Theme Week: A Tribute to Sergio Pininfarina: 1985 Ferrari 288GTO

To close our theme week dedicated to Sergio Pininfarina, I thought I would select one of his most striking designs: the Ferrari 288GTO. Named the number two sports car of the 1980s behind its rival, the Porsche 959, this car was curiously tied to the 959 by way of the the Group B race series. While the competed in the series, the 288GTO never turned a wheel in Group B. Still, it's nice to dream about what could have been, especially with a car that packs a 2.8 liter, twin turbocharged V8 pumping out 400 horsepower and catapulting the car to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Heady numbers for the period indeed. This particular 288GTO is owned by British radio personality Chris Evans and is part of his famous White Collection that was recently featured on Top Gear.

1985 Ferrari 288GTO

Chris Evans' 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO LHD. White blue interior. It is one of Ferrari’s great cars and only 272 examples were made. 440 bhp,2855 cc mid mounted engine with dual overhead camshafts,twin turbo chargers and fuel injection.This stunning example had a ground up restoration costing more than £100,000 in 2009. It is like taking delivery of a new car and is one of the famous White Collection belonging to well known radio and tv presenter Chris Evans.

Launched: Geneva 1984. Body designed by Pininfarina, built by Ferrari 90' V8, 80 X 71mm, 2855cc, 400bhp at 7000rpm, 366ft/lbs torque at 3800rpm. Longitudinal mid engine with tin over head camshafts, four valves per cylinder and twin IHI turbochargers. Five-speed all synchromesh gearbox. Electronic fuel injection and ignition by Weber/Marelli together. Dry sump lubrication. Independent front and rear suspension. Disc brakes. Tubular steel chassis with body and other parts made from fibreglass. Kevlar, carbon fibre, Nomex and aluminium honeycomb. Wheelbase 8'5". This car is left hand drive.

I can't think of many cars that strike a better balance between grace and muscle than the 288GTO. Between $650,000 and $800,000 is where values currently stand for these brutes. The 288GTO alone is a rare vehicle, with under 300 examples ever being constructed. The unique color may not be to everyone's taste but along with the provenance, it will probably drive the price up a bit from more ordinary GTOs. The price isn't advertised but as the old adage goes, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.


4 thoughts on “Theme Week: A Tribute to Sergio Pininfarina: 1985 Ferrari 288GTO”

  1. No mention of what “restoration” work was done or who did it, no mention of the current mileage. If the car only had a few thousand miles on it, one might wonder why it needed to be “restored”. It’s probably due for engine service by now if the new owner plans on driving it.

    The magazine Cavallino puts the low/high on the 288’s between $550k – $800k, the low being a car in poor condition and the high being one in close to or at concours condition. The Chris Evans name is really only known in England and parts of Europe (I had to look him up), so I’m not sure how much of a “celebrity pop” the seller is going to get.

    Personally, the exterior and interior color are hideous for this car.

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