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1969 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750

Though not the most prolific version of the 105/115 series coupes, the 1750 GTV shared the basic tenants that united the many versions; light weigh, great styling, and a super drivetrain. An instant classic, they managed to be as memorable as the Guiliettas they replaced, and certainly made the following chapter all the more difficult for the Alfetta. Today's example is beautiful if somewhat untraditional Vivid Verde, sporting a older restoration but also a heat transplant:

Year: 1969
Model: GTV 1750
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 7,750 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1969 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750

Beautiful restoration about 10 years ago returning this Bertone-bodied coupe back to its factory original green - "Vivid Verde." Parts were re-plated as necessary. All weather stripping was replaced, all glass is original. Interior was completely redone in beautiful black leather that looks - and smells - phenomenal. New carpets, new headliner, new dash board, rebuilt instruments all make the interior better than new. Note that the odometer was reset to zero when the car was rebuilt, original miles are unknown. Seatbelts are Schroth competition-style 4-point belts (http://www.schrothracing.com/competition), original belts Klippan belt are included and can be easily installed if preferred. Center console is custom made to emulate the earlier GTA-style and covered in leather as well. Transmission was rebuilt with new synchros and lightened gears by Merrit (http://www.speedquest.com/my/gearlightning/index.html) and shifts quickly and perfectly. Engine is a 2 liter motor from a 1989 Alfa Spider including the excellent Bosch fuel injection. The battery was relocated to the trunk both to accommodate the FI system and better weight distribution. The custom cold-air air intake box is made of polished stainless and covers a K&N filter. The original 1750 motor is included with the sale as well as the original dash, wheels, hub caps, springs etc. New exhaust system with GTA end pipe was installed at that time as well. Koni adjustable shocks and Performance springs all around. Radiator was rebuilt. Brakes have been changed to a single brake booster arrangement. Car is pictured with "daily" floor mats that protect the perfect carpet, show-condition floor mats with the Alfa logo are included. Windshield washer pump is not installed but it is included.

This is a ten-year-old restoration and the car has a few minor imperfections, but it has been garage kept and very well cared for. It shows very, vey well. There are few minor scratches on the rims and the windshield. There is a small crack in the paint next to the driver's door handle as shown in the photos. It has been shown at Concorso Italiano in Monterey for many years. It starts instantly, runs excellent, drives like only a well-sorted Alfa can. Steering is precise and brakes are excellent. Tires will need replacing soon.

There are 60 more photos of the car here: http://s156.photobucket.com/user/annabelleharper/slideshow/1969%20GTV

Test drives are welcome, just ask. Car is located in Mountain View, CA. Payment must be complete before the car ships but I will meet a car moving service if you arrange for it and pay for it.

If you have any questions, please ask. If you need any clarification or additional pictures, please ask. I want to make sure you are getting exactly what you expect.

Personally, I'm a fan of the build; I like the updated engine package in the classically designed coupe. I did a very similar swap in my Audi GT, updating the engine for a more headache-free running condition. It worked while simultaneously making the car a better performer; my guess is this package is quite similar. Value has been a little flat on these GTVs over the past few years, but still a top condition 1969 would set you back around $50,000. This car loses some of that value with the older restoration and heart swap, but I'd estimate at $28,000 to $32,000 this car would be well bought.


1969 De Tomaso Mangusta

The De Tomaso Mangusta was one of those great ideas; take a big, thumping American V8, mid-mount it in a Lotus-type chassis with a ZF 5-speed, get Giorgetto Giugiaro to design the body and Viola! Instant success. And from a styling and packaging standpoint, it was a success - the Mangusta is achingly beautiful with plenty of Giugiaro's unique styling details. Most notably and memorable for most are the Gullwing doors over the engine compartment which are enough alone to spur on the dreams of countless 5 year old car designers. "Yes, everything should have Gullwing doors!" But the Mangusta was notoriously a bad handling car, with nearly 70% of the weight out back. Still, that doesn't stop us from loving to look at them:

Year: 1969
Model: Mangusta
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 96,285 mi
Price: $219,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1969 De Tomaso Mangusta

VIN: US69640
Mileage: 96285
Rebuilt 302 engine
Rebuilt polished ZF transmission
Aluminum original Competion wheels
Repainted red (originally a red car)
Rebuilt halfshafts
Rust free
2 owner car
Optima red top battery
Great driver!!!
Strong paint and body!

This car is presented very well and overall looks lovely. The description probably hides some truths; this isn't a condition one car, as the nearly 100,000 miles covered would testify to. Nevertheless, it's a very clean example overall. The price, however, is well outside the realm of reasonably for a Mangusta; at $219,000, it's priced over $50,000 higher than a top condition car these days, and nearly $100,000 higher than where it likely should be. I guess we're not the only ones dreaming over this Mangusta.


1969 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S

The Lancia Fulvia is perhaps my most favorite Italian classic. Not only does this little coupe have timeless looks and feature impressive engineering, it has a racing resume that puts other cars to shame. While the smart money for an Italian sports coupe of the era may be on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta GTV, the Fulvia is for someone who doesn’t conform and appreciates Lancia’s bold way of going about things. This beautifully restored Fulvia 1.3S is on offer from our friends at the Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon.

Year: 1969
Model: Fulvia 1.3S
Engine: 1.3 liter V4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 21,767 miles
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS:1969 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S

We have for offer a lovely Italian 1969 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3S. A very unique car from a styling viewpoint with design details that convert what have been a functional boxy shape to a visually pleasing piece of art. It possesses a roomy cockpit, with excellent visibility and open greenhouse. Even more unique is Lancia’s approach to the engineering of the car. The engine is a rally proven 15 degree V-4 twin cam fitted with twin Solex carbs. The entire engine is located in front of the axle center line providing exceptional handling to this front wheel drive sports coupe. The steering is still light and responsive with no clues that the front wheels are the driven ones. This is a wonderfully nimble, excellent handling car with more performance than expected. A very capable competitor to Alfa Romeo and BMW’s of the period but much rarer. This car has undergone a recent ground up restoration on a very solid chassis. Every component was removed cleaned, serviced, and refinished. The engine starts easily, makes only the proper sounds, and runs well. The gearbox shifts well in all four gears and the brakes and clutch operate properly. Steering is accurate and very light. This is a driver’s car. The chassis was refinished top, bottom, in trunk, and engine bay. The body panels, floor pans and rockers appear to be all original, and are very solid and rust free. The red paint is well applied marred only by some very small parking dings and slight waves in some of the flatter panels. The interior has also been restored. The dash is in excellent condition and is nicely finished. The seats are nicely formed and comfortable. There is room for a six foot plus person to fit comfortably in this car. Even if one could find a solid car to start with, no one could duplicate this car for the selling price.

Call me anytime on my cel to discuss: 541.543.6791

There’s not much to nit pick about with this car. It’s about one of the nicest Fulvias that I’ve come across here in the US. Anyone looking to add one of these rare, legendary vehicles to their stable should certainly entertain the idea of at least kicking the tires on this one. Unlike the Alfa GTV, Fulvia values are a bit less, mostly attributed to their obscurity in the US market. I’d suspect somewhere around the low to mid $20,000 range is about right considering the condition of this vehicle. The only thing that makes me said is I’m on the wrong coast. This is certainly one of those bucket list cars for me.


1969 Lamborghini P400S

While Italian cars are known for their dramatics and flair, perhaps the most arresting of all of them is the Lamborghini Miura. It's amazing to think that this car is almost 50 years old, as its design still looks out of this world to this day. This particular Miura for sale in Texas has been restored and is a numbers matching example.

1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S

Lamborghini Houston proudly offers our superb 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S restored to SV Specifications by renowned expert Gary Bobileff. This Miura, serial # 3952, is finished in its original colors of Verde Miura exterior over a Skai Beige (Caramel) and Testa diMoro (Dark Brown) interior. It was production # 337 and was completed at the factory on March 6, 1969 as a left-hand drive version and delivered to Italian dealer Lamborauto in Turin, Italy. It is a correct, numbers matching example with its original engine #2871.

Miura P400S #3952 was owned in the early 1980s by race car driver Ted Titmus from Southern California. During his ownership, the car was brought to Bill DeCar of Bill’s Auto Shop in the Los Angeles area for restoration work. The project stalled and the car sat in the shop until Bill decided to buy the car for himself. He was never able to complete the project though. In 2009, Gary Bobileff purchased the car for himself and began restoration work. While undergoing restoration, the Lamborghini was purchased by a new owner who requested additional, popular SV Specification modifications be performed as well. These upgrades included flared rear fenders to precise SV dimensions to accommodate the wider SV spec wheels. Mechanicals were rebuilt and a split sump lubrication system was fitted separating the engine and transmission fluids as employed on the original SV. This is a step many P400 and P400S owners choose to take when performing this level of restoration. This engine also features handmade, nickel-plated velocity stacks to aid breathing and give an even more aggressive look. The new owner further requested a correctly modified nose with new front and rear bumpers be installed, plus new taillights and front lamps per SV specifications. The car was refinished in its original, striking color of Verde Miura. The original interior colors were used; however, genuine supple leather was chosen in place of the original leatherette material.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to obtain such a unique piece of automotive history. This Miura has seen less than 100 miles since its complete restoration. The restoration work and tasteful SV upgrades performed by Gary Bobileff are nothing short of spectacular with particular attention spent to detail and superior drivability.

For a good Miura with provenance, about a half million dollars is the entry point for such a vehicle. Given the quality of restoration and the fact that this is a numbers matching car in its original color, I'd suspect this car will sell for somewhere north of $600,000.


1969 Alfa Romeo GTV

The predecessor to the GTV6 we featured yesterday, the 105/115 series GTV coupes are a perennial favorite amongst Alfisti, noted for their graceful Bertone styling and lively driving dynamics. To this day, these cars have a look about them that combines the best of modern and classic styling and can be run fairly easily on a budget, as they have a strong enthusiast backing. This GTV for sale in Texas has been recently restored and is ready to be enjoyed by its next owner.

1969 Alfa Romeo GTV

You are bidding on a 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV with 85,526 actual miles. This is one of Bobcor Alfa's classic restoration projects and it is a beautiful and absolutely spectacular car. A must have for any car lovers! Beautiful 60's design (instead of the outdated 70's look)

I purchased this car from the person who did the full restoration through Bobcor Alfa. The restoration was done in Florida where the relatively clean body was disassembled, all rust repaired (without bondo), and a classic paint (Urban Green Clearcoat A04) was applied. The car was then reassembled using either new or cleanup parts. The interior was done all over from brand new parts and super clean and was left beautiful.
The engine and transmission were built by Richards Stephens. He has been building Alfa engines for 30+ years and is one of the best in the country. The engined is dialed in very nicely. The transmission was worked on as well as new brakes, suspension, clutch, donut, and almost every other part was replaced new. The previous owner who did all these repairs spent over $30,000 in making the car perfect. This is a classic beauty, you won't find many others like this.

I bought the car in 2008, and the restoration had been done a year before. The previous owner only used the car for short weekend rides and I have only put a little over 1,000 miles in it since then. It has always been kept in the garage and is polished and well cared for. The engine runs very clean and starts up nicely. Mechanically my maintenance has been done by Elite Imports in Austin, TX who specializes in Alfa's. The car has no air conditioning, you can always put an after market one but it's usually not advised.

The only addition I did to the car was to have a CD-player and speakers installed. They can be removed if you don't like the look (I've considered it myself since I'm a little bit of a purist, but again having music is nice for the weekend rides).

Some little details that need to be mentioned about the car:

1. There is a small dink on the both the driver and passenger side of the doors. This have been made from the doors opening all the way. (Pictured below)
2. There's a short scratch below the passenger side door handle. (Pictured below)
3. There is a small scratch on the trunk area. (Pictured below)

Other than these minor blemishes I have not have any problems with the car and the engine runs very smooth. The car was completely gone through from top to bottom by one of the most reputable Alfa restoration shops. Vehicle history sates salvaged but knowing Bobcor and his reputation, this did not affect the quality of the car.

This car is one of a kind:
-Engine runs great, even when cold. Once it warms up it is an incredible car. I was tempted to take it to the race track but never did. But it runs that nice.
-Tires and wheels are like new
-Handles like a dream
-Interior is beautiful with classic 60's design, instead of the outdated 70's outlook.
-Transmission shifts very nicely
-Oil pressure, water temp, etc. are right where they should be.
-Steering wheel is beautiful
-Brand new battery

Please ask any and all questions before bidding. Serious bidders only. I can send high resolution pictures over eBay email. And you can always send an ebay inspector to take a look at it (from inspectmyride.com).

Deposit and Payment:

I require a $500 deposit via Paypal within 48 hours of the end of the auction. Full payment is required within 7 days of the end of the auction (unless I approve otherwise over email) in cashier's check or direct wire transfer. Bidder is expected to have financing/payment ready at the end of the auction. Transportation is buyer's responsibility, but I can assist. For out-of-state people we can also use escrow.com under buyer's expense if you want an even more secure transaction (I've only used them outside of ebay in the past since ebay is itself insured).

To answer a few questions from people:

1. During the restoration it looks like the front and rear bumpers and the rear taillights were from a 1970 or 71 model. But the car is a '69 model.
2. The doors need some adjustment on the closing latch. They align perfectly, but they have to be closed hard. In specific the passenger side door sometimes I have to close it 2 or 3 times to get it to close completely.
3. I just looked at the old California registration card (not the title) and it has a line that says "PR/HIST: SALVAGED". Like I put it in the description. But the title says nothing about it, it's a clear title. Not sure what the registration means, but since it was a complete restoration for this car I don't think it matters if it was salvaged or not.
4. I will try to get more pictures from underneath. I will try to take the car to a shop and put it on the rails tomorrow or monday at the latest.

This car has a few flaws and I’d be a bit concerned about the salvage issue as described. Sometimes motor vehicle registries can be weird, but it is worth doing some research to see if there is anything to cause a potential owner to be alarmed. The asking price of $26,000 is about spot on for a good driver quality GTV, as an example like this will typically run you between $25,000 and $30,000.


1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto

We've featured a lot of Series 4 Alfa Romeo Spiders over the past few months. I've always been a fan of how those cars combine classic looks with modern practicality. For those who want something a bit more vintage, might I suggest my other favorite Spider, the Duetto. This is where the 105/115 series story began and consequently, these are often valued higher than any other Spiders in this series. This Duetto for sale in New York certainly catches your eye with its Pine Green paintwork and Cromodora alloys.

1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto

1969 Alfa Romeo Spider finished in Verde Pino (Pine Green) with Black interior. Fitted with it's original 1750 twin overhead cam engine and upgraded with twin Weber carburetors, this Pininfarina designed Alfa is one of the most affordable timeless classics on the market. Other Alfa models have already reached the stratosphere and the Boat Tail design, available for only a few years will surely follow. This beautiful five speed example is rust free and comes with five spoke Cromodora alloy wheels, four wheel disc brakes, fresh Pirelli tires, wood steering wheel and more. For a fully detailed description, all serious inquires should be directed to Mark Starr @ 914 217-4817.

The we featured last week had a Buy It Now price of $20,000. That car had about 20,000 less miles on the clock and was in a little bit better shape. For the shrinking violet, the Verde Inglese paintwork might be a little more desirable, but at the current asking price, this car is priced a little bit high. Typically, anywhere between $13,000 to $16,000 is what a Spider Veloce of this vintage will bring.

Over the past decade, the Duetto has steadily increased in value, approaching territory normally reserved for its forebear, the Giulietta Spider. I'd suspect the reserve on this car is somewhere in the low $30k range, with the seller hoping to get around $35,000. Anything approaching $40,000 these days is reserved for the truly exceptional, concours quality Duettos.


1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior – REVISIT

The 1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 we featured last August is back up for sale in Florida with a starting bid of $28,999. That's top of the range money for what is an original car with one repaint.

1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior - REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 14, 2012:

The Alfa Romeo GTV was a popular sports car of its time, but not offered to US customers were the smaller engined variants, such as the GT 1300. These were popular in markets where insurance and tax costs for larger engined vehicles were higher, such as Alfa's home market. This model we see here for sale in Florida is in good original condition. This is also one of the "step-front" models, as the leading edge of the hood sat a quarter inch higher than the nose of the car.

1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

1969 Alfa Romeo 1.3L GT (Gran Turismo) Junior "scalino" (step nose). Equipped with a 1290cc Double Overhead Cam Inline 4 Cylinder gas engine. Body was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. Vehicle weighs 2100 lbs. All original except for one exterior repaint in its rare and original color of Blu Francia/French Blue /Bleu France/Französisch Blau Paint Code(s): AR-342.

69,044 original miles (111,116 km), this car has never been restored and looks and drives like a new car. All matching numbers as per Alfa Romeo historical register in Milan, Italy. This last year step nose is an extremely rare find and we even managed to keep the original Italian "black plates" which were on this car from new !!! We are convinced there is not a second one like this in the USA.

-The mileage represented on this vehicle is accurate.
-There are no signs of prior damage on this vehicle.
-There are no noticeable dings on the exterior of this vehicle.
-This vehicle has a smooth shifting transmission.
-All power equipment is functioning properly.
-There is no damage evident on this vehicle.
-The engine on this vehicle is running properly.
-The exterior of this vehicle is extra clean.
-The interior of this vehicle is extra clean.

Lately, I've come across a lot of the smaller engined Alfa Romeos that weren't originally sold in the US that have found there way to these shores. They seem to bring similar money to their larger engined siblings, especially if you can find one in good original shape. GT 1300s realistically range from around $15,000 to the high $20,000 range. Since the reserve isn't met at $20,000, I'd say the seller is looking for somewhere around $25,000. While originality is nice, there's plenty of GTV 1750 and 2000 coupes for sale out there for less money. If it was my money, I'd probably seek out one of those instead.


1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Batista "Pinin" Farina was the founder of the design firm Pininfarina and turned it into a household name, as the company has consulted on everything ranging from interior design to vehicle coachbuilding. Batista's last project, though, left an impact on two seat roadsters for decades to come. The Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto began production in 1966, the year of Batista's death and was produced in varying forms up until 1993. I've always wanted a Spider sitting in my garage and few automotive enthusiasts haven't caught themselves waxing poetically about taking one of these entertaining drop tops for a nice weekend jaunt through some twisty backroads. This 1969 Spider for sale in Georgia has won a few awards at recent shows and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes with its new owner.

1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce restored in gorgeous Italian Red with Black interior to be a top Driven Proven Show Car, fully stock appearance, uprated 2.0 Alfa twin-cam engine with special cams and head, dual Weber 40s, full exhaust system, top suspension upgrades for handling along with top braking modifications, including a $500 chassis stiffener modification, aggressive looks with the Panasport style mag wheels and the Toyo radial tires, an Original Owner’s Manual showing history, here is a great Alfa convertible with loving care from serious aficionados.

At almost $33,000, this particular Spider is at the top end of where these early boat tail versions are at the moment. The Minilite style wheels look great on this classic red roadster, and the modifications made certainly make it more appealing to those putting performance and functionality over originality. I'd love to call this Spider my own. If seeing a car like this doesn't bring out some emotion in you, check your pulse.


1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S

Another Miura has surfaced for sale this week. This one is the same model and year as the P400S we featured a little over a week ago. While not as dramatic in silver, this example for sale in California has had a recent engine rebuild and comes with an interesting history.

1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S

Chassis 4039 is a standard production, normal P400S (Miura S) built and sold in both production and model year, 1969. It is one of only 338 similar examples built and the 357th sequential Miura out of a total production run of just 763 examples of all three versions (P400, S & SV.). The initial order for the car was internal (not assigned to a particular client) and the car completed under Job or Sequence no. 357 on April 17th, 1969. The car remains in the original delivery color combination of Argento Metalico (light metallic silver) and standard black interior. The original engine which remains with this particular example to day is No. 30357.

The car is listed by Lamborghini records as destination Torino and the car was in fact delivered new and sold by LAMBERAUTO an official agent in Torino:

Lamborauto Service S.N.C. di Messori Riccardo
Via Antonio Canova, 20
10126 Torino
011 6965477

LAMBERAUTO remains an active dealer to this day under the direction of Sig. Messori Riccardo and their showroom remains near the city center business district on the left bank of the Po river. They were at the time a prominent dealer and official servicing agent for Lamborghinis but primarily noted today for the service work as well as being an official FORD service center.

Peter Coltrin photographed the car at the Turin Motor Show later in 1969 and in and around the Parco Cavalieri di Vittori Veneto for an unpublished magazine article. The photos remain today in the Peter Coltrin Collection and as far as as currently known have not ever been published. This Miura had been registered to the current owner for the past twelve years in Tokyo, Japan until a sale and purchase by our company last week. Japanese registry records provided two additional clues on this Miura's earlier history prior to our purchase. The year of first registration in Japan was "SHOWA 54, Year of the Sheep" which translates to 1979!

The car was first registered for the road in June of 1979. It was registered to the last Japanese owner in January of 2000; "HEISEI 12, Year of the Dragon." The car had original Italian ownership documents that were surrendered to obtain Japanese import and registration documents in early 1979 and the car is believed to have been flown rather than shipped by ocean as departure city was Milan to Tokyo rather than Genoa to Tokyo. While Genoa had a decent size airport, Milan as a departure city is usually and indicator of a flight.

The first and possibly only Italian owner's name and contact details are still missing. The other two Japanese owners are both known. It would appear at this time that Miura S, s/n 4039 has had only three owner's from new and remains one of the least known, seen or discussed examples to come to market in some time.

Miura S, s/n 4039 is a fully "matching numbers" example with no rust or accident history, coupled with an ultra-short chain of ownership and careful care and maintenance by each previous owner. It is an ultra-original example with a recent rebuild and break-in time only on the engine and gearbox. Additional research continues regarding this Miura's early history and possible use during the 1969 Turin Motor Show.

The last Miura we featured was up for sale at $650,000. This particular car undercuts that figure by just a bit, but is still solidly in the heart of where Miura values currently lie. If someone could confirm that this was the Turin Motor Show car, that would certainly add a bit of appeal for collectors.


1969 Lamborghini Miura S

Each time a Lamborghini Miura comes up for sale, serious collectors take note. Only 764 of these landmark supercars were ever made and they are highly prized. This particular Miura for sale is a California car for sale in Maine and is an S model, which had engine enhancements good for another 20 horsepower, bringing the total output to 370 horsepower. A few luxuries were added such as power windows, a bit of chrome trim and increased luggage space. In Fly yellow, this bull is certainly arresting.

1969 Lamborghini Miura P400

1969 Lamborghini Miura S (#3874). Meticulously restored to exacting standards. Upgraded to SV specification, with numerous Bob Wallace upgrades.

Built as Production Order number 304, this early P400S was built on January 22, 1969 and delivered new in Europe. Its known ownership dates to the 1974-1975 period when it was bought by George Cocalas in Long Beach, California afterwhich it was acquired by Joseph Koenig (also of Long Beach) in 1978. Owned by the reknowned exotic car collector and enthusiast Oliver Kuttner of Charlottesville, NC starting in 1979, it was subsequently acquired by film producer/collector Randy Simon in 1988. Shown at the New York Auto Show in 1991 it was later sold by Symbolic Motors of La Jolla, CA in 1995 to Mr. Steve Colletti. The car was described at the time by Mr. Colletti as being "a real car---used but maintained" with a "great engine" and "pretty good chassis and interior".

An exhaustive 4 year restoration commenced in 1995 that left no bolt unturned and no surface unfreshened, a summary of which follows:

APPEARANCE - Chassis was wire wheeled to remove all paint, corrosion and filler. Repaired all cracks, bends or non-original holes. Underside coated with rock protectant and entire chassis painted in semigloss black. Front and rear bumpers, rear 'hexagon' panel, front rock screen & grills, and eyelashes all stripped, primed and repainted. Aluminum rocker panels repainted silver after removing dents and straightening. Entire body stripped to bare metal. Cracks and imperfections welded and sanded. Body straightened, metal finished. Bonnets and doors aligned with new gaskets installed and made to fit perfectly. Painted Miura Fly Yellow by Joe Montanto/JM Auto Works of Van Nuys, CA. Wheels (including 2-9" SV wheels) stripped, crack checked and repainted (silver). Headlight housings disassembled, cleaned, new Hella H4 headlights w/55/100 bulb used in the rebuilt headlamp housings. Two new rear brake/turn signal lenses with housings cleaned and repainted and Halogen lamp conversion performed. New backup light lens and 2 new side marker lights installed. New aluminum firewall clear anodized.

CHASSIS & SUSPENSION - Front chassis stiffeners from mid/late S added to the front. Front shock tower brace replaced with new, late model S type (no swiss cheese-type holes), powder coated for lasting durability. Fiberglass air deflector from late S added and frame rail opened up and boxed as is late S to deflect more air thru the radiator and toward the interior of the front brake rotors. Rear powerpack support brackets had been previously repaired due to cracking. Repair welds smoothed out, crack checked and powder coated. Found to be still unsatisfactory so new brackets fabricated by Beauchamp Fabrication of Santa Ana, CA. New motor mounts and engine support bushings installed. All suspension pieces (Front/Rear A-arms and uprights, sway bar links, spindles, stub axles, steering arms and steering rack) crack checked (magnaflux steel and dye-penetrant aluminum) at Hadd-Co Inspection of Torrance, CA (an FAA and aerospace Level-II/III approved company) and black cadmium plated or powder coated. Springs sent out for testing and refinished. Shocks rebuilt by KONI. Rear spindle/stub axles converted to CV-joint type. New Sway-away 4341 axles. Low drag high RPM boots. Links to tie rear suspension lower arms together fitted (work done by Bob Wallace). New suspension bushings, new inner and outer bearings and seals for rear hubs. New ball joints. New boots and tie-rod assemblies (links and clamps cadmium-plated) for rebuilt steering rack. New mounts where ball-joints press in. New bushings for sway bars. Suspension bolts, washers, and shims black cadmium plated for appearance and durability.

BRAKES - Late S vented disks fitted using Porterfield race rotors (Billet Aluminum hats and directionally vaned rotors). Rotors were cross-drilled and 12-points super-nuts/bolts (Aerospace 220,000 psi nuts and bolts) were milled down to the correct length. Rotors were black cadmium plated, hats were hard anodized black. Factory steel spacers were used between the calipers to get the correct clearance for the vented rotors. Porterfield Carbon/Kevlar brake pads used. Master cylinder rebuilt by Stainless Steel Brake Corporation. Calipers rebuilt (all new pistons) and black cadmium plated. New hard lines fabricated. New braided stainless brake lines w/ stainless steel AN bulkhead adapters and nuts.

ENGINE - Rebored to 82.5mm (.5mm overbore-3977cc), Custom JAE pistons and rings. All new valves, seats, seals, guides (everything but valve springs which tested ok). New exhaust camshafts. Crankshaft checked and reworked to add thrust back in. Timing chain gears lightened to extend life and reliability of cam chains. Sump split. All work by Bob Wallace. System-1 35 micron steel mesh fuel filter, Holley fuel pressure regulator (set at 2.8 psi per Bob Wallace). Aluminum fuel rails fabricated that eliminate the hose between float bowls on each carburetor. BB512 distributor with magnetic pickup converted to work with MSD7AL box and MSD Master Blaster II coil. Tachometer converted to 12 cylinder single-impulse VDO drive. Spun aluminum radiused velocity stacks made (stock height+diameter). 1" taller K&N air filters. All new aluminum air cleaner housings manufactured. (Restored original air boxes with K&N air filters go with the car). Water pump and oil pump overhauled. Starter checked (had been overhauled), new solenoid and seals installed. New heat shield in engine bay over the headers (wrinkle-black painted).

TRANSMISSION/CLUTCH - Split sump. Added limited slip differential. Updated bearings, bushings and synchros. All work done by Bob Wallace. New clutch disk. New clutch master cylinder. New clutch slave cylinder. Hydraulic hard line replaced with 1/4" hardline (AN4). Stainless steel AN bulkhead adapters and nuts (per Bob Wallace).

COOLING - Radiator recored to greater capacity. Replaced coolant tubes with new aluminum (6061-T seamless) tubes by an aerospace company, clear anodized. Bolts that clamp coolant tubes to chassis replaced with stainless and titanium nuts (super-nuts). All rubber water lines replaced with silicone hose, and stainless screw-type non-groove hose clamps used. Header tank for radiator at rear of car was duplicated in aluminum and hard-anodized black. New 12" SPAL radiator pull fans (lighter and more efficient). Rebuilt heater valve. New aluminum pipe from tank to engine made and hard-annodized.

EXHAUST - ANSA sport exhaust. Header flanges machined smooth. Jet-hot coat headers (inside and out) and exhaust (outside only per JetHot). New ANSA exhaust tips.

ELECTRICAL - New fuse block (stock and blade-type). Gauges checked, cleaned and bezels repainted. Halogenation kit installed for brake lamps. New bulbs for indicators (4 watt instead of no longer available 5 watt) and dash lamps (3 watt). Harness contacts cleaned and preserved with CAIG Labs treatment. Starter rebuilt. New, thicker wire run from starter switch to solenoid (12 gauge instead of 16 gauge) as per Bob Wallace. Alternator bench tested. Interior Lucas fan replaced with SPAL fan. New rear wiring harness made with heat and oil resistant (TFNN) wire and vinyl wire shielding, using stock wire colors. New bulbs for trunk and engine bay lamps. Headlight lifting motors disassembled, cadmium-plated and rebuilt. Power window motors disassembled, cadmium plated and rebuilt.

INTERIOR - New door stops. New headliner. New carpets. Seats, dash, center console, door panels, overhead console recovered in dark grey. Steering wheel recovered. New rear view mirror. Shift gate (aluminum) milled smooth, refinished and clear anodized. New shift boot. Shift knob refinished. Dash panel lamps replaced with new bulbs. New pedal pads. All hardware replated.

SAFETY - Original fuel tank duplicated by Fuel Safe as a Pro-line fuel cell in aluminum (powder-painted), return for fuel added to fuel cell to help eliminate possible carb fires. New 3/8" AN6 convoluted teflon fuel line run each way. Aluminum fuel rails replacing hose between float bowls on each carburetor. Eye bolts for shoulder harnesses and submarine strap added while chassis was restored/upgraded (shoulder harness bolts attach into rear frame at upper tub). Carbs vented (as per Bob Wallace) to help eliminate carb fires. Pedal assembly rebuilt. Re-bush pedal assembly, replace bushings with DU self-lubricating bushings. New thrust bushings for pedal assembly. Schroth Safety harnesses and original factory correct standard seat belts. Halogenation kit for brake lamps.

The restored and now thoroughly useable Miura S was enjoyed by Mr. Colletti until 2008 making many trips from Southern California to Monterey, appearing at various events during August there including Concourso Italiano. He then decided to sell the car and consigned the vehicle to reknowned Italian sportscar authority, Mr. Tom Shaughnessy of San Clemente, CA.

Purchased by its current owner in 2008, the Miura was brought to Francorchamps of America in Costa Mesa, CA where specialist Rod Drew went thru the car thoroughly, servicing it before it was shipped to a prominent collection on the East Coast where it now resides. The Miura comes complete with factory tools & bag, jack kit & bag, thorough records of the restoration, service records, and parts and service manuals and extensive Miura articles and memorabilia. It is ready to be shown, or driven and rallyed anywhere.

Current values for a Miura S are hovering around the $450,000 to $700,000 mark. While this car wears an older restoration, the level of detail the seller provides is impressive and reveals that little was left undone in bringing this car back to its glory. Every time I lay eyes on a Miura, I can't fathom the breadth of Marcello Gandini's imagination to come up with this automotive work of art. It's simply stunning.