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1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

In the years following World War II, plenty of manufacturers went ahead and developed racing specials off existing platforms in an effort for niche models to be more fiscally viable. Alfa Romeo debuted the Sprint Speciale, or SS, in 1959, based off the Giulietta platform. The first 100 cars of the production run were low nose specials devised specifically to meet FIA homologation requirements. With a twin cam engine and a very low coefficient of drag for the period, these were serious contenders. Later, in 1963, a Giulia based Sprint Speciale with a larger, 1.6 liter powerplant would debut. This example for sale in Houston represents the last of the Giulia SS breed, as these cars would disappear after 1966.

Year: 1966
Model: Giulia SS
Engine: 1.6 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 8,704 mi (?)
Price: $132,500 Buy It Now

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1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

Chassis No. AR.10121.381227

Body No. *87*2658*

Motor No. AR00121.01269
One of only 1,400 examples produced between 1962-66
Ideal Example for Tours and Rallies
Verified by Alfa Romeo Historic Motoring
Desirable 1600cc Giulia Model
Striking original-color White SS

The Giulietta Sprint Speciale was a more upscale version of the normal Sprint and featured a smooth, 2-door gran turismo body by Bertone. In the efforts to make the SS as light as possible, the wheelbase was made four inches shorter than the Sprint's. Since it was intended for competition use, the SS only had room for two people and a limited amount of storage for luggage. However, this allowed the cabin to be much more spacious than the four-seat Sprint.

According to Alfa Romeo Historic Motoring, chassis number AR 381227 originally corresponds to Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (101.21), engine series AR 00121 - Manufactured on the 14th of September 1964 and sold on April 20, 1965 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark USA. The example offered here makes for an ideal driver's SS in correct, refreshing non-red paint color and good mechanicals. Other noteworthy items include correct radio delete, Borrani vented wheels, and the unique plenum and air box - considered 'regular' 105 Veloce items, but are believed to be original on the later cars. All body numbers are present on the front hood, rear decklid hinge, and firewall.

The older paintwork is well suited for a touring candidate, while the interior upholstery displays well and appears fairly recent. Its engine compartment remains remarkably clean, while the car runs as strong and smooth as the striking cosmetics imply. Above all, the Giulia SS's appeal lies in its good looks and driving pleasure. It continues to be one of the most recognizable and collectable post-war Alfa Romeos to date.

Note: This Alfa is titled as a 1967 model.


Full Resolution Photos: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

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Only 1,400 Sprint Speciales were ever built and as such, they are highly prized. There's a lot to like about this car, especially the great contrast between the white exterior and red leather. The asking price for this car is about on par with what average examples are pulling these days, with the very best verging towards $200,000. Given the rarity of this car and what you pay for similar Ferrari and Lamborghinis of the era, this car offers a lot of style and lore for the money.


1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

A few weeks back, I looked at a 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider, one of the prettier and more Ferrari-like designs to come out of Milan. Decidedly un-Ferrari-like is the price of these vintage Alfas, which despite their elegant Touring-designed coachwork don't generally come within even a tenth of the value of most of the mid 1960s Ferrari crowd these days. For that money, you're decidedly getting one of the better looking and lesser known Italian roadsters ever produced. Today, there is a near mirror-copy of the earlier 1963 model for sale on Ebay; this time, it's a 1966 but nearly everything else is the same!

Year: 1966
Model: 2600 Spider
Engine: 2.6 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 85,915 mi
Price: $69,500 Buy It Now

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1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

Chassis No. AR192999
Engine No. AR00601 07437

Rare DOHC Six-Cylinder 1960's Italian Spider
Verified by Alfa Romeo Automobilismo Storico Centro Documentazione
A Late Production Example with 5-Speed Gearbox and Disc Brakes
One of Just 2,255 Examples Produced from 1961-1968, Representing Classic Styling with Strong Performance
Recent Major Mechanical Servicing
Incredibly Well-Mannered Driver - Great for Tours & Rallies

Specs: 145hp, 2584cc. dual overhead cam inline six-cylinder engine, three Solex 44PHH carburetors, five-speed manual transmission, independent front and rigid rear axle with coil springs suspension, front disc and rear drum brakes.

As Alfa's all-new flagship line, the 2600 marked the end of the Italian company's long-standing tradition of producing four-cylinder cars. Offered as a Spider, four-door Berlina, or a two-door Sprint, the 2600 was available to customers in three very distinctive body styles. The all-alloy 2.6 liter inline six-cylinder engine, like its predecessors, made use of dual-overhead camshafts. Less than 2,300 2600 Spiders were ever produced.

Presented here is a highly coveted late production example featuring 5spd manual transmission and disc brakes all around. As driver's quality Spider, this car displays older cosmetics, with recently serviced mechanicals making it the perfect candidate for spirited driving.

Exhibiting a nice patina throughout with typical blemishing and imperfections on the paint (pictured), it appears this 2600 remains largely correct in Red paintwork over a Black cabin and convertible top. The majority of brightwork and all side-glass are untouched as is the dash and several underlying components. The car's numbers-matching alloy 2.6 liter twin-cam, with its freshly rebuilt triple Solex carbs is incredibly well mannered and very responsive. A recent complete tune-up also addressed new rubbers, cooling and intake hoses, clamps, spark plugs, fluids, clutch and brake master + slave cylinders, brake lines and rebuilt calipers, battery, ignition components and more. Its broad torque band and the 2600's inherently balanced characteristics easily tackle the most challenging roads.

Great for tours, rallies and continued use as-is, the Spider is accompanied by a vintage 2600 Shop Manual, 2600 Tech manual, servicing receipts and catalog.

Price At: $76,500.00
Offers Welcomed

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Selling Made Simple. We buy classic European & American sports cars! One vehicle & entire collections! Finder's fees paid!!

While condition on this car looks close to the earlier example, pricing is significantly less at $30,000 less than the earlier car. For that money, you also get a few less miles than the earlier example. While this car exhibits more patina than the 1963, personally I'd accept that for the hefty discount and to be comfortable taking it for a drive. After all, what use is the car if you can get out and enjoy it? This is a lovely car and a neat (and affordable) alternative to the Ferrari crowd!


1966 Lancia Fulvia 1.2

After perusing through the Lancia website, it's hard not to get the impression that the glory days are over. Forever. With a few rebadged Chrysler products accompanying some smaller rebadged Fiat products, this company has turned into a shell of its former self. It was a company that dominated the World Rally scene for years and embraced innovative engineering solutions. Now, it has limited market reach and is a brand virtually forgotten in North America.

However, the classics will always be with us. This early Fulvia coupe is perhaps one of the prettiest cars that Lancia ever built. It's the car that kicked off Lancia's rallying dominance and you can experience it for yourself with this example for sale in California.

Year: 1966
Model: Fulvia 1.2
Engine: 1.2 liter V4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 81,358 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.2 1966 with 1.6HF S2 engine newly rebuilt complete long block only 4,500 miles from install date. This car is a first series car all steel body full restore and well sorted out. Interior near perfect condition with the same 4 speed Trans. I purchase the car from Cuneo, Italy in 2008 and install the new engine on 2010, this car has so much power that will out performed any 1.3 many upgrades done to accommodate the new power. From new de carbon shocks to new 1.6HF exhaust. Just to give you an idea if you were to buy just the engine in Europe is 16K at your door step not including all the necessary parts to convert this car to 1.6HF and labor involve. Reason for sale do to a business opportunity that has presented recently I must sale my # 1 car. Any questions please call 310-830-2103 serious buyers only please.

This is a very nicely presented Fulvia, if the color and steel wheels are a bit ordinary. Regardless, it's nice to see an early, simpler one preserved so well. Even the seats look like they have never been sat in. Fully restored with an engine rebuild, there shouldn't be much to worry about going forward. In terms of value, a 1.2 Fulvia like this in top shape should bring between $20,000 to $25,000.


1966 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

The Fiat 1500 is one of those lesser seen Italian roadsters, but it is nevertheless a good choice for someone looking for some thrills in a good looking package on a budget. With a 1.5 liter, OHV four cylinder engine, it's not a speed demon, but that's not what cars like these are about. A car like this is for those sunny holidays down by the beach; the kind of days when you leave work behind and time is but a mere abstraction. This 1500 Cabriolet for sale in California is a great specimen for those looking to enjoy their investment, not merely just study it locked away in a garage.

1966 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

California car with the original black plates. I purchased this car from a collector in San Diego that had five of them he had planned on restoring. Because of health issues and other circumstances he decided to sell. I was given my choice of the five. Since none were running at the time and knowing of the rust issues common to most Italian cars of this era {especially ragtops}, my choice was easy. This car had it's original paint and virtually no rust. Floorboards, rockers, battery box and spare tire bay, all solid and original. I'm sure the hardtop helped save the inside and the underside appears to have been heavily undercoated at some point in it's life (possibly at the original dealership). I have included a few pics to show how it looked when I got it.

Interior was removed and reupholstered, dash was cracked so it had to be repaired and recovered. New carpet, new convertible top. Hardtop was originally gloss black, but decided to redo it in a textured black rubberized coating. Repaint was done in the original color. The left rear corner was the only spot that appeared to have been worked on before. There were some minor dents that were repaired before paint. The doors hood and trunk were removed from the car for painting. The inside of the trunk was left original. There are a few minor blemishes in the paint that can only be seen under close inspection. Since all of the trim is original, some areas are showing some minor pitting and could use replating ie. gauge trim rings,outer door handles and rear bumper.

Tires all hold air and have plenty of tread, but they are old and should be replaced before driving any distance, spare tire also holds air. All of the stainless side trim is there and looks great. Front bumper and grille are excellent. Since the car had not run in several years, carb was removed and cleaned, fuel lines and tank cleaned and flushed. New gas was put in and the engine fired up on the first try. It has done the same thing every time since. It does not smoke, idles smooth and shifts fine thru all five gears. Brake shoes and pads were replaced, a new master cylinder was installed and some brake hoses were also replaced. All lights and gauges work. The clock is not in the center spot and has been replaced with an ammeter.

Heater wipers, horn, lighter all work. The original radio and speaker are there but the radio is either not hooked up or broken. These motors are known to be very reliable and I have found that parts are easily found on eBay. I have owned many small convertibles from this era ie. (Datsun Roadster, Renault Caravelle, Triumph, Sunbeam etc.) and in my opinion this Fiat is the best looking of the bunch. The lines and proportions are spot on. Your not going to win many drag races in it, but if you're looking for a drag race you're probably not reading this. You can see how the body lines mimic the Ferrari 250, which by the way, will win some drag races. But you'll have to dig a lot deeper if you want it parked in your garage!

This is the final version of the 1500 Spider with the increased power (up to 83 hp) and the 5-speed gearbox, the unique steering setup is actually quite responsive. This is not a concourse showcar and I am not trying to represent it as such. My hope is that the person that buys this car will fill the tank with gas, put the top down and drive it every chance they get. As with any car this old, I'm sure there will be things that will need to be sorted out over time, as the car is driven.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible in my description, if you have any questions, or would like specific pics, please ask and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. A nonrefundable $1,000 deposit is required within 24 hours of auctions end. I can assist with getting the car somewhere locally for pickup. Thanks for looking and good luck.

A show quality 1500 Cabriolet might breach $20,000. With a no reserve auction, I would suspect this car might bring somewhere between $12,000 to $15,000. While this car is meant for sunny days, the hardtop adds a bit of year round practicality for markets outside of California.


1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider was one of the open roofed cars that started the American love affair with the Italian roadster. Small and lively, with it's twin cam four cylinder engine, these cars have attracted a following amongst collectors and it certainly shows, given what these cars trade hands for. Lesser known is the Giulietta Spider's big sister, the 2600. Distinguished by it's longer bonnet, four lamps at the front and graceful Carrozzeria Touring bodywork, the big Spider was motivated by a twin cam, six cylinder engine, noted for it's sonorous exhaust note. It's rare to spot one of these, even at a show, as a little over 2,200 were built. This 2600 Spider for sale in Massachusetts needs a little attention but is a solid car to start with for those looking to undertake something a bit short of a full restoration.

1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring bodied Spider with only 56,850 Km, 35,500 miles, believed to be original. 2.6 liter straight 6 double overhead cam motor, 5 speed transmission. This is an original European model that I bought from a 90 year old gentleman in California 3 years ago. It is a good solid unrestored 52 year old classic car. It was repainted many years ago and the paint shows some age. Both bumpers have been rechromed along with the center grill, some of the other chrome could use rechroming. The top is like new in black cloth. The rear window is like new, clear and no cracks or coloring. The interior has had the seat covers replaced at some time. I had the original Solex carbs rebuilt along with new rubber intake pipes. The master brake cylinder was rebuilt last year. I also installed a new "123" electronic ignition and coil. The original Marelli distributor, points and cap go with the car. The fuel tank has been removed, washed and coated with "Kreem" to prevent rusting in the tank. The tires are the original type Michelin X 165Rs from Coker Tire, just a few years old with no wear. This is not a concours car but a great old classic Alfa that has survived 52 years without being molested and is all there including all the emblems. There were only 2255 made of these Touring bodied spiders from 1961 to 1968. These were the last of the big 6 cylinder Alfas made. A true classic. The current NADA average retail is $48,400. The current Hagerty average book value is $49,084. The prices of these rare Alfas have been climbing in recent years. The car is being sold as is where is.

Hagerty is just about spot on in terms of value here. A really rough 2600 Spider might run you in the mid $30k range up to about $45,000. The best of the best may bring between $60,000 and $70,000. Considering what you are getting, with the classic Alfa Romeo inline six and Touring bodywork, that is one of the better deals to be had when it comes to a classic Italian roadster.


1966 Bizzarrini 5300 GT

The Bizzarrini is one of the most obscure and mythical Italian vehicles ever produced. For a country that is known for its exotic machinery, that certainly is saying something. The 5300 GT was another one of those Italo-American collaborations, with fanciful bodywork and a Corvette V8 underhood. Rarely do we see these cars for sale but this 5300 GT up for auction in California is perhaps one of the best ones out there.

1966 Bizzarrini 5300 GT

This is a very rare and special Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada – it is highly original with only three owners from new. This 1966 Bizzarrini GT 5300 has won numerous awards: it was the Bizzarrini Class Winner at The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering in August 2012 and it won the Owner’s Choice Award at The Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance in August 2011. This Bizzarrini GT 5300 has also received many other awards over the years.

This is one of the finest and most authentic Bizzarrini GT 5300 Stradas in existence. Bizzarrinis of this character rarely come up for public sale. This Bizzarrini GT 5300 has the desirable series 1 door handles and series 1 dashboard. The car has never had any body damage, has never been raced and is in outstanding condition. The engine and transmission are original.

This Bizzarrini is in spectacular condition and runs perfectly. It is ready for show or a 1,000-mile drive. It is one of the finest and most authentic Bizzarrini GT 5300 Stradas in existence. The Bizzarrini GT 5300 provides a ticket to an exclusive club – with approximately 115 of all types produced and an estimate of less than 100 still in existence, a Bizzarrini GT 5300 is always a rare car at any classic car event.

Make: Bizzarrini
Model: GT 5300 Strada
Year: 1966
Chassis number: IA3*0256
Exterior: Alloy body painted silver
Interior: Black suede leather
Engine: Corvette 327 cid with 4 Weber carburetors
Odometer: 47,209 kilometers (29,334 miles)
Number made: Approximately 115 of all types
Multiple Award Winner

Bizzarrinis are not easy cars to value, due to their scarcity and that few exchange hands on a regular basis. With an opening bid of $700,000 and the reserve not yet met, only serious collectors need apply. With the history of awards this car has won and original drivetrain in tact, this is certainly a car for someone who wants to stand out at the concours. While it may be hard to source certain trim and suspension items for this car, at least the drivetrain will be relatively reliable and easy to service, given its humble GM origins.


1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

The 105/115 series Alfa Romeo Giulia coupes are the poster child for the practical Italian sports car. A bit more conservative than a Spider, less flashy than a Ferrari, these handsome two-doors had staying power in the Alfa lineup. Sold from 1963 through 1976, there were a number of variations, differing in styling touches and what was motivating them under the hood. This early Giulia for sale in Denmark is exactly how I would order up mine: in red, with some tasty alloys and a Cloverleaf on the C pillar.

1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Presented in 1963 the Giulia Sprint GT was the first model of Bertones new design for a small Alfa Romeo GT coupe to follow the highly succesful Giulietta from the mid-fifties. Designer Giugaro gave it the caracteristic 'stepnose' front. In 1966 the Veloce version was presented. Four extra horsepower from 105 BHP to 109 BHP from the 1600 engine, bucket style sports seats and some detail trim as imitated wood veneer on the dashboard and three horisontal bars on the front grille, set the more expensive Veloce from the standard Giulia Sprint GT.

We have known this Veloce for more than 15 years. 1st owner in Sweden was a dentist who had the car for decades. He had it cosmetically restored in Sweden sometime in the late 80s. In the early 90s it was sold to its second owner and came to Denmark for a mechanical overhaul. The local mechanic never finished the car and we bought it five years ago. Now it is totally restored: body, interior, engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes etc. New paint job to a very high standard in correct Alfa Rosso 501. Although one can not speak of mathing numbers with Alfa Romeo a Sprint GT Veloce should have engine type code 536. This one has not only the correct type 536. The series number is also within that interval that corresponds with this chassis number. This is as 'matching' as it gets in the Alfa world.

13,471 of these fine cars were produced and together with a 1750 GT a Sprint Veloce ranks perhaps as the most sought after model of them all, except for the very rare and prohibitively expensive GTA. This gorgeous two owner car has Danish papers and as such taxes (VAT) withing the EU are paid (not deductible).

Good Giulias and GTVs can be found in the high teens and can close in on $40,000 for the very best of the best. The asking price for this GT Sprint is just about right, if a tad high, considering the two owner history, condition and Veloce trim level.


1966 Fiat 500 Moretti

Founded in 1925, the Moretti Motor Company was involved with the manufacturing of motorcycles and microcars over the years, along with some commercial vehicles during World War II. They would eventually stop producing cars of their own design in the 1950s, instead focusing on derivatives of popular Fiat models of the time. Other than the stubby wheelbase and the name, you would be hard pressed to figure out this 500 Moretti shares its architecture with the Cinquecento, the vehicle which put Italy on wheels after WWII.

1966 Fiat 500 Moretti

Extremely rare car built by Moretti based on Fiat 500. Completely original. Two owners since new. Original matching engine. Sold new in Turin. Original registration plate and papers. Ready to enjoy on the road!

Less than 50 of these little couples were said to have ever been built, which is not surprising given Moretti's modest output when it came to other models. With no reserve, there is a lot of bidding interest, which is not surprising given this car's rarity. A 500 Moretti in similar condition sold at RM Auctions in 2006 for $7,150. Have values moved on much? Given the return of the Fiat 500 to the US market, along with what vintage Cinquecentos are selling for these days, I'd suspect this car will bring a bit more. It might not reach the levels of certain Abarth models, but if someone wanted to go vintage rallying, this would be amazing little piece to show up in.


1966 Ferrari 330GT 2+2

When people think of Ferrari, images of red, mid-engined sports cars and Formula 1 victories instantly come to mind. It's a shame, then, that the large, grand touring machines that Ferrari has made over the years tend to get glossed over a bit. The Ferrari 330 was the car that carried the luxury coupe torch for the marque throughout most of the 1960s. The 330 GT 2+2 was the most unique of all the 330s, as it had significantly changed sheetmetal, a longer wheelbase and five speed manual transmission. This 1966 330 GT for sale in Connecticut was originally sold in Europe and had an engine rebuild 15 years after it left the factory.

1966 Ferrari 330GT 2+2

1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Serial number 7889. Desirable later single headlight version. Very rare and attractive paint color with black leather and red carpets. Odometer shows 98,000 kilometers (61,000 miles) which is believed to be correct. Has original numbers-matching motor which runs out very nicely. Car was originally sold in the Netherlands or Belgium. It has a sun roof tastefully installed which I believe was done at the selling dealer Garage Francorchamps or possibly at the factory. There is a tag riveted in the engine compartment stating the motor was rebuilt by Piet Roelofs in 1981. The underside of the car is clean, nice and rust free. The whole car shows and drives well and is in "very nice driver" condition throughout except for the following MINOR flaws- small chip in windshield, a few small holes in the rear of the exhaust system., and the paint has some minor lifting (bubbles but not rust ) in a few small areas. The car is located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut about 75 miles north of New York City.

At the high end, a 330GT brings around $80,000 to $100,000. While it isn't a concours example, this car presents well and would make a great car for someone looking to enjoy their investment. The color is sublime and cuts a very gentlemanly dash. If I was to buy this car, I'd certainly want more in the way of documentation, such as more definitive evidence on which country this car came from and what maintenance over the years had been performed. That said, this car may bring somewhere between $60,000 to $70,000.


1966 Lancia Fulvia Series 1 Coupe

For a car that kicked off a string of victories in what would eventually become Lancia's dominance on the world rally stage, the Fulvia certainly gets less recognition these days than it deserves. This beatuiful little coupe went on to win the 1972 International Championship and the 1969 Marathon de La Route 84 hours of Nürburgring. With a narrow angle V4 engine, front-wheel drive and four-wheel disc brakes, this was an agile little car that famed motoring critic Jeremy Clarkson likened to a "rorty sorbet." This Fulvia for sale in Italy is an early Series 1 model that has had a repaint and has been kept stock.

1966 Lancia Fulvia S1 Coupe

Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1 Series, 1966. Car shows in a good state and has been completely repainted in the original color. Interior has been completely redone. Original Targa and booklet. Targa Gold ASI with certificate. TÜV is two years valid. Car ready to be moved on the road.

At a bit over $17,000, these Fulvias are a sports car bargain and the perfect car for someone looking for an interetsting altermatove to the usual Alfa Romeo GTV.