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1988 Alfa Romeo 75 3.0 V6 America

With the Alfa Romeo 4C starting to trickle in to Fiat showrooms in the US, it's an opportune time to explore models of Alfa's past in preparation for a greater product onslaught of Italian machinery for the masses. The 75, or Milano as it was known in the US, perhaps wasn't appreciate enough in its day. Nowadays, however, this sedan is known as one of the last true Alfas, with rear-wheel drive, a rear mounted gearbox and in some cases, that sonorous V6 that the marque was known for. This 1988 75 3.0 V6 America for sale in Germany has the desirable V6/5-speed manual combination and with only 26,000 miles, looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Year: 1988
Model: 75 3.0 V6 America
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 42,700 km (~ 26,532 mi)
Price: €19,800 (~ $22,207 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1988 Alfa Romeo 75 3.0 V6 America

Very nice and well maintained vehicle from a museum! A vehicle with very high fun factor! Incredible condition! Hard to come by in this condition. Delivery status! Car is absolutely original and was always dry!
New timing belt!
Viewing by appointment

Electric front windows
Fog lights
Power steering
Mechanical side mirrors
Heated rear window
Rear-wheel drive
14 inch alloy wheels

Even though the dollar is gaining parity with the euro these days, this Alfa is still priced over the $20,000 mark, which is uncharted territory for these sedans this side of the Atlantic. We've seen a few low mileage examples crop up, but most struggle to reach the $10,000 to $12,000 mark. At most, I'd suspect this car might reach towards the $15,000 mark, simply due to its showroom condition. If you have the time and patience, there are still a few good Milanos to be had stateside, but it might take some time to source one. The price on this 75 might make it a bit prohibitive to import, but would certainly make for good conversation amongst the Alfisti. As the advertisement for the Milano aptly put it at the time: "driven to be different."


1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde – REVISIT

The 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde we featured back in February is back up for sale. As our friends our friends at BlythBros. can attest, owning one of these cars can provide the owner pleasure and pain. For the days these cars run right, however, they reward you with lots of pleasure. This car is quite presentable, harboring a few issues consistent with its age and easy enough for those handy with a wrench to tackle.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde on eBay

The below post originally appeared on our site February 3, 2014:

Alfa Romeo often is likened to the heart and soul of the motor industry, producing cars that are sometimes less than rational as a consequence of the pursuit for sheer driving ecstasy. Even their more practical offerings have had an individualistic flair about them, witness this Milano Verde for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was never too keen on these cars when they were new, but after visiting my local auto show, the sharp lines courtesy of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo are a refreshing break from the ho-hum styling of modern day sedans.

Year: 1989
Model: Milano Verde
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 173,000 km (~ 107,497 mi)
Price: Reserve auction

This 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde is a lifetime Vancouver BC car. Mileage is approximately 173,000 km. These cars have some well documented design features and quirks, so if you aren't already aware of the history of Milanos it is worth doing a quick read on Wikipedia. This is the top-spec Verde model, with 3.0 L V6, fantastic Recaro interior, body kit, unique instrument cluster, LSD, and ABS. Verdes were quite rare with estimates of fewer than 1,000 being sold in North America during their three year production.

In general the condition of the car is good. Paint shows a few small marks. The grey trim on the sides and spoiler is the weakest point on the exterior and would benefit from fresh paint. There is one rust hole in the rear passenger wheel well, visible in the passenger door jamb (common area). There are no other rust areas. The interior is decent with the exception of the bottoms of the front seats which show wear but no holes. The headliner is sagging. The wheels have some scuffs but are straight and bend-free. Tires are getting older but have decent tread. Glass is original and good. These issues noted, the car cleans up very well and turns heads at most car meets.

Mechanically the car is good to very good, with details listed below. As can be seen in the photos, the car has not been freshly detailed but photos represent its normal state, e.g. tidy but not spotless. This car has benefited from quite a bit of attention while under my care.

Maintenance in the last two years
- Transaxle mounts (3) replaced
- Rear calipers, rear wheel bearings, and brake flex lines replaced
- de Dion bushing (poly) replaced
- Watts linkage bushings (5) replaced
- Timing belt, tensioner, water pump, aux belts, and associated seals replaced
- Clutch master and slave cylinders replaced
- Steering rack replaced
- Caster bushings replaced
- Front roll bar end links replaced
- Air inlet box, inlet hose, and MAF restored
- Floor mats replaced
- Oil pressure sender replaced

Other good stuff
- The Alfa 'Busso' has been described as one of the best sounding motors ever built. It is glorious.
- Set of 5 @ 15x7 Fondmetal basketweave alloy wheels with centercaps included with sale
- Aftermarket headers installed (brand unknown)
- OEM first aid kit included
- Box of random small spares included

Quirks (besides the well documented ones from the factory)
- ARC panel has blinky lights for brakes, oil level, brake lights and side-marker lights (but all reported functions do actually work correctly)
- Intermittent wiper setting works intermittently
- Shifting between 1st and 2nd needs a slight pause
- Limited range on the sun-roof due to the sagging headliner (works properly otherwise)

- Front passenger side window motor/regulator doesn't work reliably
- ABS warning light won't go out, and in the past pedal feel changes after a drive longer than one hour. I've had this checked at two mechanics and they haven't found a fault. Brakes work fine and the warning light could be due to a failed ABS sensor (which is no longer available). A spare ABS pump/accumulator, reported to be working, is included with the sale should buyer wish to troubleshoot further.
- Two small oil leaks present under the motor, generally only occur if the car is parked on a slope.

If you are reading this add from the USA, price is in CAN$, and the car is 25 years old so per previous experience import to the US is easy. Information is available on your government websites.

A lot of the major mechanical points have been addressed on this car. There are a few remaining issues, but nothing too catastrophic as to deter those handy with a wrench or friendly with a good mechanic. Those who have driven these sedans know what a great drive they are. With a throaty V6 and rear-mounted gearbox, it allows this car to stand out with performance rarely seen at this price point. These are cars that are certainly worth preserving, as they are the last Alfas designed before the Fiat takeover and the last rear-drive sedans from the company to this day.


1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

Our friends over at BlythBros. have been chronicling the rebuild of an Alfa Romeo Milano, a rarely seen but rewarding drive of a sport sedan offered to US customers in the 1980s. Known as the 75 across the Atlantic, these were great drivers cars, as those that arrived stateside came equipped with a V6 engine hooked up to a rear mounted transaxle for optimum weight distribution. This 1989 Milano Verde for sale in New York represents the final year the Milano came to the US.

Year: 1989
Model: Milano Verde
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 144,220 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

The last year for the Milano. This car is in flawless mechanical condition despite the high mileage. The body is Straight and there is no need for paintwork. Runs and drives like new. No issues with synchromesh or the clutch. Jack points are solid. No significant rust. Everything works.

Koni Yellow Shocks
New Clutch Master and Slave Cyl. with Hose.
Goodyear Eagle GT 195-55-15 on straight original Wheels LIKE NEW
New Headliner
Cold A/C
Good Heat
Rebuilt rear calipers
Stebro Exhaust

Ready to go anywhere as it sits. Maintained by Alfa Specialists of Alfa Auto Clinic. Vehicle may be inspected on a lift and test driven by appointment. Just call 516-623-0199 and ask for Guiseppe or Barry.

These 1980s Alfas are not the simplest vehicles to maintain, but if you're handy with a wrench and have the time to invest or know a good specialist and are willing to invest the money, they can be a unique practical classic, for those needing a bit more space than a sports car. Those considering a Milano in good condition can expect to pay in the range of $4,500 to $7,000 these days, representing a lot of Italian flair for not much cash.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

After featuring an Alfa Romeo Milano Verde earlier in the month, it got me thinking. Will we ever see a midsize sedan so blatantly focused on performance over practicality ever again? Even the current Alfa Romeo lineup pales in comparison to the excitement offered a few decades back. So, why wait? Go out and grab a Milano Verde like this well sorted example for sale in North Carolina with 75k miles on its original engine.

Year: 1987
Model: Milano Verde
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 133,750 mi
Price: $7,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

I bought this car 5 years ago because it was identical to one I had 25 years ago, the best family sedan I've ever owned. The original owner installed many sensible performance mods: Pandora computer box, sport springs & tuned suspension that make it a joy to drive. Extras include Momo steering wheel, K&N filter, Zender wheels, tinted windows, carbon fiber shifter knob, custom exhaust with a mellow bellow to kill for, awesome stereo. There are 133k miles on the chassis, 75K on motor - the original owner installed a 3.5 L motor and ran it like that for ~60k miles, then re-installed the original motor. Nearly new Yokohama S 205/50-15 tires.

The car is kept in a heated garage and driven vigorously every couple of weeks, as every Alfa should be. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the country. I now regretfully need to pare down the Alfa stable to make room for a new acquisition. If you're looking for a great Verde to drive or just admire, you'll be hard put to find a better one for the money.

These Alfa Romeo Milanos are cars certainly worth saving. Sure, like all Alfas they take a bit of fettling at times to get right, as our friends over at BlythBros. have chronicled. However, get them sorted, and what a rewarding drive they are. They offer a level of involvement and tactile pleasure that seems impossible to replicate these days.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

Alfa Romeos from the 1980s are one of the cheapest ways into Italian car ownership these days. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are lacking on thrills, of course. Made even more famous - or infamous depending on how you look at it - the Alfa Romeo 75, known here as the Milano, offered wedge styling, a lusty V6 and rear mounted gearbox for excellent handling dynamics. Few of these are hanging around in good condition these days, but eventually you’ll stumble across a good one like this 1987 Milano Gold for sale in California.

Year: 1987
Model: Milano Gold
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 116,961 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

Excellent running and looking 1987 Milano Gold. The detachable face CD and radio work. The seats are great. The things that are wrong with are shown in the pictures, mainly small aesthetics like the rubber around the doors, paint on edges slightly worn, the inside door handles are both broken at the top on both the driver and side and passenger side. The lights come on when you open the door but I believe the other interior lights work but I think it’s the bulbs.

We’ve seen a few good Milanos here at CICFS that have reached towards the $10,000 mark. There’s a few non-stock items on this, mileage is on the low side for the year but overall, it’s a pretty straight example of Alfa’s last rear-drive sedan sold in the US market. The only thing I might address is the rear suspension height. US bound Milanos had their suspension raised to meet federal regulations. Euro market 75s had a lower rear ride height, specs which some Milano owners have switched to. I’d suspect a reasonable ask for a car of this caliber would be around the $4,000 to $6,000 mark.


1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde – REVISIT

The 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde we featured in February is still for sale, with a lowered price of $12,500.

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site February 18, 2013:

The Alfa Romeo Milano has been steadily gaining notoriety as one of those classic Italian cars that can offer a lot of motoring thrills for not much money. A favorite with our readers here at CICFS, I've tried to feature as many good examples of this sports sedan I can find. Today's Milano is another four door Alfa residing in Washington and comes from an owner with a familiarity of the marque.

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

Excellent 1988 Milano Verde for sale. I purchased this car 8 years ago from Roberto P from Ferrari of Seattle. This was his personal car for the previous 5 or so years. He owned it since it had 50,000 miles and had it braugt up from California in early 2000. I have always had the car garaged in all 8 years that I have owned the vehicle and was always serviced by FOS as needed. I have been around Alfa Romeo's since I was a child and have had several Alfa cars restored and have always had the passion for these Italian dream cars. I am having to part with this car as I am trying to make room for another vehicle in my garage.

The pictures should show it all on how immaculate the car has been taken care of. I treat this like one of my babies along with my other cars. I get more thumbs ups and second looks at this car over any of my other sports cars.

So here are the details:
1988 Milano Verde
100,650 miles
17'' MAK wheels
Cross drilled rotors
Steel brake linings
Euro grill
European headligts
MOMO steering wheel and shift Knob
STebro Stainless steel exhaust
Wrinkle finish Red cam covers
DE -badged trunk lid
Stereo with subwoofer
Clifford Alarm
164 S Cams
customized Red Calipers
Rear brakes were done a few years ago and proably have less then 1000 miles.
Alfa Romeo matching luggage
Recaro Seats
NO Rust
Asking price $13,900

This car is ready to drive and be pampered. It has a very few small blemishes such as normal chips, but nothing major. Back seat would need refinishing, but other then that you could drive it home. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.

Enzo M

The last Milano we featured here got a lot of attention but was priced a bit lower than this car, at $11,000. This car has a bit lower mileage but the Milano featured last week was just as nice. While this has some nice upgrades and is well documented, we're probably a little bit on the high side in terms of value on this one. Still, the Milano is an Italian sedan that is well loved and good ones are becoming harder to come by. For the right buyer, this car very well may be considered a bargain.


1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

They always say you aren't a true petrol head until you own an Alfa Romeo. I certainly have had the itch to buy one for quite some time and this 1988 Milano is exactly the kind of car I'd want to buy. Sadly I'm not in the market at the moment and this car, being in Washington, is on the wrong coast for me. But I still am admiring it from afar, right down to the gorgeous Benzoni wheels.

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

Greetings Alfisti. My name is Shannon Low from Seattle's NW Alfa Club and I have been "stung" by the Fiat Abarth's tail, which has left a lasting desire in my head to own one very soon. I have owned 5 Alfas now as well as 5 Lancias, I am currently restoring a 77 Lancia Scorpion to euro Montecarlo specs. I used to work at the local Alfa dealership here in Bellevue from 97-99 and would describe myself as a very detail obsessed owner.

So enough of my backround and to my point. I am offering up my 1988 Milano Verde that I purchased almost 4 years ago. This car was built Jan 1988 and was sold new from Valley Imports in Bakersfield, CA in July 1988. The second owner purchased the car in January 1991 from Beach Imports in Newport Beach, CA. He then moved to WA in 1991. I will say that both the previous owner and myself are the "overly sympathetic" car owner types who have cared for this car as if it was a child. I have no qualms in saying that I feel this particular Milano is one of the finest examples you will find for sale anywhere.
I am pricing the car at $11,000. The car has a clean WA title and just passed WA state emissions in Nov (the same standards as CA) Everything works on this car including the cruise, pwr antenna, and A/C. I have practically EVERY service and parts receipt from when the car was new, organised in two binders. The car has only been serviced by Alfa Romeo specialists. Factory parts have been utilized whenever available. The car retains its original owners books w/ portfolio, factory sales brochure, complete factory tool kit, quick reference guide, factory repair manual, spare keys. Many extra parts included. Feel free to e-mail me directly to ask questions: shannonl@parkplaceltd.com or call me to chat in person 206-715-9670

1988 Milano 3.0 Summery

Current Mileage displayed 136k (Odo was replaced under factory warr at 21k in 91 however, due to a squeaking noise) -I have the documentation.
Mileage when I purchased was displayed 98k in April 2009

Items performed during my ownership:
A/C system leak repaired and recharged w/ original R12 Freon
New Koni Yellow adjustable shocks
New red rear lowering springs
New cross-drilled brake rotors and pads
Stainless brake lines
New battery and alternator
New Hi-Flo cat and exhaust center resonator w/Magnaflow rear muffler (great sound, not too loud)
New bronze windshield w/ new seal
New O2 sensor
New front lower ball joints
New door handle gaskets
Euro front grill (I have original)
Factory optional OZ Racing 3-piece wheels w/ Yokohama tires
OE Benzoni phone dial wheels all re-finished and have Continental Winter Contact tires fitted
Front seats recovered in factory Monza cloth-Recaro embroidered in red now
Blower motor bearing replaced and screen fitted to prevent leaves from entering chamber
Piaa Extreme white bulbs fitted to factory headlamps-for much improved light output
Momo steering wheel and shift knob -originals available
Custom floor mats
Silver tech fabric all weather fitted car cover
JVC CD player/Sirius sat radio installed/i-pod-USB (I have original Clarion Alfa am/fm cassette as well)
All speakers replaced w/ quality new ones in factory locations-looks stock
Redline gearbox fluid
New driveline donuts and center support
-Other maintenance performed includes normal wear and tear items replaced as needed and servicing as needed. Timing belt/valve adjust are coming up on being due (I can get a discount on this service and parts)
Some rock chips to hood edge and front valance as well as front side of rear fender flairs.
(These can be airbrushed professionally for around $500)

Other major items worth mentioning from previous owner.
-Upper end rebuild at 96.8k miles in 11/04 by Ferrari of Seattle
-Clutch, ABS accumulator, and radiator replaced at 84.6k miles in 10/01

This has to be absolutely the best Milano that I have seen stateside. Not just in condition, but in looks, as the color and wheels set off the sharp lines perfectly and this one also has the rear lowering springs of non-US market cars. I honestly think this is one of those few times that I would pay full price of $11,000, just to have the best of the best. It seems the seller has a few offers already, but the car still is technically on offer. I'm guessing this one won't last.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

As I was walking back to my apartment on Christmas Eve, I stumbled upon an Alfa Romeo Milano parked on the street, looking rather lonely in the freezing rain. It was a very mint example and had me thinking that maybe these cars weren't as troublesome as first thought if they are hanging around on urban streets. One of our readers had been in search of a good, clean Milano lately and as a result, these cars have been on my mind. Here is another Milano that has come up for sale outside of Washington, DC. This car needs a bit of love and attention, but is honest and complete.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde, Second owner, purchased car in 1995. This was a Daily Driver for nearly 17 years, until I purchase new Dodge Dart. Car was well maintained with many upgrades along the way.

Hereiare its issues.Engine and Transmission had been rebuilt approx 6 years ago, but need attention. Needs head gasket, still runs great, but evidence of oil getting into cooling system and oil leaking out of gasket onto exhaust manifold. Heads were replaced with IAP rebuilt units approx 8 years ago with S cams, but really, the engine is due for a complete overhaul. Gear lever rattles in 4th, 5th gear, probably not linkage. Clutch, while still has great grip, is getting a little stiff. Rear Wheel arches were replaced 10 years ago, and while being a very amatuer job, are still sound with no rust evident. Could use cosmetic attention on quarter panel where bondo is hiding the seams.The spare wheel well has some major rust issues that will need to be addressed. The tow hook is barely hanging on, but is still there ! The front driver jack point was bent by a tire shop, the others are fine. The car has never been in an accident, other than a Jag XJ6 backing into me while at a car lot. The mounting point to the bumper is slightly bent. Power steering hoses leak also.

Car comes with a set of Panasport Wheels, and 2 steel rims, and two factory mags, which can be seen in the pictures. It also comes with a spare front Bumper in awsome condition along with hoses and fittings for washer hoses. Entire Exhuast system replaced 2 years ago. Set of Koni Sport shocks all around, with Vented Rotors up front. Front Recaro grey inserts installed a few years back, see pictures. Personal brand steering wheel in awesome shape. Bottom Line, car could use a lot of work, but is a real Milano Verde. Has been a faithful daily driver for its entire life. Great Project Car, basis for a vintage racer, or keep feeding it money and is an awsome daily driver. Still a blast to drive! Price: $5,000 obo.

For the intrepid Alfa enthusiast, this would be a good buy, but the asking price of $5,000 is a bit dear for a car that needs this kind of mechanical and cosmetic work. As is, this car might be worth somewhere around $3,500 to $4,000. At that level, you could carry out the necessary fixes without making it too nice for daily use.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

We had a reader request recently to search out a few Alfa Romeo Milanos. To start off the week, I thought we would continue on our cheap thrills theme from the weekend and feature this Milano Gold 2.5 for sale in British Columbia.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

Sadly, not much information is offered by this seller, other than the car has a little over 100,000 miles. Also, as a 2.5 liter car, this would not be the Verde model, which had a 3.0 liter engine. This isn't the best example of a Milano that I've seen, but given a little negotiating room, this could be a good buy for someone handy with a wrench, as cosmetically, the car appears straight.


1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

Hot on the heels of the 1988 Milano Verde we featured on Friday, here is a stunning example of Alfa's chiseled sport sedan for sale in Georgia. This Milano has had one owner over the last 20 years and comes with a stack of records.

1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

Excellent Original 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde 3.0, 85,000 Orig. Miles

·Same Owner since 1992
·Excellent example in very good original condition
·Good to Very Good Black Exterior
·Immaculate Original Recaro Interior (headliner professionally replaced)
·Upgraded Polk Audio and Alpine Speaker System
·Concord Deck w/power amp
·Very Good AC
·Cruise Control
·Bridgestone Potenza SP-03 Pole Position Tires – Only 4000 Miles
·Ansa Exhaust
·PIAA fog lights (original lamps included)
·Acrylic Headlight Covers
·K&N Air Filter
·All records since 1992

Extras Include:
·Wolf Front Bra – Excellent Condition
·Original Trunk Storage Boxes
·Original Four Piece Fitted Alfa Romeo Luggage
·Original Owner’s Manual Package including: manual, maintenance log, road atlas, note pad, mileage/expense log, dealer listing, tire warrantee, etc.
·All original tools in cases including complete tool kit box with included gloves.
·Black cloth “Seat Saver” covers for Recaros
·Full factory maintenance manual
·Touch Up Paint

This is a great looking example of the last of the rear-drive Alfa sedans. Anything over $10,000 for a Milano these days is is a bit dear, but this particular car has certainly been cared for by one fastidious owner. I'd wager a guess that $7,000 to $9,000 is a bit more of a realistic price range for this example. But if I was going to buy a Milano, this final year example would be right at the top of my shopping list.