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1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

It's too bad that we don't all have DeLoreans to travel back and put some money into what we'd now consider a sure bet. It wasn't too long ago that the Dino wasn't considered one of the great Ferraris - indeed, step back in time only a few short years to 2009, and you'd find any number of Dinos in the $150,000 range; strong money for those cars at the time, and they were on the downward swing. It seemed that they would, at least for a time, remain affordable. They didn't. By 2011 values were already on the rise, and since 2012 values on the last of the run - the 246 - have all out doubled. They're not alone; Porsche 911s, E30 BMW M3s and a handful of other cars have all seen the same trend. What's ironic about the 246, though, is that it wasn't the headline grabber at the time; it wasn't the big engined Ferrari - heck, it didn't even carry Ferrari badges on it. But that hasn't stopped enthusiasts from driving the value of these mid-engined sports cars up to stratospheric levels:

Year: 1974
Model: Dino GTS
Engine: 2.4 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 24,220 mi
Price: $419,995

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

In the 1950’s, Enzo Ferrari’s son Alfredo “Dino” had a heavy influence on the idea to use V6 and V8 engines in Ferrari race cars. Ferrari wanted to compete in the Formula 2 category in 1967 with the new “Dino” V6 engine but was turned down because of the homologation rule requiring 500 or more production vehicles. Ferrari turned to Fiat to and together produced the new Fiat Dino sports car. In the mid 1960’s, Ferrari was experimenting with the mid-engine layout for racing and thought they would build their own mid-engine sports car for the road. Sergio Pininfarina was once again asked to design an all new body which sat on the 206 SP race car chassis and debuted at the 1965 Paris Motor Show. The V6 engine sat longitudinally and was only available in a 2 door 2 seater Berlinetta configuration. The car was so well received that it went the 206 GT went into production for model year 1968 and gave a near perfect weight balance and superb handling. For the March 1972 Geneva Auto Show, Ferrari revamped the Dino and introduced the 246 model available as a Berlinetta Coupe or a GTS Spyder. A larger 2.4 litre engine and better performance and handling characteristics set the 246 apart from the 206 from previous years.

European Motor Studio is very proud to offer this exceptionally restored 1974 Ferrari 246GTS Dino finished in Rosso Corsa over Tan Daytona leather seats. Chassis number 08248 left the Marranello production line and was invoiced to the North American Importer Modern Classic Motors INC on July 18, 1974 and came in through the San Francisco Port. This 246 GTS was equipped new from the factory with Daytona leather seats (“Chairs”), radio with electric antenna electric windows and a painted removable hood. This Dino was then sent to Grand Touring Cars in Phoenix Arizona where it sold to its first owner (Joe Pisano, successful Bonneville competitor and drag racer) on September 24, 1974 in the amount of $19,195. The first owner had the car shipped to Long Beach where the car lived until the second (Lil John Lombardo the auto parts chain dealer and drag racer) and only other owner bought the car sometime in the early 1980’s and brought it to the LA area where the car has been ever since Summer of 2013. European Motor Studio acquired the car from the second owner and brought it to AZ. The car has traveled only 24,200 documented original miles from brand new and does not show any signs of accident or damage history anywhere. All of the exterior trim and interior had been removed from the car and a bare metal re-spray was completed on the car in desirable Rosso Corsa paint and the interior was re-trimmed in tan leather interior. Absolutely no rust or corrosion is found anywhere on this car. All of the mechanicals have been rebuilt/restored as well as the electrical system. This Dino is in absolutely exceptional and stunning near perfect condition mechanically and cosmetically. It runs and drives superbly and does not have any issues whatsoever. It does not smoke or idle rough, there are no shakes or rattles anywhere and the car does not have any unusual noises. Thorough and exceptional maintenance throughout the cars life has been given and just recently replaced coolant hoses, fuel and oil lines and rebuilt brake calipers and new Michellin XWX tires are just some of the recent items that have just been done to the car. The compression check on the 6 cylinders is near perfect and all very close to each other. The car has its original complete tool roll in its original leather bag, the original jack in its original leather bag, the original spare tire on a Michellin XWX tire, the original Ferrari Dino leather pouch housing all of the original owners manuals, warranty books, dealer books, car care book and parts manual are all present with the car. A copy of the original odometer statement, new car invoice, manufactures statement of origin and window sticker along with documented and receipts dating back to 1985 are all present with the car. This is an exceptional Ferrari 246GTS Dino in near showroom condition that runs and drives superb.

Please call or email if you have any questions regarding this 1974 Ferrari 246GTS Dino. 480-310-8814

Obviously, the condition at this asking price is top notch, and it certainly falls in line with current values of Dinos - as shocking as that may sound. While the car itself is beautiful, my favorite feature must be the Campagnolo wheels - they're amazing and transform the look of the Dino. As of May 2014, Hagerty values a condition 1 246 Dino at a staggering $445,000; money that only a few years ago would have bought you three. It's not just a recent trend though - check out that original sticker price of shy of $20,000 - adjusted for inflation, it's only $95,000 in today's money. You'd be hard pressed to get a decently spec'd 911 for that money today, never mind a mid-engined Ferrari. No, the value days of these are long gone, and we're left with distant memories of days of affordable exotics. If you're smart, you very similar styling with a V8 engine in the 308 and 328 for only 1/10th the asking price of the Dino these days. Will the 308/328 follow suit? Probably not, though we're sure to see an increase in value on those soon, too.


1975 Maserati Merak Targa

I've posted this Merak to our CICFS Facebook Fanpage, so what's it doing back here? Well, first off, it's a nice example that's worth taking a look at; the Merak is one of the prettier "wedge" designs from Giugiaro, even if it lacked the performance of its big brother Bora. But what's unique about this one is what has occurred to the roof; because unlike nearly every other Merak out there, this one's a Targa::

Year: 1975
Model: Merak
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 76,900 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1975 Maserati Merak

1975 Maserati Merak AM122-2182

Customization by Steering Wheel Inc. in South Florida circa. 1975. This particular car was delivered new to the US in 1975, and had it's roof customized by Tom Clark Sr. the owner of SWI. The book this car is documented in is on page 222 of "The Maserati Road Cars, Post war production cars 1946-1979 by Richard Crump/Rob de la Rive Box".

The strengthening of the chassis was done at the sills, the windscreen pillars were gusseted on the seams (see book photograph, main picture). This part of the roof work was done by local company, Trust Manufacturing Co.

It came with a blue interior originally, which has since been changed to the current caramel hides you see today. It is in driver condition, with many documents and receipts for work done in the past 30+ years.

With her original Campagnolo wheels, she has had 1 re-spray (by Gene Winfield btw for you SoCal hot rod nuts), in 1982, major services (hydraulics/clutch) in 2003 and 2008, and remains largely original with 76,9xx miles showing.

The paint is not perfect, nor is it a show car, but more of a "good ol' nail of a driver" (as my friend says). Purchased new in Florida in 1975, she then went to California and remained with the same owner for the next 37 years. Tons of paperwork and receipts go with the car, detailed documentation and papers for everything that was worked on.

The Merak is really just a nice, California, no major issues Driver, that needs a new home, she starts right up @ cold, idles great, doesn't run hot, shifts, brakes and drives down the road quite well. She has never been wrecked, or damaged, clean, no issues, straight car, with no Smog too!!! (we have a Video of a Cold start and a quick drive off in her).

Please keep in mind, this car is 39 years old! It has never been restored, it has it's imperfections, so if you're looking for a "show" car, move on! I am upfront and blunt, I do not need to sugarcoat things like some people who sell. Pooling through the documentation on her, what I'm asking for the car and than some, adds up in receipts alone...

A clean, no stories, California Title (1975 NO SMOG!) comes with the car. The Merak also comes with (2) keys, original Owner's Manual, and 40+ pages of receipts/documentation.

Some areas of attention are as follows.

-All of the hydraulic lights on the dash work, and gauges (except noted gas gauge)

-A/C car, but currently non-functional, fan motor and defrost etc. run though

-Crack rear flying buttress (picture)

-Crack front bumper (picture)

-Chip in hood above Trident (picture)

-Hood latch is not working properly (hence the "ajar" look of the fitment per pictures, common)

-Driver window is slow going up/down

-Gas gauge is INOP

If you need more information or pictures, please let me know I'll do my best. Car is located in Roseville, CA at my best friends shop.

-Please call if you wish to discuss, Ken @ 203-770-0839 CT, or Nick if you'd like to stop by and look at the Maserati @ 916-792-1645

-It has nicks, imperfections and some small areas of surface rust here and there. I have tried to take as many good, informative pictures as possible, if there is any area left out, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

To those seriously interested parties, I have a DropBox with all of the papers/documentation uploaded I can send if interested in looking through it. Also, please note, if you would like more information about this cars history, I have made contact with Tom Clark Jr. in Florida, and he would be willing to discuss the car with prospective, serious individuals.

If you saw the 1975 Merak sell @ Auctions America a month back, you know that the values on these cars have increased. My reserve is respectful to the condition of the vehicle, and far below what the auction car sold for...

Happy Bidding, someone's going to really enjoy this mid-engined car...

Shipping is 100% the buyers responsibility, though we will do as much as possible to help. PPI's may be requested if given ample time, and if scheduling can be made without a time hassle. Thank you.

*Due to 2 non-paying buyers, this has been re-listed, and I am looking for a serious buyer, not a time waster...Thanks*

* Please note, if you have less than 5 feedback, you need to contact me before bidding, or you risk having your bid deleted.

**Please note, this vehicle is sold, as is, where is, condition, no warranty is expressed or implied.

***Please note, I take my time very seriously, and you should to, so please do not waste mine, and I will not waste yours. Do NOT bid on this car if you have no intentions or the means to purchase it. Do NOT win this auction only to show up wanting to "inspect", the duration of the auction time is the appropriate time for that action, not after the fact.

Yesterday on our sister site German Cars For Sale Blog, I wrote up a converted Porsche 928 - questioning the sanity of anyone that would take the roof off of an otherwise perfectly good coupe. I'm not sure why this was such a trend, but obviously it extended into the 1970s as well. It was reportedly converted when new and is generally original. These original run Meraks - during the Citroen ownership period - generally aren't the ones that are the most sought after, nor is this one in the best condition. But it's a neat piece of history for Maserati fans and I'm sure would be welcome at any meet; as a conversation starter alone, it's worth the story, especially with the documentation there!


1974 De Tomaso Pantera

There were many examples of the Italians working together with the Americans to produce some memorable cars, but perhaps the most recognizable of these conglomerations is the De Tomaso Pantera. While it wasn't the first or last, the fastest or the most expensive, the Pantera somehow grabbed the attention of the motoring public as one of the best examples of Italian design mated to American power. Perhaps that had something to do with the length of time it was produced; the Pantera had a production run that would make the Beetle blush and more modifications by the end than the 911 enjoyed. Spanning 20 years of production, several generations of gearheads witnessed the Pantera thunder its way into the collective conscious of automotive history. And while by the 1980s the design seemed fairly dated and was clearly adorned with too many spoilers, early examples such as this 1974 remind us how clean the original design was:

Year: 1974
Model: Pantera
Engine: 5.7 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 18,500 mi
Price: $67,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1974 De Tomaso Pantera

1974 De Tomaso Pantera, A Classic Marriage of American Muscle ( Ford 351 C V-8) With the Italian coachwork of Ghia, This restored classic Pantera only has 18,500 miles and only a few hundred miles since restoration by previous owner. Refinished in Aston Martin Meterorite Silver Metallic ( originally the car was Silver metallic) with a Black original material interior. Excellent running engine with New Carb, fuel pump and delivery lines, new Ansa Exhaust, . Smooth shifting 5 speed ZF Transaxle. The Car features 2 sets of Wheels, A complete set of Original Campagnolo wheels freshly restored with correct Pirelli P7 tires front 225/50 VR-15 and the Rears 285/50 VR-15 - perfect for car show presentation , Also a Rare set of Boyd Coddington Custom 17' Campagnolo style Aluminum billet wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport fronts 235/40 ZR-17 and the Rear 335/35 ZR -17. The car also Features A/C - Vintage Blaupunkt AM-FM Cassette with power Ant. , Full original correct instruments, all working and in excellent condition. Car includes Space saver spare , Jack/Tool Roll , the original owners manual, spare keys, Ford Pantera Technical information book, 1971-74 Pantera original Ford Parts manual, and a Fitted car cover. Ready to show, drive and enjoy.Fully safety inspected.

We are a Connecticut Licensed Dealer, Connecticut residents subject to sales tax, Vehicle has a Clear Title , We charge no document fee's , and provide free 30 Day in transit plates ( out of state residents only) . Please contact use to arrange a test drive or viewing during our normal business hours. We can assist in shipping, Car is located in Berlin , CT 06037 860-438-7958

As with most exotic or semi-exotics, it's much better to buy a good example than one that's in need of a restoration. However, with the Pantera it's nice to be able to drive down to your local Ford dealer and get engine parts; try that in your Countach! This car isn't the original color but looks great in silver, and I really like the Coddington replica wheels - though I'd probably run the original Campagnolos. Overall condition is great, although it does lose some points for non-originality if you're looking for a condition 1 car. Still, it's not priced at a condition 1 level; at $67,500 it's in line with what a level 2 car would sell at and appropriately priced. Cheaper than many early Mustangs are now, this gives you a Lamborghini experience with Ford reliability and ease of sourcing parts. It's proof you don't have to spend a million dollars to look like you did!