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1987 Maserati Biturbo Zagato

The Maserati Biturbo has always been a car that fascinated me; perhaps it's that I grew up in the 1980s where box-tacular designs were the norm, but there was something about the styling of the Biturbo that I always found appealing. It was tight and compact, sporty with enough flare that it really stood out. I was especially a fan of the dished wheels and still am. Compared to the somewhat oddly proportioned Quattroporte III, the Biturbo just looked right. That continued under the hood, where from a performance standpoint the Biturbo was fairly impressive; at least, on paper. In an era where 140-150 horsepower was considered "good", the twin turbocharged V6 put out a lofty 180 horsepower. Not all of that transferred into pulse-pounding performance, but still it was more than adequate for the time period; remember, that's more than some American V8s were pushing at the time. Still, the Biturbo didn't gain the best reputation, meaning you can pick up clean examples today for not much money, such as this clean example from Ocean Drive Motors:

Year: 1987
Model: Biturbo Zagato
Engine: 2.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 29,008 mi
Price: $9,000

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HORSEPOWER: 180.00 BHP (1325 KW) @ 6000.00 RPM
Hp / LITER: 90.0 BHP / LITER

STOCK #: 8029
VIN #: ZAMPM1106HA331332
PRICE: $9,500.00


Though they look very similar to the sedan, the Spyder version of the Biturbo was styled by Zagato and rode on a shortened chassis, making it strictly a two seater. The color combination on this particular car is nice and understated; red and white were quite popular, so it's nice to see something a little different. While I'm not a fan of the overly-plush looking seats from 1980s Maseratis, overall the condition of this car inside and out is very clean. There are some needs, such as the replacement top, but if you're on a budget and want some unusual Italian fun in the sun, this Biturbo could be a fun sun project car. Overall it is priced pretty accurately in the marketplace for these Biturbos.


1987 Ferrari Testarossa

As I sit here and write this, it's hard for me to conceptualize that fairly bare-bones Porsche 911 models from the 1970s and some from the 1990s, such as the RS America, are currently worth more than a Ferrari Testarossa. After all, until 1987 and the launch of the twin-turbocharged F40, the Testarossa briefly was top of the heap at Ferrari. It was a luxurious, ludicrously fast GT/supercar with a mid-mounted flat-12 that made it so, so wide - and so, so cool. If you were into posters in the 1980s, this car might not have made your wall - that was reserved for the Lamborghini Countach - but the less flamboyant Testarossa was the one you wanted to drive. It was faster than the Countach, too...because, of course, of those classic red valve covers from which it derives its name. Red is always faster, and this is one fast Ferrari:

Year: 1987
Model: Testarossa
Engine: 5.0 liter flat-12
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 40,260 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

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If you really want to get into one of these Testarossa, you can do it the hard and expensive way, or you can do it the easy and expensive way. Finding a good condition car that has recently been serviced is certainly a plus, as is the European build of this car - it lacks the annoying automatic seatbelt frames on the door and was lighter and slightly more powerful than the U.S. version. Of course, 25 plus years later registering it should be no issue. The color combination is classic and condition seems to be top with plenty of recent overhauling; and with Testarossa values hovering below $65,000, you're getting a lot of car for the money; certainly more than you'd get with many cars that cost twice as much. It's an 80s icon that is currently under appreciated, and consequently undervalued even compared to its stablemates!


1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio as seen in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

What is the price of celebrity? Always an interesting question when it comes to collector vehicles. By now we’ve either seen or read the reviews of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a take by famed director Martin Scorsese on the fast times of the world of high finance in the 1980s. If you were watching closely, you might have spotted a classic sports car from the 1980s make an appearance in the opening scenes. While the easy choice might have been a Porsche 911 or Mercedes-Benz SL, the director decided to go for a more Mediterranean choice in this, the Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio. This particular Series 3 Spider is a two owner car with just over 80,000 miles on the clock.

Year: 1987
Model: Spider Quadrifoglio
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 80,400 mi
Price: $39,999 Buy It Now

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"This is the land of Opportunity..."

You now have the ability to own, what is now without a doubt - - The Most Visible Alfa Romeo In The World. This Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Quadrifoglio was filmed by one of the greatest motion picture Directors of our time, Martin Scorsese, for the Worldwide Smash Hit movie THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. This special, one-of-a-kind and near-mint Pininfarina Quadrifoglio appears not only in the Movie - - but also in the award-winning and massively popular TWOWS/Kanye West Promotional Trailer; appeared in the second biggest televised Awards show (The Golden Globes); appears in other Entertainment and News television shows such as Entertainment Tonight and CNN; and is visible on a daily/worldwide basis via mass media websites covering this hit film (NBC, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Access Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, Barron's, The Guardian, Daily Mail, etc., etc., etc.).

Scorsese uses this Alfa Romeo as an automotive icon feature shot representing 1987 Wall Street while filming him in scenes featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Jon Bernthal. In the award-winning and now world famous Kanye West/TWOWS movie trailer, Scorsese and Paramount use this Alfa as the main visual under Leonardo DiCaprio's debut character voice-over: "My name is Jordan Belfort." During last month's Golden Globes Awards telecast on NBC, this Alfa was featured as the "very first scene" in the nominated Best Picture video presented by Jonah Hill to a televised audience of 22 million US viewers (250 million viewers worldwide). Over the past few weeks, this Alfa was seen on the CNN show Piers Morgan Live featuring a one hour interview with Leonardo DiCaprio's character, the controversial Jordan Belfort. And the behind-the-scenes video of the actual filming of the Alfa Quad/Leonardo DiCaprio movie scene was shown in the Los Angeles Times.

The Wolf of Wall Street is currently playing at over 6,000 movie theaters worldwide and is now Martin Scorsese's biggest grossing film ever @ well over $300 Million Worldwide Box Office. The Wolf of Wall Street is nominated for 5 Oscars, including Best Picture. And now this vintage Alfa Romeo is simply like No Other in the world.

Through visiblity in the hit movie; pre-release trailers/continuing high-visiblity marketing; and the worldwide internet media coverage; this Alfa Romeo has garnered at least 500 MILLION visible impressions worldwide - - and still counting (all numbers are completely quantifiable).

This Quadrifoglio was filmed in Fall, 2012 in scenes featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill at locations on Wall Street, Westchester NY and Northern New Jersey. It is one of only 4 "exotic/collector cars" featured in the movie.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET is nominated for FIVE Academy Awards, including: Best Picture, Best Director (Scorsese), Best Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), and Best Supporting Actor (Jonah Hill). This is your opportunity to own a continuing classic, one-of-a-kind Italian "Divo" collectible.

2nd Owner has pampered and babied this New York City-based "Rock Star" since 2000. Serviced by the finest Alfa heritage service centers in NY, it runs flawlessly and turns more heads/draws more attention here than any car on the road - - bar none. Not a day goes by when he doesn't receive smiles, accolades, compliments and cell phone/Instagram photos taken by the general public -- even while cruising on the highway!

Current vehicle condition: Mechanicals/Electrical's/Fuel Inj. all 100%. Interior, seats, carpets, instruments: all 100%. Engine and Clutch rebuilt within past 3 years. 5 year old Pirelli's in great shape. A/C is cold! Soft top fabric is dark black and still great, however rear window has some scuffs. Leather Boot is fine, however needs hardware refastening to leather (best done when soft top is eventually replaced). Factory hardtop has small corner crack from prior owner (see pix). Passenger side exterior "runner" has a 3" dia factory convex bump out (classic Alfa sheet metal issue, see pix). Front emblem is 1/4 dented "in" (Owner will try to fix prior to sale, see pix). Small, old windshield crack (3/8" in center" from first owner, not noticable). Original Radio works/Cassette doesn't. Invisible rear crack in teflon gearshift handle (Owner will try to fix prior to sale). Windshield washer motor is down (Owner will try to fix prior to sale). Passenger side door lock cylinder is broken (Owner will try to fix prior to sale). "Trying to Fix" means "if parts are immediately available" (these are all minor, relatively inexpensive repairs/parts fortunately). Basically, 99% of the car is mint....the above 1% are simple fixes, general wear-and-tear stuff for New York City year 'round, garaged cars.

Winning bidder to handle and pay for all transportation and insurance requirements (for domestic or international delivery points). Owner will require 10-14 days post-auction to prep and detail car for final transport to winning bidder. Balance of payment due at time of final shipping/transport. Feel free to email with any questions.

(attached photos include: movie set photos, movie validation/certified paperwork, media captures, the personalized Clio/Grand Key Art Award awarded to the first movie trailer; interior condition and exterior beauty shots. Note: all media captures are taken directly from the trailers and live broadcasts appearing on that media outlets coverage (NBC News, The Hollywood Reporter, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, The Golden Globes Awards telecast, and multiple International media outlets).

If this were any normal Series 3 Spider, we’d be looking at a $10,000 to $15,000 car here, given the condition. Is star power worth more than double in this case, then? That’s debatable, given this isn’t the first time this car has appeared in an online auction. It certainly would be interesting to see where this would go with no reserve. Given this car appeared in a movie regarding the investment world, maybe it's worth taking a risk over the normal value for a slice of movie history?


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

After featuring an Alfa Romeo Milano Verde earlier in the month, it got me thinking. Will we ever see a midsize sedan so blatantly focused on performance over practicality ever again? Even the current Alfa Romeo lineup pales in comparison to the excitement offered a few decades back. So, why wait? Go out and grab a Milano Verde like this well sorted example for sale in North Carolina with 75k miles on its original engine.

Year: 1987
Model: Milano Verde
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 133,750 mi
Price: $7,500 Buy It Now

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I bought this car 5 years ago because it was identical to one I had 25 years ago, the best family sedan I've ever owned. The original owner installed many sensible performance mods: Pandora computer box, sport springs & tuned suspension that make it a joy to drive. Extras include Momo steering wheel, K&N filter, Zender wheels, tinted windows, carbon fiber shifter knob, custom exhaust with a mellow bellow to kill for, awesome stereo. There are 133k miles on the chassis, 75K on motor - the original owner installed a 3.5 L motor and ran it like that for ~60k miles, then re-installed the original motor. Nearly new Yokohama S 205/50-15 tires.

The car is kept in a heated garage and driven vigorously every couple of weeks, as every Alfa should be. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the country. I now regretfully need to pare down the Alfa stable to make room for a new acquisition. If you're looking for a great Verde to drive or just admire, you'll be hard put to find a better one for the money.

These Alfa Romeo Milanos are cars certainly worth saving. Sure, like all Alfas they take a bit of fettling at times to get right, as our friends over at BlythBros. have chronicled. However, get them sorted, and what a rewarding drive they are. They offer a level of involvement and tactile pleasure that seems impossible to replicate these days.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

Alfa Romeos from the 1980s are one of the cheapest ways into Italian car ownership these days. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are lacking on thrills, of course. Made even more famous - or infamous depending on how you look at it - the Alfa Romeo 75, known here as the Milano, offered wedge styling, a lusty V6 and rear mounted gearbox for excellent handling dynamics. Few of these are hanging around in good condition these days, but eventually you’ll stumble across a good one like this 1987 Milano Gold for sale in California.

Year: 1987
Model: Milano Gold
Engine: 2.5 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 116,961 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

Excellent running and looking 1987 Milano Gold. The detachable face CD and radio work. The seats are great. The things that are wrong with are shown in the pictures, mainly small aesthetics like the rubber around the doors, paint on edges slightly worn, the inside door handles are both broken at the top on both the driver and side and passenger side. The lights come on when you open the door but I believe the other interior lights work but I think it’s the bulbs.

We’ve seen a few good Milanos here at CICFS that have reached towards the $10,000 mark. There’s a few non-stock items on this, mileage is on the low side for the year but overall, it’s a pretty straight example of Alfa’s last rear-drive sedan sold in the US market. The only thing I might address is the rear suspension height. US bound Milanos had their suspension raised to meet federal regulations. Euro market 75s had a lower rear ride height, specs which some Milano owners have switched to. I’d suspect a reasonable ask for a car of this caliber would be around the $4,000 to $6,000 mark.


1987 Fiat Panda 4×4

Those in the market for a cheap, four-wheel drive vehicle under $20,000 have a couple of choices, but not many. The Patriot is the bottom end of the Jeep range, but a rather dreadful vehicle. Subaru has a few Imprezas that fit the bill for those not looking for a full-on SUV and Suzuki has the SX4, which is a rather tidy, all-wheel drive five-door hatchback. Unfortunately, the US has not been privy to the Fiat Panda 4x4, which has been around since the 1980s. Rumor has it that we may get a version of this plucky little off roader in the form of a small Jeep, given Fiat's control of Chrysler. In the meantime, it's possible to pick up the first generation Fiat Panda on the cheap, even considering shipping costs to the US. This Panda for sale near Milan, Italy has covered a scant 40,000 miles and would be a great commuting tool for those in colder climates.

1987 Fiat Panda 4x4

Fiat Panda 4x4, 1987 (hence exempt stamp duty), in excellent condition, both mechanical and body. The following components have been replaced due to age: brackets, headsets, tires, battery, belts, etc. Car does not require any additional work, price is negotiable.

The seller is asking the equivalent of about $4,200 USD for this Panda. By the time you factor in shipping and importation fees, you might be hovering around $6,000. That's seems like a lot for a Panda, but considering the utility on tap and exclusivity this car offers stateside, it's a small price to pay. With manually selectable four-wheel drive and a low range first gear, this car offers a curious mix of versatility and economy that is hard to match.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

As I was walking back to my apartment on Christmas Eve, I stumbled upon an Alfa Romeo Milano parked on the street, looking rather lonely in the freezing rain. It was a very mint example and had me thinking that maybe these cars weren't as troublesome as first thought if they are hanging around on urban streets. One of our readers had been in search of a good, clean Milano lately and as a result, these cars have been on my mind. Here is another Milano that has come up for sale outside of Washington, DC. This car needs a bit of love and attention, but is honest and complete.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde, Second owner, purchased car in 1995. This was a Daily Driver for nearly 17 years, until I purchase new Dodge Dart. Car was well maintained with many upgrades along the way.

Hereiare its issues.Engine and Transmission had been rebuilt approx 6 years ago, but need attention. Needs head gasket, still runs great, but evidence of oil getting into cooling system and oil leaking out of gasket onto exhaust manifold. Heads were replaced with IAP rebuilt units approx 8 years ago with S cams, but really, the engine is due for a complete overhaul. Gear lever rattles in 4th, 5th gear, probably not linkage. Clutch, while still has great grip, is getting a little stiff. Rear Wheel arches were replaced 10 years ago, and while being a very amatuer job, are still sound with no rust evident. Could use cosmetic attention on quarter panel where bondo is hiding the seams.The spare wheel well has some major rust issues that will need to be addressed. The tow hook is barely hanging on, but is still there ! The front driver jack point was bent by a tire shop, the others are fine. The car has never been in an accident, other than a Jag XJ6 backing into me while at a car lot. The mounting point to the bumper is slightly bent. Power steering hoses leak also.

Car comes with a set of Panasport Wheels, and 2 steel rims, and two factory mags, which can be seen in the pictures. It also comes with a spare front Bumper in awsome condition along with hoses and fittings for washer hoses. Entire Exhuast system replaced 2 years ago. Set of Koni Sport shocks all around, with Vented Rotors up front. Front Recaro grey inserts installed a few years back, see pictures. Personal brand steering wheel in awesome shape. Bottom Line, car could use a lot of work, but is a real Milano Verde. Has been a faithful daily driver for its entire life. Great Project Car, basis for a vintage racer, or keep feeding it money and is an awsome daily driver. Still a blast to drive! Price: $5,000 obo.

For the intrepid Alfa enthusiast, this would be a good buy, but the asking price of $5,000 is a bit dear for a car that needs this kind of mechanical and cosmetic work. As is, this car might be worth somewhere around $3,500 to $4,000. At that level, you could carry out the necessary fixes without making it too nice for daily use.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

We had a reader request recently to search out a few Alfa Romeo Milanos. To start off the week, I thought we would continue on our cheap thrills theme from the weekend and feature this Milano Gold 2.5 for sale in British Columbia.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

Sadly, not much information is offered by this seller, other than the car has a little over 100,000 miles. Also, as a 2.5 liter car, this would not be the Verde model, which had a 3.0 liter engine. This isn't the best example of a Milano that I've seen, but given a little negotiating room, this could be a good buy for someone handy with a wrench, as cosmetically, the car appears straight.


1987 Alfa Romeo Milano 2.5

The Milanos are coming out of the woodwork this week here at CICFS. Yet another mint example has cropped up. This particular car for sale in California has the smaller 2.5 V6 and represents the first model year that this Alfa Romeo brought this sedan to US shores.

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano 2.5

Offered for an appreciating new owner is this rare classic ONE-OWNER 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano 2.5! Finished in what appears to be all original black paint over grey cloth interior, this RUST-FREE classic Alfa sedan was purchased new 25 years ago right here in San Francisco and has been driven a mere 90,000 since. This is a great find for the Alfa enthusiast sporting the great-running 2.5 liter V6 engine mated to a 5 speed manual transmission, cold air conditioning, electric windows, original alloy wheels with Pirelli tires.

The body and trim of this 1987 Alfa are in VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT CONDITION OVERALL! I would rate the 99.99% PERFECTLY RUST-FREE exterior finish of this car a solid "8" on a scale of 1-10. The black paint has a deep lustrous finish, all the trim is intact and original, the original alloy wheels are in excellent condition with deep tread on the Pirelli tires. Inside the engine bay is in excellent original condition as is the rear boot with original tool kit and factory jack and pouch.

The interior of this little classic Alfa is in EXCELLENT ORIGINAL CONDITION overall. The grey cloth seats are in superb condition as are the crack-free dash, original carpets and doorpanels.The headliner shows some sagging, the stereo is awol, the a/c blows ice cold and ALL of the gauges, lights and blinkers work as they should.

This Milano starts, runs and drives VERY WELL! The engine is smooth and fairly powerful with a nice exhaust growl from the free revving V6 engine. The transmission shifts well and the steering is very tight and responsive. The braking is strong and straight and the suspension feels very good with no clunks or rattles. With its lively chassis and low curb weight [2,900 pounds] this Alfa is super satisfying to drive with gobs of that Italian "verve"! Note: there is some definite rear differential whine.

At just a shade under $6,000, this is a pretty good value as far as mint Milanos come. Of course, there are always strings attached and in this case, it would be the differential whine. The cause is most likely a worn thrust washer, which will involve disassembly of the gearbox. Not a job for the novice, then. Provided that job is all that needs sorting, it would prove well worth someone's time and effort to snap this Milano up, as these represent the end of an era in rear-drive Alfa Romeo sedan history.


1987 Bertone X1/9

The X1/9 could be considered as Fiat's last gasp in the US marketplace until their revival in 2012 with the 500. While Fiat itself left the US marketplace in 1982, the job of marketing and selling the X1/9 fell to its designer, Bertone. This X1/9 for sale in California represents the final year for these mid-engined sports cars. It has been stored for many years and has been sorted, ready for a new owner to take the helm.

1987 Bertone X1/9

The Bertone (Fiat) X1/9 for sale here is arguably one of, if not the finest available examples as it has only been driven 12,500 miles and just as importantly it has been fully sorted after sitting as in new condition for over 20 years. The previous seller tells me that due to Fiat leaving the USA, this car remained in storage until 2007 in a port near Houston, Texas. It is available in Pleasanton, California for $10,000 OBO

The X1/9 underwent three generations in the USA: 1974 cars, 1975-78 cars and 1979-87 cars. This one is in like new, mint condition, having been scrupulously maintained by an enthusiastic and meticulous owner since it was rescued. This last iteration of the X1/9 features the bigger 1500cc engine and 5 speed transmissions making it far better to drive in modern traffic. Creature comforts, such as power windows and A/C make it a surprisingly pleasurable touring vehicle as well as as an impressive sports car on the back roads.

The X1/9 succeeded a 1969 show concept car called the Autobianchi A112 Runabout, with styling by Bertone under chief designer Marcello Gandini. The interior is amazingly clean, with an attractive 3-spoke leather wheel and a very clean dash. We think the black color is more aggressive looking and ages better than the tan. The car has never had a spot of rust, and his is truly turn-key. An upgrade stereo is the only non-original component, and the original documentation history and literature are included.

This one represents an interesting opportunity for the Concorso and car museum guys, but we’d put it on the road for an enjoyable couple thousand miles per year under great care. That way it would still only have 27k miles after a decade, and would likely still be one of the lowest mileage examples around even though you would thoroughly enjoy the ownership experience for years to come.

I've seen a few low mileage X1/9s surface in the past six months, so we're not looking at an extremely rare car, but it is nicely presented and rust free. That's important on a car such as this which is highly susceptible to the tin worm. With no reserve on this tidy X1/9, we're probably looking at a $10,000 to $12,000 final bid.