Introduced as an evolution of the 1800 series, the 2100 had a larger, 2.1 liter OHV six cylinder engine that produced 82 horsepower. This was a car reflective of the times in postwar Italy, as daily life was returning to normal and consumers, especially those with larger families, sought a vehicle that offered a bit more space than their more compact offerings. Seldom seen here in the US, this 1961 2100 for sale in California is painted in a non-original shade of yellow, somewhat invoking a 3/4ths scale version of a 1957 Chevrolet.

1961 Fiat 2100

I purchased this neat car about 25 years ago and sold it a few years later. I tracked it down about 15 years ago and was able to buy it back. During that time the original cream color was changed to yellow. It has been part of my fleet of "picture cars " in Los Angeles and has appeared in several commercials and TV series (see www.eurofilmcars.com).

Six cyl OHV engine. 82 b.h.p. 4 speed column shift. Runs and drives OK but will need some tender loving care. Virtually rust free California car apart from some paint bubbling on the lower rear fenders and the trunk lid (see photo). No accident damage and most importantly has all the stainless trim intact. Original interior needs to be re-done completely. One of probably only a handful in the US and much rarer than the base 1800 model. Speedo reads 41,014 miles but this is probably not the correct mileage although the wear on the pedals would not suggest 100,000 miles more (?!). Brake hydraulics were sent to Italy for overhaul. Car has 4 drum brakes. Hub caps are new. Comes with the owner's manual.

So few 2100s exist in this country that it would be hard to place a value on, but given the rarity combined with the complete but somewhat rough condition, this may be a $3,000 to $5,000 car. With an interior refresh and a possible return to the original color, this would certainly be a nice, comfortable cruiser to take on a vintage road rally.


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  1. Typical movie car – looks good from a few feet away, but the interior is toast. Cute, unusual, but should have kept the original cream color.

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