Theme Week – Non-Italian Cars…Styled by Italians: 1994 Subaru SVX

For a Japanese car manufacturer, Subaru has been more daring than its domestic competition. Using all-wheel drive as a design hallmark, their cars have been the favorite of buyers looking for all-terrain capacity in a smaller package. Recently, with the WRX and STi, Subaru has turned into the object of desire for enthusiasts seeking rally performance for the street.

Before the Impreza STi became the darling of the rally circuit, there was the Alcyone SVX, or SVX as it was known in the United States. Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign was responsible for the SVX's space aged looks, a marked departure from the almost origami-like appearance of its predecessor, the XT Coupe. Powered by a 3.0 liter horizontally opposed six cylinder engine, all SVXs produced were mated to a four speed automatic. There was no manual transmission to which Subaru had access that could handle the six cylinder engine's power, but lately, enthusiasts have been swapping the 6 speed manual from the STi in these coupes. Here is a well cared for SVX with 74,000 miles for sale in Texas.

1994 Subaru SVX

Gorgeous pearl white 1994 model SVX with only 74K ACTUAL miles. EXCELLENT running condition, non smoker, and riding on close to new set of tires. This is a RARE find.

In white, the SVX looks great because the color accentuates it's black roof and the odd window within a window design cue. Even by today's standards, this is a very daring styling exercise. Even if its drivetrain was rather unimpressive, you have to give Subaru credit for bringing such a wild interpretation of a grand touring coupe to market. For slightly under $7,000, this is a very affordable, practical classic which can be enjoyed all year round.