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1991 Alfa Romeo 164S – REVISIT

Back in the 1990s it took a special kind of person to buy an Alfa Romeo 164. With Alfa Romeo on its last legs in the US market, they started offering this new front-wheel drive sedan in 1991, just as Lexus and Infiniti were heating up with their smaller offerings, BMW was about to unleash a new 3 series sedan and Acura came up with a new five-cylinder luxury sedan, the Vigor. All of the above offered better reliability and a wider dealer network, but for those wanting the verve of an Italian car, only the 164 would do. And for those wanting just a bit more than the standard 164, the 164S was on tap for the sport minded individual. We featured this car back at the end of 2012 and it is back up for sale for Alfisti looking to sate their appetite until the new, promised offerings from Alfa Romeo make their way stateside once again.

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The below post originally appeared on our site November 12, 2012:

Oftentimes a car manufacturer will come up with different names for the same vehicle based on the demographics of the market in which the car is being sold. Some examples include the Alfa Romeo Milano, which was known as the 75 in its home market and the Fiat Strada, which was called the Fiat Ritmo elsewhere. Alfa Romeo had a conundrum on their hands when they introduced the 164 sedan in 1990. As some may be aware, there are homophones in the Chinese language that denote certain sayings. In Chinese, the 164 meant "all the way to death." Fearing a PR disaster, Alfa Romeo changed the badge on the trunklid to 168, which roughly translated to "all the way to prosperity." A small, relatively painless change in order to avoid scaring off potential customers. There's no way of telling how this 168S got this badge here in the US market, but it appears from the Carfax report that this was a simply badge swap by the owner.

Year: 1991
Model: 164S
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 137,753 mi
Price: $9,888 Buy It Now

TThe 164 Quadrifoglio Verde (badged as the 164 QV) was available from 1990-1992 as the top of the range model. It featured an extended front spoiler, deeper side-skirts and a deeper rear apron. Inside, the 164 QV featured sculpted sports seats and mechanically the car featured an up-rated 3.0 12V V6 and adjustable damper settings.

The story of the 168 in Hong Kong is unique in Alfa Romeo history, and has a lot to do with the Chinese belief in the significance of numerology and outright superstition. Even in modern Hong Kong society, these beliefs continue to thrive, and while not every Hong Kong resident may personally believe in unlucky numbers, they are almost universally known by nearly everyone.

As is illustrated by the 164, in some Asian societies, the relationship between certain groups of numbers can be highly complex and go unnoticed by most Westerners. In the simplest terms, for example, the number 4 in Chinese is nearly synonymous with the word for "death." Thus, different combinations of numbers can represent different things: some lucky, some prosperous, and, as Alfa Romeo soon discovered, some which could profoundly affect sales of their cars.

In the Cantonese dialect, which is prevalent in Hong Kong, 164, when pronounced as a phase, literally means "the more you go the more you die." This had immediate and obvious meaning when taken in the context of an automobile. Alfa's Hong Kong-savvy sales representatives made an unprecedented move and quickly cabled Fiat management for permission to substitute the much-maligned 164 emblem with one now marked 168. The number 8 is perhaps the luckiest in all of Hong Kong as it is similar to the word for prosperity and wealth.

Therefore, what was originally one of the worst rear insignias imaginable instantly became one of the best: 168 means "the more you go the wealthier you'll be." The Alfa 164 was always a great sports sedan to drive but the "S" version offers even more enjoyment. In all ranges the car offers excellent performance and pulls very strong and without hesitation.

Driving the Alfa is really a pleasure. There are no signs of mechanical issues and there is no noise in the drive-line. The clutch is excellent, the transmission shifts very well, the synchromesh gears are excellent (even at higher speeds) and the car is fitted with new set of Falken Ziex 195 65R 15 91H tires and original wheels. The car steers straight, stops straight and has excellent brakes. An inspection of the underside of the car is clean and free from rust and any signs of previous repair or accidents. We encourage a review of the photos as the old adage "A photo is worth a thousand words" clearly applies in this instance! All of the electrical components are fully functional.

The trunk and engine bay are very clean and consistent with the condition of the car's exterior and interior quality and the original Alfa insignia mat is in place and in very good condition. Under the mat are the properly secured spare tire, wheel and the cars original jack.

We often times receive questions that go something like: "Does the car really look as good as it does in the photographs"? The answer in this case is yes. This car is a very attractive example of the difficult to locate 164 S Alfa Romeo with most desirable 168 badge. Perhaps most important, this is an opportunity to own a truly unique and original Alfa 168 S that offers great handling, looks and performance at a very attractive price.

It's nice that such a detailed history was given on the 164 by the seller, but little in the way of this particular vehicle's service and ownership history has been provided. Even though it has somewhat high mileage, it certainly looks to be a fairly honest 164. I was always a fan of these S models in red with the contrasting gray cladding and the tan leather has a rich look about it that few new cars these days can match.


1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde – REVISIT

The 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde we featured back in February is back up for sale. As our friends our friends at BlythBros. can attest, owning one of these cars can provide the owner pleasure and pain. For the days these cars run right, however, they reward you with lots of pleasure. This car is quite presentable, harboring a few issues consistent with its age and easy enough for those handy with a wrench to tackle.

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The below post originally appeared on our site February 3, 2014:

Alfa Romeo often is likened to the heart and soul of the motor industry, producing cars that are sometimes less than rational as a consequence of the pursuit for sheer driving ecstasy. Even their more practical offerings have had an individualistic flair about them, witness this Milano Verde for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was never too keen on these cars when they were new, but after visiting my local auto show, the sharp lines courtesy of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo are a refreshing break from the ho-hum styling of modern day sedans.

Year: 1989
Model: Milano Verde
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 173,000 km (~ 107,497 mi)
Price: Reserve auction

This 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde is a lifetime Vancouver BC car. Mileage is approximately 173,000 km. These cars have some well documented design features and quirks, so if you aren't already aware of the history of Milanos it is worth doing a quick read on Wikipedia. This is the top-spec Verde model, with 3.0 L V6, fantastic Recaro interior, body kit, unique instrument cluster, LSD, and ABS. Verdes were quite rare with estimates of fewer than 1,000 being sold in North America during their three year production.

In general the condition of the car is good. Paint shows a few small marks. The grey trim on the sides and spoiler is the weakest point on the exterior and would benefit from fresh paint. There is one rust hole in the rear passenger wheel well, visible in the passenger door jamb (common area). There are no other rust areas. The interior is decent with the exception of the bottoms of the front seats which show wear but no holes. The headliner is sagging. The wheels have some scuffs but are straight and bend-free. Tires are getting older but have decent tread. Glass is original and good. These issues noted, the car cleans up very well and turns heads at most car meets.

Mechanically the car is good to very good, with details listed below. As can be seen in the photos, the car has not been freshly detailed but photos represent its normal state, e.g. tidy but not spotless. This car has benefited from quite a bit of attention while under my care.

Maintenance in the last two years
- Transaxle mounts (3) replaced
- Rear calipers, rear wheel bearings, and brake flex lines replaced
- de Dion bushing (poly) replaced
- Watts linkage bushings (5) replaced
- Timing belt, tensioner, water pump, aux belts, and associated seals replaced
- Clutch master and slave cylinders replaced
- Steering rack replaced
- Caster bushings replaced
- Front roll bar end links replaced
- Air inlet box, inlet hose, and MAF restored
- Floor mats replaced
- Oil pressure sender replaced

Other good stuff
- The Alfa 'Busso' has been described as one of the best sounding motors ever built. It is glorious.
- Set of 5 @ 15x7 Fondmetal basketweave alloy wheels with centercaps included with sale
- Aftermarket headers installed (brand unknown)
- OEM first aid kit included
- Box of random small spares included

Quirks (besides the well documented ones from the factory)
- ARC panel has blinky lights for brakes, oil level, brake lights and side-marker lights (but all reported functions do actually work correctly)
- Intermittent wiper setting works intermittently
- Shifting between 1st and 2nd needs a slight pause
- Limited range on the sun-roof due to the sagging headliner (works properly otherwise)

- Front passenger side window motor/regulator doesn't work reliably
- ABS warning light won't go out, and in the past pedal feel changes after a drive longer than one hour. I've had this checked at two mechanics and they haven't found a fault. Brakes work fine and the warning light could be due to a failed ABS sensor (which is no longer available). A spare ABS pump/accumulator, reported to be working, is included with the sale should buyer wish to troubleshoot further.
- Two small oil leaks present under the motor, generally only occur if the car is parked on a slope.

If you are reading this add from the USA, price is in CAN$, and the car is 25 years old so per previous experience import to the US is easy. Information is available on your government websites.

A lot of the major mechanical points have been addressed on this car. There are a few remaining issues, but nothing too catastrophic as to deter those handy with a wrench or friendly with a good mechanic. Those who have driven these sedans know what a great drive they are. With a throaty V6 and rear-mounted gearbox, it allows this car to stand out with performance rarely seen at this price point. These are cars that are certainly worth preserving, as they are the last Alfas designed before the Fiat takeover and the last rear-drive sedans from the company to this day.


1985 Maserati Quattroporte – REVISIT

This 1985 Maserati Quattroporte is one that we featured almost two years ago and is back up for sale in California. Series III Quattroportes are rarely this nice and are a tempting choice for fans of the 1980s who want the utmost in exclusivity.

The below post originally appeared on our site April 20, 2012:

The Maserati Quattroporte was, and is, the individualists choice when it comes to luxury sedans. These cars have always been about sheer style and brashness; about as close as we will ever get to a four door Ferrari. The Quattroporte III's production spanned a decade but little more than 2,000 were ever produced. It's styling set the tone for the next two decades at Maserati while it's V8 engine and abundant use of wood and leather on the inside was classic Maserati. This example for sale in California is very well sorted and has a restrained air in metallic gray.

Year: 1985
Model: Quattroporte
Engine: 4.9 liter V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 68,000 miles
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1985 Maserati Quattroporte - REVISIT

ORIGINAL low mileage California car in excellent condition. Purchased for roughly $12,000 by me. Note: Shipping to Europe/UK easily arranged and contacts in place. It is very reasonable from CA and I am happy to arrange this for the buyer.

It is an automatic (727 Torqueflight original) and all of the key work needed has been done including a full rebuild of the transmission and much detailed work listed below. Totally renewed stainless exhaust and Cats passing smog for CA. It is also in one of the most attractive color combinations for this car. More pictures can be sent if you email me. This car has always been garaged including after the recent work was done.

This is an EXTREMELY rare car and any in decent shape they are getting rarer. There were 2,143 produced and this is one of 1,806 4.9 L automatics (to put this in perspective over 1m mustangs by year 2 of production and 8 million total!). Ridiculously underpriced in US. Sale in UK recently at 29,000 pounds and nice example in Germany at over 42,000 Euro.

There are not that many left and they are getting rarer. For more details on the model please see http://www.maserati-alfieri.co.uk/alfieri65b.htm or ask me any questions - I will put more details on the model below.

Beautiful and extensively gone through collector owned car for sale. I own 3 of these cars and this one has undergone a lot of recent work and is only being sold only as I am moving forward with 2 other cars and just cannot have 3! Huge amount of time, effort and money spent. I know that I will be unlikely to recoup the funding spent but I do hope that it will go to someone who can continue the process. Car was purchased for about $12,000 and then there was a huge expenditure after this. New parts included!

Here is the report from the Maserati Factory:

Maserati Quattroporte AM330/us*5310* (USA Serial number - ZAMBC1100FA305310)
Produced on January 1985, 4.9 litres, automatic gearbox, external colour "Antracite", interior in "Natural" leather. It was delivered on February 1985 to the Importer "Maserati Automobile Inc." in Baltimore (USA). Here are excerpts from the original ad from when I bought the the car:

1985 Maserati Quattroporte

The Maserati Quattroporte was, and is, the individualists choice when it comes to luxury sedans. These cars have always been about sheer style and brashness; about as close as we will ever get to a four door Ferrari. The Quattroporte III's production spanned a decade but little more than 2,000 were ever produced. It's styling set the tone for the next two decades at Maserati while it's V8 engine and abundant use of wood and leather on the inside was classic Maserati. This example for sale in California is very well sorted and has a restrained air in metallic gray.

1985 Maserati Quattroporte

"Life's Been Good" to this 1985 Maserati Quattroporte...When Joe Walsh stated "My Maserati Does 185"...he had a circa 1962 Maserati 5000GT, capable of at least 170+ mph. All Maserati automobiles equipped with this four camshaft/hemi/V-8, starting with the mid-1950's Maserati 450S race car, through the limited production 5000GT (33 produced) , ending with the Quattroporte (2155 produced) were guaranteed to raise the excitement level. The soundtrack and power delivery of this engine was and is a winner from day one.

This rust free, exceptional & all original 67,959 mile Maserati Quattroporte has had the best of care. Maintenance receipts for over $12,000 and owner's / repair manuals come with the car. There is no doubt previous owner, "Style Icon" Tatiana Sorokko, a Bay Area fashion fixture, enjoyed her days with this car. Paint, chrome, body trim, and leather/wood interior are all in remarkable, near new condition. The photographs are representative of the actual condition of the car.

Drive report: we enlisted a Maserati expert to evaluate the car. He has repaired Maserati cars for 30+ years and reported as follows:

Front suspension and shock absorbers quiet and smooth, no clunks etc. Tire condition excellent with excellent wear pattern.
Rear suspension excellent / rear axle gear quiet - no appreciable backlash.
Brake pad and rotor condition: very good to excellent. Tires are new.
Transmission shifts properly / excellent fluid condition.
Engine condition: notes include very clean carburetors- no damage / stripped screws (very common)
Oil Pressure very high (indicative of low mileage)
Operating temperature proper / electric fan actuation and wiring good
Engine power delivery proper (280 hp all present)
Belts and hoses all at current maintenance level
Gauges / lights and other electrical items worked properly when tested.
Road test shows a top condition, nice driving car.
Originally a $65,000 car in 1985.

When I purchased this car it was in very good original condition and had benefitted by being owned by someone who used it regularly and kept it in very good condition. The undercarriage was immaculate and the car was really in excellent condition. That said it was over described and needed a few things refreshed - many of these are really deferred maintenance issues for a car of this age. In short, it was a really good car but needed some “refreshing”. Basically, the car had not been messed with and I spoke with the earlier owner who had sold it at a cancer charity auction! The company I bought if from owned it a short time and it was over described.

The story of this car will be featured on an upcoming article on Quattroporte IIIs but I will summarize the work done with some estimates of costs:

EXHAUST: New stainless steel exhaust from front to back and four CATS to make it fully CA compliant. NOS headers for the car also to bring the emissions system into full working order as well as the setting up of the original CA emissions system. This required a great deal of work as this year of QP III was not in the CA database but we got it done. (approx $4,000 (parts, labour, shipping, CATS, admin and shop time)

BODY: The body is in excellent condition - a true California car. There were some minor issues.
-All the side lights and turn signal lenses were replaced with NOS from MIE (US Maserati supplier of choice)
There was a dent in the lower side body moulding and a NOS part from MIE was purchased and installed (easy fix)
The headlight surround is a unique part on US cars. I was specifically told by the seller it was undamaged but it was broken and a NOS unit was bought from MIE and the front headlight assembly was removed and replaced.
Paint is excellent and a good color but a small touch up by the left rear light is required along with repair of the rubber on the bumpers which is an easy fix.
Approx $1,000 in parts and labor

SUSPENSION AND BRAKES ETC: - All in good condition and alignment was done on purchase.
Damage to A Frame front suspension due to sellers improper towing (no recourse of course) - Undamaged A frames sourced and shipped and installed
As a matter of course I have purchased tie rod ends and ball joints which should go on the car at a convenient time
New rear shocks (4) have been purchased and are in the trunk ($800)
Fronts are fine but I have a supplier for adjustable shocks for the front end which really transform the car. Not required but something to consider in the future along with the steering rack (under $500)
$2,000 plus in parts and labor

The car was in great condition but had the standard fixes required and the key money was spent getting this 100%
Complete motor detailing using 100% original Maserati parts
Valve cover gaskets removed and repainted in proper Maserati factory crackle paint
Motor bay detailing including cadmium plating parts.
New original motor decals
New shocks hood lifts for bonnet (hood) and boot (trunk)
New Old Stock replacement fuse box
New battery
Distributor and tune up parts (spark plugs etc)
Full service up to date - fluids, etc
Rebuilding of all 4 carburettors with original kits from MIE
New wiring cavis in original style
NEW PARTS AS NEEDED - oil sending unit etc
MOTOR SET UP - car was taken to STEWARTS in Sacramento for specialist work. They did a lot of work on getting the car running right, rebuilding the carbs, missing carb parts (who knows where they were lost!), vacuum set up). Essentially, their job was to check over the motor and make sure it was working right, safe and set up right. A list of their work is on the bills.
One running issue was caused by a faulty CAT which was replaced on warranty
(Approx $5,000)

broken door handles interior x 2 were sourced and rechromed
grab handles replaced with NOS
Interior wood was described as “in remarkable near new condition”. It was a lie - the wood was damaged around the transmission selector and the laquer had turned milky white on the doors and dash. This is a common issue for this car. HOWEVER TO DO IT RIGHT IS IS A DASH OUT JOB. It was done right with the dash out and wood sent to experts and Madera Concepts in CA who did an amazing job and a perfect match on the transmission selector section. I can’t say enough about how well they did - it looks amazing and is show ready.

TRANSMISSION - This was also described as perfect and it was not. It needed a full rebuild but it is the lovely 727 Torqueflight so easy to do. This work has been fully done along with a full rebuild of the starter (why not as it is a Mopar unit and the transmission is out)
(approx. $2,500)

MISCELLANEOUS - too much to mention as all things that were noted by me were fixed as they we noted with new parts. This included wiper blades and covers and a host of small parts etc. NOS jack purchased and in the trunk.
TO DO - A car like this can always be improved and it is in excellent condition. There are probably a couple of areas I would think about looking at in future as noted above. I have assisted with the design of a new set of Ohlins that are made for this car and would be a useful upgrade. The mirrors were done nicely but always a weak spot in this car. I am told that MIE does a new set and it might be worth looking at in due course but these are good. The tires are new but not the Michelin XWXs. I have a set you can buy if you want. I cannot think of anything else needed.

Current status. The car had just finished having the transmission done and is with a relative at his automotive shop in Roseville (Sacramento) CA. Any inspection is welcome and will arrange shipment. I have lots of bills and details that I can send to you also.

Description of QP III
The new Quattroporte III came to the market during the De Tomaso era for Maserati. It was designated 'AM 330 Berlina Quattroporte’ but was quickly known as the Quattroporte III. Although production continued into the Biturbo era the selling mates of the QP III as shown in a brochure package were the Kyalami, Khamsin, Merak 2000/SS

Here is how it was described by Ermanno Cozza:

In spite of its considerable size, Giugiaro's classic styling gave the Quattroporte III the visual concept of strength and speed; a long imposing bonnet, once more housing a V8 engine, sloped down to a large trapezoidal chrome radiator grille adorned with the traditional trident, flanked by pair of twin rectangular headlamps.

Its low wide body, featuring a character line along its flanks, allowed the low roof line to flow gracefully, via the acute angled rear quarter-lights and a full-width slanting rear window, to an ample boot compartment. With the Northern American car regulations in mind, the Quattroporte III was fitted with heavy rubber inset impact-absorbing bumpers, giving the car a solid imposing look. Thanks to its width and roof height, the interior had the atmosphere of 'a living room', without any loss of light or visibility. Make no mistake, this was car was much bigger than it looked!

The interior was comfortable, elegant and functional. The dashboard, trimmed in rich leather with briar-wood veneered panels, housed a large rectangular easy to read instrument panel. The anatomically designed seating was upholstered in 'glove-soft' Italian leather, as were the finishing panels of the velour roof lining. The leather trimmed and wood-veneered centre console, housed the air conditioning controls, radio, gear lever and an armrest which doubled as a lid for the convenient storage compartment. Naturally the car was fitted with air conditioning as standard.

For a detail of this article please see http://www.maserati-alfieri.co.uk/alfieri65b.htm on Enrico’s excellent Maserati web site which is a very useful resource for things QP III.

Of course the car can easily be shipped anywhere at buyers expense and risk.

Originally a $65,000 car in 1985, a Quattroporte such as this would generally sell in the $8,000 to $14,000 range today. Given the car's prominent previous owner, condition and run down by a marque expert, it will more than likely command a value in the upper reaches of that range, provided the right buyer comes along.


1973 Fiat 130 Coupe – REVISIT

The Fiat 130 Coupe in Florida that we have featured back in May is back up for sale, with the price lowered by a few thousand dollars. I think we're getting right near the sweet spot of what a car like this will bring in the US market.

The below post originally appeared on our site May 30, 2012:

The Fiat 130 Coupe is probably one of the greatest cars you've never heard of. Only 1,803 of these crisply tailored coupes were built between 1971 and 1977. This car helped to revive business at Pininfarina and blazed a trail some automakers that would shift to more squared off styling in the decade to come. These cars weren't sold new in the US, but a few made their way stateside, like this 5-speed manual equipped example for sale in Georgia.

Year: 1973
Model: 130 Coupe
Engine: 3.2 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 71,955 miles
Price: $25,900 Buy It Now


In the USA when we think of Fiat the last thing that comes to mind is a full size luxury car. In the early 1970s Fiat created the 130, which was a luxury model to compete with the likes of Mercedes Benz and BMW. The 130 was fitted with a V6 engine developed by Ferrari engine designer Aurelio Lampredi. A bland looking four door salon was introduced in 1969 of which 15,039 were produced. In 1971 a beautiful 2 door coupe, designed by Pininfarina was introduced of which 4,294 were built. The 130 was not imported into the USA therefore they are very rare in this country.

The 1973 Fiat 130 Pininfarina coupe is loaded with luxury features such as real wood trims, courtesy lights everywhere, rear shades, adjustable steering, power windows, ZF power steering and dual horns. There is even a lever for the driver to open the passenger door remotely! Most 130 had automatic transmission; this car has the rare ZF 5-speed gearbox. This was the same gearbox used on the 2.4 liter Dinos. Also most 130 had velour interior, this car has the optional leather interior which is in excellent condition. Beautiful wood Nardi wheel and modern MP3 radio.This car also has the optional factory installed air conditioner, which works and blows cold.

This car is in overall very good condition. The body is straight and rust free with no signs of prior accident. The dark blue paint is very nice and presents itself well. The deep red interior is really luxurious and nice, especially considering the age of the car. Mechanically the engine has very good compression with 155 psi across all cylinders. The clutch was just replaced. Car runs, brakes, and steers as it should.

The Fiat 130 is a really good driving car and feels more like a sports car than a full size coupe. The engine is very peppy and the 5-speed gearbox has short throws. With power steering and independent suspension it handles very sporty. In fact, the gearbox and suspension uses most of the same components as the very sporty Fiat Dino. The V6 Dino engine was also designed by Lampredi and is a close cousin to the 130 engine.

This is a very exclusive and rare car in remarkably good condition. A unique opportunity to acquire a car that is fun to drive and will be a hit at your next Italian car gathering. In case you are wondering why I am selling this car ... I have a second 130 coupe which I am keeping.

Feel free to call me if you have questions: 770-998-0923 Ivan

Last year, we featured a 1973 Fiat 130 Coupe with an automatic transmission that was listed at $41,900. This car is priced much more realistically, and I wouldn't be surprised if it sells quickly at the asking price of $29,000. You would probably be the only one in your state with a coupe like this, and the 5-speed manual gearbox adds a bit more involvement to the formula. If I had the cash, I'd eschew the Mercedes-Benz SLC coupe, a car I like very much, for this Fiat. The Pininfarina styling still looks stunning 40 years on.


1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 – REVISIT

The one-owner 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 is back up for sale with a Buy It Now price lowered by $500. For anyone looking for an unmolested GTV6, your search has ended.

1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 on eBay - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 26, 2013:

Alfa Romeo began to go through some changes in the late 1980s. While the Spider continued on through a fourth generation in the 1990s, the coupes and sedans would undergo a transformation to front-wheels drive. Ultimately, an Alfa Romeo coupe would not return to the US market before the marques demise in this country in 1995, leaving this final year GTV6 for sale in Georgia as a representative of the last of the breed. These coupes have been recognized for their poise, balance and overall driving enjoyment which they provide and yet they still remain rather affordable.

Year: 1986
Model: GTV6
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 123,633 mi
Price: $11,000 Buy It Now


Offering at NO RESERVE... a very nice one owner 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 (The last year of it’s production, with improved shifting and A/C). Clean Georgia title in hand. Very rare Champagne (only offered in 86) (gold) with black pinstriped velour interior with 123,633 miles. Tom purchased this car new from my father at Paul Spruell Alfa, Inc. in Chamblee GA. This GTV-6 has been very well cared for and it shows.

It is a very original and unmolested example, cared for by an AROC member. It is equipped with the sunroof and it still has the original (working) radio. The only aftermarket modifications that I saw, were the Hella H4 low beam headlights, some MB Quart speakers and two center mufflers. No accidents... No rust. I started this car up on the first turn of the key and it drives superbly.

I intentionally did some 3rd to 2nd downshifts while the car was still cold (as cold as it gets in South GA in August) to test the 2nd gear syncro... and it is good. The engine and drive-line are smooth. When you remove the oil cap from the 2.5 liter 154 HP V-6, it looks like new inside (very clean). It is equipped with a factory catalytic converter and a has a documented history of passing Georgia state emissions test with flying colors.

The stock suspension is tight without any noise. The Michelin tires are perfect, with only 3,000 miles and the original wheels are in excellent cosmetic condition. The cooling system functions properly with both fans cycling correctly. The body is as good as it gets, with only a few trivial nicks that have been touched up. Other than a few tiny drips on the garage floor... the car has no leaks to be concerned about.

Electrical items work (windows, mirrors, lights, wipers, blower fan, gauges). The dash clock does not work. It comes with the original books, manuals, receipts (back to the delivery paperwork), spare keys, emergency window crank and a factory service manual. It has the emergency jack, spark plug swivel socket tool and pouch. Also, it has the brown plastic tool pouch with the lug wrench and pliers. So the tools are not quite complete.

Recent work:

Just done – Brake master cylinder, left rear brake caliper and rear brake pads.

May 2004 – Timing belt, tensioner & water pump. New ignition switch.

November 2004 – new clutch assembly, drive-shaft bearing and rear flex joint

Here are the important details.

The steering wheel is slightly off center to the right, however the alignment seems okay (drives straight).

A/C does not work. The last time it was charged (years ago) it did work. So... it has a leak.

Rear view mirror needs to be glued back to windshield.

Although the car has been garaged kept, the dash does have a crack near the top vent and also I did notice that the RPM needle is slightly bent.

The left front turn indicator lens has a couple of cracks, that have been taped up to keep moisture out.

The battery has also been replaced recently and the hold down bracket looks like it needs to be modified to secure the battery.

Very typical of the GTV-6.... someone tried to close the hood without pulling the prop from the locked position and bent the hood prop. So it needs to be straightened in order to work.

The gas cap key will turn the lock cylinder, but the cap will not lock.

On this model, the antenna is built into the windshield. I could see a couple of spots where it has been compromised, so don’t expect the best reception, without adding an external antenna.

It has a small tear on the drivers side seat side bolster and the usual interior felt coming loose from the door gasket (but gaskets are not torn).

The white plastic bezel around the sunroof handle needs to be dyed and the headliner is in better than average cosmetic condition.

The rear trunk/hatch logo emblem is showing its age.

The only spot of rust I found was a nickel size hole in the spare wheel floor pan. Also, the spot welds on the tow hook on the bottom of the spare wheel pan have come loose, from where it was towed at some point. But it did not bend or tear the sheet metal. I know these cars and where to look for rust. No rust under the cowl area in the engine bay, None at the front shock towers. Although, I did not remove the plastic rocker trim behind the front wheels, I could see no indication of rust.

No disappointments here. Drive this car anywhere. Once funds have cleared, you can take it. No games. Also, temporary garage storage is okay, as long as the car is paid for. I have many detailed pictures upon request. Car is located in Moultrie GA (200 miles (3 hours) south of Atlanta GA). Call Todd Spruell 678 665-1997


Beige isn’t my favorite color choice for an Italian sports coupe, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to a clean GTV6. This car has a lot going for it, not the least of which is the condition, AROC member ownership and service history. The asking price is right around the range of what mint GTV6s are pulling, which is between $8,000 to $12,000. I’d expect someone to snap this one up in short order. Whoever buys it will have a blast on the back roads, tackling the twisty bits.


1983 Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130TC – REVISIT

The Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130TC we featured last fall is back up for sale with a much lower Buy It Now price, in contrast the the previous ask of $23,500.

1983 Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130TC on eBay - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site November 28, 2012:

Hot hatches were all the rage in the 1980s and Fiat's answer to the GTI was a series of hot Ritmos (known as the Strada in the US) tuned by Abarth. The final evolution in the Ritmo Abarth saga, the 130TC, packed a 2.0 liter twin cam, dual carb four cylinder engine capable of 128 horsepower. We've featured two 130TCs here at CICFS already, but this is the first one that has appeared on US shores, making it attractive for Abarth fans who want something just a little different than the 500 Abarth currently being offered by the company today.

Year: 1983
Model: Ritmo
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 69,000 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1983 Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130TC - REVISIT

Here is for sale my 1983 Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130TC (2 liters) 5-speed, this car does not need any thing other than TLC. I have a clear Florida title, engine very strong, drives as an Abarth should do, 5 speed manual all original, make no mistake this is not, just a Ritmo 130, it is a factory made Abarth, force to sell due to lack of space and time, too many cars, please text or call at 305-401-7469 mail me at tony1961@msn.com

VIN: ZFA138A0002968221, 1983 model, 69,000 miles







DRIVE FANTASTIC: TOP SPEED 195 Km/h ( 121 MPH ) - 0-100km/h ( 0-60 MPH ): 7,6


In 1984 Fiat released the final production model of the Ritmo, the 130 TC Abarth. The car is based on the Ritmo 2 body, but contains exciting modifications. Abarth modifications to suspension and engine gave this car ample quantities of both acceleration and handling. The 125TC (130TC predecessor based on Ritmo 1 shell) won the 1982 Italian Group A Championship. The Ritmo 130TC was with Group N rallying in mind, and when released in 1984, was the quickest production hatch available. The Ritmo 130TC was produced between 1984 - 1988, developed 130 bhp at 5900 rpm, and could sprint to 100kmh in just under 8 seconds. This car had a very firm ride that some people would have found uncomfortable. The optional Recaro seats look the business but lack lumbar and under thigh support. They do offer good lateral support while cornering. One cannot help but wonder what the 131 Rally's 16 valve head may have added to this already impressive equation.

An October 1982 facelift saw the Ritmo's styling become more restrained with more conventional re-designed front and rear ends.[9] Base models sold on the continent featured the by-now familiar corporate five-bar grille with single round headlamps set in a conventional grille, whilst all other models featured twin round headlamps (in the UK, all models of this generation featured twin headlamps). The rear gained conventional light clusters either side of the rear numberplate. The 1.05 litre "Brazil" engine was no longer available.

The 105TC was relaunched with revised interior trim, a dashboard mirroring that of the earlier Ritmo Super, and an upper hatchback spoiler in place of the lower one. In the UK, 7-spoke alloy wheels replaced the earlier Speedline ones. The advertising name was revised to Strada II in the UK, although the car remained badged as a Strada. The US version was unchanged but was finally discontinued at the end of the 1982 model year, leaving only sports cars in the US Fiat lineup (the X1/9 and the 124 Spider).

Most significantly, a hot hatch version — the Abarth 130TC — was added. This model was based on the 125TC with a 1,995 cc engine, but with performance increased to 130 PS (96 kW; 128 bhp) by replacing the single Weber carb used in the 125TC with twin Solex/Weber carbs on a side-draught manifold, and improved cam profiles. The 130TC was capable of 195 km/h (121 mph) and accelerated from 0 to100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.8 seconds.[6] It was a raw hot hatch fitted with Recaro bucket seats as standard in the UK (optional in Europe), and significantly it was the only 1980s hot hatch to continue utilise carburettors instead of fuel injection coming with either twin Solex ADDHE or Weber DCOE40 carburetors. Ignition timing was controlled electronically. Although appearing outwardly similar to the restyled 105TC with its lower door & wheelarch trims, the 130TC could be distinguished by its polished four-spoke alloy wheels (continued from the earlier 125TC), aerodynamic perspex front door wind deflectors, and lower hatchback spoiler. The raw powerful twin-cam mated to a close ratio ZF gearbox made it a handful to drive, with the performance to outpace many of its contemporary rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf GTi, Ford Escort XR3i, Vauxhall Astra GTE and the MG Maestro.

more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Ritmo

The last 130TC we featured for sale was priced at about $11,000, and that was located in Italy. Is $23,500 the price of unobtanium these days? For this Fiat, I doubt it. While it is certainly in good shape and quite possibly the only example of its kind in the US, that doesn't necessitate such a huge markup. It seems the seller is hoping to recoup the shipping and importation costs while making a tidy profit. With a market for a car this small, this price is just way too out of the ballpark.


1972 Maserati Indy 4.7 – REVISIT

The Maserati Indy 4.7 we featured last month is still for sale by it's owner Matthias. The Indy was sort of a dual purpose vehicle. Designed by Vignale, it was meant to replace the Mexico and four-door Quattroporte. These days, the Indy is a good choice for those seeking an old school V8 Maserati on a relative budget.

Year: 1972
Model: Indy
Engine: 4.7 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 18,000
Price: $61,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1972 Maserati Indy 4.7

Maserati Indy 1972 EUROPEAN CAR, only 18.000 originally miles, with rare 4.7 Engine, 4 webers (including original airfilter) and 5-speed ZF manual gearbox, electric windows, power steering, air conditiong etc. Fully equipped. Full documentation, clean US-Title AND Mexican Title. Car was sold new in Italy in 1972 and imported into USA/New York to a lawyer in 1977. Sold and imported to another Lawyer to Mexico-City in 1981, sold to Monterrey (Mexico) in 1986, changing owners there two times over the years and finally sold to Saltillo, Mexico to actual owner in 2006 and actual located in Laredo, Texas, USA (close to port of Houston,interesting for Export).

She is in excellent conditions because she was stripped 10 years ago down to scratch, to be repainted from base. The restauration was completed with new weatherstrips and rubbers and hoses etc. while trying to keep her as originally as possible. She is not welded! No Rust. She has never seen salty coast areas, always has lived in dry climate. Of course she never had an accident. Mechanically she is also very good due to the low kilometers and care. Interior is in excellent condition and mostly original, see pics.

She just got a "Big Inspection" with all fluids changed and all adjustments (including valveplay) made. Ready to drive. Please ask any questions in German (my origin), English or Spanish, my French is unfortunately bad 🙂

The car is sold privately and I offer you of course an independent opinion for this car, if you like 🙂 As told, the paperwork is clean and the car has a fully documentation since born. The car is sold now, because she was stored for some years in a dry garage without driving her due to family reasons, and finally this gave the idea of selling her now into good hands. It would be great to have her back on the street with someone who loves her.

Please contact Matthias Heyer: heyermatthias@gmail.com

At $61,000, this is pretty much spot on for what these vehicles are trading hands for today in decent condition. Only 1,100 of these coupes were ever produced, which gives you exclusivity that rivals some of the pricier Italian classics.


1962 Maserati 3500GT Touring

The Maserati 3500GT Touring that we featured last month has been relisted, advertised at the same price we previously saw.

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1962 Maserati 3500GT Touring - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site May 4, 2013:

Some of the most gorgeous cars in history have come from the cars which bear the Trident badge. I doubt anyone would argue with that statement upon laying eyes on this beauty, the Maserati 3500GT. With its 3.5 liter twin cam straight six engine derived from the 350S racing car coachwork by Touring, this car popularized the marque, selling over 2,200 between 1957 and 1964. Popular with celebrities, this car had performance that few of its contemporaries could match.

Year: 1962
Model: 3500GT Touring
Engine: 3.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 72,913(?) miles
Price: $279,000 Buy It Now

1962 Maserati 3500GT Touring

Chassis AM101*2428*:
According to Maserati historian Adolfo Orsi, chassia 101.2428 was assembled in late 1962, and exhibits features from both the early and late series. Specifically, this car appears to have been built with the earlier side window frames without the second vent window at the rear of the door, and the earlier, single-piece taillights. Maserati's official historical archivists, George Mauro and Fabio Collina recently confirmed that chassis 101.24289 was retained by Maserati and not released privately until 1964. What she did at the Maserati factory during this time frame remains unknown but she may have been a test and loaner car for perspective clients and visiting VIPs. Upon being deemed surplus to the needs of Maserati, she was sold to a client in Belgium and delivered with her exterior painted "Grigio Metallizzato" (Max Meyer code 16.677) and was fitted with an interior in white "Neutral" leather (Connoly code PAC.1544) which she still retains to this day.

Chassis 2428 possesses a very desirable combination of features, with the five-speed gearbox of the later production 3500GTs with the classic Weber carburetors and Borrani wire wheels typical found on the early cars. This particular 3500GT was purchased in 1988 by a knowledgeable and experienced collector of Italian cars who is well known for the spectacular level of quality and detail in his restoration projects. He commissioned Joe Piscazzi of Akron, Ohio, to oversee the complete restoration of the Maserati and gave him the budget required to guarantee the finest work possible. Vanguard Automotive Enterprises, Inc. Of Medicine, Ohio, was responsible for rebuilding the DOHC inline six-cylinder engine. Mastercraft Metal Finishing of Seattle, Washington, provided chrome and metal finishing services, and the interior of the Maserati was crafted by artisan John Bowser. Photo documentation and receipts of the two-year restoration accompany this car today along with a tool and jack kit.

It is not surprising that the concours history of this stunning 3500 GT is truly impressive. Some of the laurels it has earned include: Best in Class, the Count Lurani Award and Best of Show at Le Belle Macchine d'Italia; Outstanding Maserati at the Concours of Italian Style at Meadow Brook; AACA Junior and Senior First Prizes; as well as National Award Candidate at Hershey. Not least of its accomplishments was a Second in Class prize at the 1994 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Today, two decades after its restoration, this Maserati 3500 GT presents itself confidently. Expertly and fastidiously maintained, the deep blue paint and chrome and alloy brightwork accents appear unmarked, while the straight body panels show tight, even gaps. The dramatic white leather interior appears to have minimal traces of use and the engine compartment shows as restored, with correct finishes and fittings.

As a marvelous finishing touch, further study of the engine compartment reveals the distinctive signature of Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni who led his family's company, Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, from 1949-1966. Sig. Anderloni autographed this car when giving it special recognition with the Dolce Vita Award at Concorso Italiano in Carmel, California, in 1994. In November of this year, chassis 2428 was given a comprehensive mechanical rebuild and full round of services that included having her engine and gearbox out for full overhaul. All services and maintenance are now current and up to date.

Superbly styled, well-built and very entertaining to drive, the best 3500 GTs are now being actively sought by savvy enthusiasts. The fact that they are historically significant as well just adds the final nudge to spur an erudite collector to action. This particular 3500 GT is undoubtedly an exemplar of the breed, and would be difficult to duplicate.

At almost $300,000, this is very strong money for a 3500GT. Usually the best examples will bring between $175,000 and $200,000. I'd suspect the seller will have a hard time moving the metal at this price, although it might bring over $200,000 to the right buyer. This is where it all began for Maserati and for a company that has gone through triumphs and tragedies, not a more gorgeous piece of metal could represent genesis.


1972 Maserati Indy – REVISIT

Our reader Matthias touched base with us and informed us the Maserati Indy we featured this time last year is back up for sale. These Indys are an uncommon sight when it comes to vintage Maseratis. This particular example has an interesting provenance and wears an eye popping color befitting a 1970s motor. The seller is asking $59,000, a figure that is negotiable, but not unrealistic for a car of this caliber.

1972 Maserati Indy - REVISIT

Maserati Indy 1972 EUROPEAN CAR, only 18.000 originally miles, with rare 4.7 Engine, 4 webers (including original airfilter) and 5-speed ZF manual gearbox, electric windows, power steering, air conditiong etc. Fully equipped. Full documentation, clean US-Title AND Mexican Title. Car was sold new in Italy in 1972 and imported into USA/New York to a lawyer in 1977. Sold and imported to another Lawyer to Mexico-City in 1981, sold to Monterrey (Mexico) in 1986, changing owners there two times over the years and finally sold to Saltillo, Mexico to actual owner in 2006 and actual located in Laredo, Texas, USA (close to port of Houston,interesting for Export).

She is in excellent conditions because she was stripped 10 years ago down to scratch, to be repainted from base. The restauration was completed with new weatherstrips and rubbers and hoses etc. while trying to keep her as originally as possible. She is not welded! No Rust. She has never seen salty coast areas, always has lived in dry climate. Of course she never had an accident. Mechanically she is also very good due to the low kilometers and care. Interior is in excellent condition and mostly original, see pics.

She just got a "Big Inspection" with all fluids changed and all adjustments (including valveplay) made. Ready to drive. Please ask any questions in German (my origin), English or Spanish, my French is unfortunately bad 🙂

The car is sold privately and I offer you of course an independent opinion for this car, if you like 🙂 As told, the paperwork is clean and the car has a fully documentation since born. The car is sold now, because she was stored for some years in a dry garage without driving her due to family reasons, and finally this gave the idea of selling her now into good hands. It would be great to have her back on the street with someone who loves her.

Please contact: Matthias, heyermatthias@gmail.com

The below post originally appeared on our site May 29, 2012:

This past weekend marks the 96th running of the Indianapolis 500. One of the most storied events in motor racing, this race has seen dynasties amongst drivers and manufacturers come and go. Few, however, might be aware that Maserati won this race two times on the trot, in 1939 and 1940. The winning car was the 8CTF, with a three liter, 8 cylinder supercharged engine. Driven by Wilbur Shaw, the car was nicknamed the "Boyle Special" in honor of the US sponsor of the team. Maserati almost won again in 1941, but a rear wheel broke loose with 62 laps to go and put the car out of the race.

About 30 years on, Maserati paid homage to these race wins by naming its new sports car after the event. The Indy was a four place, V8 engined coupe positioned under the Ghibli and designed to take over for the Mexico and Quattroporte. This example for sale in Texas is an older restoration with the 4.7 liter engine.

1972 Maserati Indy

Here for sale is a 1972 Maserati Indy, 18,358 original miles with the big "rare" engine for this model/year: 4.7L, V8. Comes with a complete History. I'm helping a friend to sell his car, so I will try to describe the best possible. Options: 4.7L; with 4 webbers; A/A; 5 Speed Manual Transmision; original and fresh weather stripping; leather interior in perfect condition.

History: 1972 to 1977 in Italy; imported to USA in 1977 owned by one person until 1981. Sold and imported to Central Mexico for the owner until 1986; sold and owned from 1986 to 1990; sold and owned from 1990 to 1992; sold and owned from 1992 to 1996; sold and owned from 1997 to 2006; and owned from my friend from 2007 to present. The Maserati in in Texas now for sale. Having all documents and names of all owners. Restoration was done in the late 1990's keeping its originaty.

The seller claims that this car has the "big" engine, but in fact, Maserati offered the even larger 4.9 liter V8 in the Indy starting in 1971. It was detuned to 320 horsepower, 15 less horsepower than what was offered in the Ghibli at the time. This older restoration is showing signs of age. An Indy in perfect condition may command anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 depending on the robustness of the market, so I would suspect this example may net around $40,000 to $45,000. This car could benefit from some attention towards trim items and a little freshening up of the engine bay. Then you would have a driver in good condition that would be worthy of the odd show and display event.


1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde – REVISIT

The 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde we featured in February is still for sale, with a lowered price of $12,500.

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site February 18, 2013:

The Alfa Romeo Milano has been steadily gaining notoriety as one of those classic Italian cars that can offer a lot of motoring thrills for not much money. A favorite with our readers here at CICFS, I've tried to feature as many good examples of this sports sedan I can find. Today's Milano is another four door Alfa residing in Washington and comes from an owner with a familiarity of the marque.

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

Excellent 1988 Milano Verde for sale. I purchased this car 8 years ago from Roberto P from Ferrari of Seattle. This was his personal car for the previous 5 or so years. He owned it since it had 50,000 miles and had it braugt up from California in early 2000. I have always had the car garaged in all 8 years that I have owned the vehicle and was always serviced by FOS as needed. I have been around Alfa Romeo's since I was a child and have had several Alfa cars restored and have always had the passion for these Italian dream cars. I am having to part with this car as I am trying to make room for another vehicle in my garage.

The pictures should show it all on how immaculate the car has been taken care of. I treat this like one of my babies along with my other cars. I get more thumbs ups and second looks at this car over any of my other sports cars.

So here are the details:
1988 Milano Verde
100,650 miles
17'' MAK wheels
Cross drilled rotors
Steel brake linings
Euro grill
European headligts
MOMO steering wheel and shift Knob
STebro Stainless steel exhaust
Wrinkle finish Red cam covers
DE -badged trunk lid
Stereo with subwoofer
Clifford Alarm
164 S Cams
customized Red Calipers
Rear brakes were done a few years ago and proably have less then 1000 miles.
Alfa Romeo matching luggage
Recaro Seats
NO Rust
Asking price $13,900

This car is ready to drive and be pampered. It has a very few small blemishes such as normal chips, but nothing major. Back seat would need refinishing, but other then that you could drive it home. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.

Enzo M

The last Milano we featured here got a lot of attention but was priced a bit lower than this car, at $11,000. This car has a bit lower mileage but the Milano featured last week was just as nice. While this has some nice upgrades and is well documented, we're probably a little bit on the high side in terms of value on this one. Still, the Milano is an Italian sedan that is well loved and good ones are becoming harder to come by. For the right buyer, this car very well may be considered a bargain.