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2017 FIAT Spider

Though it's assembled in Japan, the latest FIAT Spider is as close as many of us will get to buying a new Italian sports car, Alfa 4C notwithstanding.  Final assembly takes place in Mazda's Hiroshima assembly plant, while Termoli, Italy is the origin of the 1.4L MultiAir powerplant  The exterior is convincingly Italian, if a bit overwrought.

Reviews are mixed on FIAT's alterations to the Miata formula.  For one, critics generally favor the Mazda powertrain to the torquier FIAT unit.  On the suspension side, the FIAT reportedly corners with less body roll, which is great for transient response, but can rob ultimate grip, which plays a large part in driver confidence in a small sports car.  Further, while the Miata saw an upgraded transmission with its latest redesign, the FIAT is stuck with the old Miata gearbox - never an outright bad thing, but inferior in this case.  But, we haven't driven the new Spider yet, so we'll reserve judgement for our first test drive.

Year: 2017
Model: FIAT
Engine: 1.4L I4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage:  0mi
Price: $27,285


Included Packages Technology Collection Radio: AM/FM Bluetooth w/7" Display Integrated Voice Command w/Bluetooth Nav-Capable! See Dealer for Details Pandora, AHA & Stitcher Apps ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera Remote Proximity Keyless Entry Additional Options Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Remote Proximity Keyless Entry Technology Collection Engine: 1.4L I4 MultiAir Turbo Pandora, AHA & Stitcher Apps Quick Order Package 21D 50 State Emissions Radio: AM/FM Bluetooth w/7" Display Integrated Voice Command w/Bluetooth Premium Cloth Seats ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera It delivers plenty of power and excellent gas mileage! A turbocharger further enhances performance, while also preserving fuel economy. All of the following features are included: a tachometer, variably intermittent wipers, and power windows. It features a standard transmission, rear-wheel drive, and an efficient 4 cylinder engine.

Keeping in tradition with the intent of a sports car, this base "Classico" model is low on frills.  Nice touches, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and leather shift boot maintain a respectable level of appointment inside the cabin.  The base model wheels are arguably the prettiest on offer, and do complement the retro feel of the design with a more traditional aspect ratio tire.  If tan cloth were available, we would have selected it, but currently only black cloth is available on the Classico models.

Would we put our money into a new Spider?  Well, we haven't had the chance to test drive one yet, so we don't know how well it would stack up to a Miata for us.  We test drove the new Miata in spring of 2016 and were rather impressed with the old school sports car feel, not to mention the proper sporty exhaust note.  As far as appearance goes, we'd probably vote in favor of the Miata as well.  That said, we do prefer to drive an Italian car when available, so our solution would be to buy a Miata and slap some Alfa emblems and Spider badges on - best of both worlds!


1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

Alfa Romeo has had fits and starts with a return to the US market over the last few years. In 2008, the 8C Competizione was unleashed on US customers in limited numbers, giving the well-heeled an opportunity to once again bask in automotive nirvana that the brand has been known for over the years. Now with the introduction of the 4C Coupe and Spider, ownership of an Alfa Romeo is becoming ever more realistic for those of us stateside. Luckily, there have been enthusiasts who dutifully preserved classic Spiders, the car which brought Alfa Romeo fame on these shores. This Series 4 Spider for sale from our reader David is one of the rare Commemorative Editions, which marked the end for the 105/115 series Spider after an impressive three decade production run.

Year: 1994
Model: Spider Commemorative Edition
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 21,415 mi
Price: $19,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce CE (Commemorative Edition)

Number 15 of only 190 Alfa Romeo Spiders sold in the US in 1994 - the last year in the US after a 27 year production run.

~22,000 original miles. Verde Inglese (Green) with original pristine tan leather and Alcantara interior.
All original except routine maintenance items (battery, fluids, tires, rear muffler).
Original window sticker and leather portfolio and books.
Items unique to only the 190 1994 Commemorative Edition Spiders: Numbered dash plaque, wood grain door and console trim and gear shift knob, CE badges on nose, rear, numbered key chain, unique wheel center caps, etc.
Fully professionally serviced, shifts perfectly, cold A/C, drive anywhere (car thoroughly professionally inspected, all synthetic fluids, valve clearances adjusted, new rear muffler and tailpipe, Pirellis all around, motor mounts and suspension components "look like a 2 year old car").

Excellent original condition. Pristine original tan leather/Alcantera interior. NO dash cracks. All original paint with minor blemishes on nose and rear trunk lid which can be professionally detailed if desired. Absolutely NO dings, dents, rust, prior accident damage. Drives beautifully, shifts smoothly (no 2nd gear synchro crunch), wonderful highway cruising all day long at 70+ mph.

Fairly priced at $19,900 (you will not find another CE with <25,000 miles for <$25,000). Car located in Chapel Hill, NC. Serious buyers only are welcome to call David at: Nine-One-Nine-27-Zero-4228 or email at 94SpiderCE@gmail.com

The Series 4 Spider will always be a favorite of mine, as it mixes classic looks with integrated bumpers and the reliability of Bosch Motronic engine management and an electric fan. Even though this is labeled a 1994 model, Spider production ended in 1993, with this CE model being one of them to roll off the line. Given the condition and mileage of this example, the price is in the ballpark. When you consider what you pay for early 105/115 Spiders and that Alfa Romeo is set to introduce a new Spider in the near future, the collectability quotient for these roadsters is strong.


1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Commemorative Edition

With a new Mazda Miata about to be released, it's an opportune time to take a look at one of its forebears: the Alfa Romeo Series 4 Spider. Coincidentally, Alfa Romeo is planning a new Spider based on this new fourth generation Miata. But before the days of platform sharing, we had this car we see here, the last iteration of the Series 105/115 Spider, which lasted for almost 30 years. Quite an impressive run for this modern classic. Even though summer is ending for many of us here on the East Coast of the US, it's not too late to enjoy some top down motoring in what would be the ultimate expression of this roadster: the 1994 Commemorative Edition.

Year: 1994
Model: Spider Veloce Commemorative Edition
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 19,000 mi
Price: $26,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Commemorative Edition

For sale is a rare 1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition # 18 of 190.

This vehicle is in original, unmodified condition with only 19,000 miles (30,000 KM). I am the third owner.
Original black paint on tan interior, tan tonneau cover and black canvas top.
It retains all the unique features of the Commemorative Editions, such as:
Certificate of Authenticity from then Alfa Romeo President.
Dash Plaque indicating # 18 of 190
Interior wood trim on doors and center console
Special wood shifter knob
Front hood insignia and rear "CE" script
Commemorative Key chain also with number 18 of 190
Leather owner's manual cover
Special wheel centers with coloured glass inserts

Other original features include:

Trunk mounted six pack CD player
Special tool kit, including common bulbs and fuses
Original full size Pirelli spare on 15" Alloy (never used)
Leather and Suede seats and door panels
All other Veloce appointments
Original manuals and warranty books
Fitted car cover

New Michelin tires (2013) with less than 1,000 miles.
Mechanically the vehicle is excellent, no white smoke, no tired synchros.
Well documented service history.

Original Canadian vehicle delivered to Maranello Motors (Ferrari Dealer) in Toronto.
Very solid, overall great looking, excellent running and sounding vehicle.
A true delight and wonderful experience to drive!

The Commemorative Edition was merely a trim package, with features such as interior wood trim and special badging to celebrate the final run of these roadsters, all of which were produced in 1993 for the 1994 model year. This example is price at the very high end of what you could expect to pay for a Series 4 Spider, with Hagerty listing a Condition 1 Spider at $31,500. Rosso Vinaccia, or wine red, is my favorite color on these Spiders, but this black on tan combination makes for a classy look. For someone wanting the look of a classic roadster with a bit of the modern convenience, there are few better cars than this one.


1995 Ferrari 348 Spider

The Ferrari 348 was a victim of circumstance in Ferrari history. It wasn’t particularly well regarded, as it followed the legendary 308/328 and was succeeded by the F355, the car that the wedge styling from the 1980s died with. Given the direction Ferraris are headed, with the absence of true manual gearboxes and ever increasing technological complexity, will the 348 begin to rise in value as collectors seek more pure forms of exotic Italian motoring. From the looks of this 348 Spyder, it appears it is still an opportune time to snag one of these mid-engined sports cars from the mid-1990s.

Year: 1995
Model: 348 Spider
Engine: 3.4 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 23,432 mi
Price: $49,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1995 Ferrari 348 Spider

Buy with confidence. This Ferrari has just had major service to the engine and it runs like new.

Not a lot of information is provided by the seller, but if the major service has been done, that's a bonus because that will be your major worry with this car. I’ve mentioned the comparison before, but with Porsche 964 and 993 prices on the rise, they are eclipsing exotics such as this Spyder. Granted, German engineering is more robust and you’re likely to have less issues going forward with the Porsche, but for the price, it’s harder to get this much flash for the cash.


1981 Fiat 2000 Spider Turbo

When talking about classic Italian cars associated with the words Pininfarina and Turbo, Ferrari comes immediately to mind with the legendary 288 GTO and F40; but there was an earlier mating of those two words with a third outlier; Fiat, in this case. Originally badged the 124 Spider, Fiat and Pininfarina renamed the spider the "2000" in 1979, and in 1981 Fiat and Legend Industries made around 700 turbocharged models for the U.S. market. A well proportioned car with classic roadster styling and impressive heritage, the 2000 Spider none-the-less remains one of the cheapest ways to get into a neat and classic Italian ride:

Year: 1981
Model: 2000 Spider Turbo
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 26,400 mi
Price: $14,499

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1981 Fiat 2000 Spider Turbo

1981 FIAT SPIDER 2000 Turbo

If you would love to have a great little roadster for some top down, sun in your face, wind in your hair motoring then the Fiat Spider is an excellent choice! Produced almost exclusively for the North American market, although sold occasionally in some European Countries, the Fiat 124/Spider is becoming a very sought after roadster among car enthusiasts looking for an affordable collectible sports car that can be driven and enjoyed as well as make a great investment. Designed by Italian stylist and coachbuilder Pininfarina the Fiat 124/Spider rivaled the MGB and Alfa Spider as the world’s longest running sports car. Many collectors will tell you that the most desirable models are the fuel-injected models, which began in 1980.

'81 Fiat Spider 2000 Turbo — Overview: These little cars were never very powerful, but with the exception of the truly exotic cars, handling capabilities were far superior to most other sports cars of their time.. Fiat began to consider pulling out of the US. In an attempt to try to save the Fiat brand in the US, the importer, Fiat USA, Inc., worked with Legend Industries to install turbo chargers on several late '81 and early '82 cars, after they reached the United States. Boost was limited to only 6 psi to avoid damaging the engine, which was not designed to be used with a turbo. Even at a modest 6 psi, the turbo really awakened the little two liter four cylinder engine. Rarity: Only approximately 700 Spider 2000 Turbo models were made. These turbo models proved to be somewhat unreliable, and many of these cars were “de-trubo-ed”, leaving them as normal “Fuel Injected” cars. With the turbo failures, and the normal number of mechanical failures and accidents associated with a car nearly three decades old, there are very few of these still running and in their original mechanical condition. Handling: Truly amazing.. Acceleration: Pretty good... by 1981 standards. It's not a Ferrari, but with the turbo it easily outruns “stock” spiders.

Not only does this fuel injected ‘81 Spider look great but also it drives and handles as good as it looks!!! Everything works. The gauges all operate. The 5 speed manual transmission shifts nicely through the gears. The clutch was changed when the motor was rebuilt. The engine was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago. The entire car was restored over the last few years. Everything has been disassembled and any worn parts have been replaced. Brakes are new. Brake lines have been replaced. Suspension was rebuilt and modified for better handling. Upper and lower control arms have been replaced with new.

The interior of the car is original. There are some very small cracks in the seats. (See pictures)The original turbo was replaced with a new unit as the turbos on these cars were susceptible to premature ware. To combat this, a post oiler was added to keep the bearings on the turbo cool when spinning down. Every effort was made to make this a drivable car you could take around town or a nice trip. The engine runs nice and smooth while the operating temperature stays nice and cool. It’s got plenty of pep. The brakes feel good and the steering is accurate and fun.

This car has power windows and a/c. both work well. The A/C was retrofitted to 134a Freon.

Tires: 195/65/14 tire have less than 2000 miles

All turbo hoses were replaced with new silicone hose.

Brakes are new and have an adjustable brake bias valve installed.

Pioneer sound system, am/fm/cassette/cd 6disk changer

Oil pan guard was installed. (See picture)

Few things needing attention…

A couple of small dings and paint blemishes could be easily repaired (see pictures)

The vinyl top has a slight cut in the welting and is barely noticeable. The rear window is clear.

The Pininfarina Hardtop comes with the car. These tops are VERY RARE!!!!!!

The top alone would go for about $3,000.00. These were used on the 124 rally cars and were designed by Pininfarina. This is not a knock off!

Pedigree: This car has won at concourse at the Fiat Lancia Unlimited national Fiat club meeting twice in class. It has trophied 3 times at Lime Rock Park concours d’Elegance. And has been invited 3 times and participated at the Greenwich CT. Concours D’elegance. It is a very presentable car.

Also included in the sale are extra motors and transmissions and all original parts and extra turbos/manifolds. Many of these parts can no longer be obtained.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a time to see it for yourself.

Worldwide Shipping at Buyers Expense Please, No con artists. I have seen this in the past and will not be negotiating with people I cannot speak to directly. Money talks…….

As a car with potential to show, this is a neat example of a car that you can afford to buy, work on yourself and enjoy some classic Italian lines and soundtrack. Condition is far above average with some room for improvement and pricing is compelling at under $15,000. I personally love the color combination, and the addition of the factory hard top is quite cool. It will never be the car that draws a large crowd or snaps your neck with acceleration, but this is a solid package with some great roots in classic Italian motoring!


1967 Fiat Dino Spider

The affordable Ferrari. A term thrown around a lot but how realistic of a concept is this? Well, if you don't necessarily need the Prancing Horse on your hood but desire the soul of the sports cars from Maranello, there's a curious beast that appeared in the 1960s that could sate your appetite. The Fiat Dino. Offered as a Coupe styled by Bertone or the Pininfarina penned Spider we see here, these ultimate Fiats helped Ferrari homologate the V6 engine for Formula 2 racing. This Dino Spider for sale in Texas was restored in the 1990s and is ready to be enjoyed.

Year: 1967
Model: Dino Spider
Engine: 2.0 V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 134,000 mi
Price: $76,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1967 Fiat Dino Spider

In great condition with an extensive service history file. Restored in the mid 90's, that cost much more than the value of the car at that time - Full body, full mechanical rebuild (engine, transmission, clutch, brakes, suspension etc. etc.), knock off wheels, new soft top, interior retrimmed in tan leather. Needs nothing, drives perfectly. Purchased in California, it was originally White with Red cloth interior and was completely rebuilt at South Texas Auto Restoration (S.T.A.R). Beautiful example of an appreciating classic finished in dark green with tan leather. Drives like a dream. Hagerty Values it between $55,000 and $93,000. Asking $85,000 or best offer.

Auction prices have been through the roof. Contact me for more photos and an honest explanation of any needs. History: The Fiat Dino 2.0 was the result of a union between mainstream and exotic, producing a unique vehicle for Fiat. The heart of this sleek 2+2 spider is the race derived all-alloy Ferrari V6. A 5 speed gearbox, four wheel disc brakes, and a limited-slip differential show that this is clearly not just a mainstream vehicle with a high performance engine, but a capable sports car. Conceived as a standalone brand, separate to Ferrari for their smaller engine vehicles, the Dino race car was very successful in its class, and needed at least 500 production cars to meet the homologation requirements. Three road car models were produced; the 206GT, Coupe and Spider. An unsuccessful launch in the US led to Ferrari marketing the mid-engine GT, and Fiat the Coupe and Spider. Designed and built by Pininfarina, only 1133 2.0 Spiders were made. The value of this beautiful sports car is rising rapidly.

I'm envisioning this car in its original color and honestly think a white with red leather interior combo would look stunning on this dramatically styled drop top. The current color isn't offensive, but to bring top dollar, it would certainly benefit this car if it was resprayed and retrimmed it its original colors. While more affordable than their Ferrari counterparts, the Fiat Dinos aren't cheap classics. The Coupes tend to be a bit more affordable, as 75% of Dino production were the hard tops. The Spider commands a premium as such and this one is priced just about right when it comes to a good, if not perfect, example.


1976 Alfa Romeo Spider

Of all the Alfa Romeo Spiders, my personal favorites are the very first and last examples of the breed. However, in between all this drop top goodness lies a few Spiders worthy of more than just a passing glance. This 1976 Spider for sale by our friends at Ocean Drive Motors has the Kamm tail indicative of the second generation. This car has been restored and also has the slimmer Euro bumpers installed.

Year: 1976
Model: Spider
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: $19,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1976 Alfa Romeo Spider

The beautiful 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider restored to what we call, better then factory. Bumpers from 1976 have been converted to the European style stainless steel front/rear bumpers with the gorgeous Alfa Grille. Recently finished in classic Alfa Romeo Red paint, everything about this spider is right. New convertible top, interior stripped to floor boards with refinished seats/carpets/door panels and console. Gauges are chrome and perfect versus the plastics interiors of the later models. Excessive emissions components brought to minimal for peak performance. Front/rear suspension completely rebuilt including new exhaust, brakes and tires. This beautiful classic Alfa Romeo has over $15,000.00 of restorations and work put into it. This Alfa is ready to be driven and appreciated for the true classic car that it reveals.

Stock: 8042
VIN: AR3050669
Price: $19,900.00
Stayfast Convertible top

Even though the warm months are upon us, it's never too late to buy a Spider. These Series 2 Spiders make an affordable alternative to the earlier Duetto and Giulietta Spiders. With a new Spider about to debut, it's an optimal time to grab on to some of that Italian roadster nostalgia.


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Earlier in the week, I wrote up a low-mileage 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce; it's one of the more affordable classic Italian Spiders you can pick up these days. Well, Ocean Drive Motors has an even more affordable version of nearly the same car; this time in more traditional red, they've got another 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce on offer:

Year: 1991
Model: Spider
Engine: . liter
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 71,957 mi
Price: $11,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1991 Alfa Romeo Spider


HORSEPOWER: 120.00Bhp (88.3KW) @ 5800.00 RPM
STOCK #: 8011
ODOMETER: 71,957
VIN #: ZARBB32N7006007839
PRICE: $11,900.00

If you're looking for a low mileage, pristine example, the first option is obviously better for you; however, at only 72,000 miles it's not exactly like this one has racked up an unreasonable amount of trips around the block. Condition overall appears to be nearly as good as the first example, and you get a 50% discount over the asking price of the white example. Personally, for a bit of classic Italian motoring that wasn't going to my primary transportation, I'd be willing to accept that discount. The higher miles will require more maintenance, sure, but I wouldn't be too afraid to add to the total by taking trips down by the seaside. There's a great drive along the seaside in Newport, Rhode Island called Ocean Drive; it's a winding relatively low speed road that I just see as the perfect fit for a little top down enjoyment of the seaside air - and this car fits the budget, too.


1987 Maserati Biturbo Zagato

The Maserati Biturbo has always been a car that fascinated me; perhaps it's that I grew up in the 1980s where box-tacular designs were the norm, but there was something about the styling of the Biturbo that I always found appealing. It was tight and compact, sporty with enough flare that it really stood out. I was especially a fan of the dished wheels and still am. Compared to the somewhat oddly proportioned Quattroporte III, the Biturbo just looked right. That continued under the hood, where from a performance standpoint the Biturbo was fairly impressive; at least, on paper. In an era where 140-150 horsepower was considered "good", the twin turbocharged V6 put out a lofty 180 horsepower. Not all of that transferred into pulse-pounding performance, but still it was more than adequate for the time period; remember, that's more than some American V8s were pushing at the time. Still, the Biturbo didn't gain the best reputation, meaning you can pick up clean examples today for not much money, such as this clean example from Ocean Drive Motors:

Year: 1987
Model: Biturbo Zagato
Engine: 2.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 29,008 mi
Price: $9,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1987 Maserati Biturbo Zagato


HORSEPOWER: 180.00 BHP (1325 KW) @ 6000.00 RPM
Hp / LITER: 90.0 BHP / LITER

STOCK #: 8029
VIN #: ZAMPM1106HA331332
PRICE: $9,500.00


Though they look very similar to the sedan, the Spyder version of the Biturbo was styled by Zagato and rode on a shortened chassis, making it strictly a two seater. The color combination on this particular car is nice and understated; red and white were quite popular, so it's nice to see something a little different. While I'm not a fan of the overly-plush looking seats from 1980s Maseratis, overall the condition of this car inside and out is very clean. There are some needs, such as the replacement top, but if you're on a budget and want some unusual Italian fun in the sun, this Biturbo could be a fun sun project car. Overall it is priced pretty accurately in the marketplace for these Biturbos.


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Rivaling the Porsche 911 and Volkswagen Beetle for one of the longest production runs, the Alfa Romeo Spider went through a host of changes (as did the 911 and Beetle) over its nearly 30 years in production; from the classic and simple "Graduate" Duetto until the last of the run in 1993, the Spider was a classic pillar of Italian design, an underscore to the notion that Italian roadsters were front engine, rear drive cars with a manual gearbox - something that would disappear from Alfa Romeos until the 8C very recently. What better way to celebrate in that idea than to look at the last of the run Series 4 Spider, on offer from Ocean Drive Motors:

Year: 1991
Model: Spider Veloce
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 29,722 mi
Price: $ 22,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

HORSEPOWER: 120.00Bhp (88.3KW) @ 5800.00 RPM


STOCK #: 8060
ODOMETER: 29,722 00


Of all of the Spiders, I like the original Duettos and the last of the run Spider Veloces the best. Sure, the body cladding isn't as clean as the original design, but the car looked updated and really showed how good that original design could still look in the 1990s. To me, it was the same way that the 1980s Porsche 911 Carrera channeled the cleaner original design. With modern conveniences like electric windows and air conditioning, the Spider was also updated to make it a more enjoyable car to drive when the weather was less than optimal. The Veloce was the top of the line model, with leather seating, a cloth top and 15" alloy wheels. This is one of the lower mile examples we've seen; I love the white over tan leather as a classic Alfa combination, and recent maintenance means there should be less for the new owner to do except drop the top and enjoy some classic Italian roadster smiles with a touch of modernity.