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1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

Alfa Romeo has had fits and starts with a return to the US market over the last few years. In 2008, the 8C Competizione was unleashed on US customers in limited numbers, giving the well-heeled an opportunity to once again bask in automotive nirvana that the brand has been known for over the years. Now with the introduction of the 4C Coupe and Spider, ownership of an Alfa Romeo is becoming ever more realistic for those of us stateside. Luckily, there have been enthusiasts who dutifully preserved classic Spiders, the car which brought Alfa Romeo fame on these shores. This Series 4 Spider for sale from our reader David is one of the rare Commemorative Editions, which marked the end for the 105/115 series Spider after an impressive three decade production run.

Year: 1994
Model: Spider Commemorative Edition
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 21,415 mi
Price: $19,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce CE (Commemorative Edition)

Number 15 of only 190 Alfa Romeo Spiders sold in the US in 1994 - the last year in the US after a 27 year production run.

~22,000 original miles. Verde Inglese (Green) with original pristine tan leather and Alcantara interior.
All original except routine maintenance items (battery, fluids, tires, rear muffler).
Original window sticker and leather portfolio and books.
Items unique to only the 190 1994 Commemorative Edition Spiders: Numbered dash plaque, wood grain door and console trim and gear shift knob, CE badges on nose, rear, numbered key chain, unique wheel center caps, etc.
Fully professionally serviced, shifts perfectly, cold A/C, drive anywhere (car thoroughly professionally inspected, all synthetic fluids, valve clearances adjusted, new rear muffler and tailpipe, Pirellis all around, motor mounts and suspension components "look like a 2 year old car").

Excellent original condition. Pristine original tan leather/Alcantera interior. NO dash cracks. All original paint with minor blemishes on nose and rear trunk lid which can be professionally detailed if desired. Absolutely NO dings, dents, rust, prior accident damage. Drives beautifully, shifts smoothly (no 2nd gear synchro crunch), wonderful highway cruising all day long at 70+ mph.

Fairly priced at $19,900 (you will not find another CE with <25,000 miles for <$25,000). Car located in Chapel Hill, NC. Serious buyers only are welcome to call David at: Nine-One-Nine-27-Zero-4228 or email at 94SpiderCE@gmail.com

The Series 4 Spider will always be a favorite of mine, as it mixes classic looks with integrated bumpers and the reliability of Bosch Motronic engine management and an electric fan. Even though this is labeled a 1994 model, Spider production ended in 1993, with this CE model being one of them to roll off the line. Given the condition and mileage of this example, the price is in the ballpark. When you consider what you pay for early 105/115 Spiders and that Alfa Romeo is set to introduce a new Spider in the near future, the collectability quotient for these roadsters is strong.


1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Commemorative Edition

With a new Mazda Miata about to be released, it's an opportune time to take a look at one of its forebears: the Alfa Romeo Series 4 Spider. Coincidentally, Alfa Romeo is planning a new Spider based on this new fourth generation Miata. But before the days of platform sharing, we had this car we see here, the last iteration of the Series 105/115 Spider, which lasted for almost 30 years. Quite an impressive run for this modern classic. Even though summer is ending for many of us here on the East Coast of the US, it's not too late to enjoy some top down motoring in what would be the ultimate expression of this roadster: the 1994 Commemorative Edition.

Year: 1994
Model: Spider Veloce Commemorative Edition
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 19,000 mi
Price: $26,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Commemorative Edition

For sale is a rare 1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition # 18 of 190.

This vehicle is in original, unmodified condition with only 19,000 miles (30,000 KM). I am the third owner.
Original black paint on tan interior, tan tonneau cover and black canvas top.
It retains all the unique features of the Commemorative Editions, such as:
Certificate of Authenticity from then Alfa Romeo President.
Dash Plaque indicating # 18 of 190
Interior wood trim on doors and center console
Special wood shifter knob
Front hood insignia and rear "CE" script
Commemorative Key chain also with number 18 of 190
Leather owner's manual cover
Special wheel centers with coloured glass inserts

Other original features include:

Trunk mounted six pack CD player
Special tool kit, including common bulbs and fuses
Original full size Pirelli spare on 15" Alloy (never used)
Leather and Suede seats and door panels
All other Veloce appointments
Original manuals and warranty books
Fitted car cover

New Michelin tires (2013) with less than 1,000 miles.
Mechanically the vehicle is excellent, no white smoke, no tired synchros.
Well documented service history.

Original Canadian vehicle delivered to Maranello Motors (Ferrari Dealer) in Toronto.
Very solid, overall great looking, excellent running and sounding vehicle.
A true delight and wonderful experience to drive!

The Commemorative Edition was merely a trim package, with features such as interior wood trim and special badging to celebrate the final run of these roadsters, all of which were produced in 1993 for the 1994 model year. This example is price at the very high end of what you could expect to pay for a Series 4 Spider, with Hagerty listing a Condition 1 Spider at $31,500. Rosso Vinaccia, or wine red, is my favorite color on these Spiders, but this black on tan combination makes for a classy look. For someone wanting the look of a classic roadster with a bit of the modern convenience, there are few better cars than this one.


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

We’re always on the hunt for good Alfa Romeo Spiders here at CICFS and another Series 4 Spider Veloce in desirable Rosso Vinaccia (Wine Red) has surfaced for sale in Arizona. Mileage is over 100,000, but it has been well taken care of and looks sharp sitting on Panasport wheels.

Year: 1991
Model: Spider Veloce
Engine: 2.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 101,296 miles
Price: $20,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. A beautiful car finished in the optional extra cost Burgundy paint. This is a factory color. This car is iin Yuma Arizona and I have owned it since 2001. This car is as good as it looks in the pictures. Everyone that looks at it loves it. As you can see in the pictures the car has been well cared for. Before I bought the car the man before installed a top of the line Alpine stereo system with navigation a remote CD player behind the passenger seat next to it is the long bass box 1 amplifier under one seat and 2 or 3 in the trunk. He also had the Panasport wheels installed which looks great and cuts cowl shake. Since I have owned it I have put about 15,000 miles on it.

When I bought I took it to Foreign Auto Menders an Alfa only specialist in San Diego and said what ever it needs do it. It needed I think only about $300.00 worth of work. All new hoses and water pump at that time just to be safe. I installed Koni shocks, a Stebro stainless steel exhaust system from Canada a very old sports car exhaust system manufacturer and it sounds great. I ordered a Squadra tuning computer chip from Holland that gives the car more low end torque. the steering wheel was replaced be the man I bought the car from and it looks great. The former owner of Foreign Auto Menders in San Diego,an Alfa only shop, said it is the most correct driving Alfa he has driven since new or better because of the wheels being lighter. Two years ago and about 3000 miles ago I had a new clutch installed and at that time I had them go through the transmission and replace what was needed. I also at that time had the cylinder head done with all NEW valve and guides. I also installed a new Bosch Fuel pump because it was starting to make noise when it hot. If my daughter said dad drive the Alfa to Florida tomorrow I would not hesitate My price is firm at $20,500.00. Call Jeff at 928-210-9246

At $20,000, this is priced considerably higher than your average Spider. Good ones can be had these days for between $13,000 and $16,000. The color is rare and Panasport wheels are not cheap, but even considering that along with the level of care, it’s probably not enough to take it beyond $16,000 to $17,000. The market for $20,000 plus Series 4 Spiders with this kind of mileage just isn’t there yet. Discounting the price, however, it appears to be a nice car and should go on to prove many naysayers wrong that you can’t have a hassle free Alfa with over 100,000 miles on the clock.


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

The ubiquitous Alfa Romeo Spider. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to simple motoring pleasures. These were the standard bearer of the Italian roadster genre for almost thirty years and are the vehicle that Americans remember Alfa Romeo for the most. This Spider for sale in North Carolina is a classic red over tan beauty with the all-important 5-speed manual transmission. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge with one of these roadsters, there’s no better time than the present, with the warm months upon us.

Year: 1991
Model: Spider
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 49,250 miles
Price: No reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

This is a beautiful 49,250 original miles 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce that I have owned for almost 10 years. I am the third owner. I have kept this Alfa in our garage with a custom cover (included) for the entire time I have owned the car. I have replaced oil and fluids on a regular basis. The paint is original. I replaced the muffler two years ago with an ANSA exhaust system. I also replaced the trunk cable one year ago. The condition is immaculate as you can see by the pictures. High quality cloth top is absolutely like new (original) with perfect rear plastic window. Original tan Tonneau cover is perfect. Engine compartment very clean. No leaking oil, fluids, etc. There is no accident history, no dents, no dings. The AC could use some Freon. I am selling because...well, I am getting older and downsizing. This is the last car of a small collection I had (have an older 1984 Pininfarina that doesn't really count as the collection also for sale). I kept the best for last. I will add more information as I think of it.


I have added pictures via the above Picasa link (about 70 pictures). I note that the Alfa has all service books and records from the dealership and first owner. The Alfa has perfect acceleration/compression; everything is original, paint, etc...beautiful car. Oil changed every year (only about 1000 miles per year driven since I bought 10 years ago. To be clear, this Alfa compares or is better than the Alfas that sold on eBay in April for over $14K.

I just remembered that there is one item I should note: some disrespectful person broke the antenna off before I bought the car 10 years ago. I never replaced it because I don't listen to the radio or music with the top down. It is very easily replaced at International Auto Parts for about $82. It is completely accessible inside the trunk for replacement and would likely only take about 30 minutes to unscrew and re-install. See link for antenna.


It’s fairly common to find Series 4 Spiders with under 75,000 miles, as most were used as toys by those who had more than one vehicle. As we’ve seen with others like it, this one is worth around $12,000 to $15,000, probably on the lower end given that it is not the higher Veloce spec. For someone who wants a cheap and cheerful roadster but wants to avoid the hairdressers car syndrome of the Miata, there’s fewer options more attractive than this.


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

It might be Thursday, but now is a good time to head into the weekend featuring some drop top Italians just in time for summer. Even though it has been a cooler than usual spring here on the East Coast, I still have top down motoring on my mind. The Series 4 Alfa Romeo Spider is no stranger to CICFS and a good number were sold stateside, making them a rather accessible, practical classic for those new to the hobby. Of all the colors they painted these final Spiders, my favorite is Rosso Vinaccia, or wine red. These are rather rare to come across, but here is one with the desirable 5-speed manual transmission for sale just outside of Boston.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

This is a rare factory color, low miles, rust free Alfa in excellent condition. It has been driven daily in the summer for the last 6 years.

I am the third owner. It was purchased and spent most of its life in Georgia.

All aspects of the car (except exhaust and wood gear shift knob) are original and in excellent, working condition. All gauges, devices, accessories, electrical systems and lights are intact and in proper working order with no exceptions down to the vanity mirror and map lights. The air bag warning light has been deactivated due to a typical manufacturing defect. All trim, upholstery and finishes are intact and in excellent condition. The original carpet is slightly worn to the left and rear of the pedals. The paint is original with front bumper respray and minor dent removal. Leather seats and cockpit vinyl trim are supple and uncracked. All rubber is siliconed yearly and is soft and pliable. The engine runs and idles smoothly and starts immediately. The top is perfect with clear rear window. The car drops a small amount of oil within the normal range for Alfas (never needing to be topped up outside of regular 3k mile oil changes). There is a high performance stainless exhaust with chrome tip and a slightly louder exhaust note than stock.

Care and Maintenance:
The car has always been garaged daily and taken off the road and garaged during winter. It has been carefully maintained by Alfa-exclusive mechanics in the Boston area including Accel Automotive and Glynn Motors. Major recent repairs have included new rear springs, transmission rebuild (by Paul Glynn), speedo and tach refurbishment, suspension bushings, new tires, new Stay-Fast convertible top and rear window, new motor mounts. All records are available. The car was meticulously surveyed with a 2 page report from Glynn Motors.

Handling is accurate and the steering has no play. The ride is tight and rubbery with no sloppiness, squeaks or rattles. All transmission gears shift smoothly without scratchiness. I am told by the Alfa mechanics that, overall, the car is tighter than most other similar examples they are aware of.

Additional Parts:
Factory Tonneau, Original Manual, Factory Jack and Toolkit, Custom fitted Car Cover, Steering Wheel Security Club

The car will be available to a serious buyer for mechanic's inspection on site

Buyer to arrange pick up and transportation

With a starting bid of $14,000, there’s not a lot of room to move upward here. The best Series 4 Spiders might close in on $20,000, as it seems prices are creeping a little bit upwards. This one, with over $55,000, is still realistically worth somewhere in the $13,000 to $16,000 range.

1992 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

British racing green was a color you could always find on classic roadsters like the MG, Triumph and Jaguar XKE. Across the continent, it was more common to find Italian sports cars painted in bright red. So it's interesting, then, that the hue of Verde Inglese, or English Green, looks so good on the Series 4 Alfa Romeo Spider. This Spider Veloce for sale in Rhode Island has traveled under 50,000 miles, has a new convertible top and has had a decent amount of maintenance items addressed as of late.

1992 Alfa Romeo Spider

1992 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce finished in Verde Inglese (English green) with tan interior. This Spider has only 49,769 original miles. The car runs smoothly through all of the gears, with no second gear crunch. The motor sounds great and revs smoothly. The Series 4 Spiders (1991 - 1994) have the desirable Bosch Motronic electronic fuel injection. This classic Pininfarina styled Spider has stunning good looks and offers matching driving pleasure. The 2.0 L4 cylinder loves to rev all the way to its 7000 RPM limit and gets 28 miles per gallon. The Alfa has a Sony CD player and xplode speakers.

The following has just been completed:

A new black soft top was installed
The tan suede/leather upholstery on both seats was replaced with new tan, all leather upholstery
New front and rear brakes were installed
A new middle and rear exhaust was installed
A new oil pan gasket was installed
Both interior door panels were reinforced with new door clips
The interior was fully detailed
The exterior was fully detailed, buffed and glazed

The we featured last week had a Buy It Now price of $20,000. That car had about 20,000 less miles on the clock and was in a little bit better shape. For the shrinking violet, the Verde Inglese paintwork might be a little more desirable, but at the current asking price, this car is priced a little bit high. Typically, anywhere between $13,000 to $16,000 is what a Spider Veloce of this vintage will bring.


1993 Alfa Romeo Spider

Another week, another Series 4 Spider on CICFS. I honestly can never get enough of these roadsters. No one will miss you coming down the street in this yellow 1993 Spider Veloce. Having covered only 30,000 miles, it appears almost like new and is sure to its new owner a lot of smiles per miles.

1993 Alfa Romeo Spider

This is the last year for the Alfa Romeo spider, the 1993 model. The last iteration is considered to be the best and I agree. I have owned several over the years and I just took this on a run over the weekend and it was an absolute joy to drive1 They are a blast. There is no need to have a more complicated car to derive more pleasure. Alfa figured out decades ago how to extract the maximum amount of driving pleasure from their cars and nobody does it better. I have 12 cylinders cars and they are not more fun- louder yes but they do not bring a bigger smile to my face while driving. Sadly, the Veloce's must go to fund my other Alfa project but knowing they will be enjoyed is a good thing.

This car is in very good condition with no needs and can be driven anywhere. Just turn the key, drop the top and go! I am happy to answer any questions. From the body, paint, perfect wheels,you would be very hard pressed to find a better example.

The seller describes this Spider as the last model year. Technically, they are correct, as there were no Spiders built in 1994, but there were Spiders sold as 1994 models under the Commemorative Editon, or CE badge. Clean, low mileage Spiders and Spider Veloces can be had for around $13,000 to $15,000. At a Buy It Now price of $20,000, this puts it right up there with the best of the best, but everything from the interior to the engine bay on this one looks showroom fresh. This is certainly one of the better Series 4 Spiders we've seen here at CICFS.


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

The Series 4 Alfa Romeo Spider of 1991 to 1994 is one of the most popular cars we've featured here on CICFS, mainly because there's plenty of them out there to choose from. This Spider for sale in Florida is in a lesser seen white hue, but is in stunning condition having covered less than 30,000 miles. With warmer weather around the corner, now is a great time to jump on one of these classic roadsters.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider. This is an agent assisted sale by a private seller. I've been hired by the seller to find a new owner for this Spider. I will present any reasonable offers to the seller and get you a quick response.


-White exterior, factory color name Bianco Freddo, factory color code 230
-Tan Interior
-27,778 actual miles
-Two previous owners, the current owner purchased it from the original owner in January 2001
-Clean Carfax, the car has never been in an accident or mishap or any kind
$1,400 worth of work completed last week by the local Ferrari/Alfa master technician who worked at the Ferrari factory as a young boy under the directorship of Enzo. The work was done to put the car in absolute tip top shape.
-Set of books with the factory pouch
-Factory Alfa tire gauge in its place inside the owner's manual pouch.
-Tires are in excellent condition
-Wheels are in excellent condition, no curb rash
-The convertible top is like new inside and out, the eisenglass plastic windows are absolutely scratch free and no creases
-The carpets are in excellent condition, no grime marks anywhere
-The seats are in excellent condition, no wear at all on the seat bolsters and the seams are all perfect
-Perfect dash, not one crack anywhere. Perfect
-The tail lights are perfect, no cracks
-Solid underbelly, please see photos
-Perfect chrome everywhere on the car
-Power windows go up and down perfect, no noises, no slowness, perfect
-Factory tools in the Alfa Romeo factory lavender purple pouch. The screw drive and spark plug socket are still wrapped in the original foam protector. No usual surface rust on the tools
-The tire jack is in place and in perfect condition
-The carpet in the trunk is perfect and the glue has not released (holding up the carpets on the sides)

Driving impression:

The car is a joy to drive. It starts right up without hesitation or extra noises. The engine is strong and well tuned. The suspension is solid and there is no play in the steering wheel. It shifts with ease as you would expect from a 27,000 mile Alfa. The whole car is a super wow. The seller is getting up in age and simply doesn't have the time to enjoy the car and is having trouble getting in and out of it. Hence the sale.

In my opinion, this Spider could win Platinum at a concours. I've been a concours judge of Ferraris for many years and know a Platinum winner when I see one. I would deduct 3 points for the engine bay, albeit all it would take is some elbow grease to pull up the points. I would also deduct 2 points for the aftermarket radio, but that can be remedied by buying one off eBay and installing it. It's an amazing car that I'm sure will fall into the hands of a collector.

Most Series 4 Spiders that we've seen here on CICFS tend to range between $12,000 to $15,000. A Spider, especially a non-Veloce, closing in on $20,000 is a bit hard to stomach given where the market is for these vehicles. But, when you consider the amount of style and driving pleasure these cars offer and what $18,000 buys you when it comes to a new car, this car could be a bargain to someone.


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

As I write this, I'm looking out my window at a light accumulation of snow. While vacation in a warmer climate is but a few weeks away, a car like this Alfa Spider from our reader David has me yearning to get out of here even more. The Series 4 Spider is no stranger to CICFS, but yet again, here we have another great example of this affordable classic, in the desirable Rosso Red with the all important 5-speed manual gearbox.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider


Cosmetically and mechanically excellent - fully sorted and professionally maintained by Alfa mechanic (Apex Vintage in Raleigh).

Drives beautifully, no issues. A blast to drive. Tight and responsive.
Shifts beautifully, no issues (NO 2nd gear synchro crunch).
A/C blows cold (with recent r134a conversion).
Original body panels and shiny "Rosso Red" paint.
No evidence of rust or prior collision damage.
Original factory applied "Cosmoline" rust preventer still present on undercarriage and engine.
Original interior in excellent condition.
Complete titles, registrations and service records since new (stacks of paperwork).
Original window sticker, Port of Newark inspection and dealer delivery paperwork.
All original manuals, books, keys, touch-up paint and jack/tools.
Original top boot cover.
Original Alfa Romeo AM/FM/Cassette stereo with front and rear speakers.
Alloy wheels. Excellent tires with majority of tread remaining.
5-speed manual transmission, power steering, power 4-wheel disc brakes, driver's side airbag, power windows, power mirrors, power antenna
Car cover included if desired.
This car can be confidently driven anywhere. Fly in, drive out.

Most recent services include (have all receipts):

2012: (receipts for $1400)
1. Comprehensive vehicle inspection by Alfa specialist mechanic
2. All new fluids including:
- synthetic motor oil (Mobile 1, 15W/50)
- synthetic transmission fluid (Redline 75W90NS)
- synthetic differential fluid (Redline 75W/90)
- brake flush and fluid
- clutch fluid
3. Modern r134a freon A/C conversion with new A/C receiver/dryer
4. New center link rod ends and full alignment
5. New motor mounts
6. New floor mats

2010: (receipt for $1000)
New copper radiator and hoses
New fluids

2008: (receipts for $1500)
New Robbins Sun-Fast cloth convertible top and rear window
New center muffler

This is a great car - a documented, low mileage, reliable, ready to drive and enjoy Alfa Spider.
Car is located in Chapel Hill, NC. $13,900

I've always wanted a Series 4 Alfa Romeo Spider and to be honest, if I was in the market for one, I probably wouldn't look much further than this car, except for the fact that my favorite color was the rare Vinaccia (wine) Red, a sort of burgundy metallic. I'd say the asking price for this Alfa is right in the sweet spot, given the mileage, condition and the work that's been done to it. Good luck to the seller and thanks for reading, David!


1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Always a favorite here at CICFS, the Alfa Romeo Spider is an attractive, affordable way to experience al fresco Italian motoring in its simplest form. Of all the 105 Series Spiders, the 1991-94 Series 4 model offers a curious mix of classic and modern looks with modern reliability by way of Bosch Motronic fuel injection. This Series 4 Spider for sale in South Carolina has higher mileage but has been well looked after, appearing classy in a lesser seen shade of black.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. Black on tan leather. Clean Carfax. 112K documented miles. 5-speed manual. Southern car. Starts right up, runs and drives strong and smooth with no issues. Condition overall is very good both cosmetically and mechanically. Engine runs quiet, pulls hard. No 2nd gear transmission crunch. Brand new Bridgestone Potenza Hi-Performance tires. Newer all leather (front, back and sides) and suede seat covers.

Paint is glossy and shiny, with a few expected door dings and paint imperfections of car of this age. Lots of new parts and standard Alfa maintenances services have been performed. IE, you will not have to have these regular items done upon purchase: new clutch master cylinder and slave, motor mounts, transmission mount, valve adjustment, head re-torque, fresh fluids/flush everywhere, new air/fuel filters, new battery, tune-up (plugs, rotor, cap), hoses, belts, thermostat, fuses, bulbs, etc. I have receipts for all the parts and services.

Head gasket is leak free, brakes are strong, clutch is super strong, power windows run fast and smooth. Canvas top looks good outside, but is tired inside (faded with some sealant patches), although the top is leak free. Full tan book cover. EVERY single electrical function and little light bulb works, except the tachometer and the AC (intact, blowers and switches work, needs recharge at the very least). 2 sets of keys (originals and spares), complete original toolkit in bag, booklet, full newer Pirelli P4 spare tire. Has detachable face Pioneer CD player, new power antenna.

The only negatives of the car are typical to Alfas of this vintage. Typical light oil leaks, but no oil burning. There is a small paint repair near rear taillight where there was rain water damage (there was a tiny common spot of corrosion here which was ground down to bare metal, treated, and painted). There is a 4x2 inch patch in the spare tire well, professionally repaired. The hood is slightly oxidized in places, and there are a few tiny rock chips on the nose. Overall, these are things one would expect for a car of this age.

All in all this is a very clean and meticulously sorted Alfa Spider. I bought the car to keep but stumbled upon a fixer upper Spider and decided to sell one. This Spider has been well maintained, and will make a very reliable car for the enthusiast who will enjoy putting guilt free miles on it. There’s at least $5000 worth of services done to this car, that will need to be done to any Alfa you buy, regardless of mileage. The tachometer can easily be removed and sent for repair at Palo Alto (it is getting signal), the AC can be charged up (I will even throw in a new, sealed fresh IAP receiver dryer). These are just things I haven’t gotten to.

I am an honest seller and an Alfa guy – this is my fifth Spider and I love fixing them up as strictly a labor of love. It truly needs nothing to drive across country. If you’d like to talk on the phone, please send me a Private Message. Car is also for sale locally in Charleston, South Carolina. Fly in and drive it home, or I’m happy to help with shipping. Car will remain garaged and insured until pick up. Title is clean, in hand. Asking $9000 or best offer - willing to negotiate, but please no low ball offers. More pics and info available upon request.

This car has more mileage than most Series 4 Spiders we've seen here, but it has been owned by an Alfa enthusiast and received the care it deserved. The seller's asking price is realistic enough, given the condition and that he seems flexible on negotiation to a point. If you're thinking about buying a play toy for the summer, now is the time to get your hands on a classic Spider to enjoy.