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1995 Ferrari 348 Spider

The Ferrari 348 was a victim of circumstance in Ferrari history. It wasn’t particularly well regarded, as it followed the legendary 308/328 and was succeeded by the F355, the car that the wedge styling from the 1980s died with. Given the direction Ferraris are headed, with the absence of true manual gearboxes and ever increasing technological complexity, will the 348 begin to rise in value as collectors seek more pure forms of exotic Italian motoring. From the looks of this 348 Spyder, it appears it is still an opportune time to snag one of these mid-engined sports cars from the mid-1990s.

Year: 1995
Model: 348 Spider
Engine: 3.4 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 23,432 mi
Price: $49,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1995 Ferrari 348 Spider

Buy with confidence. This Ferrari has just had major service to the engine and it runs like new.

Not a lot of information is provided by the seller, but if the major service has been done, that's a bonus because that will be your major worry with this car. I’ve mentioned the comparison before, but with Porsche 964 and 993 prices on the rise, they are eclipsing exotics such as this Spyder. Granted, German engineering is more robust and you’re likely to have less issues going forward with the Porsche, but for the price, it’s harder to get this much flash for the cash.


1960 Fiat 1200 Cabriolet

To own an Italian two-seater convertible, you have to be rich, right? Not exactly. Look back to the classics and there are a wealth or drop top runabouts to choose from. One of my favorites happens to be based on Fiat's small family car, the 1200. With Pininfarina employed as the stylist, a tidy looking convertible emerged on the scene in 1959 and laid the groundwork for the classic Italian roadster look. More than a few future Fiats and Alfa Romeos took styling cues from this car. This particular 1200 Cabriolet for sale, which has been restored, comes to us from our reader Frank in Denmark.

Year: 1960
Model: 1200 Cabriolet
Engine: 1.2 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 7,000 km since restoration (~ 4,349 mi)
Price: £14,900 (~ $24,747 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1960 Fiat 1200 Cabriolet

This Fiat 1200 Spider have been totally restored in 1992, and since then it has only been driving 7,000 km. The engine have gone through a complete recondition with new piston and bearings, new bearings in gearbox, new radiator etc. The hood and all of the interior have been replaced with new. This car has only been outdoor driving in the summer, and always stored indoor in a garage. In general, this car is in outstanding condition!

The warmer months are about to begin here on the East Coast of the US and in continental Europe, so a sorted 1200 Cabriolet such as this would avert and down time and allow a prospective buyer to jump right in and cruise down to the coast.


1974 Ferrari 365GT4 Convertible

The Ferrari 365GT4 has a bit of a reputation amongst enthusiasts and usually it’s not that good. After the massive impact the Daytona had when it came to front engined Ferrari V12s, this grand tourer was a bit forgettable especially in the wake of things to come like the Testarossa and 308/328 mid engined marvels. But how about this convertible 365GT4?

Year: 1974
Model: 365GT4 Convertible
Engine: 4.8 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 27,453 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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General info:
1974 Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 convertible
Chassis # 17675
27,453 miles
400i engine
512BBi wheels
Red exterior
White interior
Bone carpets
Grey floor mats

Ferrari 400i V-12 engine.
Desirable 5-speed manual gearbox.
California smog exempt (1975 or older).
DOT exempt (1974 chassis).
Unique hide-a-way hydraulic convertible top folds into boot and features a smooth tonneau cover.
Full sized rear electric 1/4 windows.
Always professionally serviced by the same independent Ferrari mechanic since 1995.
Service documentation from 1995 to present.
Over $58,000 spent on professional services (see below).
This is a well sorted, professionally maintained car.
Fastidiously owned and cared for.
Needs nothing, everything works.
The convertible conversion and installation of the 400i motor was done decades ago ('80's) to a very high degree of quality.
No games, no stories. Buy with confidence.
You won't be disappointed. Don't let this one get away!
Southern California car.
Private party sale.
Ph. 562-697-4188
No warranty.

Paint: excellent
Body: very good/excellent (dent in front bumper, hard to see in pictures, estimate $400 to repair)
Interior: very good/excellent
Dash: excellent
Mechanical: very good/excellent (small oil leak at front timing case, been there for years, not worth fixing)

Service History:
replace brake pads
replace brake hoses
rebuild rear brake calipers
replace brake booster hose
replace brake lamp switch
rebuild oil lines
upgrade starter
upgrade alternator
replace clutch
adjust timing chain
install MSD ignition
replace spark plugs
replace V-belts
rebuild distributor
replace fuel accumulators
replace fuel injectors
replace fuel pumps
rebuild warm-up regulators
replace auxiliary air regulators
replace fuel level sending unit
install window accelerator modules
rebuild window regulators
replace hydraulic top pump
replace hydraulic top ram cylinders
replace rear suspension springs
replace shocks
4-wheel alignment
replace spare wheel & tire
install fire extinguisher
replace sun-visors
upgrade dash lights
install radio antenna
replace hazard switch
replace window switches
sort-out misc electrical
replace AC compressor
replace AC condenser
replace AC hoses
replace AC receiver/drier
replace AC expansion valve
replace battery
upgrade radiator fans
replace heater hoses
replace heater valve
install low temp radiator fan switch
replace defroster/heater fans
change fluids & filters

Recent eBay history:
The car was offered on eBay a few weeks ago but unfortunately the highest bidder could not perform due to "other unforeseen obligations"....... Nothing to due with the car.

One glaring omission in this ad is who carried out the conversion of this car, but I’d suspect it might have been Straman, as they lopped off a lot of roofs of luxury and sports cars during this era. A good 365GT4 of this era with the 5-speed manual gearbox will usually run you between $30,000 and $40,000. Whether you place a premium on a non-factory conversion such as this, even if it does add the charm of al fresco motoring, remains to be seen.


1992 Ferrari Mondial t Cabriolet

The Mondial t was the final evolution in this mid-engined, 2+2 Ferrari that has always gotten sort of a mixed reception amongst Ferrari enthusiasts. While it looked similar to the original Mondial, this was a vastly different car, with the biggest difference appearing under the hood. The new Mondial t featured a longitudinally mounted V8 instead of the previous transverse setup. In addition, body colored bumpers and a revised front and rear fascia gave the Pininfarina lines a bit of a freshening. The Mondial t Coupe would only be sold for one year, in 1989, while the Cabriolet would soldier on until 1993.

This Mondial t Cabriolet for sale in Texas has covered about 20,000 miles and has an interesting ownership story, as well.

1992 Ferrari Mondial t Cabriolet

1992 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet, ONE OWNER, Gift from the Italian Government, 19,811 original miles, 5-speed, 30k service completed.

Extremely rare one owner 3.4L 300hp 5-speed Ferrari Mondial T. New, it was gifted to the original owner through Ferrari, for spearheading the tourism and promotion program for Sicily- in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. Because of the success of the program she was given the Mondial of her choice, which she insisted on a black one. What she got was an extremely rare triple black car which currently only has 19,811 original miles and complete 30k service completed 2 months ago (complete with photographs and receipts). This Ferrari has a clean Carfax vehicle history report and is perfect for a Ferrari collector, or someone who has always wanted a distinctive Ferrari convertible to drive and enjoy!

Mondial T’s "spearhead of a new generation of V8 Ferraris" -Road and Track Magazine

This Triple Black Mondial T is one of the last years built and known as the Mondials final evolution. Referred to as a Mondial T for its Longitudinal placed engine. It was visually different from preceding Mondial models, most recognizable being the redesign of the air intakes to a smaller, neater rectangular shape. The door-handles were of a visually different design and, along with the bumpers, became body colored, whilst a painted black band was added around the bottom of the body. The 't' configuration was used by Ferrari's Formula One cars of the 1980s, and would be the standard for the marque's future mid-engined V8 cars. The "T" was home to other Ferrari firsts: It used power assisted steering for the first time, and had a 3-position electronically controlled suspension for a variable trade off between ride quality and road holding. It also had standard ABS.

Comes with:

Original Ferrari Leather Manual and books
Ferrari Leather Tool kit
19,811 Original Miles
One Owner
FULL 30k service with timing belt change completed 2 months ago
Optional leather soft top cover (Leather Boot)
Rare tonneau cover
3 position suspension
Power Steering

Exterior: Original Ferrari NERO paint that does have hairline scratches from being under a car cover a majority of its life. Some rock chips and scratches that have been touched up by the owner. Paint still has great life left and doesn't appear to even have been color-sanded and buffed. This is a nice “honest” example...if you have been around Ferraris you will understand what I am saying. It hasn’t been altered or repaired.

Interior: Finished in Black leather interior that has never been “re-dyed” or painted. The leather is as it was originally with normal patina from its 19,811 miles. Comes with optional leather boot. Also has a rare tonneau cover. Convertible top has one repaired spot on the drivers side.

Engine/Transmission: Strong running 3.4L V8 that just had a complete 30k engine out service that includes the timing belt replacement, two months ago (complete with pictures) Nice shifting five speed that moves through its gaits well.

Overall, this is an extremely nice Mondial that shows like a 19,811 Ferrari. I am impressed with the fact that the car hasn't been messed with over the years. I wish it had a few less rock chips but I appreciate that the front end hasn't been repainted like so many have. I have been around many Ferraris over the years and so many have been "restored" by repainting them or spraying the interior. Like my buddy said the other day when he saw this car for the first time "This is the nicest Mondial I have seen in a long time."

Mondial History:
The Mondial line was made from 1980-1993 and available in both a coupe and a convertible. They were named after the the famed 500 Mondial race car of the early 1950’s. Styled by the legendary Pininfarina that styled with a total of just over 6,800 built over its 13 year run. The steel outer body was produced by the famous Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Scaglietti, just down the road in nearby Modena, built over a lightweight steel box-section space frame. The engine cover and rear luggage compartment lids are in light alloy. The seats and interior were trimmed in Connolly hide, contrasting with the body color. Most cars were painted Rosso red, but some were black or silver, and a few were dark blue.

A Mondial t of similar vintage can cost you anywhere from the high $20,000 range to $40,000 for the very best example out there. I'd suspect somewhere around $35,000 is where the reserve is set on this car. I'm particularly fond of this black one, as it helps mask a bit of the peculiar details and slightly awkward proportions of this particular Ferrari.


1966 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

The Fiat 1500 is one of those lesser seen Italian roadsters, but it is nevertheless a good choice for someone looking for some thrills in a good looking package on a budget. With a 1.5 liter, OHV four cylinder engine, it's not a speed demon, but that's not what cars like these are about. A car like this is for those sunny holidays down by the beach; the kind of days when you leave work behind and time is but a mere abstraction. This 1500 Cabriolet for sale in California is a great specimen for those looking to enjoy their investment, not merely just study it locked away in a garage.

1966 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

California car with the original black plates. I purchased this car from a collector in San Diego that had five of them he had planned on restoring. Because of health issues and other circumstances he decided to sell. I was given my choice of the five. Since none were running at the time and knowing of the rust issues common to most Italian cars of this era {especially ragtops}, my choice was easy. This car had it's original paint and virtually no rust. Floorboards, rockers, battery box and spare tire bay, all solid and original. I'm sure the hardtop helped save the inside and the underside appears to have been heavily undercoated at some point in it's life (possibly at the original dealership). I have included a few pics to show how it looked when I got it.

Interior was removed and reupholstered, dash was cracked so it had to be repaired and recovered. New carpet, new convertible top. Hardtop was originally gloss black, but decided to redo it in a textured black rubberized coating. Repaint was done in the original color. The left rear corner was the only spot that appeared to have been worked on before. There were some minor dents that were repaired before paint. The doors hood and trunk were removed from the car for painting. The inside of the trunk was left original. There are a few minor blemishes in the paint that can only be seen under close inspection. Since all of the trim is original, some areas are showing some minor pitting and could use replating ie. gauge trim rings,outer door handles and rear bumper.

Tires all hold air and have plenty of tread, but they are old and should be replaced before driving any distance, spare tire also holds air. All of the stainless side trim is there and looks great. Front bumper and grille are excellent. Since the car had not run in several years, carb was removed and cleaned, fuel lines and tank cleaned and flushed. New gas was put in and the engine fired up on the first try. It has done the same thing every time since. It does not smoke, idles smooth and shifts fine thru all five gears. Brake shoes and pads were replaced, a new master cylinder was installed and some brake hoses were also replaced. All lights and gauges work. The clock is not in the center spot and has been replaced with an ammeter.

Heater wipers, horn, lighter all work. The original radio and speaker are there but the radio is either not hooked up or broken. These motors are known to be very reliable and I have found that parts are easily found on eBay. I have owned many small convertibles from this era ie. (Datsun Roadster, Renault Caravelle, Triumph, Sunbeam etc.) and in my opinion this Fiat is the best looking of the bunch. The lines and proportions are spot on. Your not going to win many drag races in it, but if you're looking for a drag race you're probably not reading this. You can see how the body lines mimic the Ferrari 250, which by the way, will win some drag races. But you'll have to dig a lot deeper if you want it parked in your garage!

This is the final version of the 1500 Spider with the increased power (up to 83 hp) and the 5-speed gearbox, the unique steering setup is actually quite responsive. This is not a concourse showcar and I am not trying to represent it as such. My hope is that the person that buys this car will fill the tank with gas, put the top down and drive it every chance they get. As with any car this old, I'm sure there will be things that will need to be sorted out over time, as the car is driven.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible in my description, if you have any questions, or would like specific pics, please ask and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. A nonrefundable $1,000 deposit is required within 24 hours of auctions end. I can assist with getting the car somewhere locally for pickup. Thanks for looking and good luck.

A show quality 1500 Cabriolet might breach $20,000. With a no reserve auction, I would suspect this car might bring somewhere between $12,000 to $15,000. While this car is meant for sunny days, the hardtop adds a bit of year round practicality for markets outside of California.


1978 Maserati Kyalami Convertible

If the Maserati Kyalami we featured yesterday wasn't rare enough for you, then this drop top version should sate the appetite for exclusivity. Only two of these convertible Kyalamis were built by a German specialist. This Kyalami Convertible for sale in Cologne, Germany has the smaller 4.2 liter V8 and has me lamenting the fact this variant was never produced on a greater scale. If only their coffers were as deep then as they are now under Fiat ownership.

1978 Maserati Kyalami Convertible

The Kyalami has been at the Geneva Motor Show 1976 presented to the public. It was named after the famous race track in South Africa. The bodies were usually built at Embo in Turin, and initially visited one of this car with the world-famous 4.2-liter DOHC V8 engine, the already celebrated in racing successes. The engine was equipped with 4 Weber dual-downdraft carburetors, dry-sump lubrication and made according to factory specification 265 hp. In 1978, a single convertible version of the Kyalami Frua was prepared.

This Maserati Kyalami Maserati convertible was a recognized specialist in Berlin on the inspiration of the design-Frua rebuilt as a convertible. Extensive accompanying article from the literature report of this unique project. The Frua car is considered lost. Thus, this unique piece is unique in perfect condition and offers the ambitious sports driver to a very exclusive Italian V8 Sport Cabriolet experience with space for 4 people. The sound of the domesticated former V8 racing machine is a treat for the connoisseurs and lovers of the brand Maserati. The color combination of dark blue metallic, and bright in fine leather-lined interior that meets the highest standards of aesthetics. This is a manual switch, with power windows and an electric-hydraulic deck. The Scuderia Colonia Sportiva is proud to be able to offer this unique Maserati convertible.

The asking price of €99,500 (~ $133,000) is quite eye watering considering what closed roof Kyalamis and Longchamps fetch these days. For someone seeking an offbeat Italian exotic, however, you'd be hard pressed to find something as uncommon as this. This is certainly a car that would have the judges scratching their heads at just about any car show you would attend.


1958 Lancia Aurelia B24 S Convertible

One of the most stunning cars from the 1950s that doesn't get its fair share of attention is the Lancia Aurelia Convertible and Spyder. These cars were simply elegant, deriving their mechanicals from the Aurelia Berlina which had a 1-2-3 finish at the Targa Floria in 1952. Created mainly for the American market, a little more than 500 were ever built. They strike a bit of an Italian Corvette stance, but the similarities end there, as these sports cars featured a 2.5 liter V6 engine, a sliding pillar independent front suspension and a two piece driveshaft connected to a rear-mounted gearbox. This B24 S Convertible for sale near Turin is a rare chance to get your hands on a legendary design.

1958 Lancia Aurelia B24 S Cabriolet

Lancia Aurelia B24 S Convertible - Year 1958. One of the last built. Original Nardi special equipment. Matching numbers. Italian plate and papers. Homologued by ASI (Italian Historic Automobilclub) with the Gold plate and the maximum evaluation. This car has been sold new to USA. Back in Italy in 2000 and owned by a Fiat Managing Director. Restored at no expenses with supervision of Pininfarina. Now available in Turin, same place where this Lancia was born. This is an opportunity to acquire a Lancia Aurelia B24 in the same condition when this car left the Factory at the end of the fifties.

At the high end, expect to pay around $425,000 to $450,000 for a mint, late model Aurelia Convertible such as this. At $375,000, this is a pretty decent value, given the provenance and history involved. Sure, it might seem crazy to spend well into six figures for a Lancia when there are plenty of Ferraris from this era available, but hardcore enthusiasts will know you have something special and far ahead of its time. For the discerning collector, that fact alone is enough.


1984 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

The Ferrari Mondial gets a bad rap amongst exotic car connoisseurs. Whether it's the styling proportions or the theory that it is the "lesser" Ferrari, I've heard it all. For those who really must have a Prancing Horse on the hood, you can't beat their value, though. In some cases, you can get into a Mondial for under $20,000, but to snag a good example that won't put you in the poor house, anything within the $20,000 range will buy you a good one these days. This early Mondial for sale in Florida looks to have received a repaint along with aftermarket wheels along the way. With a recent engine out service, this could potentially be a good entrance into the Ferrari club.

1984 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

NOW IS THE TIME TO OWN A FERRARI. Up for trade or sale is my Convertible Mondial Ferrari that seats four. I have owned this car for almost 4 years and have maintained the highest standards. Buy or trade with confidence as I will allow the Master Ferrari Technician who has worked on it, to give full details and history since I have owned. Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet Convertible features a 3.2L V8 FI SOHC 8 cyl Gasoline engine. Own the ultimate driving machine "FERRARI." The vehicle is Blue with a Blue Leather interior. 34,000 original miles, major service completed @ 31,500 miles (Engine out). Additional services completed @ 33,000 miles - 1984 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Cabriolet 2+2 VIN: ZFFUC15A0E0049711

At $23,900, we're a little over the mid point of where these open roofed Mondials are selling these days. If the seller was willing to offer up detailed service records and move a little more towards the $20,000 mark, it would be a decent value. Thanks to our reader Tim for bringing this ride to our attention!


1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet

The affordable Ferrari. Is it just a myth or does it really exist? From the looks of this Mondial Cabriolet for sale outside of Philadelphia, it could be closer at hand than at first glance. It's tempting to think that you could get a fine Italian exotic for the price of a well equipped Honda Civic, but is it wise to pull the trigger?

1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet

Thank you for taking a moment to look at one of our finest vintage Ferrari offerings. This 1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet combines the legendary style of the 80's Ferraris with state of the art (for its day) technological innovations and convenient 2+2 seating. That's right! This is a ragtop Ferrari the whole family can enjoy! This car has been pampered. It comes with the original tools, tonneau cover, boot, etc. The car's paint is practically perfect.

The interior is also in exceptional shape. This car is a bargain and needs very little to be a Platinum winning car at any Ferrari show. The 80 year old man who parted with this car so we could have it did not give us the service records. It will come to you ready to roll and should be low maintenance for the coming years. This car is at the end of its depreciation and can only go up in value. Treat this car right, and you can put a Ferrari notch in your belt for the ownership cost of a Honda Accord! This car has the following noteworthy items: 1) The top has had one small tear that was previously repaired. It was done properly and does not detract from the function nor the aesthetics of the top. 2) The rear windows work, but are slow to go up and down. The right rear window needs the help of a finger occasionally to go up. Not worth fixing until it doesn't work anymore (in my opinion).

At $22,000, this is bargain basement as drivable, presentable Ferraris go. It's disconcerting the seller did not get the service records from the previous owner. That leads one to believe there may be something to hide, because how hard would it have been to even make photocopies of the original documents? Buying any Ferrari without some sort of history is a huge risk. Anyone eyeing up a car like this should have it looked over, as there is no mention of a recent service or any maintenance items taken care of. Aside from that, at this price, this car looks very tidy cosmetically, both inside and out.


1960 Fiat 600 Convertible

The Fiat 600 is often overshadowed by its more diminutive counterpart, the 500, but this car deserves credit in its own right. Slightly larger than the 500, it offered greater interior space and a rear mounted, water cooled, overhead valve inline four cylinder engine. As a result of its upgraded mechanicals, the car had better heating and cooling characteristics. From 1955 through 1969, over 2.6 million 600s were produced at the Mirafiori factory. After production ceased, this car continued in production under several different brands, most notably Seat in Spain, the German concern Neckar (which made use of an old NSU plant) and Zastava in Yugoslavia, where the car ultimately ceased production in 1985. Good 600s are much less common than 500s these days, and this pastel green example for sale in California strikes a decidedly late 1950s pose.

1960 Fiat 600 Convertible

This is a very, very rare rust free 1960 Fiat 600 convertible. This car was found in the dry Arizona environment and has a subsequent two year old ground up restoration that brought new life to this little beauty. Painted in a factory sea foam green color, this particular car is the more desirable U.S. version with oversized “bug eye” or “frog eye” headlights required to meet U.S. standards back in the day. The equally rare and highly desirable suicide doors make this car a standout for the Fiat or Italian car collector. What was considered a “convertible” top on this car is really more like a huge sunroof that opens the full length of the passenger compartment. Brakes, 4 speed transmission and the 4 cylinder water cooled engine have all been redone along with upholstery, convertible top and floor covering. The engine was bored slightly and given a very mild cam along with an ultra rare Abarth header adding extra pep to the original 29 HP factory engine. That extra “pep” makes a difference in this little car. No detail has been overlooked and even includes a hard to find jack/tire changing kit. This model served as the base for the now infamous and highly coveted Fiat Jolly 600 beach car. But if you can’t get your hands on a Jolly, this is the next best thing and perhaps as equally unique with its full roof length “convertible” top.

I have owned a variety of cars over the years from luxury, muscle, sports and high performance and can tell you that this car has gotten more attention than any of those. Therefore be prepared to turn a lot of heads, receive a lot of thumbs up, be paid a lot of compliments and have pictures taken of it. With Fiat’s recent reintroduction success in the U.S., this car should only go up in value. Now for the big question, why am I selling it? Simple answer: I’m unloading a lot of toys including three other collector cars that I no longer drive much and that are taking up too much room. I will try and answer any questions you might have with my limited mechanical knowledge.

The level of care taken in this car’s restoration is admirable. The pictures of the undercarriage are also a nice touch, as these were not the most rust proof vehicles, to put it mildly. Since the car was found in Arizona, this is a good omen for what looks to be a fairly solid car. Even though 600s are less common than 500s, it doesn’t seem to affect value that much. One could expect a 600 in top shape such as this to net around $14,000 to $18,000. If the right buyer is found, the sale price may reach over $20,000, but that territory is usually reserved for the less common Multipla and Jolly variants.