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1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Introduced to the North American market in 1975, the Alfetta ushered in an era of torsion bar front suspensions, DeDion rear suspension, and a rear transaxle with inboard disc brakes.  On paper, it improves on the classic GTV formula, but a quick look at the market shows a clear bias for the earlier 105/115 series over the later 116 transaxle cars.  As a result, finding a presentable, let alone rust-free Alfetta coupe is an evermore difficult prospect.

This bumperless example in Connecticut claims to be in rust-free condition, owing no doubt in part to its Texas provenance.  Though rumors abound as to the exact source of systemic rust on the Alfetta models, it is absolutely recommend that any potential sellers do a thorough check for lurking rust before any commitments to this particular car are made.  Especially vulnerable are the wheel arches, cowl area, rear hatch, and jack points.  If the claimed rust-free condition turns out to be the truth, then the uncombed interior might be easier to overlook.

Year: 1976
Model: Alfetta GT
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,500 mi
Price: $5,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Well sorted, rebuilt engine, high compression pistons, tubular headers, electronic ignition, spica fuel injection. Rebuilt suspension, red konis and poly bushings, new Pirelli tires and alignment. Runs and drives strong, good driveshaft donuts & brakes. Original Texas Title, clean w/ no rust. Shock towers, jack points, under carriage and around glass all good, but needs bumpers.

Some technical notes: the engine appears to have supported an A/C system at one point, owing to the stud-plug on the passenger side of the cylinder head.  Also, a rebuilt engine could be a solid advantage, but we would contact the seller for details - who rebuilt it, and what parts were sourced for the build?  And, we can't vouch for the specific brand of piston or headers that the seller reports as installed on this particular car, but both should promote a sporty character in line with the car - just don't expect to surprise anyone at a stoplight.

Very few Alfetta coupes remain on the road, and as such, the prices for clean cars have climbed out of the song and a dance category.  Fortunately for potential buyers, parts car prices remain reasonable.  We say make a competitive offer, source some Euro bumpers, recover the front seats, and drop in an ANSA rear muffler and enjoy a sorted Italian sports coupe for around $5,000.



1985 Alfa Romeo 6 2.5 Turbo Diesel

Mention Alfa Romeo and turbodiesel next to each other and you could be forgiven for thinking this was an odd marriage. Or a marriage that never even existed at all. Before their recent JTD models, Alfa dabbled with oil burners back in the 1980s with their large saloon, the Alfa 6. Not sold in the US market, this sedan was based on a stretched Alfetta platform and offered a VM built five cylinder turbodiesel engine. It wasn’t a barnstormer, but brought Alfa into the game at a time when ever increasing petrol prices were putting the squeeze on European consumers. Want to have something no one else does stateside? Here’s your chance to buy a real uncommon piece.

Year: 1985
Model: 6 2.5 Turbo Diesel
Engine: 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-5 diesel
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 105,215 (?) km (~ 65,377 mi)
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1985 Alfa Romeo 6 2.5 Turbo Diesel

This is a 1985 model. eBay will not accept a European VIN for anything newer than 1980.

I love and collect cars; mainly Mercedes Benz and Audis, but I always had a weak spot for unique Alfa Romeos. The Alfa Sei (6) was Alfa Romeo's flagship luxury car, built between 1979 and 1985. Until 1982 only with a carburated 2.5 liter V6 and from 1983 until 1985 as the face-lifted 2nd series with a carburated 2.0 or fuel-injected 2.5 liter V6. Additionally Alfa Romeo built 2730 Alfa 6s with the VM Inline 5 cylinder Turbodiesel with 107 hp and 205 Nm torque @ 2400 rpm. They only came equipped with a 5 speed transmission. Mine has VIN 3699. After that only 31 more TDs were built plus a couple of limited editions with the light blue leather interior.

Alfa Romeo had a few 1979 models certified for the USA, but gave up the plan of importing them. Only very few Alfa 6s were privately imported and as far as I know there is no other Turbodiesel in the country. I had my eye on an Alfa 6 for many years and finally in 2005 while vacationing in Germany I saw this one advertised in Rome, Italy. I had to act fast and with the help of my German friend we had it shipped up to his shop in Southern Germany. It stayed there for a couple of years, received a complete maintenance with new tires and a couple of panels had to be painted because the paint had faded.

Eventually it was shipped to the USA and titled on a collector plate in Washington State. Since it is a Diesel and smog exempt in most, if not all states, it can even be registered in California. Odometer has only 5 digits and shows 05215 kilometers. Judging from the condition and tightness of the car it could be 105215 kilometers. That's also what the previous Italian owner told us. I do not have any paperwork to proof it.

The mostly original paint is still very shiny with a few touched up areas mainly on the trunk. Living most of its life in Rome, Italy it has a few small dings and the rear bumper is pushed in a bit. The interior is very clean without rips or stains. There is very little surface rust forming on a inside rocker panel and around the rear window which is visible on two of the pictures. It has not gotten any worse since 2005 even though the car was sitting outside in Germany. There is absolutely no rust underneath the car.

Even after sitting for a few weeks the car starts effortlessly on the first try. The transmission shifts without any grinding and the clutch is firm and not slipping. The brakes are good without any pulsating. Tires have approx. 4.000 kilometers. The car has a very firm and stable ride and can easily keep up with the 85 mph traffic on LA's freeways.

All lights and instruments work fine. Even the clock shows the proper time. It takes the tachometer a few minutes of driving before it starts working. The two front power windows work fine, the left rear is very slow and I never could get the right rear to work. The power antenna goes up and down properly but the old stereo does not want to play anymore.

The A/C was charged with R12 4 years ago and still blows ice cold, but because the cabin fan quit, cold air only comes in while the car is driving and the vents are open. I will include a spare fan and that should solve this problem. We took the car to the Concorso Italiano in Monterey in 2010 and had a blast driving it up there. The fuel mileage was about 33mpg. We did not have any problems with the car on this and many more trips.

Lots of people looked at our car and very seasoned Alfisti told us that they never saw one before. Even the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese does not have a Turbodiesel in their collection. Parts can be found in Europe, mainly in Italy. The VM engine was also used in Jeeps, Landrovers and Chrysler Minivans in Europe. I will include a repair manual in German. The car has a clean transferable WA title and a WA collector plate.

Since it is a 29 year old car there is no warranty expressed or implied. I will gladly help with shipping within the USA or overseas.

Even in Europe, the 6 is a rare Alfa. I've never seen one on my travels there. Most buyers of the marque tend to lean towards the sportier offerings and bypass the luxury sedans, especially one with a diesel engine. But, imagine the looks at the next Alfa meet when you turn up in this thing. If the Peugeot 505 or Saab 9000 seem a bit too common, your car has arrived.


1979 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan

Alfa Romeo, as a brand, has had a bit of a split personality through the years. You have your flamboyant sports cars like the 8C Competizione, Montreal and SZ that have appeared along the iconic Spider throughout the years. Then there are the more sedate coupes and sedans, like the 164, 105/115 Bertone coupes and this car, the Alfetta Sport Sedan. Innocuous looking in ivory with brown velour, it has a throaty twin cam engine and rear-mounted gearbox for maximum driving pleasure. This one for sale in New York has to be one of the best, examples that is currently for sale in the country, if not the world.

Year: 1979
Model: Sport Sedan
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 31,994 mi
Price: $24,900 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1979 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan

1979 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan

Exotic Classics is proud to present this brilliantly original 1979 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan. Featured with factory-original Yellow paint and brown velour interior, thi Alfa Sport Sedan may be the finest example you could find. The four-door Alfetta was sold in the USA from 1975 through 1977 under the name Alfetta Sedan. From 1978 to 1979 this mildly restyled version was sold under the name Sport Sedan. The Alfetta introduced a new drivetrain layout to the marque. Clutch and transmission were housed at the rear of the car, together with the differential for a more balanced weight distribution, as used on the Alfetta 158/159 Grand Prix cars. Alfa’s famed 2.0L DOHC engine delivers 130 HP and this well-balanced sedan is lively and delightful to drive.

Any questions/concerns please call Eric 516-695-0507 or email eric@exoticclassics.com

The seller of this Alfa is know for some high end metal, such as the 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Club Sport we featured recently over at our sister site, German Cars for Sale Blog. It’s unlikely you’ll find a cleaner version of this model any time soon, but does that make it worth almost $25,000? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If it were me, I would target this car’s forebear, a Giulietta sedan, as you can get a decent driver for similar money. Realistically, the best Sport Sedan of this era should bring somewhere in the $10,000 to $15,000 range.


1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 has been identified as one of the definitive sports coupes of the 1980s by critics as of late. Sure, it wasn’t the fastest of its breed, but who can argue with the sonorous V6, balance offered by a rear-mounted gearbox and looks that are decidedly Italian? This GTV6 for sale in Pennsylvania has a new clutch, brakes and paint job and has covered well under 100,000 miles.

Year: 1986
Model: GTV6
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 71,605 mi
Price: $15,000 Buy It Now


Condition: Very good condition, all original, garage kept (climate controlled garage), new clutch, new calibers, new brakes very clean, very little wear on leather seats, and a new paint job.

History: Service record upon request.

Payment: Wire transfer, cash in person, and/or certified bank check. $16,000 or Best Offer.

Shipping: Will not ship! Pick up in person. No Paypal will be accepted!

When these cars were new, much like it’s sedan counterpart, the Milano, I didn’t give them much thought. Perhaps it was because I was younger or that I took for granted at the time that Alfa Romeo would be around forever in this market. In any case, if BMW E30 prices are spooking you lately, the GTV6 may just do the trick. The price of this car is a bit reaching. I’d suspect somewhere in the $10,000 to $13,000 range at best would be all of the money.


1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 – REVISIT

The one-owner 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 is back up for sale with a Buy It Now price lowered by $500. For anyone looking for an unmolested GTV6, your search has ended.

1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 on eBay - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 26, 2013:

Alfa Romeo began to go through some changes in the late 1980s. While the Spider continued on through a fourth generation in the 1990s, the coupes and sedans would undergo a transformation to front-wheels drive. Ultimately, an Alfa Romeo coupe would not return to the US market before the marques demise in this country in 1995, leaving this final year GTV6 for sale in Georgia as a representative of the last of the breed. These coupes have been recognized for their poise, balance and overall driving enjoyment which they provide and yet they still remain rather affordable.

Year: 1986
Model: GTV6
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 123,633 mi
Price: $11,000 Buy It Now


Offering at NO RESERVE... a very nice one owner 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 (The last year of it’s production, with improved shifting and A/C). Clean Georgia title in hand. Very rare Champagne (only offered in 86) (gold) with black pinstriped velour interior with 123,633 miles. Tom purchased this car new from my father at Paul Spruell Alfa, Inc. in Chamblee GA. This GTV-6 has been very well cared for and it shows.

It is a very original and unmolested example, cared for by an AROC member. It is equipped with the sunroof and it still has the original (working) radio. The only aftermarket modifications that I saw, were the Hella H4 low beam headlights, some MB Quart speakers and two center mufflers. No accidents... No rust. I started this car up on the first turn of the key and it drives superbly.

I intentionally did some 3rd to 2nd downshifts while the car was still cold (as cold as it gets in South GA in August) to test the 2nd gear syncro... and it is good. The engine and drive-line are smooth. When you remove the oil cap from the 2.5 liter 154 HP V-6, it looks like new inside (very clean). It is equipped with a factory catalytic converter and a has a documented history of passing Georgia state emissions test with flying colors.

The stock suspension is tight without any noise. The Michelin tires are perfect, with only 3,000 miles and the original wheels are in excellent cosmetic condition. The cooling system functions properly with both fans cycling correctly. The body is as good as it gets, with only a few trivial nicks that have been touched up. Other than a few tiny drips on the garage floor... the car has no leaks to be concerned about.

Electrical items work (windows, mirrors, lights, wipers, blower fan, gauges). The dash clock does not work. It comes with the original books, manuals, receipts (back to the delivery paperwork), spare keys, emergency window crank and a factory service manual. It has the emergency jack, spark plug swivel socket tool and pouch. Also, it has the brown plastic tool pouch with the lug wrench and pliers. So the tools are not quite complete.

Recent work:

Just done – Brake master cylinder, left rear brake caliper and rear brake pads.

May 2004 – Timing belt, tensioner & water pump. New ignition switch.

November 2004 – new clutch assembly, drive-shaft bearing and rear flex joint

Here are the important details.

The steering wheel is slightly off center to the right, however the alignment seems okay (drives straight).

A/C does not work. The last time it was charged (years ago) it did work. So... it has a leak.

Rear view mirror needs to be glued back to windshield.

Although the car has been garaged kept, the dash does have a crack near the top vent and also I did notice that the RPM needle is slightly bent.

The left front turn indicator lens has a couple of cracks, that have been taped up to keep moisture out.

The battery has also been replaced recently and the hold down bracket looks like it needs to be modified to secure the battery.

Very typical of the GTV-6.... someone tried to close the hood without pulling the prop from the locked position and bent the hood prop. So it needs to be straightened in order to work.

The gas cap key will turn the lock cylinder, but the cap will not lock.

On this model, the antenna is built into the windshield. I could see a couple of spots where it has been compromised, so don’t expect the best reception, without adding an external antenna.

It has a small tear on the drivers side seat side bolster and the usual interior felt coming loose from the door gasket (but gaskets are not torn).

The white plastic bezel around the sunroof handle needs to be dyed and the headliner is in better than average cosmetic condition.

The rear trunk/hatch logo emblem is showing its age.

The only spot of rust I found was a nickel size hole in the spare wheel floor pan. Also, the spot welds on the tow hook on the bottom of the spare wheel pan have come loose, from where it was towed at some point. But it did not bend or tear the sheet metal. I know these cars and where to look for rust. No rust under the cowl area in the engine bay, None at the front shock towers. Although, I did not remove the plastic rocker trim behind the front wheels, I could see no indication of rust.

No disappointments here. Drive this car anywhere. Once funds have cleared, you can take it. No games. Also, temporary garage storage is okay, as long as the car is paid for. I have many detailed pictures upon request. Car is located in Moultrie GA (200 miles (3 hours) south of Atlanta GA). Call Todd Spruell 678 665-1997


Beige isn’t my favorite color choice for an Italian sports coupe, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to a clean GTV6. This car has a lot going for it, not the least of which is the condition, AROC member ownership and service history. The asking price is right around the range of what mint GTV6s are pulling, which is between $8,000 to $12,000. I’d expect someone to snap this one up in short order. Whoever buys it will have a blast on the back roads, tackling the twisty bits.


1978 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan

The 1970s were a rather dark time in automotive history, leaving automakers scrambling for solutions to ever tightening emissions and safety regulation. This resulted in an era of lower performance and marred styling by way of things such as crash bumpers. Over the years, technology has come around to improving performance and economy, even if styling has taken a back seat in some cases. Through it all, though, Alfa Romeo has always given the petrolhead something to swoon over. This Sport Sedan was the perfect solution for those who wanted the thrills of a Spider but needed the extra space. This well-sorted car is located in Indiana but was originally a southwest vehicle.

Year: 1978
Model: Sport Sedan
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: $7,500

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1978 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan

1978 Sport Sedan
Recent Repaint in original ivory.
No rust ever! Original Arizona car relocated to midwest before refurbish.
Milano Verde interior - seats & door panels recovered in 2 color scheme. Trunk custom re-carpeted.
Replacement 79 dash - no cracks.
New Blaupunkt in dash CD/Blaupunkt speakers.
Luisa leather steering wheel.
New door and trunk gaskets.
Alfa Euro cams.
Shankle headers.
Ansa tail exhaust.
RML electronic ignition.
Recent valve job.
Radiator rebuilt-high eff core.
Rebuilt alternator and starter.
Reconditioned engine hood liner.
Alfa factory optional Campagnolo wheels.
Koni Reds.
New upper/lower ball joints.
Rebuilt rear axles.
Rebuilt front/rear brakes calipers, rotors, pads w/hoses.
New brake master, clutch master and slave.
Verde front sway bar.
Poly bushings all around.
Hella 6" driving lights.
Spares include, good transaxle, 3 instrument dash pods, door handles, tail light covers, extra Campy wheels.
I have the original bumpers, no damage. I like the car better (looks & lighter) without them.
I also have all the original chrome trim plus spares but preferred not to reinstall after repaint.
$7,500 - More pictures available - call Mark 812 454 3035.

Alfas of this vintage are a good way to get into the Italian car hobby on the cheap, if, of course you have the stomach for regular maintenance. I like the look of the Alfa, but slimmer, European style bumpers would round off the look a bit for me. Given the condition, $7,500 isn’t terribly bad for what you are getting. If a little bit can be bargained off the price, you’d have a nice, usable classic.


1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 is one of the leading performance bargains in terms of readily available Italian classics stateside. This final year GTV6 comes to us from our reader Michael. Look up the definition of "survivor" in the dictionary, and it wouldn't be out of place if this car's photo was right next to the entry.

Year: 1986
Model: GTV6
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 114,000 miles


Original paint. California car. No rust. No 2nd gear synchro problems. Perfect dash and interior. No cracks tears or wear spots. Clean Carfax. Records and receipts from 1990. Thousands of dollars or parts , some unobtanium. Never dismantled or wrecked.


Well documented original GTV6, previously owned by Andy Reid of Classic Motorsport Magazine, and detailed in ABB. See Andy’s comments in a recent CMM article he wrote. Said to be the last or one of the last GTV6 imported to USA; while I cannot prove that, I have yet to see a higher VIN number.


A prior owner commented in ABB: “The car's condition considering its age is really quite impressive. Interior beautiful with no dash cracks, a/c works, factory cloth seats impeccable, original paint beautifully preserved”. Perhaps an email from a local Alfisti best sums it up: after driving my car he sent me an email “Michael, It was a pleasure meeting you also and thanks for letting me see and drive probably the best example of a GTV6 survivor I have ever seen.”

Sometimes pictures can make a car look much nicer than it is - however my Alfa really looks this nice and personal inspection will leave you wondering how a car can survive 27 years, with original paint, in this nice condition. Even the front and rear window seals are free of cracks, dry rot and the interior has no rips or dash cracks. The interior is in superb near time-warp condition, with excellent dashboard, upholstery, carpets, and trim. The gauges are excellent, as are all switches and controls. Even the seat belt buzzer works. She has 114K original miles, and can be driven daily, and even in Atlanta heat she will run 80MPH all day long with A/C on. My daughter and I took her to Lake Keowee several times last summer without a problem. The body is excellent, with even, consistent gaps and straight panels. It even has the OEM manual window crank if the PW fails, and the fusebox is in perfect condition.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an interesting fun to drive, attractive classic Italian sports car. The ANSA exhaust really sings sweet music, but the stereo has been upgraded and has separate amp in trunk if you want to listen to music. I drive my cars so the engine bay is not detailed but that's an easy project if you want to show her. On the road, at every Caffeine and Octane, or Italian car day people come up to talk about this beauty. I drove her about 2K miles this past year, did an oil and transaxle fluid change with synthetic oil and have had no issues whatsoever.

I have accumulated many parts, mostly based on experience, ABB postings, and availability. They will come with the car and are pictured. These include:

60526262 OEM speedometer sender (very expensive, NLA)

70128 fuel filter

OEM rear hatch seal

CL864 Clutch master cylinder

34271000 Brake Light Switch

2 OEM speaker grills

Several door mirror gastkets, mounts, frames, motor etc

AR382 airfilter

OEM gas cab and Key

BH119 Braided brake line

2 OEM 60529011 pedals

25251000 hydraulic tensioner kit

60522581 rear motor mount

25602000 radiator fan switch

22004000 Power window motor

package of OEM door panel retaining clips

OEM horn button

Variety of connectors and relays, washers

Gauge cluster/switch assembly

30091000 Voltage regulator

exhaust hanger donuts

transmission mounts

What’s not perfect?

Rear hatch seal has 3 inch worn segment. It doesn't leak so I haven’t replaced it, but I have an OEM replacement that will come with the car. There is a small passenger quarter panel ding measuring 3/4”x3/8”. It barely shows in the pics it is so small. I am sure it can be banged out by a dentless shop if you want. Lastly, it has the 2 blower Tropicaire AC, and it blows ice cold but the second blower that powers the side vents doesn't power on. I have schematics for it - probably it's the microswitch. Unless you live somewhere much hotter than Atlanta, I don't think you will care.

Bottom line

This is a skydrive with many pictures, and paint meter readings, undercarriage and interior shots, etc. The pics range from a year or so ago when I got her, to this month, showing no deterioration or changes other than the miles I put on. There is even a pic showing the original door paint taken when I R&R’d a mirror. I have included paint gauge readings as well.

She has custom Cocoa mats, no second gear crunch, no dash cracks or tears in the upholstery and the engine pulls nicely in a very linear fashion. The exhaust note is to die for (ansa rear section). You will be hard pressed to find a nicer, more original, well maintained GTV6 anywhere. The underside is clean and dry and rust free. Check out those factory floor pans and seams and rockers, battery box and spare tire container.

Email me or call if any questions. Hagerty has value 14K as a Number 2 car. While I think this is nicer, it is a car I drive about 2K per year, so I cant really claim it as a #1. Michael 4048454713 or mibiv12@gmail.com or PM me.

This is certainly one of the nicer GTV6s I've seen lately, as many I've come across might look good on the outside, but have a worn interior or mechanical issues. Given it's high VIN #, it also has the distinction of being the last of its breed. At the price Hagerty is claiming for a #2 machine, $14,000 seems like a bargain for this much Italian exotica.


1979 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan

While the Alfetta spawned the GTV Coupe, which was well loved in the US market, the sedan variant is rather obscure. First sold as the Alfetta sedan, it was renamed the Sport Sedan in 1978 and 1979. With a rorty, 2.0 liter injected twin cam four cylinder, this offered a lot of rear-drive entertainment in a small package. This slightly modified Sport Sedan for sale in California is a bit rough around the edges but looks complete and ready to offer some cheap thrills.

1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Up for sale is a 1979 Alfa Romeo Sport 4-door sedan. This custom vehicle was owned by an Italian automobile enthusiast who had a penchant for spirited Italian automobiles. It is powered by Alfa's famous twin cam 2000 cc inline 4 and mated to a 5 speed. The body is very straight and the paint presents beautifully. Interior is in excellent condition as well and the car has not been smoked in. For those of you in the know, Alfa Romeo is a true driver's car. If you are looking for a clean Alfa sedan, this is your car! The car has a clean title and is currently registered.

Please e-mail or call Sam (626/590-4177) with questions or a time to view/drive the vehicle. I am very motivated and need to get this car on it's way due to space constraints. No reasonable cash offers will be refused. Thanks for looking.

It's rather rare that you see a classic Italian motor restomodded, as is the case with the rear end on this vehicle. I'd question whether this car was in a minor fender bender at some point, given the modified rear end. This Alfetta isn't perfect, but it's rare that you see a showroom perfect example of this late 1970s Alfa. With a $3,500 starting bid and not much interest so far, I'd suspect we're not going to get much further than the opening figure.


1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco

The Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV is an Italian performance bargain. These rear drive coupes started life in the 1970s powered by twin cam, four cylinder engines and wound up closing out the production run in the 1980s with V6 power to rival the best sports coupes in their segment. The Balocco edition was a limited edition trim and graphics package for 1982 only, taking its name from the famous test track in Italy. This particular car for sale in the Boston area was originally a west coast car that is complete but could benefit from a little TLC.

1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco

111,000 original miles. Originally a west coast car, this vehicle has never been outside in the winter. It was a daily driver until moved east three years ago and has been garaged since then. Registered in Massachusetts and insured--it still gets out for the occasional drive. A proper tune up, including new plug wires, and some brake work would make this car a dream to drive again.

Paint is faded. Black polyvinyl parts are now greyish. But very limited and superficial surface rust . . . a tiny bit above the rear bumper cover and along the top edge of the boot, a tiny bit of rust below the windscreen gasket, and some significant rust through at the boot latch on the hatch. (Spare replacement hatch included in sale).

Too many “news” to list here: car was well maintained and, again, a daily driver until relatively recently. Timing belt and tensioner were changed at 84,000 miles. Exhaust system is new. Injectors were recently cleaned. Still sitting on nearly new Toyo tires. I have all records from my time as steward. I will also throw in my Car Disk with images of all of the original manuals--both operator, and shop.

Minor trim flaws include broken interior door handles, but I have found replacements and they are included. Dash has four cracks. Leather was repaired once, but the heat of the summer here in the east has led to some stitching failure. The once beautiful red carpeting is a dark pink in places. I am partial, but I believe the Balocco trim package to be one of the prettiest things Alfa has ever done: Black leather with red and black striped welting, teakwood headrest supports, red carpeting.

The electrical system seems free of ghosts, but the windshield wipers aren’t working at the moment, it could just be a relay or fuse. Water temperature gauge is not functioning, but the thermostat is good and the cooling fans run correctly. Tach is not completely accurate. If you know these cars, you know better than to ask about the air conditioning!

Not very pertinent to the true Alfisti, but the car has a great four speaker Rockport Fosgate CD player installed in an aesthetically appropriate manner. I have grown to prefer the sound of the engine! This car is perfectly positioned for restoration, which has been a dream of mine for many years. But I’m going back to school in the fall, and three years in the garage have not been kind to it (the heat-dried upholstery). The three additional years it will have to sit while I complete my graduate degree will do it no good at all.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I know a lot about this car and will be happy to find out anything I DON'T know for you. This Alfa is located in Arlington, MA. You are welcome to come see it in person.

I will not ship personally, however buyer is welcome to arrange pickup with a transportation company of their choice. Deposit of US $500.00 within 24 hours of auction close via PayPal. Full payment required within 5 days of auction close.

Payment methods accepted are:
- Cash (in person)
- Cashier's Check (certified from US or Canadian bank) or money order

Please note: this is a 30 year old automobile. It needs some work, and the auction reserve price and my expectations reflect this. This car is being sold AS IS with no explicit or implied warranty.

Please also note: pictures number one and two are several years old, and from “happier times” on the west coast, just before I drove it across the country and back. What a trip!

Good GTVs of this vintage will run you somewhere between $6,000 and $12,000. The limited edition doesn’t add a whole lot to the value, and given the state of this car, I’d suspect it will fetch somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000.


1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Following on to Tim Allen's GTV 1750, this was the car that replaced that coupe. Almost three decades have passed, and the Alfetta based GTV6 has become a legend in its own right. They are known for offering V6, rear-drive thrills in exchange for not a lot of cash. This late model GTV6 for sale outside of Washington, DC has undergone a bare metal respray and restoration and only has 59,000 miles on the clock.

1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Never thought I'd be selling this car but life happened and I never got to use it as much as I wanted. I have owned this GTV6 for 2 years, the previous owner did a bare metal restoration and the car is rust free. The front air dam and bumper tops are new. The car starts up first try everytime. When I got it, the rear brake line was leaking, I redid the rear brakes including reman calipers. Transmission shifts smoothly once warmed up. Clutch take up is clean and smooth. The car runs tight and handles well and is about as strong as a stock V6 that I have ever driven. It does have the rear sport springs. No smoke from the exhaust at all. I changed the brake fluid, antifreeze when i got it and replaced oil every 6 months.

Asking $8,200 or best offer. I am somewhat flexible to a good home but please realize that this is not your average beater. It is truly worth it. It will need the drivers seat bolster repair though. Other extras - Carello headlights, extra set of wineglass wheels and misc gaskets. Even the AC works!!

The car has 59k. All maint is up to date. The TB and WP were redone by the previous owner and are in good shape. I'm pretty sure it still has the hydraulic tensioner. I am located in Manassas VA, approx 30 Miles south of DC, and 10 mins from Rt 95 south. The car was in exactly this condition when I bought it. The only work I have done is to replace fluids and rear brake lines/calipers. As far as additional info goes, all the electrics work except the mirrors, I can hear the motors run but the mirrors do not move. There are no rust bubbles at all in the paint. There is some surface rust on the underside of the body, nothing that is unusual at all. The sills and arches were repaired and replaced.

Your typical GTV6 in good nick will range somewhere between $7,000 to $12,000 range. I would say this one is priced rather realistically given the condition and work done; it's always a plus when a seller is willing to be flexible to a point. While they may not have the style and grace of their predecessors, the 105/115 series Giulia GTVs, these cars do offer lusty V6 power and a well-balanced chassis. For those on a classic car budget, it's hard to ignore everything the GTV6 has to offer.