Theme Week – Non-Italian Cars…Styled By Italians: 1974 Jensen Interceptor III Convertible

Continuing on with theme week, here's an example of one of Britain's greatest grand touring vehicles, the Jensen Interceptor. The Interceptor was designed by Carrozzeria Touring, with the first examples having bodies manufactured by coachbuilder Vignale. Along with the Italians, the United States had a hand in bringing the Interceptor to life, with Chrysler lending their 383 and 440 cubic inch V8 engines and Torqueflite automatic transmissions.

A fastback version and a rare coupe were marketed, along with a convertible version of the Interceptor, intended mainly for the American market. With 267 manufactured, it's not everyday you see one for sale and rarer still, in this condition. Almost 40 years on, these cars still look the business, especially in this very classy combination of black on black.

1974 Jensen Interceptor III Convertible

1974 Jensen Interceptor III Convertible.

Beautiful example of a classic British super car! This indeed is a rare car in the states! A limited production and of which only 843 ever imported! A beautiful convertible variant, in excellent condition! In the late 60s, this British answer to the super car race, was this Grand Tourer designed by Italian craft, and powered by American Muscle.

This California Jensen is for sale from an Interceptor collector's garage, ready to cruise by the new owner. Mechanically, this Interceptor is in good standing, with all services complete on the Chrysler 440 original engine. The car has no issues like leaks or cooling. Only 70K original miles! Many new parts installed recently. Including new belts, brakes, starter, head gaskets, starter, rebuilt carburetor, etc. This car runs great, with no smoke, leaks, just smooth powerful performance! The AC is ice cold! The suspension is in good standing, stiff, and responsive, with recent servicing.
Many receipts and documents are available for the life of the car!

The interior is almost perfect, also recently restored with great carpet, and great leather! Being a late production Interceptor, this "1974 1/2" features a gorgeous wooden dash that came on 1975 models. The trunk has been re-carpeted, with new paneling. The headliner is a saddle wool, with a newer canvas convertible top. Interior components work, all electronic issues sorted out! This Jensen will also come with a convertible boot cover, and a rare sport cover exposing the just the driver.

The original color yellow, was repainted the current black. The quality glossy paint is older, and now shows age in some areas. The body is straight, with no evidence of accidents. all the chrome is perfect! The undercarriage is rust and corrosion free thanks to the California climate!

Almost $45,000 for a vintage British sports car is nothing to sneeze at, but this is one of the nicest examples of an Interceptor convertible I've seen in quite some time. The color combination is timeless and the combination of several countries coming together to produce such a car is impressive. Sadly, Jensen Motors Ltd. ceased operations in 1976 and the Interceptor has, to many, become an obscurity in the annals of automotive history.


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    We are not the owners of the Jensen, and from the looks of the eBay auction, it appears sold. Your best bet would be to contact the seller via eBay, as we post ads from third party sellers.



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