Theme Week: A Tribute to Sergio Pininfarina: 1984 Pininfarina Spider

Along with the Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider, the Fiat 124 Spider is one of the most recognizable Italian roadsters. No surprise, then, that the 124 Spider was designed by Sergio Pininfarina and the Alfa was penned by his father, Batista. From 1983 to the end of the car's production in 1985, the 124 Spider was marketed by the design house responsible for it's existence, being called the Pininfarina Spider Azzura. It's not too hard to find 124 Spiders and the later Spider Azzuras in good shape, but this example for sale in Illinois has to be one of the best examples I've laid eyes on, having been recently restored.

1984 Pininfarina Spider

Do not confuse this listing with any other spider on Ebay. This is a just completed July delivery from Roadster Salon, the premier Fiat Spider Restoration company in the US. It is a brand new, fully sorted, warantied example. Just turn the key and go. Since 1999, our sister company Roadster Salon, has been passionately restoring and rehabilitating Italian cars. This ultra low mile, rust free example is a turn key car, ready to be enjoyed. The Level 1 restoration took place over an four month period, with all costmetic and mechanical concerns lovingly addressed. The end result is nothing short of one of the most beautiful cars we have ever completed. Hundreds of man hours have been spent carefully maintaining all original touches from 1984. Please visit our roadstersalon web site to learn more about our passionate endeavors restoring these Italian works of art.

What is a Level One restoration? Firstly, our Spider restorations typically fall into two categories. Level 1, and Level 2. Roadster Salon carefully selects candidates for restoration that are already in good overall condition, and meet our critical standards. Cars that require complete top to bottom rehabilitation are set aside for parts use only. Level 1 cars must be re-painted in their original color, due to the cost of a proper color change.

Roadster Salon cars are disassembled before paint. Interiors are fully refurbished, including new leather apolstery, carpets, door panels and console. A new convertible top is professionally installed. Mechanical repairs are limited to safety and performance concerns, not full scale rebuilds. Wear items like tires, brakes, and shocks are always replaced. Other key items inspected and repaired/replaced are fuel system, cooling system, suspension, transmission, timing belt, and engine gaskets and seals. Engine compartments are tidy, but not fully detailed.

Level two restorations are much more costly. Generally, we take the level two approach only on 1985.5 Pininfarina spiders, which have very limited production versus the 1980-1985 cars. Paint work is more ambitious, with more extensive preparation and finish times. Paint cost is typically double the budgeted amount in a Level One restoration. Undetectable exterior and Interior color changes are possible. Interiors are replaced completely, and feature optional leather material upgrades and custom installation. Mechanical work is not limited only to items in need of obvious repair. Engines and transmissions are removed from the car and completely rebuilt. Undercarriage is fully detailed and painted to a show standard. Level two restorations typically can take longer tham a year to complete, and start at $30,000.


Spiders built after 1982 were fully assembled in Italy by Pininfarina. No Fiat badges are on the vehicle, and the cars were produced in very limited numbers. Only the 1981-82 Fiat Spider Turbo is comparable in terms of value. Roadster Salon's Base price for a Level One restored 83-85 Pininfarina Spider is $18995, including leather and power windows and 14" alloys. The base price for a fuel injected 1980-1982 Fiat Spider is $15995, which reflects the difference in our purchase cost and standard equipment.

Cosmetic Impressions

Close inspection shows this car's finsh work is exceeds our high standards. All key cosmetic items have been either replaced or refurbished, per level 1 standard. Car has been refinished in its original color combination to remain true to the intent of the manufacurer, and keep the finished cost below $20K. One of the most breath taking cars we have ever completed. Tuxedo black over tan interior is a stunning contrast.

Mechanical Impressions

Car is a joy to drive, although test runs have been kept to a minimum due to the extremely low original mileage on the car. It can easily be shown and transported from event to event---or actually driven daily. This is one of the most outstanding combination of miles and condition you are likely to ever find. Five speed transmission is precise and shifts smoothly. All key aspects of the car perform as intended. All mechanical concerns have been addressed prior to delivery. A+

Market Analysis

We have been selling these cars for over ten years, and are well aware of there value. Let's face it--there are many of these around for cheap dollars in need of care. A private person could not duplicate this car (even doing the majority of the work themselves) for anywhere near our selling price. This is a terrific value. Own a true piece of automotive history by the same designer as Ferrari for the cost of a Toyota.

Even though it has the later crash bumpers, the black paintwork help those appendages blend in and the tan leather compliments the color perfectly. Average Pininfarina Spiders in good running order will generally run in the $7,000 to $11,000 range. At almost $19,000, this car is priced in the stratosphere. Is it worth it? One can't be sure. If you always wanted a new 124 or Pininfarina Spider, the chance may not come around again for quite some time. Then again, I'd rather have a Spider with a little bit of patina and mileage because this car is almost too nice to press into service.


2 thoughts on “Theme Week: A Tribute to Sergio Pininfarina: 1984 Pininfarina Spider”

  1. I own a 1984 Pininfarina, 5-speed, white/black, 120,000, rebuilt motor/trans and all receipts since new. The car was stored in an enclosed garage so rubber, interior etc are in nice cond. The paint is in nice cond, but has had repairs. I am considering a complete repaint and if I go that direction, painting a more desirable color than white.
    My question; is it best to keep car orig color or to change to desire able color. If so, what color would have higher resale. I appreciate your opinion.

  2. Hi Charles,

    Given this is a Fiat and not a Ferrari or Lamborghini, the paint shouldn’t affect the value of this car that much. I would say if you repaint the car in a color you like and have a reputable shop undertake the project, it would probably be worth it.


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