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CICFS Blog: our Alfa Romeo 164L winter car

Crosspost from our personal blog, Blythbros.com

Maintaining a mental inventory of the local Alfa classifieds bears a certain risk.  That risk came to light last winter, when a last-minute cancellation left me in Pennsylvania without a ride or flight back to Michigan.  A simple problem, unless left to my internal problem-solving model.  All models are wrong; some are useful.  And, when I'm left in charge of calibrating the models, they point invariably to Alfa Romeo as the answer.  Cognitive bias, to put it lightly.  I was going to find a cheap Alfa to get me home.

Now, I have a history of rationalizing Alfa purchases.  As my first Milano Verde sat engineless in my apartment garage, I convinced myself to bring home an Alfa 164LS daily driver.  That 164 made it two weeks.  A year later, that same Milano Verde burned down my garage, 3 other emerging European classics, and the majority of my backyard; I was back in a Verde within 45 days.  Then there was the ran when parked Alfetta GTV shipped to my garage from California.  And then the ran when parked GTV-6 we towed home from Indiana.  Necessary, all of them.

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Save an Alfa: GTV-6 Edition

“When you see me on the block, homie you don’t know me,” the seller of this GTV-6 pronounces from his front valence, but we do know that he finds a certain “Kady” and “Hari” to be important, based on his windshield decal.  What else do we know?  Let’s parse through the photos included in this vague Craigslist ad description to find some information.

First, the car has been aerodynamically altered – bumpers were removed, presumably to reduce drag on the racetrack, and a single plane spoiler has been engineered to decrease lift  while maintaining a palatable level of drag.  Surprisingly, the side mirrors were spared during the optimization process, most likely for a proper view of the trailing field on the racetrack.  The interior is above average for a tan leather interior, based on what we’ve seen.  Though the rear muffler is from a faster and more furious era, don’t be too quick to write it off, at least sonically speaking.  Busso V6s are nearly impervious to the fart can – just hide it under the rear bumper to convey at least a modicum of taste.

Year: 1985
Model: Alfa Romeo
Engine: 3.0L V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage:  Unknown
Price: $2,500

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

Mechanically speaking, we rely on the seller’s description.  A hot dog 164S 3.0L V6, rated at 200hp new, supplants the original 2.5L V6.  In all seriousness, 3.0L GTV-6s are encouraged.  No word on the last engine service, but as we’ve made clear in prior Busso V6 write-ups, the front end engine service is very reasonable to complete either in your home garage or in the trust of an Alfa mechanic.  Around $1,000 or a Saturday – your choice.  The transaxle, likely the original unit with an open diff, is claimed to shift without synchro grind on second gear.  If true, remember to pause in neutral between shifts if you buy the car; patient shifting goes a long way in preserving shift quality.

Clearly this is not a car for a non-mechanical type, or someone looking for a no-excuses car for this spring.  But, for the value shopper, we believe that unreported rust would be the only way to weaken the business for this offering.  Swap the Verde wheels tea tray, bumpers, body cladding, and rear hatch sans spoiler from the parts car onto the 3.0L car, take the car into the shop for some economical but respectable paint, and work out the smaller items like brakes and suspension after you get the car back onto the street.  Sell those fat Borbet wheels to recoup some cost, and make a determination on the parts car.  If you have room, keep it around; otherwise, a weekend and a 6-8 large plastic totes will shrink it down to size.


Save an Alfa: Milano Verde Edition

Simple mission: someone please retrieve this ailing 1988 Milano Verde.  Yes, the one that has been sitting for a very long time in the New Mexico sun.

Issues?  The paint has faded to magenta - we say rock it.  The Recaros are ratty - Centerline International has you covered with replacement upholstery.  The car has been sitting - service it.  The area where the doors meet the fenders have rust - ignore it!  It's a $1,400 Verde, and it's all there.

Year: 1988
Model: Alfa Romeo
Engine: 3.0L V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage:  73,685
Price: $1,400

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde


I am selling an 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano 3.0 V6. This is a very rare italian sportscar. They are getting hard to find. Very peppy and fun to drive. 5 speed manual transmission, ac, power sunroof and windows. Factory sport seats. Is sitting for a very long time and has a fuel delivery problem. Probably just the fuel pump. Runs on starting fluid. Body is in decent shape for sitting outside for so long. I got stuck with my bmw projects and lost interest. Clean title in hands.

A certain rat rod Verde certainly sprang to mind when we found this listing.  Something about the, uh, unique design of the Milano lends itself to rattiness.  Get it running, then hit it with a solid front end engine service, go through the suspension bushings, and so on.  These cars are surprisingly resilient- take advantage of it with this one.

This very much classifies as something we would buy with our own money, but do not quite have the space for.   Let's save this deserving Verde from a parts car or scrapyard fate!


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Platinum

Here is a tired, yet surprisingly straight example of an 87 Alfa Romeo Milano Platinum.  With minimal description provided, we'll need to work off of the photos to glean some information.

The seller reports that the car does not run, and little else, for that matter.  A look at the engine shot shows a lack of a battery, but otherwise the engine bay is largely intact.  The timing covers are removed, and the ignition wires are perched in such a way that leads us to believe that the seller gave up either before or after a timing belt job.  A super close examination shows a mechanical timing belt tensioner in place of the mechanical tensioner, which means that the timing belt was replaced at least once in the car's life - useless information unless the service was in the last 3-5 years or 30,000 miles, give or take.  Still, with the exception of some sort of internal mechanical failure, which is unlikely, the car probably needs only minor mechanical attention to get back onto the road.  Figure on a fuel tank flush, fuel pump and filter, fresh 7.5mm fuel hose and clamps, a new timing belt, v belts, an air filter, plugs, and an oil change - less than $200 if you're good with a wrench.

Year: 1987
Model: Milano Platinum
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage:  Unknown
Price: $1,100

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Platinum

6 cylinder, 5 speed transmission. Does not run. Call for details

The Platinum models represent the highest spec 2.5L Milano offered in North America.  Powered leather and suede seats, a sunroof, power windows, cruise control, and power mirrors were compelling convenience features when the car was new in 1987.  Drivers today will no doubt still be impressed by the car's torsion bar front suspension, 4.10 LSD 5 speed rear-mounted transaxle with inboard brakes, and DeDion rear suspension.

We recommend this car for the seasoned Alfisti, though a good home mechanic with experience in any European marque would make quick sense of a project like this.  Once mechanically sorted, the buyer could tend to the ailing passenger fender, and might as well repaint the entire car at that point.  Many Platinums in this condition are either converted into racecars, or parted out for their 4.10 LSD rear transaxles, which often make their way into the 3.0L Milano Verdes.  We hope to see this car get a proper refresh from a patient enthusiast - we'd better not see this thing bombing around with a roll cage and stripped interior the next time we take the Verde to the track!


1991 Alfa Romeo 164 S project

While an honest seller is invaluable when purchasing a 25 year old Italian car, where does one draw the line on honesty?  Is it ever truly necessary to post a photo of your vehicle on a flatbed in a for sale ad?  If no, give the seller of this 1991 164 S some credit for brutal honesty, at least.

According to the seller, a small engine fire wiped out some of the engine wiring harness, HVAC, and engine compartment components. In the process of repairing the damage, the seller stripped the entire engine bay down to bare metal, and reportedly rustproofed, primed, and painted the area back to factory specs.  Yet to be completed is a full repaint of the front fenders and hood, as well as a replacement of melted plastic components on the engine.

Year: 1991
Model: 164 S
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 155,000 mi
Price: $4,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 S

Alfa Romeo 164S Restauration Project Car, many parts available./ missing original front bumper S version. was damage by small engine fire/ engine electrical harness, heating and ventilation, engine compartment completely restored with mostly new components.
Rustproof, primed and painted to factory specs front chasis section.
Need to paint front fenders and hood, detail and replace damage parts on engine (mostly plastic)
Same owner since 2001 engine was rebuilt with 99k miles actual 155k
List of parts include: two sets of wheels one OZ Superligera 17x7.5 second: OEM Euro Alfa 15x7
Euro HeadLamps
Front Brake Rotors Slotted and Drilled, Pads, Hoses (new)
Front Suspension Frame Arms with Bushings (new)
Brake Master Cylinder, Clutch Master Cylinder (new)
Engine Plastic Covers and Msc. parts
Rebuilt Rack and Pinion Steering
Properly stored in shop and warehouse away from sunlight
Car is assembled and rolls, $4.500.00
Serious Inquiries Only *** Picture #11 shows condition before incident ***

Having spent more than our fair share of time under the hood of various 164s, we can appreciate the clean engine bay paintwork.  It would be difficult to resist the temptation to bring the engine itself up to the level of finish already present in the engine bay.  The rest of the exterior appear to be sorted cosmetically, though higher resolution photos would required to truly assess that.  A few interior photos wouldn't hurt either - otherwise, the interior condition remains a mystery.

$4,500 is not quite average for a sorted 164 S with similar mileage, so the seller isn't completely unreasonable with their asking price.  The remaining paint and assembly work will add up quickly, unless done yourself, so be sure to factor that into any offers.  The OZ Superleggera wheels and Bosch Euro projector headlights sweeten the deal a bit, in our opinion.  And, the recent brake, suspension, and steering rack maintenance, along with a reportedly rebuilt engine, should instill some level of confidence in any buyers' minds.  We say check the car out in person, get a paint quote, and make a judicious offer - this could end up as quite a sharp 164 S in the hands of a knowledgable buyer!


1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Introduced to the North American market in 1975, the Alfetta ushered in an era of torsion bar front suspensions, DeDion rear suspension, and a rear transaxle with inboard disc brakes.  On paper, it improves on the classic GTV formula, but a quick look at the market shows a clear bias for the earlier 105/115 series over the later 116 transaxle cars.  As a result, finding a presentable, let alone rust-free Alfetta coupe is an evermore difficult prospect.

This bumperless example in Connecticut claims to be in rust-free condition, owing no doubt in part to its Texas provenance.  Though rumors abound as to the exact source of systemic rust on the Alfetta models, it is absolutely recommend that any potential sellers do a thorough check for lurking rust before any commitments to this particular car are made.  Especially vulnerable are the wheel arches, cowl area, rear hatch, and jack points.  If the claimed rust-free condition turns out to be the truth, then the uncombed interior might be easier to overlook.

Year: 1976
Model: Alfetta GT
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,500 mi
Price: $5,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Well sorted, rebuilt engine, high compression pistons, tubular headers, electronic ignition, spica fuel injection. Rebuilt suspension, red konis and poly bushings, new Pirelli tires and alignment. Runs and drives strong, good driveshaft donuts & brakes. Original Texas Title, clean w/ no rust. Shock towers, jack points, under carriage and around glass all good, but needs bumpers.

Some technical notes: the engine appears to have supported an A/C system at one point, owing to the stud-plug on the passenger side of the cylinder head.  Also, a rebuilt engine could be a solid advantage, but we would contact the seller for details - who rebuilt it, and what parts were sourced for the build?  And, we can't vouch for the specific brand of piston or headers that the seller reports as installed on this particular car, but both should promote a sporty character in line with the car - just don't expect to surprise anyone at a stoplight.

Very few Alfetta coupes remain on the road, and as such, the prices for clean cars have climbed out of the song and a dance category.  Fortunately for potential buyers, parts car prices remain reasonable.  We say make a competitive offer, source some Euro bumpers, recover the front seats, and drop in an ANSA rear muffler and enjoy a sorted Italian sports coupe for around $5,000.



1988 Alfa Romeo 75 3.0 V6 America

With the Alfa Romeo 4C starting to trickle in to Fiat showrooms in the US, it's an opportune time to explore models of Alfa's past in preparation for a greater product onslaught of Italian machinery for the masses. The 75, or Milano as it was known in the US, perhaps wasn't appreciate enough in its day. Nowadays, however, this sedan is known as one of the last true Alfas, with rear-wheel drive, a rear mounted gearbox and in some cases, that sonorous V6 that the marque was known for. This 1988 75 3.0 V6 America for sale in Germany has the desirable V6/5-speed manual combination and with only 26,000 miles, looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Year: 1988
Model: 75 3.0 V6 America
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 42,700 km (~ 26,532 mi)
Price: €19,800 (~ $22,207 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1988 Alfa Romeo 75 3.0 V6 America

Very nice and well maintained vehicle from a museum! A vehicle with very high fun factor! Incredible condition! Hard to come by in this condition. Delivery status! Car is absolutely original and was always dry!
New timing belt!
Viewing by appointment

Electric front windows
Fog lights
Power steering
Mechanical side mirrors
Heated rear window
Rear-wheel drive
14 inch alloy wheels

Even though the dollar is gaining parity with the euro these days, this Alfa is still priced over the $20,000 mark, which is uncharted territory for these sedans this side of the Atlantic. We've seen a few low mileage examples crop up, but most struggle to reach the $10,000 to $12,000 mark. At most, I'd suspect this car might reach towards the $15,000 mark, simply due to its showroom condition. If you have the time and patience, there are still a few good Milanos to be had stateside, but it might take some time to source one. The price on this 75 might make it a bit prohibitive to import, but would certainly make for good conversation amongst the Alfisti. As the advertisement for the Milano aptly put it at the time: "driven to be different."


1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

In the years following World War II, plenty of manufacturers went ahead and developed racing specials off existing platforms in an effort for niche models to be more fiscally viable. Alfa Romeo debuted the Sprint Speciale, or SS, in 1959, based off the Giulietta platform. The first 100 cars of the production run were low nose specials devised specifically to meet FIA homologation requirements. With a twin cam engine and a very low coefficient of drag for the period, these were serious contenders. Later, in 1963, a Giulia based Sprint Speciale with a larger, 1.6 liter powerplant would debut. This example for sale in Houston represents the last of the Giulia SS breed, as these cars would disappear after 1966.

Year: 1966
Model: Giulia SS
Engine: 1.6 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 8,704 mi (?)
Price: $132,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

Chassis No. AR.10121.381227

Body No. *87*2658*

Motor No. AR00121.01269
One of only 1,400 examples produced between 1962-66
Ideal Example for Tours and Rallies
Verified by Alfa Romeo Historic Motoring
Desirable 1600cc Giulia Model
Striking original-color White SS

The Giulietta Sprint Speciale was a more upscale version of the normal Sprint and featured a smooth, 2-door gran turismo body by Bertone. In the efforts to make the SS as light as possible, the wheelbase was made four inches shorter than the Sprint's. Since it was intended for competition use, the SS only had room for two people and a limited amount of storage for luggage. However, this allowed the cabin to be much more spacious than the four-seat Sprint.

According to Alfa Romeo Historic Motoring, chassis number AR 381227 originally corresponds to Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (101.21), engine series AR 00121 - Manufactured on the 14th of September 1964 and sold on April 20, 1965 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark USA. The example offered here makes for an ideal driver's SS in correct, refreshing non-red paint color and good mechanicals. Other noteworthy items include correct radio delete, Borrani vented wheels, and the unique plenum and air box - considered 'regular' 105 Veloce items, but are believed to be original on the later cars. All body numbers are present on the front hood, rear decklid hinge, and firewall.

The older paintwork is well suited for a touring candidate, while the interior upholstery displays well and appears fairly recent. Its engine compartment remains remarkably clean, while the car runs as strong and smooth as the striking cosmetics imply. Above all, the Giulia SS's appeal lies in its good looks and driving pleasure. It continues to be one of the most recognizable and collectable post-war Alfa Romeos to date.

Note: This Alfa is titled as a 1967 model.


Full Resolution Photos: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

To learn more about this vehicle, please contact our sales department at (281) 497-1000 or sales@driversource.com

Only 1,400 Sprint Speciales were ever built and as such, they are highly prized. There's a lot to like about this car, especially the great contrast between the white exterior and red leather. The asking price for this car is about on par with what average examples are pulling these days, with the very best verging towards $200,000. Given the rarity of this car and what you pay for similar Ferrari and Lamborghinis of the era, this car offers a lot of style and lore for the money.


1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

Alfa Romeo has had fits and starts with a return to the US market over the last few years. In 2008, the 8C Competizione was unleashed on US customers in limited numbers, giving the well-heeled an opportunity to once again bask in automotive nirvana that the brand has been known for over the years. Now with the introduction of the 4C Coupe and Spider, ownership of an Alfa Romeo is becoming ever more realistic for those of us stateside. Luckily, there have been enthusiasts who dutifully preserved classic Spiders, the car which brought Alfa Romeo fame on these shores. This Series 4 Spider for sale from our reader David is one of the rare Commemorative Editions, which marked the end for the 105/115 series Spider after an impressive three decade production run.

Year: 1994
Model: Spider Commemorative Edition
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 21,415 mi
Price: $19,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Commemorative Edition

1994 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce CE (Commemorative Edition)

Number 15 of only 190 Alfa Romeo Spiders sold in the US in 1994 - the last year in the US after a 27 year production run.

~22,000 original miles. Verde Inglese (Green) with original pristine tan leather and Alcantara interior.
All original except routine maintenance items (battery, fluids, tires, rear muffler).
Original window sticker and leather portfolio and books.
Items unique to only the 190 1994 Commemorative Edition Spiders: Numbered dash plaque, wood grain door and console trim and gear shift knob, CE badges on nose, rear, numbered key chain, unique wheel center caps, etc.
Fully professionally serviced, shifts perfectly, cold A/C, drive anywhere (car thoroughly professionally inspected, all synthetic fluids, valve clearances adjusted, new rear muffler and tailpipe, Pirellis all around, motor mounts and suspension components "look like a 2 year old car").

Excellent original condition. Pristine original tan leather/Alcantera interior. NO dash cracks. All original paint with minor blemishes on nose and rear trunk lid which can be professionally detailed if desired. Absolutely NO dings, dents, rust, prior accident damage. Drives beautifully, shifts smoothly (no 2nd gear synchro crunch), wonderful highway cruising all day long at 70+ mph.

Fairly priced at $19,900 (you will not find another CE with <25,000 miles for <$25,000). Car located in Chapel Hill, NC. Serious buyers only are welcome to call David at: Nine-One-Nine-27-Zero-4228 or email at 94SpiderCE@gmail.com

The Series 4 Spider will always be a favorite of mine, as it mixes classic looks with integrated bumpers and the reliability of Bosch Motronic engine management and an electric fan. Even though this is labeled a 1994 model, Spider production ended in 1993, with this CE model being one of them to roll off the line. Given the condition and mileage of this example, the price is in the ballpark. When you consider what you pay for early 105/115 Spiders and that Alfa Romeo is set to introduce a new Spider in the near future, the collectability quotient for these roadsters is strong.


1995 Alfa Romeo 164 LS

This square-jawed 164 LS presents the rare opportunity to purchase what is, in my opinion, the ideal configuration of a 164. It starts with the superlative 164 LS platform; introduced in 1994, it brought a 210hp 24V engine, a refreshed interior with - and this is difficult to believe - an updated version of the sea of button 90s HVAC controls, and handsome body-matched cladding - a notable improvement over the grey cladding in 1991-1993 cars. Usually, to upgrade to the 164 Q's 232hp, you have to stomach the swaths of grey body cladding, which have their place, but are by no means subtle. Fortunately for LS owners, it's possible to surpass the Q's 232hp spec with a Squadra chip upgrade and the Q's 45mm intake runners - $860 in kit form. In the case of this car, the chip is already present, so it's just a matter finding some $400 (or less used) 45mm Q runners to get to a claimed 240hp. Not bad for this black tuxedo of a sedan.


Year: 1995
Model: 164 LS
Engine: 3.0 Liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 79,000 mi
Price: $7,200

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 Alfa Romeo 164 LS


With a bit of trepidation and reluctance, I’m selling my 1995 164LS. I bought it here in 2009 from fellow member sjmst. I brought it to the left coast and have driven it about 29,000 miles since purchased. Need to shed this one to make room and some funds to assist the completion of my GT junior redo. Looks like I’m the 4th or 5th owner based on the materials I’ve been provided. Most everything from a copy of the original Monroney window sticker on through the most recent work detailed below is documented. Still in great condition, properly maintained by a AR specialty shop when needed and about as clean as you’ll find. Runs fast and firm, a great grand tourer with a lot of ‘sport’ mixed in. Now to the details (a lot of which I’ll plagiarize from the 2009 trade / sale post from where I purchased…):

Asking Price: $7,200
Miles: ~79,000
Black/Black, 5speed, 3L 24V
Photos @ flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129463...7648339523413/ take a look there and if there are others you want, ask and they will post there.
Located in SF Bay Area, CA

• 17” wheels w Falken Z1EX 225/45 17’s with ~19k miles on them w/ lots of life left
• Squadra chip
• B&G springs
• Goats repaired LCD HVAC display – all works and legible
• Invisible bra at leading edge of hood – no stone chips there as a result
• One small seam split in FL seat, professionally repaired and unnoticeable
• Headliner redone and flawless
• Original owner manuals, tools, keys, alarm fobs included (never could figure out how to program/reset for the fobs though)
• Original AM/FM/Cassette unit with 6 disc changer in trunk. All operable though the speakers are old and crap (usable and OK with me – I like hearing the 24V music) and should be replaced
• Dash is 10/10 – no cracks, no fading or warping, interior is 9or10/10, exterior

is probably 8 or 9/10 (I’m picky)

Things not working, not working right or maybe in need of attention (most from the PO’s list and have not been an issue, some added by me over time):
• DS front seat heater switch ‘iffy’ – mostly does not work, sometimes the display icon will come on but I don’t sense heat. Never need that where I am so never bothered with it
• Small ‘dimples’ in DS front seat bottom, kind of back right corner. Leather is not jeopardized at all and I think it’s just a normal defect expected in cow hides (PO thought it may be from former owners, keys in pocket sort of thing). I say not.
• Misc minor dings (you’ll see not really noticeable when visiting the photos)
• Bottom cladding – at rear valance – ‘nubby’ paint is wearing off a bit in spots. Not a big issue and with the black material, not too noticeable.
• Small bubble areas where paint is failing / peeling on front bumper. ~1”x2” area and base material is black so not too noticeable but would eventually warrant a respray
• PO says was rearended lightly about a year before I acquired. Professionally repaired with new bumper cover, paint, aluminum strip via PO (I have receipts). Good job, not any noticeable difference from surrounding areas.
• Refrigerant lasts about 1-1.5 seasons per charge. Must be slow leak somewhere but the charge can be done easily at a low cost so has been no big deal to me.
• HVAC controls all work as intended though the link to the heater flap door must be disconnected (under dash?). I’ve read here on the BB kind of a pain to R&R. My solution has been to adjust to my liking based on season by moving the actuator arm behind the false firewall a bit to provide more, less or no hot air to the cabin. Again, I’m in a very mild climate
with minimal seasonal swings so not been an issue.
• Seat height adjustment function does not work well. Teeth or belt(?) stripped or jumped? Front/back/seatback tilt all fully functional otherwise
• PO represented hood repainted at time of adding the invisibra (looks great)
• Trunk lifting gas struts getting tired – need assistance to raise the trunk fully but holds it there once opened
• Stone chip very top edge of L headlight lens.

I think that’s about it for the ‘defects’ etc. list. If not on this list, assume all else in good/very good to perfect condition but feel free to ask on specific things of interest or concern. Now on to things done since purchase:
• Smog check and registration done 1/14. Engine runs cleaner than my newer supposedly low emissions vehicles (Mini, Audi 2L)
• Steering rack replaced w/ properly rebuilt unit. Rock solid (aligned too) 5/14
• Fuel pump inc pump relays, Oil sensor unit replaced 5/13
• Brake Master Cylinder, Clutch Slave cylinder + hose 12/11
• Fan wiring harness, temp sensor, A arms replaced 3/11
• Plugs + tune, RR window regulator replacement, O2 sensor, transaxle fluid changed 3/10
• Serpentine belt, T-belt, bypass hoses, water pump replaced 3/09 (@ 50,100mi).
That’s about it. A fun car that gets smiles and comments by those both in the know and clueless as to what it is and a very good example of the last year and low volume US spec ’95 164.
Let the tire kicking begin!


The 164 platform is much less prone to rust than the earlier transaxle cars - not that rust should be too much of a concern for a California car like this one. Judging from the photos and description, exterior blemishes seem to be minimal, allowing the eye to focus on the flat surfaces and sharp creases so vital to the handsome Pininfarina wedge. Coming as more of a surprise is the state of the front leather seats, which are in remarkably superb condition, even for a car with relatively low mileage like this. Additional confidence as a buyer comes in the form of a fully repaired and functional climate control LCD screen - a common weak point on 164.

Mechanically speaking, this car is long overdue for a timing belt change; we wouldn't drive it far on the current 6 year-old belt. The belt jobs are expensive on these cars, especially when performed at a shop, so do not consider the rather optimistic asking price impervious to this reality. We'd also be prepared to spend some money on the air conditioning to address refrigerant leak, though it seems that we have a rare instance of a car with functioning A/C that actually does need the occasional recharge - a nice relief from the typical Craigslist seller's refrain. With a fresh timing belt, water pump, and A/C service, this 164 LS offers the rare opportunity to experience a 164 in 1990s condition, saving you 1.21 gigawatts in the process.