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1978 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Giardiniera

It's interesting how some cars come about. Most are designed by committee, others are the result of a lone group of engineers working in their spare time to create something special for enthusiasts. Others, like this Alfa Romeo Alfasud, came about by government policy. The "sud" suffix is Italian for south, the region of Italy where Alfa Romeo and partner Finmeccanica manufactured the vehicle. With a flat four engine and styling by Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign, this was one of Alfa Romeo's most successful models, with over one million examples sold including the later Sprint versions. Rarely seen in the US, this Giardiniera version gives users a bit more space with a square back. Having undergone a complete restoration, this could arguably be the best, if not only, Alfasud Giardiniera on these shores.

Year: 1978
Model: Alfasud Giardiniera
Engine: 1.5 liter flat-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 600 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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My first new car ever was a 1972 Alfasud 1.2 in grigio (grey) with rosso (red) Skai (Vinyl) interior. I loved it. Unfortunately my then-girlfriend destroyed it on the German Autobahn a couple of years later. Ever since, I wanted another one and moving to the USA in 1985 did not make it any easier. To complicate it even more, this time I wanted a Giardiniera, a Wagon, and it could not be red or white. After searching for many years, I succeeded and found this wagon in 2003 in Northern Italy. My friend in Germany, who owns a well known restoration shop, Klassik Garage in Bad Saulgau picked it up for me and took it to his shop for a careful evaluation.

Being an Alfa Romeo it had to have some rust and even though it was in fantastic shape for an Alfasud it did have some. Thank goodness, the rear hatch was in excellent shape, but the Sud needed fenders, rocker panels and rear quarters. By then we decided to do a COMPLETE restoration. Let me give you the details:

Stripped down to bare metal, installed OEM front fenders, remanufactured rear quarter panels and welded body panels where necessary. Complete repaint outside, partially inside and underneath in factory color "bruno cilento".

There were a few 1.5 liter Boxer engines in the USA and before Alfa Romeo left the US market in 1995 they were converted from solid lifters to hydraulic lifters. I could never find out why these engines were here. I found my engine advertised on the Alfa Romeo BB in Florida. A gentleman wanted to use it in an ultra light plane, but never finished the installation, because unfortunately he passed away.

We shipped it to Germany, changed the timing belts, water pump, spark plugs and installed it. Right now it has about 600 miles. It has two Dellorto carburetors. Since they don't have a choke, it's very temperamental when cold. It has been sitting for a while in my storage and I noticed that the carburetors are not completely synchronized at less than half throttle. Once you open up completely, they are perfect and the car "goes like stink." The sound is perfect too. A new muffler was installed and it has very nice dual tailpipes.

We found a brand new Alfasud TI 5 speed on display at a German traffic school, bought it and installed it. Unfortunately it lasted only 20 kilometers and disintegrated after that. Luckily there was an Alfa specialist close by who had a good used TI 5 speed in stock and this one was installed. It shifts perfectly without any grinding or noises.

We located a new, correct Series 2 dashboard and installed it. The seats were in tan Vinyl, which I really disliked. An Italian upholstery shop had some OEM Alfa Romeo cloth in orange and black, which was used in GTVs and Montreals. We had it shipped and the seats were re-upholstered in orange/black which really compliments the color "bruno cilento" perfectly.

The door panels were also covered in black Vinyl and orange cloth, but they were already warped when I got the car. I am enclosing a set of "better" door panels. The roof liner is original and in good shape. The car has the original rubber floor, which shows some wear especially on the passenger side. It also has a set of period correct Italian rubber floor mats.

After a six year restoration the car was shipped from Bremerhaven to Port Hueneme and imported with all the paperwork into the USA. Since it's a 1978 no EPA or DOT conversions were required. We displayed it at the Concorso Italiano in Monterey 2011 and a lot of people complimented the car. It is the only Alfasud Giardiniera in the USA and very few are left in the rest of the world. I am certain that this is one of the best ones in existence.

It has a 1978 Washington YOM (year of manufacture) plate which does not need renewal ever. Since it is over 25 years old, it's also smog exempt.


I will NOT provide a smog certificate and I will NOT sell the car to a CA resident due to the extremely unfriendly CA smog requirements for old cars.


I will gladly assist with shipping within or outside the USA. Since the car is now 36 years old there is no warranty expressed or implied.

You don't see many Alfasuds around these days, even in Europe. Many examples fell victim to rust, leaving them in a state beyond repair. A quick scan of some classifieds in Europe reveal some clean, low mileage Alfasuds for sale between the $5,000 to $10,000 USD mark. A car like this is a hard one to value stateside, but there are certainly a few rabid Alfa fans out there who may drive up the bids.


1978 Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan

The 1970s were a rather dark time in automotive history, leaving automakers scrambling for solutions to ever tightening emissions and safety regulation. This resulted in an era of lower performance and marred styling by way of things such as crash bumpers. Over the years, technology has come around to improving performance and economy, even if styling has taken a back seat in some cases. Through it all, though, Alfa Romeo has always given the petrolhead something to swoon over. This Sport Sedan was the perfect solution for those who wanted the thrills of a Spider but needed the extra space. This well-sorted car is located in Indiana but was originally a southwest vehicle.

Year: 1978
Model: Sport Sedan
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: $7,500

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1978 Sport Sedan
Recent Repaint in original ivory.
No rust ever! Original Arizona car relocated to midwest before refurbish.
Milano Verde interior - seats & door panels recovered in 2 color scheme. Trunk custom re-carpeted.
Replacement 79 dash - no cracks.
New Blaupunkt in dash CD/Blaupunkt speakers.
Luisa leather steering wheel.
New door and trunk gaskets.
Alfa Euro cams.
Shankle headers.
Ansa tail exhaust.
RML electronic ignition.
Recent valve job.
Radiator rebuilt-high eff core.
Rebuilt alternator and starter.
Reconditioned engine hood liner.
Alfa factory optional Campagnolo wheels.
Koni Reds.
New upper/lower ball joints.
Rebuilt rear axles.
Rebuilt front/rear brakes calipers, rotors, pads w/hoses.
New brake master, clutch master and slave.
Verde front sway bar.
Poly bushings all around.
Hella 6" driving lights.
Spares include, good transaxle, 3 instrument dash pods, door handles, tail light covers, extra Campy wheels.
I have the original bumpers, no damage. I like the car better (looks & lighter) without them.
I also have all the original chrome trim plus spares but preferred not to reinstall after repaint.
$7,500 - More pictures available - call Mark 812 454 3035.

Alfas of this vintage are a good way to get into the Italian car hobby on the cheap, if, of course you have the stomach for regular maintenance. I like the look of the Alfa, but slimmer, European style bumpers would round off the look a bit for me. Given the condition, $7,500 isn’t terribly bad for what you are getting. If a little bit can be bargained off the price, you’d have a nice, usable classic.


1978 Ferrari 308GT4

The 308GT4 was a break from tradition for Ferrari. Not only was this the first mid-engined, V8 Ferrari, but the company employed Bertone instead of Pininfarina to handle the styling of this four seater sports car. The wedge shape would permeate throughout the Ferrari lineup for the next two decades. This 308GT4 is for sale in California at no reserve and offers enthusiasts the chance to get into an eight cylinder Ferrari for entry level luxury sedan money.

1978 Ferrari Dino 308GT4

This is an exceptional example of a 1978 vintage Ferrari 308 Dino GT4 in the beautiful black on black color combination. California car, always well maintained and garaged, with recent full documented service performed with in the last 30 days as detailed below:

Complete new clutch
New timing, A/C and air pump belts
New timing belt tensioners
New plugs and wires
Rebuilt carbs with full factory kit
Other miscellaneous service items (cooling fan switch, filters..)
New (not rebuilt) brake master cylinder
Remanufactured brake booster
Full carb synch and tune up
Wheel balance and alignment

Generic info on the car:

Runs and drives very well, soft suspension bushings, characteristic weak 2nd synchro, no exhaust leaks, has owner’s manual, jack and some tools, A/C works but not very cold, heat works well, factory horn works well, as do power windows and last but not least, she is a west coast car hence no rust and never been welded or patched. Cosmetically (interior and exterior) in line with the rest of the car and the pictures speak for themselves.

As a realistic note, please do remember that is a 35 year old car and is not perfect, all descriptions are stated in good faith, and that due to her age, there is no warranty of any kind available or offered or implied on this car. She is not new and hence not perfect and has imperfections here and there, scratches etc. Some or many things, items, fittings, features, mechanically and cosmetically may be worse and many will be better than you may expect ! never the less not perfect or new!

Any shipping fees will buyers responsibility and you can select your own carrier and pay them directly. In line with normal ebay practices please note that all inspections are to be made prior to auction close! winning the car does not entitle you to come and inspect her to see she is really what you want! That should be done before you bid! Prior to auction close multiple inspections by the same person are no problem, you can come back as many times as you like, bring friends, cousins, mechanics, brothers, sisters, neighbor or spouses all welcome! Mileage showing is 18,000 and we have no way to verify that as due to her age there is no DMV Carfax available.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on: 949-302-1773 and thank you for your visit, Karl

You average 308GT4 in good condition should run between $25,000 to $35,000. Given the bidding, I'd suspect final bidding will hover somewhere around $30,000. Even though the mileage can't be verified, it looks the part for a well kept, low mileage car. With the maintenance performed, it should help assuage some fears of impending doom, although an inspection prior to purchase with any vintage Ferrari would be a must.


1978 Lamborghini Silhouette P300

Derived from the V8 powered Lamborghini Urraco, the Silhouette is one of the most rare Lamborghinis ever produced, with 54 examples having the left the factory between 1976 and 1979. Only 31 examples are known to still exist. Improvements over the Urraco include increased horsepower (260) from the 3.0 liter V8 and a targa roof, making this the first production Lamborghini to have a removable roof. While they were never sold new in the US, this 1978 Silhouette for sale in Wisconsin was sold new to an Arab prince and was subsequently brought to the US in pieces and rebuilt to fly under the DoT radar.

1978 Lamborghini Silhouette P300

This rare and stunning 1978 Lamborghini Silhouette P300 is one of the estimated 31 remaining of only 52 ever built between 1976 and 1979. The Silhouette is the lowest number of production Lamborghinis made on a year to year basis except for the 400GT and Reventon. This Silhouette is well known among the Lamborghini community and has been featured in the book The Complete Book of Lamborghini by Peter Lyons and has a great history. It sold new to an Arab prince in the Middle East and later sold to a gentleman in Los Angeles who disassembled and imported it into America as a parts car (hence the rebuilt title) as the Silhouette was never produced for the U.S. market and thus was not EPA/DOT approved at the time. Upon arriving in the U.S., the mechanic-owner reassembled the car, got it running in top condition, and owned the car for approximately 7 years before selling it to another gentleman who owned it 20 years until 2012. The current owner has decided to change the focus of is collection, which creates a rare opportunity for a Lamborghini enthusiast. With only 15,738 miles, this is likely not only one of the lower mileage examples in existence, but also likely one of the most pristine cosmetically in existence. Below is a detailed description illustrating how pristine this Silhouette is in all aspects:

Exterior: The previous owner subjected the body to a top-quality complete Glasurit repaint approximately 15 years ago. The paint remains in the concourse condition it was in when it won its class at Concourso Italiano as it has been carefully preserved and driven approximately only 2,000 miles since that time. The exterior trim is also in pristine condition and there is no rust. The original Campagnolo magnesium Bravo wheels are also pristine and feature correct decals. An online portfolio of 88 photos that illustrate how spectacular the condition is available to interested parties who provide me with their email address.

Interior: The carpet, headliner, leather seats, mouse-hair dash, instrumentation, interior trim, seatbelts, switchgear, and period-correct Alpine am/fm cassette stereo are in such a pristine state that entering the car makes one feel as though they are back in 1978. The air conditioning, power windows, and all electrical items are fully functional.

Engine/Transmission: The original transversely mounted 3.0 liter all aluminum-alloy Lamborghini engine idles exceptionally steady and pulls aggressively and smoothly throughout the entire RPM range during acceleration. The engine has been fastidiously detailed and leaks no fluids. The transmission is very tight and shifts smoothly into all gears.

Valuable Extras: The long-term owner’s obsession with preserving this Silhouette is evidenced by the large number of original NOS and spare parts he accumulated and saved with the car to ensure there would have replacements available if ever needed. Included is an original pair of Pirelli P7 285/40/15 rear tires, an a/c compressor, a window regulator, several carburetor parts, gaskets, ignition parts, oil filters, and many other items (see photo). These items are not only handy to have, but also very valuable.

Summary: This 1978 Lamborghini Silhouette P300 is the ideal example for the Lamborghini enthusiast who demands the best and understands the it is financially prudent to purchase a vintage Lamborghini that is in top-condition as one can spend two to three times the purchase price of a “driver” or “project car” to bring it up to the standard this example is in, yet still have a high mileage car. This Lamborghini should easily pass any rational pre-purchase inspection with flying colors.

The Urraco is one of the most affordable Lamborghinis, with prices spanning the $30,000 to $50,000 territory. Since the Silhouette is essentially an updated, more exclusive version of the Urraco, the values are naturally a bit higher. A Silhouette in similar condition with a little over 20,000 more miles sold at RM Auctions in August 2010 for just over $60,000. Given the lower mileage and passage in time, the asking price here doesn't seem that much out of line.


1978 Maserati Kyalami Convertible

If the Maserati Kyalami we featured yesterday wasn't rare enough for you, then this drop top version should sate the appetite for exclusivity. Only two of these convertible Kyalamis were built by a German specialist. This Kyalami Convertible for sale in Cologne, Germany has the smaller 4.2 liter V8 and has me lamenting the fact this variant was never produced on a greater scale. If only their coffers were as deep then as they are now under Fiat ownership.

1978 Maserati Kyalami Convertible

The Kyalami has been at the Geneva Motor Show 1976 presented to the public. It was named after the famous race track in South Africa. The bodies were usually built at Embo in Turin, and initially visited one of this car with the world-famous 4.2-liter DOHC V8 engine, the already celebrated in racing successes. The engine was equipped with 4 Weber dual-downdraft carburetors, dry-sump lubrication and made according to factory specification 265 hp. In 1978, a single convertible version of the Kyalami Frua was prepared.

This Maserati Kyalami Maserati convertible was a recognized specialist in Berlin on the inspiration of the design-Frua rebuilt as a convertible. Extensive accompanying article from the literature report of this unique project. The Frua car is considered lost. Thus, this unique piece is unique in perfect condition and offers the ambitious sports driver to a very exclusive Italian V8 Sport Cabriolet experience with space for 4 people. The sound of the domesticated former V8 racing machine is a treat for the connoisseurs and lovers of the brand Maserati. The color combination of dark blue metallic, and bright in fine leather-lined interior that meets the highest standards of aesthetics. This is a manual switch, with power windows and an electric-hydraulic deck. The Scuderia Colonia Sportiva is proud to be able to offer this unique Maserati convertible.

The asking price of €99,500 (~ $133,000) is quite eye watering considering what closed roof Kyalamis and Longchamps fetch these days. For someone seeking an offbeat Italian exotic, however, you'd be hard pressed to find something as uncommon as this. This is certainly a car that would have the judges scratching their heads at just about any car show you would attend.


1978 Lancia Beta 1800 Coupe

The Lancia Beta was the car that, to this day, still evokes shudders with car enthusiasts. Known for their propensity to rust at a rapid rate, these cars did the company no favors in the sales race. From 1975 to 1982, the Beta was the mainstay of the US lineup, but was withdrawn from the market along with Fiat due to poor sales. A little over a decade later, Lancia would withdraw from the UK market as well, again due to lagging sales. Few Betas exist here in the US to this day. Most of those you see are the later Zagato open roofed variants. This 1800 Coupe for sale in New York is a bit tatty but is all there and would make for an inexpensive

1978 Lancia Beta 1800 Coupe

Here you have a great little piece of Italian motoring history. The Beta 1800 coupe is just a blast to drive. This car has great bones and with a little TLC will be great. You will see in the pictures and video that overall in very good condition. Runs great, drives great, stops great. The car has a new timing belt, full tune up, new valve cover gasket, complete rebuilt carburetor and new rear motor mount.

Some of the things that need attention. The clutch is working but needs to be replaced or we think pressure plate is bad. Car shifts fine but clunks hard when releasing the clutch. Someone looked at it and said a spring on pressure plate is missing. Front motor mount needs to be replaced and then the things you see with interior and body. You will see the only spot of major rust / hole is in front of the driver rear wheel and not near suspenion, see pictures. Floor pans are clean and pictures show undercoat peeling not rust. AC – not working , it might need to be charged. Heat works great, power windows, tilt steering, sunroof, 2 extra aluminum wheels, power steering.

With a starting bid of $1,000, the seller is being realistic to get this car its fair share of interest. I'd say $3,000 to $4,000 might be the most that we see, but if I was bidding, I would not go much beyond $3,000 given the issues that need to be addressed. Still, for those handy with a wrench and some time on their hands, this could be the perfect project for the budding Italian car enthusiast for 2013.


1978 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Few things get the heart of an car enthusiast racing than a red Alfa Romeo. Whether it's a classic Spider of the more recent 8C Competizione, these cars exude automotive passion like none other. I've always been partial to the Alfetta GT and later GTVs of the 1980s. This red Alfetta GT for sale in Oklahoma comes from an owner with five other Alfa Romeos looking to downsize his collection.

1978 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

We've enjoyed this Alfetta for the last 7 years,but the other 5 Alfas need some attention,so it's time to thin the herd. This is a rust free car that runs and drives great. Over the years I've replaced about all the wear parts from the engine & tranny mounts,brakes,suspension,all drive shaft components, etc., new exhaust system with Euro manifolds.New headliner and battery. The seats need redone and there are cracks in the top of dash. The car was repainted and is holding up well.

While the later GTVs with their V6 engines tend to command a bit more in value, the earlier four cylinder Alfetta GTs are a relative value and just about as entertaining on the road. For a clean GT, expect to pay somewhere between $5,000 and $9,000. I'd suspect with this vehicle's history and condition, we're looking at around a $5,500 to $6,000 car.


1978 Alfa Romeo Spider

Following on to the Milano sedan we featured yesterday, the Alfa Romeo Spider is another car that has me longing for some fall motoring fun. This 1978 Spider for sale in Colorado has been well maintained and looks sharp in black with its red leather interior trim.

1978 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

For Sale: One 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider. A three owner lifetime dry climate Denver car in excellent condition. This car was delivered to Schomp Alfa BMW in 1978, where the factory AM/FM/Cassette system was installed. All owners have been Alfa enthusiasts, first owned if for 6 years, second 4 years, and last owner for 24 years! I can testify that over the past 24 years, the car has never been driven in inclimate weather, and only around 17,000 miles total were put on the vehicle. Original owners manual and maintenance manual, all service records, dyno sheets, and manuals for upgrades are included. This is a fantastic Alfa, black with red interior. It is very quick and has been a top placer in recent Alfa Club of the Rockies track day events.

Features and upgrades:

Professional paint job in 2002
Rebuilt head with oversized valves
Weber DCOE 40 carburetors
Electronic ignition with new coil and wires
5 speed transmission was rebuilt with new second gear synchros. Flywheel replaced '03
Chrome headers and full Ansa exhaust system
K&N air filters
New radiator core
New windshield
Good cloth top
New front brake rotors, and rear rotors included for future use
Centerline sport springs and KYB shocks
Panasport 14" sport rims & tires
Roll bar and 3 point shoulder seat belts
Stock bumpers have been recessed, and a 74 front grille added. Huge improvement in bumper style.
Replaced in the past 5-10 years: water pump, both fuel pumps, oil pressure sender, clutch pressure plate & slave, master cylindar and booster, front bearings, ball joints, U joints, speedo cable
The body is solid without rust issues. Trunks and spare tire well are clean. High quality Die Hard battery. All gauges work well.

Interior is original. Passenger seat bottom has one small repaired tear. Interior has been redyed. Carpets are original but good. Dash has some repaired cracks. Needs a new headlight switch (only high beams work) and horn. Engine is exceptionally clean, and runs well. For all of the mechanical upgrades, all have had time to "shake down" and be perfected over the 20+ year ownership. This car has a lovely exhaust burble, loves to rev above 5000 (try that with your Bosch car), and corners like it's on rails.

If you're looking for a fun car for leisurely drives or canyon carving, this one will be perfect. It is reliable, super fun, and is a striking color combination rarely seen in Alfas. Tonneau cover is included. This car has always been owned by Alfa enthusiasts, and maintained by Alfa specialty mechanics. I am only parting with it for financial reasons. You can't get a marginal Miata for $10,000, so here is an opportunity to get a beautiful Italian sports car for that price or less. Thanks for looking. Hope you'll bid.

There are some really rough Spiders out there for under $10,000, but this is certainly one of the nicer ones that I've seen. True, it's not the iconic Duetto or the later, more reliable Series 4, but this car is charming in its own right and has been looked after properly. I've never been a fan of late 1970s Spiders, but at $7,500, this is an excellent value and a classic you wouldn't hesitate to take out regularly for some exercise.