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1985 Alfa Romeo 6 2.5 Turbo Diesel

Mention Alfa Romeo and turbodiesel next to each other and you could be forgiven for thinking this was an odd marriage. Or a marriage that never even existed at all. Before their recent JTD models, Alfa dabbled with oil burners back in the 1980s with their large saloon, the Alfa 6. Not sold in the US market, this sedan was based on a stretched Alfetta platform and offered a VM built five cylinder turbodiesel engine. It wasn’t a barnstormer, but brought Alfa into the game at a time when ever increasing petrol prices were putting the squeeze on European consumers. Want to have something no one else does stateside? Here’s your chance to buy a real uncommon piece.

Year: 1985
Model: 6 2.5 Turbo Diesel
Engine: 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-5 diesel
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 105,215 (?) km (~ 65,377 mi)
Price: Reserve auction

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This is a 1985 model. eBay will not accept a European VIN for anything newer than 1980.

I love and collect cars; mainly Mercedes Benz and Audis, but I always had a weak spot for unique Alfa Romeos. The Alfa Sei (6) was Alfa Romeo's flagship luxury car, built between 1979 and 1985. Until 1982 only with a carburated 2.5 liter V6 and from 1983 until 1985 as the face-lifted 2nd series with a carburated 2.0 or fuel-injected 2.5 liter V6. Additionally Alfa Romeo built 2730 Alfa 6s with the VM Inline 5 cylinder Turbodiesel with 107 hp and 205 Nm torque @ 2400 rpm. They only came equipped with a 5 speed transmission. Mine has VIN 3699. After that only 31 more TDs were built plus a couple of limited editions with the light blue leather interior.

Alfa Romeo had a few 1979 models certified for the USA, but gave up the plan of importing them. Only very few Alfa 6s were privately imported and as far as I know there is no other Turbodiesel in the country. I had my eye on an Alfa 6 for many years and finally in 2005 while vacationing in Germany I saw this one advertised in Rome, Italy. I had to act fast and with the help of my German friend we had it shipped up to his shop in Southern Germany. It stayed there for a couple of years, received a complete maintenance with new tires and a couple of panels had to be painted because the paint had faded.

Eventually it was shipped to the USA and titled on a collector plate in Washington State. Since it is a Diesel and smog exempt in most, if not all states, it can even be registered in California. Odometer has only 5 digits and shows 05215 kilometers. Judging from the condition and tightness of the car it could be 105215 kilometers. That's also what the previous Italian owner told us. I do not have any paperwork to proof it.

The mostly original paint is still very shiny with a few touched up areas mainly on the trunk. Living most of its life in Rome, Italy it has a few small dings and the rear bumper is pushed in a bit. The interior is very clean without rips or stains. There is very little surface rust forming on a inside rocker panel and around the rear window which is visible on two of the pictures. It has not gotten any worse since 2005 even though the car was sitting outside in Germany. There is absolutely no rust underneath the car.

Even after sitting for a few weeks the car starts effortlessly on the first try. The transmission shifts without any grinding and the clutch is firm and not slipping. The brakes are good without any pulsating. Tires have approx. 4.000 kilometers. The car has a very firm and stable ride and can easily keep up with the 85 mph traffic on LA's freeways.

All lights and instruments work fine. Even the clock shows the proper time. It takes the tachometer a few minutes of driving before it starts working. The two front power windows work fine, the left rear is very slow and I never could get the right rear to work. The power antenna goes up and down properly but the old stereo does not want to play anymore.

The A/C was charged with R12 4 years ago and still blows ice cold, but because the cabin fan quit, cold air only comes in while the car is driving and the vents are open. I will include a spare fan and that should solve this problem. We took the car to the Concorso Italiano in Monterey in 2010 and had a blast driving it up there. The fuel mileage was about 33mpg. We did not have any problems with the car on this and many more trips.

Lots of people looked at our car and very seasoned Alfisti told us that they never saw one before. Even the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese does not have a Turbodiesel in their collection. Parts can be found in Europe, mainly in Italy. The VM engine was also used in Jeeps, Landrovers and Chrysler Minivans in Europe. I will include a repair manual in German. The car has a clean transferable WA title and a WA collector plate.

Since it is a 29 year old car there is no warranty expressed or implied. I will gladly help with shipping within the USA or overseas.

Even in Europe, the 6 is a rare Alfa. I've never seen one on my travels there. Most buyers of the marque tend to lean towards the sportier offerings and bypass the luxury sedans, especially one with a diesel engine. But, imagine the looks at the next Alfa meet when you turn up in this thing. If the Peugeot 505 or Saab 9000 seem a bit too common, your car has arrived.


1985 Alfa Romeo 6 2.5 TD

One of the things that both the Italians and French are good at, besides making love, cooking and fine wine is manufacturing desirable small cars. When tasked with designing and selling executive-sized sedans, this is where both countries come up short. As interesting as their offerings have been at times, they never really took off, with exception of the Citroën DS. One very forgotten executive sedan from Alfa Romeo is the 6. These were not huge sellers, with only a shade over 12,000 produced from 1979 to 1986. As a result, examples which survive to this day are in extremely rare company.

They were well equipped cars, however, featuring rear-wheel drive, with power steering, power windows, electric mirrors and central locking, along with a limited slip differential as standard. Minor styling tweaks came along for 1983, along with this car’s engine, the 2.5 liter VM 5 cylinder turbodiesel. This particular 6 that is for sale in Spain has the five cylinder turbo diesel engine which was related to the diesel engine that Jeep offered in their Cherokee for certain overseas markets. This 2.5 liter, overhead valve engine pumped out 103 horsepower and produced a respectable 177 lb ft. of torque. It's not the optimal choice for enthusiasts, but with cars these rare, beggars can't be choosers.

1985 Alfa Romeo 6 2.5 TD

Alfa Romeo 6 2.5 TD, fabulous limited edition! Brand new car that belongs to a private collection. Always garaged. Sold only by lack of space.

At €8,000 (~ $10,500 USD), this is not a cheap '80s Alfa. I’m not sure if I would be the type of person to pay for such nostalgia and one must consider that parts must be awfully difficult to source for a vehicle built in such small numbers with a near non-existent following. The diesel engine does add a bit of durability into the package and hopefully this car can find a good home where it can be preserved as one of the last of its kind.